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    FAQ/Walkthrough by dragonhunter87

    Version: 0.55 | Updated: 01/25/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    "Take Cover. Take Aim. Take Over."
    KILL.SWITCH Walkthrough
    Start date-January 11, 2004
    Finish date-January 13, 2004
    Author-Jay Dodge (A.K.A. Dragonhunter87)
    Table of Contents
    4.Training Simulator Datastream Addendium (TSDA)
     5.1.Training Simulator (full walkthrough)
     5.2.Middle East (full walk through)
     5.3.Caspian Sea (missing minimum safe distance)
     5.4.North Korea (not fully available)
     5.5.Temple Ruins (N/A)
     5.6.Archer Base (N/A)
    6.Maps (2 of 4 planned maps so far)
    7.Unlockables, Mess-ups
    8.Sites that can/can't use my walkthrough
    Please not that this is my very first walkthrough. I'm sure ill be missing
    something, somewhere. If that arises Email me at
    And also note that I took most sections 2-4 from the Instruction Manual,
    anything in brackets [like this] is my own words.
    Also Email me at the above Email address for any questions or comments you
    may have.
    Thank you and enjoy my first walkthrough.
    Taken from instruction manual [in brackets is my words]
    X-Evasive Dive
    O-Weapon Bash [Melee attack]
    Triangle-Action/Interact [Place bombs where needed and use fixed guns]
    Square-Throw Grenade [tap for short distance hold for long distance]
    L1- (hold) Crouch/Cover (When pushing up against most cover surfaces, e.g., a
    L2-Cycle weapons [don't know if this is true cause I never use L2]
    R1-Fire Weapon/Blind fire (when in cover)
    R3- [push down the right analog stick for scope view twice for sniper view
    (sniper rifle only)]
    L3-Not used
    Select-Display Current Mission Objectives
    Start-Pause Menu
    Directional pad left or right-Select Weapon
    Directional pad up or down-Select Grenade
    Right analog-Aim/Look
    Left analog-Move
    Taken from instruction manual [in brackets is my words]
    The following weapons may be made available as part of the operative's
    starting loadout depending on the mission's given parameters. See your CO for
    details. Weapons may also be obtained in the field.
    M4 5.56mm
    5 clips/30 rounds per clip
    M203 40mm HE grenade
    8 loads/1 round
    AK47 1.62mm
    5 clips/30 rounds per clip
    AKU 5.45mm
    5 clips/30 rounds per clip
    AKUG 5.45mm
    5 clips/30 rounds per clip
    HK5A3 9mm
    5 clips/30 rounds per clip
    HK5SD5 9mm
    5 clips/30 rounds per clip
    M1 12 gauge
    8 shells/32 shells max
    MCRT 300 .300 magnum
    5 clips/5 rounds per clip
    M249 5.56mm
    2 box clips/200 rounds per box
    Mini Grenade
    Sticky Grenade
    Flash Grenade
    Taken from instruction booklet [in brackets is my words]
    Before going into the field, remember to update BABLE translation software
    [What how?] to the latest version. As of this writing, Version 1.21 of BABLE
    now recognizes close to 6,500 known languages, allowing you to comprehend
    each of them in your native tongue. In most cases, you will hear English.
    Per her request, here are some closing words from the Engine Project lead,
    Lynn Takamura. You'll recognize her as the voice behind NADA, the Neural
    Interface/Link Avatar/DataStream Agent Construct.
    Boys and girls...
    This is not a game.
    Operatives are still human.
    They might be equipped with the latest in 'top-secret' military gear.
    They might have abilities you and I don't possess.
    They might just be considered 'special'.
    But they are not superhuman
    The 'tech', as it's been called, should be handled with care. Should a
    situation arise in which manual operations are necessary, it is highly
    recommended that the operatives not be used to "run and gun"[Get enough skill
    in this game and you can run and gun most of it.]out there in the field.
    Use you head.
    Your primary responsibility is support.
    Make sure that the mission gets done, and the operative comes home.
    Do your job, and do it well. That's what you're here for.
    One more thing, something any op will tell you:
    If the situation hits the fan, and you find yourself out there on your own,
    alone and outnumbered with no support...Remember this:
    Cover is your only ally.
    The environment can be used to your advantage.
    Utilize the terrain.
    Take cover.
