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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Fish of Muu

    Version: 0.1.3 | Updated: 05/27/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        Warlords Battlecry III - Strategy Faq
                             By Ivan 'Fish of Muu' Sutalo
                             Copyright 2004 Version 0.1.3
    1.0 - Hero Creation
         1.1 - Hero Stats
         1.2 - Hero Race
         1.3 - Hero Class
         1.4 - Synery Bonus
         1.5 - Class Guide
              1.5.1 - Alchemist Guide
              1.5.2 - Archmage Guide
              1.5.3 - Assassin Guide
              1.5.4 - Bard Guide
              1.5.5 - Chieftain Guide
              1.5.6 - Daemonslayer Guide
              1.5.7 - Deathknight Guide
              1.5.8 - Defiler Guide
              1.5.9 - Dragonslayer Guide
              1.5.10 - Druid Guide
              1.5.11 - Elementalist Guide
              1.5.12 - Healer Guide
              1.5.13 - Ice Mage Guide
              1.5.14 - Illusionist Guide
              1.5.15 - Lichelord Guide
              1.5.16 - Merchant Guide
              1.5.17 - Necromancer Guide
              1.5.18 - Paladin Guide
              1.5.19 - Priest Guide
              1.5.20 - Pyromancer Guide
              1.5.21 - Ranger Guide
              1.5.22 - Runemaster Guide
              1.5.23 - Sage Guide
              1.5.24 - Shaman Guide
              1.5.25 - Summoner Guide
              1.5.26 - Thief Guide
              1.5.27 - Tinker Guide
              1.5.28 - Warrior Guide
    2.0 - Strategy
         2.1 - General Strategy
         2.2 - Barbarian Strategy
         2.3 - Daemon Strategy
         2.4 - Dark Dwarf Strategy
         2.5 - Dark Elf Strategy
         2.6 - Dwarf Strategy
         2.7 - Empire Strategy
         2.8 - Fey Strategy
         2.9 - High Elf Strategy
         2.10 - Knight Strategy
         2.11 - Minotaur Strategy
         2.12 - Orc Strategy
         2.13 - PlagueLord Strategy
         2.14 - Ssrathi Strategy
         2.15 - Swarm Strategy
         2.16 - Undead Strategy
         2.17 - Wood Elf Strategy
    3.0 - Misc
         3.1 - Spell Lists
              3.1.1 - Alchemy Spell List
              3.1.2 - Arcane Spell List
              3.1.3 - Chaos Spell list
              3.1.4 - Divination Spell List
              3.1.5 - Healing Spell List
              3.1.6 - Ice Spell List
              3.1.7 - Illusion Spell List
              3.1.8 - Nature Spell List
              3.1.9 - Necromancy Spell List
              3.1.10 - Poison Spell List
              3.1.11 - Pyromancy Spell List
              3.1.12 - Rune Spell List
              3.1.13 - Summon Spell List
         3.2 - Skill Descriptions
              3.2.1 - Magic Skills
              3.2.2 - Lord Skills
              3.2.3 - Resource Skills
              3.2.4 - XP Skills
              3.2.5 - Resistance Skills
              3.2.6 - Damage Skills
              3.2.7 - Rune Skills
              3.2.8 - Misc Skills
         3.3 - Legal
         3.4 - Contact
    NOTE: This was originaly done with tabs then I had to convert it, so some
    things may look somewhat odd and I may fix it later.
    0.1.1 - Haha! So I had 'probobly' written like 50 times in here. I fixed all
         of those typos. Thanks to arvid82 for pointing that out along with the
         fact that titans and dragons can NOT be brought with you to the next
         battle except for a few quest related instances (the ice dragon level
         in the campaign for example).
         Thanks to f_ranz123 for pointing out how a few of the necromantic spells
         Thanks to Black Spider for talking about druid spells.
         Thanks to Abyss for talking about chaos spells.
         - Forgot to point out that I added a guide for assasins.
    0.1.2 - Added a guide for theives.
         Added a note to the assasins.
         Thanks to Somphalen for giving me information on a few spell spheres.
         Thanks to Charles for information on morale and cauterise.
    0.1.3 - Added a knight strategy section (thanks Dire Bunny!)
         Added a merchant guide with some help from Rasmus
    1.0 - Hero Creation
    1.1 - Hero Stats
    Stats are the basics of character creation. Every Time you level up you get 1
    stat point to put into strength, dexterity, intellegence, or charisma. All
    stats start at 5, and your race and class choice will move them up or down.
         +1 Combat per 2 points of Strength (Every odd level)
         +1 Damage per point of Strength
         +3 Hit Points per point of Strength
         +1 Life Regen (per 20 sec) for every 3 points of Strength (1,4,7,etc)
         +1 Movement Speed per 2 points of Dexterity (Every odd level)
         +1 Resistance per 2 points of Dexterity (Every even level)
         +1 Armor per 4 points of Dexterity
         -1 Second to Conversion Time per point of Dexterity (min 10 sec’s)
         +3 Mana Points per point of Intelligence
         +1 Mana Regeneration (per 20 sec) for every 10 points of Intelligence
         +1 Initial Troop XP per 2 points of Intelligence (Every even level)
         +3% Spellcasting Chance per point of Intelligence
         +1 Command Radius per 4 points of Charisma
         +1 Morale per 2 points of Charisma (at 2,4,6,etc…)
         +1% Discount per point of Charisma over 5
         +1 Retinue Slot for every 4 Points of Charisma
    Combat - Very useful for ANY hero unless you are specificaly trying to keep
         them out of battle. Combat (for any unit) not only lets you hit more
         often,but it also makes you harder to hit. A high combat score will
         ensure that you hit your target, and will prevent you from taking
    Damage - Quite obvious. You get your strenght score added to your attack so
         10 strength is damage+10. Damage is good if you are creating a direct
         combat hero. You may not want to use items with high damage+ if you
         are using a mage or assasin cahracter.
    Hit Points - Also very useful for any hero. High hit points will let you take
         a bigger beating before getting squished.
    Life Regeneration - This is a MUST. Look out for items like 'Troll Ring' or
         'Ring of the Liche' that give regenx2 or x3.
    Movement Speed - This is handy, but not THAT needed. If you are moving your
         hero in a group, then your high movement speed is wasted, and if you
         are having units guard your hero (instead of moving as a group) then
         you will tend to leave your own units behind (especialy the dwarves).
    Resistance - I never really found this skill to be THAT useful, but whatever.
         This will subtract damage from element attacks (Fire, ice lightning,
         etc.). I tend to ignore resistance on items and go for other things,
         mostly because I tend to make my heroes more offense based than defense.
    Armor - Good for physical attacks, useless (I think) against element attacks.
         Early games tend to focus around physical attacks, and late games
         focus more arround magical attacks (when people upgrade enough to get
         their sorc units). I'd say that if you are going defensive to find a
         good balance between armor and resistance instead of getting skills
         for one thing.
    Conversion Time - Very good to have a low conversion time especialy if your
         hero attacks bases. Low conversion will give you a good boost of
         resources because you don't have to wait so long inbetween each
         resource you find. Conversion is also very good in battle. If you are
         in the middle of an enemy base, and they have very few units left,
         you can convert all the buildings in the area while the rest of your
         units guard you. Fast conversion is much more effective than
         attacking a building.
    Mana Points - Obviously only good if you are using a spell caster. If you
         don't plan on using spells don't plan on getting any mana points. If
         you DO use spells however, this isn't AS useful as you might think.
         You start out a battle with very few mana points and you have to wait
         a while before your mana points ever reach max, and you SHOULD be
         using your mana before it reaches max. I'd say that you should only
         use items with mana+ if you are using a hero with nothing but
         offensive spells because support and summoning spells tend to get
         used a lot in AND out of combat.
    Mana Regeneration - Mana regen is great for spell users, obviously. I don't
         think there is much else to say about it.
    Initial Troop XP - Don't underestimate the power of this skill. If all your
         units come out level 2 then your army has a clear advantage over an
         army of level 1 units. Most items will only give xp to a certain unit
         (slimes, griffons, etc.) which is very good if you like to use that
         type of unit. If a majority of your army is griffons and all your
         griffons come out at level 3, you have some serious extra whompage.
    Spellcasting Chance - Obviously something you'd want if you are a
         spellcaster. Failing spells wastes time and mana, both of which are
         very precious in the middle of battle.
    Command Radius - Extremely good. Look out for items that give you a high
         command radius+. A high command radius is equaly good for all types
         of heroes. If you lead your troops into battle, you troops will
         continue to get bonuses to their skills even if they spread out too
         far. If you are locking yourself in a tower your command radius is
         STILL in effect (same as building a building), so cowardly characters
         benefit from high command radius in combat too. Plus if you have a
         very high command radius you can convert many more buildings in an
         area (very good for assaulting bases and resource collecting).
    Morale - Your morale bonus increases your army limit by 1. Morale also
         increases your army's attack speed by -.01 seconds to a minimum of .4
         seconds (60 morale). Thanks to Charles for this information.
    Discount %- This is a discount to EVERYthing you buy or build. All of your
         units and buildings will be effected so if you like to swarm your
         enemy with massive ammounts of units then you should probably think
         about increasing your discount%.
    Retinue Slots - I don't find these all that great. For the most part, you
         won't have enough army points to buy every unit in your retinue.
         It's always good to have some generals handy in your retinue.
         UPDATE: I have confirmed that neither dragons or titans can be carried
         to the next battle (except for certain things like the ice dragon level
         in the campaign). Titants can't even gain levels.
    1.2 - Hero Race
    Picking a hero race is sometimes odd, but I think you should pick a race with
    the army you like best and then base your class off of that choice. If you
    lead your own race into combat then you get a morale boost, and boosts of
    anything is always better than no boost. Any level 1 skills will start at
    level 1 instead of the normal 0 for later skills.
    Aslo remember that if you pick a race with the same skill as whatever class
    you chose, then you get a 'Synergy Bonus' which makes the skill available at
    level 1 and also gives you a bonus to the skill. See the section
    '1.4 - Synergy Bonus' for more information.
