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"A good game all around, albeit a few small problems."

the Hitman series has always been one of my favorite stealth franchises next to Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid. Hitman Contracts is the latest
in the series, and tries to be better than 2, but really doesn't do a lot to be...not that that's a bad thing, though.

Graphics: (9/10)

The graphics in Hitman: Contracts are, naturally, better than the second. Textures are smooth and detailed, you can see in the vehicles this time around, and everything is bigger and better than the second. The lighting is very good and their are reflections in the mirrors, water, and even the blood. Blood squirts from wounds and is damn good looking, character models are also very realistic and animate well. Physics are better in how things break even more realistically than two and the ragdoll physics are better than most games, but kind of over done sometimes (Ex. an enemy may bend backwards over a chair and flip back with his legs over his head). Every level also has a very moody feel with rain or snow-which are very nicely done-and it makes a good impact on the level. All things considering, very well done, albeit a few clipping problems and stiff animations.

Gameplay: (9/10)

Hitman: Contracts has a solid gameplay design. You are thrown into one of twelve levels and must find out, of course, how to beat it. Every level has an infinite amount of ways to beat it. Be it sneaking in undetected and poisoning the main bad guy's milk, putting laxatives in the soup and killing your enemy in the crapper, or just running and gunning. The game is just so damn open-ended it's not even funny. Level design is some of the best in a while, guns feel just right, and it's really cool just to walk through, offing the enemy, and walking out all cool, like nothing happened. One thing though, running through all balls out isn't quite as satisfying as it was in Hitman 2, Don't ask why, it just is.

Sound: (8/10)

Sound design in Hitman: Contracts is above average all around. The guns make very nice sounds, Environmental sounds are just right, and Voice Overs are good, but not great. The music is done by Jesper Kyd, my favorite video game composer, and it is different than his other games, but even better. Agent 47 talks more in this one, too. But a few things are some annoying voice overs and not a lot of music. So I guess Hitman: Contracts really hits the nail on the head.

Story: (6/10)

The story of Hitman: Contracts continues from the first, after a routine assassination, you get shot and crawl into you hotel room. Throughout the game you have flashbacks of previous jobs, about 5 of which you played in Hitman: Codename 47, but better. And yes, that's pretty much it, the whole game is in your's that for a deep plot.

Replayability: (9/10)

Hitman: Contracts a very replayable game. You can play a level over and over just to fully explore and feel it.
There are no unlockables, but it is just the type of game you'll want to play over and over again. It's very fun.


To bring all this info back together, this game is for people who like stealth games, aren't afraid of a little blood, since this is one very bloody and gory game, and liked any of the last two Hitman game. It isn't for those who like a super fast shooter, since this game can move very slow at times.


(82/100) B

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/29/05

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