    Take aim.
    Take over.
    [Do what it says, "Take cover. Take aim. Take over." Take cover as much as
    possible and you usually don't want to run n gun]
    Well here it is the moment you have all been waiting for, THE WALKTHROUGH.
    I'm very sorry if it is not that great but like I said before this is my very
    first walkthrough. Enjoy.
    5.1.1.Training Simulator (A.K.A Start Your Engine)
    Okay you start off outside, of course, to you left is a door, in front of you
    is two M4 ammo boxes and to the right of those boxes is a blue spiral of
    light, pay attention to these they are very important. Go over and stand in
    the spiral of light. A message will pop up on the left side of the screen
    that reads, "Use the right analog stick to aim, press the R1 button to fire."
    Well do exactly that fire at the target that's in front of you. After you
    blow that target up three more will pop up, keep destroying the targets till
    it says to move on to the next station. Now go right until you see another
    blue light stand in it this time you have to throw grenades into three of the
    four building things, I usually go for building #s 1, 2, and 3. If you run
    out of grenades go to the table on the left and get some more. Okay now when
    you finish that station go into the open door on your right. This station is
    for the use of gun emplacements. GO up the blue light and press triangle to
    engage with the gun use the right analog to aim, of course and R1 to fire,
    destroy all the targets okay this next station all you do is run through the
    course, after going in the blue light destroying as many targets as possible
    there's 14 in all. When you finish that there is an open door on your left,
    go in it. This time there is a pillar in the middle of the area with the blue
    light in front of it step in the light and a target will appear you have 15
    seconds to destroy 8 targets, run in a clockwise direction and a new target
    will pop up after you destroy each one. After that find the open door and go
    in it, for you snipers out there here's your part, time to use a sniper
    rifle. Go to the blue light and pick up the sniper. Aim at one of the
    targets, but don't shoot hit R3, push down the right analog stick incase you
    didn't know. Now aim for the head cause only head shots count here. For the
    two closet targets hit R3 once, for the one all the way in the back hit R3
    again and shoot it in the head, after that exit that station through the door
    on your right. Now it's time to have some fun. Okay as you noticed you have
    no ammo, go to the right and pick some M4 ammo up then go to the blue light.
    Get up against the wall and the press, and hold, L1. Then go peek out over
    the edge of the wall and destroy 2 targets, don't let go of L1 or you will
    have to start that station over. Now when you finish the go to the right and
    get to the next section. Go in the light and press and hold L1you should
    crouch and targets will appear, press up to peek over the wall and aim and
    shoot the target, you have to destroy four targets, again don't let go of L1.
    When you finish that go to the right to the next station, this one is just
    like the first station in this area except that it doesn't have any room to
    walk just peek out and destroy all four targets. Now after you finish that
    station go back to the station with the short wall, time to learn how to
    Blind fire. Crouch behind the wall again and destroy 2 targets but this time
    you can't peek just aim the crosshairs over the target and press R1 to Blind
    fire. Destroy two targets and wait a few seconds till you can move and go to
    the door to the left behind you and step in the blue light. CONGRADULATIONS
    you just finished the training simulator.
    5.2.Middle East
    This is one of the, if not, the easiest and most fun mission of all of them.
    I'll separate it in sections that aren't listed in the TOC for each part of
    the mission.
    5.2.1.Opening Move
     -Locate General
    Ok as soon as you start off go straight forward then turn left. Stop at the
    corner after the table and listen to the two guys talking it's funny. Then
    slowly go around the corner and get up against the wall the two guys you
    heard talking are in the windows remember the training peek in the window
    while against the wall and shoot the guy closet to you on the left, be quick
    or else they will start shooting. After you kill the guy duck under the
    window, or run back around the corner, and wait, I usually duck down so if
    you do the same wait till your health refills and then wait till you can see
    the other guy, who should be behind the couch, and when you can see him
    either Blind fire him or peek and shoot. Now once he's dead keep going
    straight till you reach an open door. Now at the door you can either 1.stay
    at the door and Blind fire or peek and kill all the guys in the room. Or
    2.Run to the chair and crouch behind it and either Blind fire or peek and
    kill all the guys in the room. Now after killing all the guys in the room
    quickly run to the left of the chair and go in the room with a bed in it.