    Race Stat Changes:
    Race         STR DEX INT CHA
    Barbarian    +1  +1  -1  -1
    Daemon       +2  -1  --  -1
    Dark Dwarf   +1  --  --  -1
    Dark Elf     -1  --  +1  --
    Dwarf        +2  -2  --  --
    Empire       --  --  --  --
    Fey          -3  +1  +1  +1
    High Elf     -2  --  +1  +1
    Knight       --  -1  --  +1
    Minotaur     +3  -1  -1  -1
    Orc          +1  --  -1  --
    Plaguelord   -1  --  +3  -2
    Ssrathi      --  +1  --  -1
    Swarm        --  +2  -1  -1
    Undead       --  --  +2  -2
    Wood Elf     -1  +1  --  --
    Race Skills:
    Race         Level 1         Level 10         Level 20       Level 30
    Barbarian    Reave           Running          Ice Magic      Quarrying
                 Horse Lord
    Daemon       Daemon Lord     Regeneration     Pyromancy      Invulnerability
    Dark Dwarf   Siege Lord      Engineer         Chaos Magic    Golem Master
    Dark Elf     Dark Lord       Death Rune       Summoning      Assassin
    Dwarf        Dwarf Lord      Armorer          Rune Magic     Brewmaster
    Empire       Imperial Lord   Trade            Alchemy        Wealth
    Fey          Dream Lord      Illusion Magic   Energy         Magic Resistance
    High Elf     High Lord       Life Rune        Healing        Energy
    Knight       Knight Lord     Weaponmaster     Divination     Armorer
    Minotaur     Horned Lord     Thick Hide       Mighty Blow    Pyromancy
    Orc          Elf Slayer      Ferocity         Chaos Magic    Demolition
                 Orc Lord
    Plaguelord   Plague Lord     Contamination    Summoning      Leech
    Ssrathi      Serpant Lord    Scales           Poison Magic   Dragonmaster
    Swarm        Scorpion Lord   Manslayer        Necromancy     Ignore Armor
    Undead       Skull Lord      Necromancy       Memories       Vampirism
    Wood Elf     Forest Lord     Forest Rune      Nature Magic   Sky Rune
    1.3 - Hero Class
    Pick a class based on how you play (or wish to play) and with skills that
    compliment your race. You most likely don't want to make a fey warrior for
    example, or you may not want to pick a class that has an increase to a
    resource your race doesn't use much of.
    (Sorry about the clutter)
    Aslo remember that if you pick a class with the same skill as whatever race
    you chose, then you get a 'Synergy Bonus' which makes the skill available at
    level 1 and also gives you a bonus to the skill. See the section
    '1.4 - Synergy Bonus' for more information.
    Class Stat Changes:
    Class          STR DEX INT CHA
    Alchemist      --  -1  +2  -1
    Archmage       -2  --  +2  --
    Assassin       +1  +2  --  -3
    Bard           -2  +2  -1  +1
    Chieftain      +2  +1  -3  --
    Daemonslayer   +2  -2  +1  -1
    Deathknight    +2  -1  +1  -2
    Defiler        -1  +1  +2  -2
    Dragonslayer   +2  -2  --  --
    Druid          -2  +1  -1  +2
    Elementalist   -2  --  +2  --
    Healer         -2  -1  +1  +2
    Ice Mage       -1  -1  +2  --
    Illusionist    -2  +1  +2  -1
    Lichelord      +1  --  +2  -3
    Merchant       -2  +2  --  --
    Necromancer    --  --  +2  -2
    Paladin        +1  -2  -1  +2
    Priest         -1  -1  +1  +1
    Pyromancer     +1  -2  +2  -1
    Ranger         +2  +1  -1  -2
    Runemaster     +1  -3  --  +2
    Sage           -2  -1  +2  +1
    Shaman         -1  -1  --  +2
    Summoner       -1  --  +2  -1
    Thief          -1  +2  --  -1
    Tinker         --  --  --  --
    Warrior        +2  --  -2  --
    Class Skills:
    CLASS         Level 1           Level 5           Level 15         Level 25
    Alchemist     Alchemy (+3)      Energy            Potionmaster     Arcane Magic
    Archmage      Summoning (+1)    Divination        Illusion Magic   Resistance
                  Alchemy (+1)
    Assassin      Assassin (+3)     Shadow Strength   Wealth           Ignore Armor
    Bard          Leadership (+3)   Wealth            Divination       Elem. Res.
    Chieftain     Ferocity (+1)     Leadership        Beastslayer      Mighty Blow
                  Barbarian. King (+1)
    Daemonslayer  Ferocity (+1)     Warding           Smelting         Summoning
                  Daemonslayer (+1)
    Deathknight   Fercoity (+1)     Chaos Magic       Necromancy       Smite Good
                  Manslayer (+1)
    Defiler       Ritual            Slimemaster       All-Seeing Eye   Arcane Magic
                  Poison Magic (+3)
    Dragonslayer  Ferocity (+1)     Fire Resistance   Armorer          Wealth
                  Dragonslayer (+1)
    Druid         Ritual            Guardian Oak      Elemental Lore   Arcane Magic
                  Nature Magic (+3)
    Elementalist  Pyromancy (+1)    Rune Magic        Lore             Elem. Res.
                  Ice Magic (+1)
    Healer        Healing (+3)      Elcor’s Aura      Warding          Arcane Magic
    Ice Mage      Ice Magic (+3)    Cold Resistance   Gemcutting       Arcane Magic
    Illusionist   Ritual            Leadership        Magic Res.       Arcane Magic
                  Illusion Magic (+3)
    Lichelord     Necromancy (+1)   Manslayer         Shadow Strength  Elfslayer
                  Poison Magic (+1)
    Merchant      Merchant (+3)     Wealth            Trade            Gemcutting
    Necromancer   Necromancy (+3)   Memories          Undead Legion    Arcane Magic
    Paladin       Ferocity (+1)     Healing           Knight Prot.     Smite Evil
                  Deathslayer (+1)
    Priest        Healing (+1)      Divination        Lore             Arcane Magic
                  Ritual (+1)
    Pyromancer    Pyromancy (+3)    Fire Resistance   Demolition       Arcane Magic
    Ranger        Orcslayer (+1)    Nature Magic      Griffonmaster    Taming
                  Running (+1)
    Runemaster    Rune Magic (+3)   Runic Lore        Quarrying        Arcane Magic
    Sage          Divination (+3)   Mage King         Energy           Arcane Magic
    Shaman        Ritual            Warding           Magic Res.       Arcane Magic
                  Chaos Magic (+3)
    Summoner      Summoning (+3)    Elfslayer         Gate             Arcane Magic
    Thief         Running (+3)      Warding           Magic Res.       Illusion
    Tinker        Engineer (+3)     Alchemy           Smelting         Quarrying
    Warrior       Ferocity (+3)     Constitution      Regeneration     Weaponmaster
                  Ignore Armor
    1.4 - Synergy Bonus
    If you pick a race with the same skill as whatever class you chose, then you
    get a 'Synergy Bonus' which makes the skill available at level 1 and also
    gives you a bonus to the skill. The manual says you get a +1 to the skill,
    but it doesn't seem to be correct. The formula I've found seems to be:
    Race initial + Class initial + 2
    (All initial race skills are +1)
    An example would be a daemon warrior. They start with a ferocity of 6 because
    daemons have it initialy (+1), warriors have it initialy (+3), and the normal
    +2 (1+3+2=6), while regeneration isn't initial for either (+0,+0) so they
    just get 2 for regeneration (0+0+2=2). Occasionaly a class skill is inital
    but has no initial value (like ritual for a lot of the classes). If anyone
    finds this formula to be wrong, please email me with corrections.
    (Sorry about any clutter again)
    Synergy bonuses from initial race/class skills are noted with an asterisk
    (*). Any skill not marked with an asterisk will be granted to you at level 1
    when it normaly wouldn't be accesable until later levels. Any skill marked
    with # notes that it is a double initial skill (initial for both race/class).
    Race    Class           Synergy 1          Synergy 2           Synergy 3
            Elementalist   *Ice magic (+3)
            Ice Mage       *Ice magic (+5)
            Ranger         *Running (+3)
            Runemaster      Quarrying (+2)
            Thief          *Running (+5)
            Tinker          Quarrying (+2)
            Chieftain      #Ferocity (+4)
            Daemonslayer   #Ferocity (+4)
            Dragonslayer   #Ferocity (+4)
            Elementalist   *Pyromancy (+3)
            Paladin        #Ferocity (+4)
            Pyromancer     *Pyromancy (+5)
            Warrior        #Ferocity (+6)      Regeneration (+2)
    Dark Dwarf
            Deathknight     Chaos Magic (+2)
            Shaman         *Chaos Magic (+5)
            Tinker         *Engineer (+5)
            Warrior        *Constitution (+3)
    Dark Elf
            Archmage       *Summoning (+3)
            Assasin        *Assassin (+5)
            Daemonslayer    Summoning (+2)
            Elementalist   *Lore (+3)
            Priest         *Lore (+3)
            Summoner       *Summoning (+5)
            Dragonslayer    Armorer (+2)
            Elementalist    Rune Magic (+2)
            Runemaster     *Rune Magic (+5)
            Warrior        *Constitution (+3)
            Alchemist      *Alchemy (+5)
            Archmage       *Alchemy (+3)
            Assasin         Wealth (+2)
            Bard            Wealth (+2)
            Dragonslayer    Wealth (+2)
            Merchant        Trade (+2)         Wealth (+2)
            Tinker          Alchemy (+2)     
            Alchemist       Energy (+2)
            Archmage        Illusion Magic (+2)
            Deamonslayer   *Warding (+3)
            Healer         *Warding (+3)
            Illusionist    *Illusion  (+5)     Magic Resistance (+2)
            Sage            Energy (+2)
            Shaman         *Warding (+3)       Magic Resistance (+2)
            Thief          *Warding (+3)       Illusion (+2)       Mag. Res. (+2)
    High Elf
            Alchemist       Energy (+2)
            Healer         *Healing (+5)
            Elementalist   *Lore (+3)
            Paladin         Healing (+2)
            Priest         *Lore (+3)         *Healing (+3)
            Sage            Energy (+2)
            Archmage        Divination (+2)
            Bard           #Leadership (+6)    Divination (+2)
            Chieftain      *Leadership (+3)
            Dragonslayer    Armorer (+2)
            Illusionist    *Leadership (+3)
            Priest          Divination (+2)
            Sage           *Divination (+5)
            Warrior         Weaponmaster (+2)
            Chieftain      #Ferocity (+4)      Mighty Blow (+2)
            Daemonslayer   #Ferocity (+4)
            Dragonslayer   #Ferocity (+4)
            Elementalist    Pyromancy (+3)
            Paladin        #Ferocity (+4)
            Pyromancer     *Pyromancy (+5)
            Warrior        #Ferocity (+6)
            Chieftain      *Ferocity (+3)
            Daemonslayer   *Ferocity (+3)
            Deathknight     Chaos Magic (+2)
            Dragonslayer   *Ferocity (+3)
            Paladin        *Ferocity (+3)
            Pyromancer      Demolition (+2)
            Shaman         *Chaos Magic (+5)
            Warrior        *Ferocity (+5)
            Archmage       *Summoning (+3)
            Deamonslayer   *Warding (+3)       Summoning (+2)
            Healer         *Warding (+3)
            Shaman         *Warding (+3)
            Summoner       *Summoning (+5)
            Thief          *Warding (+3)
            Defiler        *Poison Magic (+5)
            Lichelord      *Poison Magic (+3)
            Ranger         #Running (+4)
            Thief          #Running (+6)
            Assasin         Ignore Armor (+2)
            Deathknight    *Manslayer (+3)     Necromancy (+2)
            Lichelord       Manslayer (+2)    *Necromancy (+3)
            Necromancer    *Necromancy (+5)
            Warrior        *Constitution (+3) *Ignore Armor (+2)
            Deamonslayer   *Warding (+3)
            Deathknight     Necromancy (+2)
            Healer         *Warding (+3)
            Lichelord      *Necromancy (+3)
            Necromancer    *Necro. (+5)        Memories (+2)
            Shaman         *Warding (+3)
            Thief          *Warding (+3)
    Wood Elf
            Druid          *Nature Magic (+5)
            Elementalist   *Lore (+3)
            Priest         *Lore (+3)
            Ranger          Nature Magic (+2)
    1.5 - Class Guide
    Okay, a lot of the classes are going to be missing for a while. If you want to
    write a guide or want to add something to an existing guide, please contact me.