    There should be a guy in this room, kill him and then go into the room on the
    right of this room and collect any ammo there is. Now if there are more guys
    out in the big room, go to the window looking into the big room and crouch
    down then Peek and Kill any enemies that there may be in that room (or Blind
    fire). Now after you kill them all run out of the room and get behind a
    pillar, get your back up against the pillar and Peek and Kill any enemies
    that are on the second floor of the building. Now after you kill them, run to
    the room with stairs and look to the right, there should be a Health pack and
    some ammo, get them. After you get the ammo and health pack go up the stairs,
    don't worry about enemies cause they should all be dead but if not kill them.
    Now there's a door on the left right as you exit the stairs you can either go
    in the door or go around the balcony, on the other side there is another
    health pack and more ammo. When you go in the door that is right after the
    stairs there is a wooden board, carefully go across it so that you don't
    fall. Now slowly go around the corner and then put your back up against the
    wall and then sneak up to the door and Peek and Kill the two guys in the
    room. Now go past the door and then peek over the corner and kill the guy
    that's either running at you or hiding from you. Now walk slowly over the
    next board and go up the stairs. Don't go in the room at the top of the
    stairs. Peek and Kill the guys that are in the room. After you kill them
    collect their ammo and then slowly go out side. Hide behind the barrels. Now
    see that green barrel by the blown up bricks, blow it up, killing the three
    guys by the bricks. Now there should be one more guy on the left, or running
    at you, find him and kill him. After you kill him run past the bricks and go
    over the board to the next Building. END OF SECTION.
    5.2.2 Slight Change Of Plan
     -Locate General
     -Eliminate General
    	As soon as the level starts run straight ahead. Go into the little
    hallway to the left of the chair and then Peek and Kill the guy at the end of
    the hallway. Now go to the other end of the hallway and Peek and Kill the two
    guys in the doorway, don't be surprised if the second one charges you. After
    you kill those two go in the doorway and up two flights of stairs. After the
    second flight go to the left side of the door at the top and Peek and Kill
    the guy that should be behind the chair. Then go out the door turn right past
    the chair then left into the first doorway, you can go in the second doorway
    if you want to face off against a guy using a fixed gun emplacement. When you
    go out the first door way it should lead to an outside ledge. Crouch up
    against the wall and crawl to the doorway by the end of the ledge. Now if
    you're at the doorway you should be crouched behind a small, short wall. If
    you're facing the end of the ledge turn around so you're looking back the way
    you came but don't move. Now select a grenade, any will do but I usually use
    the lash grenade, and throw it down the hallway. When it blows up it should
    kill the two guys that were waiting in the hallway, if not run in and kill
    them. Now go in, if your not already in, and there should be a door by the
    fixed gun emplacement, go in the door. Now see the doorway that's blocked,
    look out it, there should be a guy, if not don't worry bout it you'll run
    into him sooner or later, if you see him shoot him. Now go back out the door
    you came in and turn right, then run down the hall to the room with the
    stairs. On the right there is some health and ammo, grab it if you need it.
    Then run up the stairs and Peek and kill the guy(s) in the hall. Then go out
    the door and then peek and kill the two or three guys around the corner, then
    go down the hall and turn left. Peek and Kill the guy across the room from
    the doorway that you come to then go in the room and then out he room from
    the other side then turn right and go to the blown out room, don't go past
    the hole just Peek and kill the guy in the room. Then go in the room and into
    the next room then out the door to the left and across the boards (don't
    fall). When you get across the boards crouch behind the short wall and peek
    and kill the few guys that are in the room. Then go into that room to the
    right into the room on the right and kill the general. END OF SECTION.
    5.2.3. What's In The Box|
     -Get to the Extraction Point
    Immediately run to the box in front of you and crouch down. Now look up into
    those windows, you should either see a guy standing behind a closed window,
    or you will see a guy trying to shoot you from the windows. Either or it
    don't matter just wait till you can Peek and Shoot him, when you can do it.
    Ok now from here you can either, 1. Go by my strategy, 2. Use your own, or 3.
    Run and gun through the whole level. (1 works pretty well, 2 I don't know,
    and 3 works good if you're good enough at this game or skill)Okay whatever
    strategy you use I don't care I'm gona keep writing. Okay now a few guys
    should come running at you from the right (the direction that the destroyed
    car is in) Kill them however you want (there are two green explosive barrels
    in this area if you want to use them.) now after you kill them go forward a
    bit and another wave of enemies should come at you, kill them. Now remember
    that car, well don't go running at it there's a guy that's gona use the fixed
    gun on it. Instead see the health pack to the left of the car, before the
    beams, well go over there and grab it and hide behind that wall. Okay when
    your hidden behind the wall sneak to the edge and kill the guy at the fixed
    gun and the guy that was with him. Okay after they are dead evasive dive to
    either the first or second beam from where you are and hide behind it. Now
    look a guy in one of the windows. When you find him, kill him. Next run to
    the car with the fixed gun and crouch behind the hood. Now run to the next
    car and watch the sky when the copter comes into view run back to the car
    with the fixed gun and crouch behind the hood and wait till the chopper
    passes by. Now run two cars ahead and crouch down, Kill anyone you see. Now
    wee that car with another fixed gun on it, run to it and use the fixed gun on
    any enemies that appear. Now after you kill all of them run into the last
    house and crouch behind either the counter or desk and then Peek and Kill the
    two guys coming down the stairs. After you kill them grab any ammo in the
    room and then grab the health pack that's on the wall. Now run up the stairs
    and at the end of the second flight Peek and Kill the guy that should be
    behind a couch now run in and there should be another guy kill him and then
    crouch behind the closet desk and look out the hole in the wall, there should
    be a guy in the balcony, kill him. After you kill him jump out of the hole in
    the wall onto the truck, then quickly get next to the truck and then peek and
    kill by the columns. Okay after you kill them run past the columns, killing
    anyone you haven't yet, and then run to the green car past the columns with a
    fixed gun. Use the fixed gun and kill the two guys by the extraction point.
    After you kill them run to the extraction point and guess what, MISSION
    5.3.Caspian Sea|
    Well this is a kind of fun mission and also one of the most annoying due to
    the timed level. And due to the timed level the walkthrough for that level
    might not be that great. (Notice: From this mission on I might not be doing
    the walkthrough in as much details as the last mission.)
    5.3.1.Think Like A Gun|
    Okay this level is kind of hard to make a walkthrough for so don't give me a
    lot of complaints if it stinks.
    Okay as soon as you start off get up against the wall and slowly slide over
    to the edge. Peek out there should be two guys, kill them now there should be
    stairs behind where those two guys were standing, another guy is gona come
    from there you can either run behind that big red metal box thing and try and
    kill him from there or kill him from the where you are. Okay after you kill
    him, or miss him run to that big red metal box thing (I'm gona call it a red
    trailer from now on) and get your against it there should be a few guys
    hiding behind those stacked up black pipes (I think that's what they are)
    Peek and kill them or blind fire. (Hint-remember to watch the sides of you
    when you are behind the trailer cause lots of times will guys come from the
    side you're not watching and shoot you in the back.) now after you kill them
    all(between 3-6 I don't know the exact number yet) run to those black pipe
    things and quickly crouch down. A few more guys should appear Peek and kill
    them. (It seems like you use Peek and kill more than anything else, unless
    you are very skilled at blind fire.) Okay after you kill them (2-4) guys run
    to the next set of pipes and crouch down and wait a few seconds to make sure
    there are no more enemies, if there are kill them. Then do the same for the
    third set of pipes. But before you leave the third set of pipes look up about
    mid sky and you should see a helipad with lights around it. Stay crouched for
    a few more seconds and look around the helipad cause there should be a guy
    running around on it; when you find him, kill him. (You can use the sniper
    rifle if you want.) Okay after you kill there should be two wooden boxes to
    the left of the last set of pipes, run to them and crouch down, there might
    be an enemy or two around there that you might have missed, kill him (them).