    1.5.1 - Alchemist Guide
    1.5.2 - Archmage Guide
    1.5.3 - Assassin Guide
    +1 +2 -- -3
    Assasins are good for one skill; the ability to kill anything and everything
    with 1 hit. Assasins aren't all that great at low levels because every point
    in assasin only brings it up by 1%, meaning you have to end up with 96 points
    put into assasin to get it to 100% (formula is skill + 4). Low level assasins
    are STILL rather good, because the ability to kill everything you attack at
    25%/33%/50% is still rather good. Play VERY offensively.
    Stat Progression:
    You are going to want dexterity mostly with a little bit of strenght. Assasins
    are mostly solo fighters so you won't need much charisma, and you probobly
    won't be using any spells so you won't need any intellegence. Because your
    assasinate skill works on every attack, you are going to want to have the
    fastest attack speed you can find, and it's 100% kill so don't worry about
    damage. You are also going to want to have a good movement speed so you can
    get in and out as quickly as possible. A good running assasin can get up to an
    enemy hero and kill it quickly, and also can get away after the job is done.
    Skill Progression:
    Assasinate! Put all your points into assasinate! Why else would you want an
    assasin? Don't put any points into any skills that give you +% to damage or
    anything because assasinate kills no matter what. You may want to put a few
    points into a spell group if you want a specific spell for some reason
    (invisibility for example). Shadow strenght gives you a combat bonus at night
    but unless you have some way to make it night constantly it's kinda bad. Plus
    you don't need combat that much because you will be dealing less blows than
    most combat heroes because your enemies die very fast. Ignore armor is USELESS.
    why would you need to ignore the enemy's armor when you just kill them
    Update: Good spells would also be any spells like freeze, entangle, or psycic
    blast so you can slow down your enemies enough to catch up to them, or even run
    Item Lookout:
    Try to get items that increase your attack speed and don't worry about damage.
    Your hero is out to kill units and not buildings so leave the buildings and
    damage dealingness to the rest of your troops. Also look out for any speed
    increase items so you can catch up to enemy heroes to kill. Also look out for
    illusion+ items because if you can get the illusion sphere to 7+ you can cast
    invisibility. An invisible assasin can run into the enemy base and kill the
    hero. Also look out for summoning+ items because at 7+ you can cast home
    portal to get the heck out of a place after you just pwn3d a guy.
    Fighting Vs. Assasins:
    If you are going up against an assasin, run. If you are trying to kill an
    assasin try swarming it with millions of tiny monsters instead of a few big
    monsters because assasins will likely kill a few big guys faster. Make sure
    your towers can reach every inch of your base so an assasin doesn't follow you
    home and kill your entire big guy stock. Keep your speed up and travel in large
    groups to distract the assasin. NEVER fight an assasin with your own hero
    because you most likely will NOT win. Also try to keep any dragons or titans
    very very far away from an assasin.
    The race of the assasin mostly doesn't matter because you just put all your
    points into assasinate, although you may want a race for their high dex/str.
    If you plan on getting your hero to levels 100+ then you may want to consider
    which race has skills you want after you max assasinate.
    Barbarian (7 8 4 1):
         The only race with bonuses to both strenght and dexterity, so a barbarian
         assasin is an okay choice. The initial skill of reave will help you out at
         lower levels against large monsters but concentrate your points on
         assasinate (like always). Running (levels 10+) is a decent skill for an
         assasin and is one of the only skills I might consider putting points
         into. Ice magic (20+) is pretty much useless you really want to slow down
         people following you (freeze).
         Summary: STR/DEX innate, possible running
    Daemon (8 6 5 1):
         Daemons have a smaller starting dex, but it's not too poor. Innate
         ferocity gives you a +3 combat boost to start out with. Regeneration (10+)
         is a good skill and you may want to put a few points into it, but I would
         still rather put the points into assasinate (I'd just put like 1 point per
         10 levels maybe). Pyromancy (20+) has nothing special to offer assasins so
         I'd forget about putting any points into it. Invulnerability (30+) isn't
         something I'd put points into either just because, like always, you want
         assasinate maxed.
         Summary: Low DEX innate, possible regeneration
    Dark Dwarf (7 7 5 1):
         Innate constitution will give you a nice 10 hp boost to begin with, but
         I wouldn't put any points into it. Engineer (10+) is a decent skill for
         ANY class but I still say put the points into assasinate. Chaos magic
         (20+) sucks all around and provides nothing special for assasins.
         Summary: Nothing
    Dark Elf (5 7 6 2):
         Dark elves get a synergy bonus to assasinate so they start at 5 (9%)
         instead of the normal 3 (7%). If you REALLY want a 2% boost then dark
         elves are a good choice, especialy because you don't need to worry about
         other skills. Dark elves get an innate lore which is useless unless you
         REALLY want to use summoning spells. Death rune (10+) is good if you like
         to use assasin units too because they get a health bonus and you get
         cheaper runes to get assasins. Summoning (20+) is poo unless you can get
         it to level 7 for home portal, although you MAY want 1 point to summon
         some builders.
         Summary: Assasin synergy, possible home portal
    Dwarf (8 5 5 2):
         Dwarfs start with -2 dex which counteracts the dex bonus of the assasin.
         The innate constitution is good because you are going to be in the front
         lines a lot and will probobly be thankful for the extra hp. Armorer (10+)
         is a stupid skill for ANY class so don't waste any points on it ever.
         Rune magic (20+) isn't anything special for an assasin except for level 8
         which makes you immune to all missle attacks (good for running around
         Summary: Very low DEX innate, possible resist missle
    Empire (6 7 5 2):
         Whoopdy doo 2% per skill on trade (10+). Don't waste your points.
         Alchemy (20+) doesn't provide anything special to assasins.
         Summary: Nothing
    Fey (3 8 6 3):
         Feys start with a VERY low strength which may make proboblems at first,
         but they do start with +1 dex. Innate warding is somewhat decent, but I
         wouldn't put any points into it personaly. Illusion magic (10+) comes
         somewhat early, and if you can get it to 7+ then you can cast invisibility
         so you can sneak past everyone and slay a hero before he knows you are
         around! Energy (20+) isn't that great because you probobly won't be
         casting any spell besides invisibility, and I wouldn't put any points in
         magic resistance (30+) either.
         Summary: Very low STR innate, high DEX innate, possible invisibility
    High Elf (4 7 6 2):
         The low strength is a bit annoying because assasins are fighters. Innate
         lore isn't useful because you probobly won't be casting many spells. You
         may want a point in life rune (10+) if you love your unicorns (and cheap
         runes). DEFINITELY put 2 points into healing magic (20+) so you can heal
         and cure yourself. You may want a point or two in energy (30+) so you can
         heal up faster.
         Summary: Low STR innate, healing magic
    Knight (6 6 5 3):
         Low DEX innate isn't good for assasins. Don't worry about weaponmaster
         (10+) because you will kill things in 1 hit. Divination (20+) doesn't
         provide anything useful for assasins.
         Summary: Low DEX innate
    Minotaur (9 6 4 1):
         High STR innate is very useful early on, although assasins mainly work on
         DEX which minotaurs have low. Innate ferocity will give an early +3 combat
         bonus which will also be good for low levels. Just jam all your points
         into assasinate like usual.
         Summary: Very high STR innate, low DEX innate
    Orc (7 7 4 2):
         Normally for orcs I'd say go for demolition (30+), but assasins are
         unit/hero killers and not building killers.
         Summary: Nothing
    Plaguelord (5 7 8 0):
         Like usual, all points go into assasin except for maybe summoning (20+)
         because at 7+ you can cast home portal.
         Summary: Possible home portal
    Ssrathi (6 8 5 1):
         High DEX innate is yummy. Ssrathi get running innate, although a measly +1
         isn't something to really brag about. You may want to put a few points
         into this. Poison magic (20+) has nothing special.
         Summary: High DEX innate, possible running
    Swarm (6 9 4 1):
         Swarm start with a very high dex bonus which is always a very good thing
         for assasins. Plus they start out with constitution innate for an early
         bonus of hp, and a synergy bonus to ignore armor which gives them a good
         early start of -6 armor. Necromancy (20+), like most other spheres, is bad
         for assasins as almost all of their abilities are wasted because assasins
         kill everything with 1 hit. You MAY want to get this to level 2 to summon
         some builders.