    Okay now look to the right see those big spools of wire past the big metal
    crate, run to the first one and crouch behind it, kill any enemies (there
    shouldn't be any though) then go and crouch behind the next set of wires (and
    kill the guys that are there, again only if there are). Okay now to the left
    of the wires should be a health pack grab it and run back to the wires. Okay
    now to the right of the wires should be some generator like things with an
    open space behind them and then a wall run into that open space and crouch
    down, now crawl to the far right side of your cover (the generator things)
    and if you see any enemies at ground level kill them. Now look up in the
    balconies and look for enemies there should be two (three if you didn't kill
    the one on the helipad.) one should be on the right (he's kind of hard to see
    though cause he's pretty far away but you will still see his outline when
    he's not in front of the building.) The other one (or two) is on the left and
    you really can't see him that well from where you are so after you kill the
    guy on the right step out of cover just a little bit and you should see the
    other guy(s), kill him. Okay after you kill those guys run to the red trailer
    and get your back up against it, now there should be one guy either on the
    left or the right, he's usually on the right, hiding behind the far yellow
    beam, kill him when you can. Okay now run to either the left or right yellow
    beam (the first one you cant hide behind the second). Okay now see that red
    trailer, throw a grenade behind and if your aim is good enough then you will
    blow up the guy that was standing there, or he will jump out of the way and
    into your view. If you don't get him them run to the back and get ready to
    run or fight, and when I say fight I mean it, after you kill him. If you stay
    and fight you're on your own that's too complicated for me to put in a
    walkthrough. (And plus every firefight is different.) Now if you run, run and
    hide behind a yellow beam closest to the trailer that you hid behind, Or you
    can just go and hide behind the stacked up wooden boxes, or back to the
    trailer that the guy was hiding behind. What ever you hide behind do the same
    thing, Peek and Kill, but watch you sides, especially if your behind the
    wooden boxes or trailer that the guy hid behind. Now there's a guy up in the
    overhang or what ever it is behind the trailer that the guy hid behind, kill
    him however you want. Now after you kill him run to the right, there should
    be two sets of low boxes crouch behind them. Now there should be another guy
    up in an overhang kill him more guys will come running at you on the ground
    kill them. (1-3 if you don't see them they are in the distance. [Going to the
    second set of boxes might help]) Now you're almost done. Now go to the
    furthest set of stacked boxes and hide behind them. Peek and kill any enemies
    then go into the open door on your left and grab the health and ammo in there
    and then go back outside behind the boxes. After waiting for a few seconds
    for any enemies and killing any run to the trailer that's on the far right,
    kill anyone, you have to on your way there. Again wait a few seconds and then
    run and hide behind the next trailer, Kill anyone you see. Now go run out of
    hiding on the left side of the trailer and when an enemy appears from behind
    the building run back to the trailer and hide behind it, Peek and kill all
    the enemies (4-8). Now advance on to the black pipes again like earlier and
    peek and kill the 2 or 3 guys that are there. Now on the left in another
    overhang is a guy waiting for you so slowly advance past the wall on the left
    and kill him. After you kill him you should see a little room with a window
    looking in go in that room step in the blue light and open the door go back
    outside and step in the blue light that's on the step by the door. END OF
    5.3.2.They Can Bill Me|
    This level is confusing at the beginning due to the amount of snipers but
    here we go.
     -Place C4 charge in:
    Generator Room
    Transformer Room
    Drilling Area
    Comm. Center
    	As soon as the level starts turn right so you can see the open door.
    Then strafe left and keep your eye on the door after you strafe a few feet a
    guy will come running in the door, kill him. Okay now see that health pack by
    the door if you have " health or less then grab it, if not save it. Okay I
    don't really have a good strategy for this level but I do have a map (it
    isn't that great but it might help a bit.) Go to the map section for the map.
    5.3.3. Minimum Safe Distance (N/A)|
    5.4.North Korea|
    5.4.1.Don't Hate The Player|
    It seems like at the time I wrote the walkthrough for this level a few people
    were asking about this level. Well all your questions should be answered in
    Okay as soon as you start off kill those two guys right in front of you and
    then if you want switch from the Shotgun to the HK5SD5. Now there's gona be a
    BIG wave of enemies, kill them all however you want, if you need health
    there's some by the doorway across from where you started. Now after you kill
    them all pick up their ammo and I suggest switching to the AKU, also grab the
    health pack if you haven't already done so. Okay now go out the door and use
    the boxes as cover and kill all the enemies in the area that you can see
    (hint: they might be hiding behind the beams.) After you kill them go to the
    right, when you get to the end of the hallway a big gray door will open up.
    There should be a little wall next to the opening get up against the wall and
    Peek and Kill any enemies that are in the area that you can see. Now there is
    a guy using a fixed gun at the end of the room carefully get close enough to
    kill him or stay by the door and Peek and Kill him. After you kill him grab
    the health pack and ammo in the little room that he was in. Now see that door
    with the blue light in front of it, don't worry about that door just yet you
    need a key card to get in it. Now go in the opposite direction of the door
    and hide behind the crates killing anyone you see. Now as you go down closer
    to the end of hallway an alarm will sound and another big wave of enemies
    will come out, Kill them however you can. After you kill that big wave of
    enemies and the ones behind the wall at the end of the hallway, you will find
    the key card. (Blue light) Pick it up and then go back to that door that
    needs the key card. Use the key card to open the door but don't enter it.
    Peek and kill al the enemies again. Now after you kill those guys there's a
    door that is across from the door you came in from, I don't think you need to
    worry about it. Just keep going till you see a turn off with a few columns.
    Go in there and an alarm will sound and another wave of enemies will attack,
    again kill them however you want, I prefer using the columns for Peek and
    Kill. After you kill all of them go through the broken glass/doorway and then
    turn left, then right, then left. After the last left don't go around the
    corner there are three guys, one which is using a fixed gun. Instead use that
    wooden box to Peek and Kill them, kill the guy on the fixed gun first and
    don't let the other two use the fixed gun. Now go into the door on the right
    it is right in front of the fixed gun place. If it doesn't open on its own
    you have to open it. Now step in the blue light and wait for the
    decontamination to get over with. (Note: If you have a game shark and you
    have unlimited time on you wont be able to get through the decontamination,
    thanks to Gorillaz BT for that info.) Now kill the three enemies in that room
    and by Peek and Kill then go in the room and go to the door with a radiation
    like sign on it, go in and obtain the nerve agent. Now go out through the
    decontamination room and into the room that the blue light is in front of.
     -Lower Bridge to Sub Pen
     -Head To Sub Pen
    As soon as the level starts run to the little dent like thing in the wall
    and Peek and Kill the guy behind the desk. After you kill another guy in
    that room will activate an alarm.
    -Added Objectives
     -Deactivate Guard Post Alarm
     -Deactivate Storage Yard Alarm
    Now go to the doorway of the room and Peek and Kill the two or three guys
    that are in there. Now run quickly to the blue light and deactivate the first
    alarm. Then Peek and Kill anyone that you can see outside. Now go to the
    green barrels right outside the door and crouch down(tip: you can shoot guys
    through fences)And Peek and Kill the guys that you can see on the other side
    of the fence. After you kill who you can, quickly run to
    the end of the fence and hide behind the single box next to the stacked
    barrels and kill off the rest. After you kill them you can do either one of
    two things, one: Go up the steps, or two: Go in the building past the steps
    (which I'm going to cover this route). Now run around the boxes under the
    steps to the right and then deactivate the alarm. Then go in the building and
    grab the health and ammo. After that get up against the wall next to the
    doorway and peek outside, kill anyone that you can. Then go out and hide
    behind the green barrels right outside the doorway, kill the guy on the lower
    level of the dock. Then run to the big set of green barrels lined up at the
    end of the dock(they are in front of you) And kill the guys on the boat. Now
    go to the blue light and try to lower the bridge. Oops you can't first you
    have to go and restore power to the bridge.
    -Added Objective
     -Restore Power To Bridge
    Now run onto the boat via a board from the dock to the bat and kill the guy(s)
    that's up in the windows of the building. Now go back into the building and then
    slowly go back out the other door(enemies will fire at you find a place to hide
    quick or run back inside, or kill them.)
    -Added Objective
     -Deactivate Catwalk Alarm
    (now you know why the name of this level is "Alarmed")
    If you run back in some of the enemies will come after you, Kill them as they
    come into view. After a few seconds and nobody comes go outside and crouch
    behind the single bow that's right outside the door. There are enemies up on the
    catwalk, Kill them. After you kill them, or most of them, Run up the stairs and
    kill any that you can, and then deactivate the alarm, grab the health too.now
    run to the other end of the catwalk but don't charge into the open door, there
    are going to be about four enemies coming out, kill them however you wish. Now
    go into the that room and return power to the bridge and grab the health if you
    need it. Now when you go out side there are going to be enemies firing at you
    and you might not know where they are, they are down to the right on the bridge
    or in the cave, and on the boat, and also some on the ground, kill them.  After
    you kill them run down the steps on the other side of the catwalk(the ones you
    came up) killing any loners that you missed. Then go in to the boat yard killing
    anyone you missed, and the guys across the bridge, and then lower the bridge.