         Summary: Very high DEX innate
    Undead (6 7 7 0):
         Innate warding is kinda nice, but don't put any points into it. Maybe put
         2 points into necromancy (10+) to summon zombies.
         Summary: Nothing
    Wood Elf (5 8 5 2):
         If you like treants, put a point or two into forest rune (10+). If you
         like flyers, put a point or two into sky rune (30+). Normally I'd try to
         say 'Get nature magic (20+) to 5 for unicorns'... but you are an assasin.
         Entangle (level 3) may be a decent spell if you are really annoyed at
         enemy heroes running away all the time.
         Summary: High DEX innate
    1.5.4 - Bard Guide
    1.5.5 - Chieftain Guide
    1.5.6 - Daemonslayer Guide
    1.5.7 - Deathknight Guide
    1.5.8 - Defiler Guide
    1.5.9 - Dragonslayer Guide
    1.5.10 - Druid Guide
    1.5.11 - Elementalist Guide
    1.5.12 - Healer Guide
    1.5.13 - Ice Mage Guide
    1.5.14 - Illusionist Guide
    1.5.15 - Lichelord Guide
    1.5.16 - Merchant Guide
    -2 +2 -- --
    Merchants are all about things being very cheap. Merchants lack any sort of
    offense or defense skill, so you should keep them in the back row. At level 20
    your hero could easily get around 40-50% discount on all purchases! If you
    decide to take your hero into combat for the impressive command radius, try to
    keep in the back behind enemy fire. Swarm! Play passively.
    Stat Progression:
    Charisma is the way to go. That will increase your discount, which is what the
    merchant is about. Charisma will also give you a high morale and a high command
    radius. Because of your high command radius and morale, you may wish to take
    your hero into battle so put some points into dexterity (don't make your hero
    actualy fight). Some points into dexterity will also compliment your large
    radius with a faster conversion time.
    Skill Progression:
    Merchant is the choice here. Go for the highest disount possible. If you find
    your army with too much of a resource you may want to put some points into
    trade, but a high merchant skill will ensure that you will rarely have low on
    any resource. I would honestly stay away from wealth and gemcutting unless you
    REALLY need some gold/crystal. You may wish to take some ranged spells with you
    into battle because your merchant should stay way in the back at all times.
    Item Lookout:
    Go for passive items as your merchant should not be allowed to fight. Look for
    items that give you a morale bonus to increase your already high morale.
    Fighting Vs. Merchant:
    Merchants are weak heroes, so if you see one leading and army attack it
    quickly. Merchants are BIG swarmers so set up a good wave defense, and
    aggresively move in on the opposing army to ensure the merchant has no time to
    Try not to pick a race that's big in combat, because your skills will be
    wasted on the passive merchant. You may wish to pick a race with an army you'd
    really like to swarm.
    Barbarian (4 8 4 4):
         You may wish to have the running skill to run away, but you shouldn't
         leave your merchant alone ever. Ice magic (20+) has nothing special for
         Summary: Low CHA innate
    Daemon (5 6 5 4):
         Nothing merchant special in pyromancy (20+).
         Summary: Low CHA innate
    Dark Dwarf (4 7 5 4):
         Nothing good for merchants in the chaos sphere (20+).
         Summary: Low CHA innate
    Dark Elf (2 7 6 5):
         Summoning magic (20+) has home portal which you may find very useful for
         running away, although you should never leave your merchant unnatended.
         Summary: Nothing
    Dwarf (5 5 5 5):
         Nothing special in rune magic (20+).
         Summary: Nothing
    Empire (3 7 5 5):
         You may enjoy the trade and wealth synergy so you already start out with a
         couple points in each.
         Summary: Trade synergy, wealth synergy
    Fey (0 8 6 6):
         Nothing great in illusion magic (10+).
         Summary: High CHA innate
    High Elf (1 7 6 6):
         Healing (20+) is GREAT if you are taking your hero into battle, because
         you can then heal from the back lines.
         Summary: Possible healing, high CHA innate
    Knight (3 6 5 6):
         Divination (20+) has comprehension at level 6, which will give you an
         extra 50% discount when buying skills!
         Summary: High CHA innate, possible comprehension
    Minotaur (6 6 4 4):
         Nohthing special in pyromancy (30+).
         Summary: Low CHA innate
    Orc (4 7 4 5):
         Nothing special in chaos (20+)
         Summary: Nothing
    Plaguelord (2 7 8 4):
         Summoning (20+) has home portal for running away.
         Summary: Low CHA innate
    Ssrathi (3 8 5 4):
         Poison magic (20+) is good if you are in the back lines, because you can
         poison everyone in your command radius, which will be HUGE.
         Summary: Poison magic, low CHA innate
    Swarm (3 9 4 4):
         Nothing great in necro.
         Summary: Low CHA innate
    Undead (3 7 7 3):
         Nothing great in necro.
         Summary: Low CHA innate
    Wood Elf (4 8 5 5):
         Nothing great in nature magic (20+).
         Summary: Nothing
    1.5.17 - Necromancer Guide
    1.5.18 - Paladin Guide
    1.5.19 - Priest Guide
    1.5.20 - Pyromancer Guide
    1.5.21 - Ranger Guide
    1.5.22 - Runemaster Guide
    1.5.23 - Sage Guide
    1.5.24 - Shaman Guide
    1.5.25 - Summoner Guide
    1.5.26 - Thief
    -1 +2 -- -1
    Thiefs are great because of their immense speed. They start out with +3 speed,
    and with the synergy bonus from ssrathi you can even start out with a good +6.
    At later levels, you can travel across the map hunting for resources and get
    there in no time at all. A big problem with theives is that their huge speed
    makes them hard to keep up with if you are trying to guard them, and moving
    them in a group wastes the theif's speed. Thieves get illusionary magic later
    on which is great for scaring monsters away, or turning invisible. Thieves
    aren't very strong but their ability to run away is uncomparable. Play
    Stat progression:
    You are going to want to concentrate heavily on dexterity for even MORE speed,
    and for the armor/resistance bonuses (so you don't die from enemy fire while
    fleeing). You may want to also focus on charisma for a large command radius
    (complimenting your very fast resource collecting). I'd try to get strength at
    9+ early on for the hp regen, and try to keep it at a decent value so you don't
    die patheticly. Overall, the stats are lenient but the main thing about thieves
    is their speed so dexterity focus comes naturaly.
    Skill progression:
    You are going to want to try to focus on running (which is the main reason for
    picking a thief), but don't neglect your other skills. You may want to put a
    somewhat decent ammount of points into warding and magic resistance depending
    on how you like to play. Once you get to illusionary magic, I'd totally spring
    for 7+ to get invisibility or maybe even 9+ to turn all your enemies into
    camels! At the very least, you should put 2 points into illusion to get scare
    (for getting rid of anyone trying to tail you).
    Item lookout:
    You may want to look for a crown that gives you +command radius for resource
    collecting, but that's pretty much true of any hero. Because you are a runner,
    you may want to concentrate on speed and defense.
    Fighting vs. Thieves:
    Thieves can get really annoying because of their speed. Thieves run away before
    you can catch them, and they steal all of your resources because of their high
    dexterity. You may want to consider (more than usual) about putting towers near
    resources to slow down the theif's efforts. If you manage to get close to a
    theif then bash on your attack spell macros to kill him off before he can run
    away (instead of saving your mana for something). Theives are escape artists,
    especialy if they have invisibility, so try to box them in and close off any
    place they can escape from.
    Remember that you will be running a lot and stealing resources, so don't pick a
    big combat oriented race unless you want to make a figher/thief.
    Barbarian (5 8 4 3):
         Barbarians will start you out with a synergy bonus to running, giving you
         a total of 5 to start out with. Ice magic (20+) doesn't have anything that
         special for a thief, except for maybe freeze at levels 6+ to slow down any
         persuers even more. Avoid putting points into qaurrying because as a thief
         you will be stealing most of the resources on the map.
         Summary: High dex innate, running synergy
    Daemon (6 6 5 3):
         Nothing too special about daemons. You will probobly want a few points in
         regeneration (10+) because even though you run, you'll still be hit quite
         a few times. Nothing great for theives in pyromancy (20+), although you
         may find it fun to run up to a group of units or buildings and cast
         armageddon then flee.
         Summary: Low dex innate
    Dark Dwarf (5 7 5 3):
         Nothing too special about dark dwarves and theives. Nothing great for
         thieves in chaos magic, although you may like to run up to a group and
         cast chaos plague on them, or possibly try your luck to decrease enemy
         units or towers.
         Summary: Nothing
    Dark Elf (3 7 6 4):
         There are pretty much only two things to consider about the dark elves:
         Summoning (20+), and assasin (30+). Summoning at 7+ gives you home portal
         which is a FANTASTIC spell for running away. When you get to 30+ I'd VERY
         much start putting points into assasin. At level 30 you should be quite
         fast, so running up to the enemy hero and backstabbing them seems like a
         good strategy.
         Summary: Possible home portal, possible assasin
    Dwarf (6 5 5 4):
         Dwarfs start with low DEX which you may not like. Nothing special in rune
         magic except for maybe resist missles so you can run circles around enemy
         Summary: Very low dex, possible resist missle
    Empire (4 7 5 4):
         Not much to say about them except that you are probobly going to love the
         acquire spell so you can run like a madman up to some resources and then
         steal them instantly.
         Summary: Possible acquire
    Fey (1 8 6 5):
         A fey thief is the ONLY combo that gives 3 synergies; warding, illusion
         magic, and magic resistance. This makes ALL the theif skills available at
         level 1, and only leaves the fey skill of energy (20+) for later levels.
         You already start out with illusionary magic at level 2 for scare, and you
         can spring for invisibility very early in your hero's life.
         Summary: VERY low STR innate, high DEX innate, tripple synergy
    High Elf (2 7 6 5):
         Nothing special about high elves for thieves, especialy because thieves
         are solo artists and therefore healing magic (20+) isn't as useful as
         it normaly would be. Definitely put a point into it for self healing
         Summary: Nothing
    Knight (4 6 5 5):
         Nothing to special about the knight for thieves. Divination magic (20+)
         has a couple of semi useful spells for thieves. Comprehension (6+) will
         make skills 50% cheaper, which will let you save your massive ammounts of
         resources you've taken. Psycic blast (10+) will stun enemies which is good
         for running away.