    After lowering the bridge kill anyone you missed and then cross it and go in the
    building at the end. END OF SECTION.
    Opening Move Maps (coming soon)|
    First Floor. EX=exit EN=enter ->=go here. S=start F=Finish W=window D=door
    C=columns B=barrels H=health A=Ammo ST=Stairs BO=Board
    |    |                                                                 |
    |    |                            |- D -|                              |
    |    |----------------------------|     |----------W-W-W----|          |
    |    |    |    C                  |     |    |              |          |
    |    |    |    C                             |              |          |
    |    |    D                                  |-----  D -----|          |
    |    |    |    C                                  C     |   |          |
    |    |----|    C                                  C     |   |          |
    |    |                                                  D   |          |
    |    |         C                                  C     |   |          |
    |    |         C                                  C     |   |          |
    |    |                                                  |   |          |
    |    |         C                                  C     |---|---|      |
    |    |-----  -|C                                  C     |       |      |
    |    |  H A   |                                         |       |      |
    |    | S   <- |C                                  C     |       |      |
    |    -----------------------------------------------------------|      |
    |                                         S                            |
    |                                                                      |
    They Can Bill Me map|
    (#)=Number of enemies in that area to start off with.
    (*#*)=Number of enemies that will appear after you exit the room that the
    number is closet to (after you place the C4 charge)
    (es)=Approximate position of the enemy snipers (there might be two or three
    that I missed)
    (#Hp) enemies will appear on helipad after you place the C4 charge in room 4
    H=Health pack
    A=Ammo/grenade box(s)
    RL=Rocket launcher
    1.Drill Room. 2.Comm center. 3.Generator Room. 4.Transformer Room.
    5.Elevator/Exit (after placing all 4 C4 charges)
    |         |                                                                 |
    |Hp	  |		|--------|               			    |
    |	  |	    (2Hp)	 |				    	    |			    |
    |      Rl |		   4 H   | 				            |
    |_________|	 	|--------|			                    |
    |           (ES)              (ES)                                          |
    |          	     ______________________________      (ES)               |
    |                    |	 			  |		  ----------|
    |    		     |			          |		  |     A H |
    |		     |			          |               |         |
    |            	     |	(2)			  |	          |         |
    |			   			 	                    |
    |			   				        	    |
    |			   	 			  (*2-3*)	    |
    |		     |			          |	          |	   2|
    |		     |		                  |               |         |
    |		     | 	      1 	          |               |(2-3)    |	
    |                    ------------------------------               |         |
    |								  |	    |
    |								  |	 5  |
    |								  ----------|
    |                               (2-5)                                       |
    |          							            |
    |                 	 					            |
    |    							                    |
    |	---------------   					            |
    |       |             |       		   		  	            |	
    |       |          	   		                                    |
    |	|	3	  	(*2-3*)				            |
    |	|	      |				        	            |
    |	---------------				                            |
    |			(ES)					            |
    |								            |
    ------------------------------------------------------------------   --------
                           |                                        A H (1)     |
                           |Start Room                                          |
    Place the C4 charges in order from one to four then exit through the
    7.Unlockables, Mess ups.|
    The only thing that you can unlock is mission select. Unlocked if you beat
    the game on any mode. Mission select also appears once you beat a mission but
    it will only have the missions that you have beat on it.
    I noticed while looking through the instruction manual and at the demo that
    there is a difference with the HUD. That is that the health bar, is in
    increments not one solid blue line.
    8.Sites that can/can't use my walkthrough|
    Can: Gamefaqs.com
    Can't: Cheattcc.com
    CjayC-for letting me post this walkthrough
    Namco-For making such a great game. (And for letting Sony use the game)
    Sony-For putting this game on PS2.
    Again if you have any questions or comments referring to my walkthrough Email
    me at supersayiantrunks2001@hotmail.com
    Copyright 2004 Jason Dodge
    This walkthrough solely belongs to me( Jason Dodge, Jay, or Dragonhunter87)
    It is up to me and only me what sites can and cannot use my walkthrough.
    Please DO NOT take this walkthrough without my permission first.
    Thank you.

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