         Summary: Low DEX innate
    Minotaur (7 5 4 3):
         Nothing great for theives in pyromancy (30+), although you may find it fun
         to run up to a group of units or buildings and cast armageddon then flee.
         Summary: Low DEX innate
    Orc (5 7 4 4):
         Nothing great for thieves in chaos magic (20+), although you may like to
         run up to a group and cast chaos plague on them, or possibly try your luck
         to decrease enemy units or towers. You may find demolition somewhat
         useful for taking down any pesky towers in your hunt for wealth.
         Summary: Nothing
    Plaguelord (3 7 8 2):
         Plaguelords start out with a synergy to warding. Summoning magic (20+) has
         home portal which is really good for running away even faster.
         Summary: Warding synergy, possible home portal
    Ssrathi (4 8 5 3):
         Ssrathi have running innate which gives a synergy total of 6. Poison magic
         (20+) doesn't have anything especialy useful to a theif, although you may
         find it hilarious to run into a group of enemies to poison them and run
         away before they can catch up.
         Summary: High DEX innate, running synergy
    Swarm (4 9 4 3):
         High DEX innate is always useful for a thief. Necromancy doesn't have any
         thief specific spells, although you may like to run up to an enemy group
         and turn them all into skellies then run away.
         Summary: very high DEX innnate
    Undead (4 7 7 2):
         Undead have a warding synergy, and necromancy (10+) has nothing great for
         thieves (although if you are playing an undead army it is always good).
         Summary: Warding synergy
    Wood Elf (3 8 5 4):
         Wood elfs really have nothing special for thieves, except maybe the
         entangle spell and the +1 innitial DEX.
         Summary: High DEX innate
    1.5.27 - Tinker Guide
    1.5.28 - Warrior Guide
    2.0 - Strategy
    2.1 - General Strategy
    2.2 - Barbarian Strategy
    2.3 - Daemon Strategy
    2.4 - Dark Dwarf Strategy
    2.5 - Dark Elf Strategy
    2.6 - Dwarf Strategy
    2.7 - Empire Strategy
    2.8 - Fey Strategy
    2.9 - High Elf Strategy
    2.10 - Knight Strategy
    By: Dire Bunny (Thanks!)
    One must deal with the weaknesses of the knights before they can fully exercise
    the strengths.  In the early tiers, the knights suffer from a huge gold
    requirement - buildings, units and upgrades alike cost gold, and lots of it.
    There aren't many ways to remedy this, so you must work around it.  Build a
    second keep as soon as you're able, and fill the gold mines in your location
    first.  Rush to the second tier as soon as you are capable, and get the
    marketplace.  Your early units should consist of swordsmen, who do not cost
    gold, and archers once you have a fletchery.  Alternately, you may make use of
    summoned creatures from your retinue, and bypass the fletchery entirely.
    The second major problem is flying creatures.  Unlike most other races, the
    knights' generals cannot combat airborne foes... almost none of their units
    can.  Their archers are miserable units incapable of anything useful, and their
    flying units lack any unique strengths.  One must keep this in mind when
    formulating a strategy, as an early attack of harpies can quickly ruin your
    The third problem, though not such a major one, is their units' chronic
    weakness to lightning.  Stronger human players will prey on this, so be more
    wary of your foes' lightning users.
    Once one gets past all of these difficulties, they find a few core strengths of
    the race.  There is a plethora of upgrades available for your mounted cavalry
    - knights, knight champions and knight lords - that makes for a late game
    The 3rd tier unit of the knights - the dancing sword - is a key unit of the
    knights.  Take note of its speed, combat, and most importantly, its ability to
    attack air.  It costs a little metal and 100 crystal, a resource you have to
    spare, and you have numerous ways to acquire them.  Both inquisitors and the
    building spell "sirian's swords" at the shrine of swords that can both provide
    a steady supply of free swords.
    Do not underestimate the Crusade ability that is available at your keep.
    Around the third or fourth upgrade, your knights will become nearly invincible,
    as they will gain enough levels to keep their health up indefinitely.
    The knights are, at first appearance, meant to be a race that bides its time
    until the late game, and then rush to victory with super-upgraded knights.
    This is an option, true, but be aware - if you wait too long, your foe might
    have access to dragons (or worse, storm dragons with flying, splash damage
    ~and~ lightning damage.)  The better option, though, is to attack mid-game, a
    few minutes after you reach 3rd tier, with a force of dancing swords and
    knights with selective upgrades.  The choice upgrades are those at the smithy
    (armor 1 and 2 first, then weapons, then full plate armor), order of the lion,
    order of the pegasus (both orders are available at the shrine of swords) and
    the crusade skills.  Doing this allows for flexibility - you aren't buying
    irrelevant skills - and it offers the best balance... later in the game, your
    foes will have means of disposing of your massed knight lords, but at this
    point, you will be most likely to have the edge.
    Hero choice for knights leans towards merchant/support, to aid in the purchase
    of the rather expensive knightly units, or the warrior type, to best utilize
    the hero skills and complement your mid-game attack.  In terms of spellcasters,
    the alchemist falls in the area of support hero, and the transmute spell is
    invaluable for compensating for the early game gold requirements.  The second
    option of a spellcaster for the knights is the healer, who is capable of
    healing the troops and making them doubly useful.
    Note: I say that you might also consider a thief for an early dominance of all
    the gold mines on the map
    Tips, tricks, and cheats:
    Cheap dancing swords: Make swordsman instead and take them over to the
         building. Press ctrl-D to kill all of your swordsman, then convert the
         dead bodies. This is much cheaper (and possibly faster) than making
         dancing swords directly.
    2.11 - Minotaur Strategy
    2.12 - Orc Strategy
    2.13 - PlagueLord Strategy
    2.14 - Ssrathi Strategy
    2.15 - Swarm Strategy
    2.16 - Undead Strategy
    2.17 - Wood Elf Strategy
    3.1 - Spell List
    I'm hazy on most of the spells because I haven't played around with them
    very much at all. If you have anything to add about any of these spells,
    especialy any formulas, please email me.
    Each spell level over level 1 is -50% to cast, so 125% would be 75% for level
    2, and 25% for level 3.
    3.1.1 - Alchemy Spell List
    Alchemy spells are used to create items and potions (not mana), get or trade
    resources, create towers (no garrison), and summon golems.
    Races: Empire
    Classes: Alchemist, Archmage, Tinker
    Create Item (12) - This creates a random item from the game. This skill is
         somewhat useful for new characters, but unless you feel like putting
         a LOT of points into alchemy, I'd rather not cast the spell.
         Higher spell level makes better items.
    Transmute (15) - This spell works just like the trade feature at the market,
         except it costs mana. Useful if you really need a certain resource
         quickly, especialy if you have way too much of another.
         Higher spell level increases output by 10%.
    Charm (6) - This spell works just like the merchant skill, excpet it costs
         mana and is temporary. Very useful for when you are building,
         upgrading or producing units (I THINK the merchant skill works on
         that too, but I'm not sure so email me) so it would be perfect for
         titans or dragons.
         Higher spell level (I'm guessing) gives you a higher discount. I'm
         not sure about th %s so someone email me about that.
    Stone Golem (14) - Summons a stone golem. I don't find these guys to be all
         that useful but if you really need a summoned creature then here you
         Higher spell level gives changes unknown to me (most likely stat or
         xp changes. Someone email me).
    Brew Potion (24) - Creates more health potions. GREAT spell. You can never
         have too many health potions.
         Higher spell level creates more potions (1 per level).
    Acquire (22) - This spell instantly converts resource buildings in the area.
         GREAT spell for obvious reasons.
         Higher spell level has effects unknown to me (possibly a higher
         radius of conversion).
    Summon Guardian (24) - Creates a tower that you can't garison units in. These
         gaurdians are fairly useful because you can stick them anywhere and
         you can even repair them using resources.
         UPDATE: Okay so these guardians are only temporary and will dissapear
         after a while.
         CHEAT/BUG: Every time you try to cast this spell you are given a
         template to place the guardian, and you can cancel the spell at this
         time without wasting mana. The cheat is that the template shows what
         level spell the guardian is going to be before it's cast!
         Higher level spells create higher leveld guardians.
         Clay Guardian (Level 1):
              Combat: 10
              Health: 150
              Speed: 2
              Damage: 20 (lightning)
              Range: 8
         Stone Guardian (Level 2):
              Combat: 10
              Health: 200
              Speed: 3
              Damage: 25 (lightning)
              Range: 8
         Iron Guardian (Levels 3+):
              Combat: 10
              Health: 300
              Speed: 4
              Damage: 30 (lightning)
              Range: 8
    Disjunction (40) - This spell makes any bonus any hero gets from their items
         null, thus making their items temporarily useless (this also works if
         the hero switches items too). This is a good spell to use if you are about
         to fight an enemy hero.
         Thanks to Somphalen for this information.
    Bronze golem (36) - MUCH better than the stone golem. The bronze golem can
         take quite a punch.
         Higher spell levels are unknown to me but probably have the same
         effects as higher level stone golems which are also unkown to me.
         Email me.
    Spellforge (70) - 'Doubles the power of the caster's items' the details of
         this spell are entirely unknown to me, but if you really want to make
         some items you should cast this spell first unless you don't feel
         like using the mana for it. Your choice.
    3.1.2 - Arcane Spell List
    Arcane spells are about improving other spells by making them cost less,
    last longer, easier to cast, have double reach, and even increase their
    power. You can also dispel enemy spells (it also dispels any of your own),
    gain mana at every kill, increase mana regeneration, or even unleash a very
    powerful attack on the area. As most of these spells seem to have static
    values, I have no idea what higher levels do.
    Races: None (no synergy)
    Classes: Alchemist, Defiler, Druid, Healer, Ice Mage, Illusionist,
         Necromancer, Priest, Pyromancer, Runemaster, Sage, Shaman, Summoner
    Concentration (8) - Increases your spell chances by 20%. Useful.
    Command (12) - Makes your spells have a 25% larger range. VERY good for
         spells that attack a large area.
    Enervate (20) - Increases mana regeneration. Useful.
    Extend (22) - Makes spells last twice as long. Useful.
    Mana Flow (24) - Reduces mana costs by 25%. Useful.
    Corruption (28) - Creatures summoned by other players may join YOU instead.
         Only really useful if you know someone is going to summon something,
         otherwise it's a waste of mana.
    Dispel (32) - Removes all spells in the area INCLUDING your own. I doubt this
         works on lasting spell effects like a poison spell. I also doubt this
         works on spells currently being cast (so you probably won't be able
         to stop an attack spell from being cast). Not sure so email me.
    Mana Leech (40) - Gives you 6 mana after each kill. I believe this only
         counts for creatures your hero personaly kills.
    Empower (60) - Spells are 50% more powerful while this spell lasts. Useful.
    Destruction (100) - MASSIVE whompage. This spell deals damage to ALL
         buildings and units in the area INCLUDING your own and the caster.
         This deals damage equal to the caster's health-1. I think (I HOPE)
         this would be your hero's current health and not max health.
         Obviously don't cast this spell if your hero is in a position to be
         attacked after everyone around dies (like there are units about to
         attack but not in the immediate area).
    3.1.3 - Chaos Spell List
    Okay, all I can say is that chaos SUCKS. Almost all of the spells randomly
    increase/decrease the stats of nearby units, but you never know in which
    direction. I haven't really monkeyed with the spells so I don't know what any
    effects high levels have. Spells here don't effect your hero but I'm pretty
    sure (I have no interest to check this, email me) that they effect all units
    good or bad, but the spells MIGHT choose a unit in the area and only effect
    units of that alliance but I'm not sure and I doubt it anyway. Only two
    useful spells are wildfire and chaos plague but I seriosly wouldn't advise
    ever putting 9 or 10 points into chaos to actualy get these spells. I think
    the morph spells are permanant but, again, I don't have enough interest to
    actualy check this.
    UPDATE: Okay, some people have whined about me giving these spells a bad rap.
    These spell CAN be useful. If you get a bad effect, you can just cast them
    again (the spells are fairly cheap). Abyss also adds that a sure fire way is to
    use these spells on units that have a poor stat, like casting speed morph on
    hidiously slow units because you can't get much slower already. These spells
    can very much be very VERY good if you are lucky, but personaly I don't like to
    take the gamble (I don't even like heavy spell casters in the first place).
    Races: Dark Dwarf, Orc
    Classes: Deathknight, Shaman
    Morph Combat (6) - Changes combat values of nearby units.
    Morph Speed (8) - Changes speed values of nearby units.
    Morph Health (5) - Changes max health values of nearby units.
    Morph Damage (7) - Changes damage values of nearby units.
    Morph Tower (12) - Changes values of nearby towers.
    Drain Mana (24) - Drains mana from a random unit in the area.
    Morph Resources (30) - Exchange resources (possibly a random exchange %)
    Increase Casting (55) - Increases spell% for a random spell sphere.
    Wildfire (32) - Attacks enemies in the area. Seems fairly weak.
    Chaos Plague (70) - Nearby enemy units have reduced hp and are diseased.
    3.1.4 - Divination Spell List
    Divination spells are pretty handy sometimes, but they are all support spells
    basicly. You can increase defense or resistance, and do a bunch of other
    random crap that you should just be reading the spell descriptions for, 
    although I should mention the comprehention skill which reduces cost for
    research by 50%!
    I honestly have no idea what most of the higher level spells will do so email
    me what you know.
    Races: Knight
    Classes: Alchemist, Bard, Priest, Sage
    Elemental Lore (6) - Increases elemental resistance by 10 for 1 minute.
    Defense Lore (6) - Increases armor by 10 for 1 minute.
    See Invisible (5) - Can see all invisible units for 4 minutes. Not that
         useful as not many units can go invisible, but at a mere cost of 5
         mana you can see any pesky chamelions running around for 4 whole
    Telepathy (10) - Units produced gain +10 xp for the next 2 minutes.
    Banish (30) - Will instantly destroy any daemons, archons, or elements near
         you but higher level enemies may be able to resist it. I have no idea
         if this works on your own units. This spell is useful if you are near
         a bunch of demons or elementals (obviously).
         My guess is that higher levels of this spell will banish higher level
    Comprehension (35) - Skill increases bought at buildings are reduced by 50%
         for 2 minutes. Useful.
    Call Sage (60) - Will call a red/black/white mage.
         My guess is that higher levels of this spell will summon mages with
         higher xp.
    Mind Leech (50) - Nearby friends will steal xp from enemies.
    True Sight (60) - Increases sight range for all of your units for the rest of
         the match! Useful.
    Psychic Blast (70) - Stun nearby enemies.
    3.1.5 - Healing Spell List
    HEALING IS GOOD! Keep your hero from dying, keep your generals from dying,
    ressurect dead people, and even getting rid of pesky poison and disease.
    Races: High Elf
    Classes: Healers, Priests, Paladins
    Heal Self (8) - Heals the hero. Useful.
         Higher levels probably heals more.
    Cure (8) - Gets rid of disease and poison from yourself and nearby units.
         No idea what higher level does.
    Blessing (8) - Increases morale.
         Higher levels probably increases morale by more.
    White Ward (6) - Protects nearby units from psyc effects. Useful against
         dragons and the like.
         No idea what higher level does.
    Heal Group (15) - It heals the group!
         Higher levels probably heals more.
    Invigorate (16) - Increases the speed of SOME nearby units. Dunno which units
         don't benefit.
         Higher levels probably gives higher speed increase.
    Purify (20) - Deals damage to evil creatures. Dunno if it works on non evil.
         Higher levels probably does more damage.
    Major Healing (20) - Heals the group even more!
         Higher levels probably heals even MORE.
    Life Ward (40) - When you die, you just pop back up again good as new! I
         think you come back with only 1 mana though (so you don't abuse it).
         You DO come back with full health though which is always a good
         Higher levels maybe make the spell last longer.
    Resurrection (60) - Resurrects a unit.
         No idea what high level does.
    3.1.6 - Ice Spells list
    I don't like ice spells that much because there's not much to them. I say
    that most of the spells in this game were made just to fill out 10 spaces.
    I don't know what higher levels do for any of these, mostly because I didn't
    put the effort to check them.
    Races: Barbarian
    Classes: Elementalist, Ice Mage
    Hands of Ice (10) - Ice damamge to enemies in the command radius.
    Storm (8) - Makes it rain (this isn't ICE magic).
    Ice Armor (14) - Gives you an armor bonus but no resist ice. It's a small
         armor bonus too.
    Calm (10) - Removes magic and psych effects on units near the hero. Useful
         if you are fighting a bunch of scary things.
    Ring of Ice (30) - Shoots a ring of ice that spreads from the hero. I think
         casting hands of ice 3 times is a better idea actualy.
    Freeze (25) - Slows enemies. Great for running away.
    Wall of Ice (8) - Pretty much useless because to create an actual WALL you
         have to cast this way too many times. The ice wall seems to be
         stronger than the other walls though for some reason. -shrug-
    Ice Floe (30) - You gain a ranged ice attack. I honeslty never got this spell
         to work.
    Freeze Magic (40) - Stops mana regeneration but makes ice spells easier to
         cast. Now I say this spell is REALLY not worth it to waste 40 mana.
         Whatever you are trying to cast I'm SURE the 40 mana would be better
         spent on the spell itself (and that way you can still regen too).
    Ice Storm (65) - Rains ice down on the enemies. Okay not REALLY, it just says
         it does. In actuality it just makes little blue magic puffs pop out
         from nearby enemies to show they've been hit by something. Doesn't
         seem all that powerful either.
    3.1.7 - Illusion Spell List
    Meh. I don't like illusion spells. I'd rather kill my enemies than make
    them awe struck. No idea what high levels do to any of these spells.
    Races: Fey
    Classes: Archmage, Illusionist, Thief
    Shadowform (8) - Gives you +1 speed +5 armor (may increase with spell level)
         Thanks to Somphalen for this information.
    Scare (6) - Makes the hero scare units.
    Light/Darkness (5) - Turns day into night and night into day. Good for
         gaining the day/night bonus for your race.
    Awe (8) - The hero causes awe.
    Spectral Horde (14) - Creates a spectral bunch of the basic unit of your
         current army.
         Thanks to Somphalen for this information.
    Dragonfear (20) - Creates a wimpy dragon that causes fear and reduces armor.
    Invisibility (30) - Makes the caster invisible until you attack. Think
         'Fey assasin'.
    Call Shadow (30) - Summons a shadow
    Mutate (50) - Turns enemies into wimpy things, possibly a penguin. High level
         enemies can resist this.
    Transform (70) - Changes a unit into something stronger. I never got this to
    3.1.8 - Nature Spell List
    I realy don't like nature spells except for summon unicorn, and that's just
    because they heal and cure.
    Races: Wood Elf
    Classes: Druid, Ranger
    Summmon Sprite (10) - This is an okay spell just because sprites fly and can
         attack ground units. Good when you are fighting units that can't
         hurt flyers.
         Dunno what high levels do.
    Gemberry (12) - Heals the caster and possibly some nearby units. I don't know
         what else to say about it.
         My guess is that higher levels heal more and have a higher chance to
         heal nearby units.
    Entangle (8) - Slows down units near the hero. This spell doesn't even seem
         to work on some enemies so I gave up testing it. Someone email me.
         UPDATE: Oh yeah, a good tactic is to use this on heroes so they can't
    Shillelagh (8) - It SAYS it summons a magical club to increase your combat
         score, but all the thing does is float above your head. A very
         pathetic looking skill in my opinion, but increased combat is always
         a good thing.
         Don't know what higher levels do
    Summon Unicorn (20) - Unicorns are great things to have around. They can heal
         you AND cure you of any disease. If I were to ever make a druid hero,
         I'd have an entire army of unicorns (not REALLY... but they ARE
         Dunno what higher levels do
    Wall of Thorns (8) - Makes a little shrub. Whoop de doo. The thing has 400 hp
         (or maybe it was 300... can't remember) and just sits there. Leveling
         it up doesn't give it any more hp either. To build an actual wall you
         have to cast it many times wasting quite a bit of mana. Useless in my
         I have NO idea what leveling this spell does
    Call Lightning (35) - Zaps nearby enemies. Don't know what else to say about
         Leveling this spell probably does more damage
    Summon Treant (40) - Does exactly what you think. I personaly would rather
         have 2 unicorns but whatever.
         Dunno what leveling up does.
    Change Weather (25) - You choose if you want day/night and sunny/rainy. Good
         for giving your army the correct day/night bonus.
         No clue what leveling this spell does
    Elementalism (50) - You create an elemental of your choice. I'd still rather
         just summon some unicorns.
         Don't know what leveling this spell does
    3.1.9 - Necromancy Spell List
    I like necromancy mostly because of strip flesh. I mean, turning all your
    enemies into pidly little skellies is quite good. Mow 'em down! I don't know
    what higher levels do on any of these.
    UPDATE: Thanks to f_ranz123 for his email riminding me that raise skeleton will
    replenish your ranks if you are leading the undead army. Summoned skeletons
    (and wights too) can be upgraded just as if you made them normaly. Plus he also
    informed me that raise skeleton and raise zombie both make multiple at higher
    levels so I went in and made some formulas.
    Races: Undead, Swarm
    Classes: Lichelord, Necromancer, Deathknight
    Raise Skeleton (8) - USELESS! You REALLY want to waste 8 mana on a skelly?
         UPDATE: Okay, this gives you 2 skellies and then 1 more for each level so
         it's not AS bad but it's still bad UNLESS you are leading the undead.
         undead characters may appreciate being able to increase their ranks
         anywhere the hero is at the time.
         Skill + 1 = Summoned skeletons
    Raise Zombie (8) - Now THIS is useful. Need a builder? Voila.
         Skill = Summoned zombies
    Black Portal (8) - Create a little dohickey that increases xp of any
         necromantic summons you create near it.
         Update: The black portal also seems to increase the level of any
         necromantic spell cast near it. Thanks to Somphalen for this information.
    Raise Wight (15) - I don't find this to be worth the mana really.
         UPDATE: After I tested f_ranz123's stuff, I wanted to see if this makes
         more wights too. It doesn't. Leveling up this spell just gives the wight
         more xp.
    Vampirism (30) - Nearby units drain health. Good when you have some bigger
         units that you want to keep alive. This isn't good on small units
         because they'd die before they'd really get the good effect of it.
    Darkstorm (16) - Only good if you know your race benefits from dark/rain.
    Strip Flesh (35) - Turns nearby enemies into skeletons but higher leveled
         monsters can resist this. Just run to the enemy's base and turn all
         their medium and low leveled units into wimpy skeletons and plow them
         down. Fun fun.
    Call the Dead (30) - Nearby piles of bones turn into skeletons. I never
         actualy got around to testing this out much so someone email me.
         UPDATE: Now that I think about it, this spell is useless. For the price
         of this spell you can cast raise skeleton almost 4 times which would
         give you 8 skeletons at level 1 while call of the dead would most likely
         not give you more than 8 in most situations.
    Ring of Ice (35) - This is necromancy? Oh well. Creates a ring of ice that
         does a decent damage.
    Raise Champion (50) - Pick out one of 4 high level undead monsters to summon.
         I haven't really gotten around to testing this out much so email me.
    3.1.10 - Poison Spell List
    Poison spells are pretty much all about poisoning, and removing poison and
    disease. Personaly I'd rather just kill my enemies instead of maming them,
    but you may find poisoning all the enemies in your command radius in the
    middle of a huge battle. I DO find it great that most of the spells work for
    the entire command radius, so you may want to consider making your defiler
    have massive amounts of charisma.
    Races: Ssrathi
    Classes: Defiler, Lichelord
    Immunity (6) - Your hero becomes immune to poison for 2 minutes. Very useful
         if you know you are about to go to battle with a bunch of poisoners,
         but I'd usualy rather just cure the poison for all my troops instead
         of just making myself immune. Your call really.
         Dunno what high level does because 'immune' and '2 minutes' are both
         obviously static variables.
    Poison Cloud (6) - Poisons all enemies in the command radius. VERY good for
         high charisma characters. Run into the enemy base and just poison
         the entire camp. I don't think this does direct damage though.
         Dunno what higher level does.
    Summon Wasp (5) - Worthless spell because wasps are useless. Waste of 5 mana.
         UPDATE - Okay so higher levels of this spell casts more wasps, so
         this spell isn't so bad if you can get it to like level 3 or
         something, but it's still only useful if you are attacking a swarm of
         Spell level = Amount of wasps summoned
    Antidote (10) - Removes poison and disease for all your buddies in your
         command radius. Very very good if you're fighting, or have just
         finished fighting, a bunch of orcs or poisoners.
         Dunno what higher levels do.
    Venom Touch (15) - Troops in your command radius now have a poison attack.
         Useful if you are assaulting a base with a lot of troops and you
         really love your poison.
         Dunno what higher levels do.
    Poison Gate (24) - Poisons newly summoned enemies. USELESS. What a waste of
         24 mana.
         No idea what higher levels do.
    Spray Poison (30) - Shoots arrows at all enemies in the command radius. This
         does poison AND direct damage to all enemies around you, but I don't
         think the 30 mana is near worth it because you can just poison them
         for a mere 6.
         Higher levels probably does more direct damage.
    Guardian Naga (45) - Summons a naga. It can convert things. I don't find it
         too great.
         Higher levels might make better nagas.
    Rot (45) - Enemies in the command radius suffer full penalties from
         poison/disease. No idea what this means exactly but higher leveled
         enemies may resist it. Email me.
         Higher levels probably increases the chance to effect higher leveled
    Call of Kargoth (50) - Summons 8 spider queens and 8 spiders. I like the idea
         of summoning 16 things at once, 8 of which die and create even MORE
         things. This can be useful if you really need to create a huge swarm
         (like if you need to run away).
         Higher levels possibly make better spiders and spider queens.
    3.1.11 - Pyromancy Spell List
    Pyromancy has a few handy spells. Let's just hope your enemy doesn't have
    high fire resistance.
    Races: Daemon, Minotaur
    Classes: Elementalist, Pyromancer)
    Hand of Flame (10) - Hits enemies in the area with fireballs.
         Higher levels probably does more damamge.
    Soul Flame (6) - Increases the xp of nearby units. Okay this is an AWESOME
         spell. At level 1 it makes all of your nearby troops level 3. At
         higher levels you can make all your units high enough to take with
         you to the next battle. Think dragons, or even titans for just a
         measly 6 mana! This doesn't ADD xp it just raises xp to a cartain
         point, so no making level 50+ titans.
         UPDATE: I have confirmed that neither dragons or titans can be carried
         to the next battle (except for certain things like the ice dragon level
         in the campaign). Titants can't even gain levels.
         Spell level x 10 = XP
    Cauterize (8) - Heals you and your units in your command radius. Healing
         spells are always very very good, although this doesn't heal all that
         Spell level x 25 = Heal (thanks Charles)
    Resist Fire (7) - You and your troops get fire resistance. Good if you are
         going to be fighting the swarm or something (fire beetles)
         Spell level x25 = Fire resistance bonus
    Ring of Fire (30) - Creates a ring of fire ala Johnny Cash.
         Dunno what higher levels do
    Fire Breath (30) - Gives nearby units (but not you) ranged fire attacks. To
         be honest, I haven't actualy used this spell but it sounds nice.
    Berserker (15) - Sets your own units on fire. Makes them run around like
         crazy. I'm not joking.
         I don't know what higher levels do because my units die before I can
         cast it again.
    Pillar of fire (40) - Attacks a single unit. I haven't actualy used it, but
         for 40 mana it better have some whompage to it.
    Fire Elemental (40) - Creates a fire elemental. The name fooled you didn't
    Armageddon (75) - Does damage to units and building in the area. Luckily it
         doesn't hurt your own.
    3.1.12 - Rune Spell List
    I like rune magic because you can increase your armor, quickly build things,
    repair buildings, and even make yourself immune to ALL missle attacks.
    Races: Dwarf
    Classes: Elementalist, Runemaster
    Stoneskin (12) - Increases your hero's armor rating against ALL attacks.
         Very useful.
         Higher levels DOESN'T give you a higher armor bonus it seems, so my
         guess is that it just makes the spell last longer.
    Gem of Wisdom (4) - Increases the casting% of your next spell. Pretty cheap
         and useful if you really need that high level spell.
         Higher levels probably gives you a higher bonus.
    Dig (8) - Decreases the building time for all structures. How great is this?
         Produce those towers or mortars much faster to hold up your defense,
         or even produce your first buildings quickly too.
         Higher levels likely increases the time decrease and duration.
    Earthpower (12) - Repairs buildings in the command radius. Good for when your
         bases are being attacked.
         High levels probably repairs more damage.
    Resist Magic (25) - Gives you a higher defense vs. magical attacks.
         Level x 25 = Magic Defense
    Doomstones (16) - Hits nearby enemies with stones. No spell delay or
         animation, just pow.... enemies get hit. Not that much damage it
         Higher levels probably does more damage
    Summon Guardian (24) - Creates a tower that you can't garison units in. These
         gaurdians are fairly useful because you can stick them anywhere and
         you can even repair them using resources.
         UPDATE: Okay so these guardians are only temporary and will dissapear
         after a while.
         CHEAT/BUG: Every time you try to cast this spell you are given a
         template to place the guardian, and you can cancel the spell at this
         time without wasting mana. The cheat is that the template shows what
         level spell the guardian is going to be before it's cast!
         Higher level spells create higher leveld guardians.
         Clay Guardian (Level 1):
              Combat: 10
              Health: 150
              Speed: 2
              Damage: 20 (lightning)
              Range: 8
         Stone Guardian (Level 2):
              Combat: 10
              Health: 200
              Speed: 3
              Damage: 25 (lightning)
              Range: 8
         Iron Guardian (Levels 3+):
              Combat: 10
              Health: 300
              Speed: 4
              Damage: 30 (lightning)
              Range: 8
    Resist Missle (35) - Makes the hero IMMUNE to ALL missle attacks. GREAT for
         assaulting a base so you don't have to worry about those annoying
         My guess is that higher levels have a longer duration.
    Rune Item (40) - Creates rune items for your hero.
         CHEAT/BUG: When you cast this spell you get to choose which item you
         want to create and you can cancel at this time without using mana.
         The cheat is that you can see what level item is going to be cast
         before you actualy do!
         Higher spell levels create better items. The Naming system is:
         Level 1: Lesser (Item)
         Level 2: (Item)
         Level 3: Greater (Item)
         Level 4: Master (Item)
         Level 5: Royal (Item)
              Level x 5 = Combat
              Level x 5 = Damage (Slashing)
              Level x 5 = Resistance
              Level 4 = 5% Magic Resistance
              Level 5 = 10% Magic Resistance
              Level x 2 = Morale
              Level x 5 = Armo
              Level 4 = +40 Health
              Level 5 = +80 Health
    Stonecall (50) - Creates an earth elemental.
         Higher levels possibly make better elementals.
    3.1.13 - Summon Spell List
    Meh. Summoning skills aren't that great in my opinion. Just like most.
    Races: Dark Elf, Plaguelord
    Classes: Archmage, Summoner, Daemonslayer
    Summon Quasit (10) - This spell is only good because quasits can build, but
         necromancy gets zombies for only 8 mana.
    Circle of Power (4) - This spells makes a little thingamabob that sits there
         and increases the xp of any summoned creatures you make near it.
    Phantom Steed (5) - Turns cavalry units into phantoms. I never had any
         cavalry units around to test this with, so shoot me.
    Blink (3) - Makes you teleport to a random place nearby. I honestly can't
         think of any sort of strategy to this spell except for getting out
         of being surrounded by enemies.
    Summon Imp (14) - Imps are halfway decent because they fly and not everything
         can attack flying units. Plus imps can attack ground units. Imps
         really aren't that strong though so this is only good if you are
         up against a bunch of wimpy units that can't reach high enough.
    Eye of Oros (12) - Creates a flying speed 25 eyeball that can't attack. Good
         for scouting.
    Home Portal (20) - Sends the hero back to the place you started on the map,
         so make sure if you are a summoner to build defenses right where you
         first arrive. Hotkey this spell for those times when you need to run
         very far and very fast.
    Soulharvest (35) - Summons succubi.
    Banish (30) - Banishes daemons, archons, and elements near you. Somewhat
         useful especialy if you are fighting a bunch of them at once. Higher
         leveled enemies may resist this though.
    Daemongate (55) - Summons a shiney red daemon.
    3.2 - Skill Descriptions
    3.2.1 - Magic Skills
    There are 13 spheres of magic:
    Each level in the sphere's skill will let you cast that many of the spells.
    So only 3 levels in the illusion sphere will only give you the first 3
    spells while 10 levels will grant you all 10. If you put more than 10 points
    into a sphere then it loops around giving each spell a higher level. So if
    you have 15 points in illusion then you can cast all 10 spells and spells 1-5
    have a chance of being cast at level 2. Higher level spells are better than
    level 1 spells in various ways depending on the specific spell. Higher level
    spells are also harder to cast. Each spell level over level 1 is -50% to cast,
    so 125% would be 75% for level 2, and 25% for level 3. Every time you cast a
    spell it will say what level the spell ended up casting at.
    All spheres can possibly be accesed at level 1 (depening on your hero) EXCEPT
    for the arcane sphere which can only be accessed by certain classes at level
    3.2.2 - Lord Skills
    Another set of skills are the 'Lord' skills. These are initial skills for
    each race, each race having their own specific 'Lord' skill. These skills
    will improve the morale of the type of army your hero is (High elf for high
    elves, dark dwarves for dark dwarves, etc.).
    Barbarian = Horse Lord
    Daemon = Daemon Lord
    Dark Dwarf = Siege Lord
    Dark Elf = Dark Lord
    Dwarf = Dwarf Lord
    Empire = Imperial Lord
    Fey = Dream Lord
    High Elf = High Lord
    Knight = Knight Lord
    Minotaur = Horned Lord
    Orc = Orc Lord
    Plaguelord = Plague Lord
    Ssrathi = Serpant Lord
    Swarm = Scorpion Lord
    Undead = Skull Lord
    Wood Elf = Forest Lord
    The formula for all of the 'Lord' skills are:
    'Lord' skillx2 = Morale bonus for army race
    3.2.3 - Resource Skills
    Resource skills, such as wealth, are handy if your race uses a lot of this
    resource, but I still personaly find combat skills more useful. Your choice.
    Gemcutting = Crystal
    Smelting = Metal
    Quarrying = Stone
    Wealth = Gold
    The formula for all of the resource skills are:
    Skill x 15 = Resource produced per minute
    3.2.4 - XP Skills
    XP skills give XP to every unit of a specific you produce. I don't know if
    this gives bonuses to summoned creatures too (because of gate). Useful if
    you like to make a whole lot of that specific unit.
    All-Seeing Eye - Floating eyes
    Barbarian King - Barbarian infantry and cavalry
    Brewmaster - Dwarves
    Dragonmaster - Dragons
    Elemental Lore - Elementals
    Gate - Summoned creatures
    Golem Master - Golems
    Griffonmaster - Griffons
    Guardian Oak - Treants
    Protector - Mounted Knights
    Mage King - Red, white, and black Mages
    Memories - Skeletons
    Runic Lore - Runelords
    Slimemaster - Slimes
    Taming - Monsters
    Undead Legion - Skeleton Riders
    The formula for all the XP skills are:
    Level x 10 = XP bonus
    3.2.5 - Resistance Skills
    Resistance skills seem useless to me. There are many different types of
    damage out there, and only resisting one of them is a waste of a skill point.
    Only good resistance skills would be ones that defend against multiple attack
    Armorer - Piercing
    Cold Resistance - Cold
    Electricity Resistance - Electricity
    Fire Resistance - Fire
    Scales - Slashing
    Thick Hide - Crushing
    The formula for these skills are:
    Skill x5 = Armor/Resistance bonus
    Magic Resistance - Magic attacks
    skill x4 = Magic resistance
    Multiple Resistance skills:
    Invulnerability - Piercing, Slashing, Crushing
    Elemental Resistance - Fire, Cold, Electrical
         Skill x 2 = Armor/Resistance
    Warding - Resistance for all troops
         Skill = Resistance bonus
    3.2.6 - Damage Skills
    Damage skills do increased amount of damage to a cartain type of enemy.
    I'd highly advise you to NOT purchase these skills because there are so many
    types of enemies and you probably aren't going to be fighitng one as a
    majority unless you are going against a certain player a whole lot. -shrug-
    Elfslayer may be useful though because it works on all 3 elven races.
    Reave, trample, and demolition are good skills because EVERY race has big
    units, small units, and buildings.
    Beastslayer - Monsters
    Bullslayer - Minotaurs
    Daemonslayer - Daemons
    Deathslayer - Undead
    Demolition - Buildings
    Dragonslayer - Dragons
    Dwarfslayer - Dwarves
    Elfslayer - Elves
    Manslayer - Humans
    Orcslayer - Orcs
    Reave - Large creatures
    Serpentslayer - Ssrathi and reptiles
    Smite Evil - Evil creatures
    Smite Good - Good creatures
    Trample - Small creatures
    The formula for these skills are:
    Skill x 10 = Damage bonus
    3.2.7 - Rune Skills
    The elf races get rune skills that increase the health of a certain type of
    unit and also make a specific rune cheap. I have NO idea how they actualy
    effect the runes because I'm too lazy to check. Someone email me.
    Death Rune - Cheap Mortos Runes and increased life for Assassins
    Forest Rune - Cheap Arbos Runes and increased life for Treants
    Life Rune - Cheap Vivos Runes and increased life for Unicorns
    Sky Rune - Cheap Cielos Runes and increased life for Fliers
    The formula for these skills are:
    Skill x 10 = % life bonus for units
    3.2.8 - Misc Skills
    Assassin - A chance of instantly killing an enemy including heroes.
         Skill + 4 = %
    Constitution - Increase life points.
         Skill x 10 = Max HP bonus
    Contamination - Increase the virulence of all disease on the map
         Skill = + to virulence of disease
    Elcor's Aura - Increased effect from Healing spells.
         Skill x 20 = Increased healing
    Energy - Increase mana regeneration.
         Skill x 10 = % to mana regen
    Engineer - Increase hit points of buildings
         Skill x 20 = HP bonus
    Ferocity - Imrove your combat score.
         Skill x 3 = Combat bonus
    Ignore Armor - Ignore a portion of enemy armor when attacking them.
         Skill x 3 = Armor ignored while attacking
    Leadership - Improves morale when leading any side
         Skill = Morale bonus
    Leech - Gain mana when an enemy is killed by your hero
         Skill x 2 = Mana gain
    Lore - Increase maximum mana.
         Skill x 10 = Max mana bonus
    Merchant - Gain a discount on all things bought
         No idea. Around Skill x 1.3
    Mighty Blow - Increase damage
         Skill x 2 = Damage bonus
    Potionmaster - Start battles with extra mana potions
         Skill = Extra potions
    Regeneration - Increase life point regeneration.
         Skill x 10 = % to life regen
    Ritual - Increase spellcasting success chance. Obviously very good for
         any spellcaster, although you might want to spend your skill points
         on leveling up your spells instead. Your call.
         Skill x 5 = % casting bonus
    Running - Increase movement speed. VERY useful for assasins so they can slay
         the hero and get the heck away from everything, although you should
         be spending your points on assasinate if you are an assasin. You
         may not want to buy this skill if you like to have your units guard
         your hero (instead of group movement) or if you don't have groups
         move with the slowest unit because your hero might pass up all of
         your guards.
         Skill = Speed bonus
    Shadow Strength - Improve combat score at night.
         Skill x 5 = Combat bonus
    Trade - Improve the rate of trade at markets or the mill
         Skill x 2 = % bonus to trade
    Vampirism - Drain life from enemies when you hit them in combat
         Skill x 1 = Life gained per hit
    Weaponmaster - Increase the chance of a critical hit
    3.3 - Legal
    Okay here is the jist of it.
    Don't steal my work.
    Don't post this guide anywhere without my permission.
    Don't quote my guide unless you give credit to me and my guide.
    ... and other stuff.
    3.4 - Contact
    Okay, so my guide is full of holes. If you can fill that hole please tell me!
    Aim - Fish of Muu
    Icq - #
    MSN - Ivan_sutalo@hotmail.com
    Y! - Turtle_Stu
    If you really don't want to use any instant messenger then you can email me
    but hotmail likes to think things are junk mail so it could take me a long
    time to find your message.
    I'd like to add that if you send me an email, also include the name you want
    me to give credit to.

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