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    Walkthrough by sidelinealec

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    The VIVA Adventure Anthology - PC version ,Nov 08
    start: Samuel Hunts Office
    As the part of Professor Samuel Hunt, this begins in his office.
    Looking on the desk you will find a note from a friend and secretary
    to Dr Moresby,  T. Smythe, a letter from the mysterious W.K. and  a newspaper.
    The note from Smythe includes the phone number he can be reached at.
    The letter points to start looking for the 12 pieces of the AGON and includes
    the first page of the Codex referring to a ‘Black King’. 
    The newspaper includes a story that the museum has acquired  a large collection
    and is being sorted and cataloged for display. 
    The letter and Codex prompts you to call your friend, but it is night time and
    the only phone is locked in the Directors office. 
    Exiting into the hallway the Directors office is to the left at the end
    of the hallway. 
    Checking the locked door prompts you to try finding a way in. 
    Heading back to the other end of the hallway and around the corner you will
    find the ‘Back Staircase’. 
    Descending the staircase you will exit into the basement hall near a
    night guards desk.
    After a brief conversation with the guard he will let you look at the inventory
    log book. 
    The log book will list the different collections and which storeroom they where
    put in. 
    At the back of the book is scribbled hand notes about the locks and keys for
    the storerooms. 
    With a second conversation it is hinted that the guard falls asleep after
    drinking and that you can borrow the key to the directors office to call your
    own wife. 
    Returning to the Directors office, the key with the green ribbon can now be
    used to unlock the door. 
    Entering in the dark, a light switch is just to the right of the door way. 
    In the cabinet under the window a bottle of whiskey can be found. 
    On Smythes’ desk can be found a blank order form needing an inventory number,
    from which storeroom, and the directors Signature once the information is
    Moving into Dr Moresby interoffice, the light switch is on the left of the 
    A box of matches can be found on the mantle over the fireplace. 
    On his desk you will find a rubber signature stamp and a phone. 
    Calling Smythe at 55-623, he will lead you to looking for a black granite
    In the wastebasket by his desk you will find a crumpled sheet listing items and
    their inventory numbers. 
    Looking over this sheet gives you that the black granite sculpture is inventory
    number 1020624 and was received on Oct 1. 
    Needing to get the key back you return to the guard with the bottle of whiskey, 
    leaving the door open ’accidentally’. 
    Looking in the log book again you will find the sculpture received on Oct 1 is
    in Storeroom D. 
    You now have the information needed to fill out the order form in Smythes’
    Talking a last time to Swanson you give him the bottle of whiskey which he will
    start drinking. 
    Return to the directors office to fill out the Order form with inventory number
    1020624 in storeroom D and rubber stamp the directors signature.
    As soon as it is completed and it will trigger Swanson falling asleep at 
    the watch. 
    Back down to the basement, Swanson has now passed out and now you can approach
    the key cabinet.  
    Before you can retrieve the key for storeroom D, you must sort out the keys 
    onto the right pegs.
    With the Back Staircase key still in the door if checked and the scribbles in 
    the back of the log book,
    the keys are: 
    Main Building- key with MB tag, 
    Storage room A- the new key, 
    Storage room B- the key with the 2 glass display keys, 
    Dr Moresby office- key with green ribbon, 
    Storage room C- the key with a copper safety key, 
    leaving the old rusty key for Storage room D.
    With the rusty key identified, you can now go down the hall to Storage room D. 
    Pick up the lantern sitting on the crates as you go by.
    	Using the rusty key the Storage room D is now opened. 
    In the dark, the light switch is on the left but the light bulb will break 
    putting you back into darkness. 
    Lighting the lamp with the matches will now give you a little light to go on. 
    The Sculpture can be found in the back following the far left path along the 
    wall to the back then right. 
    Examining the sculpture the first stone is found with runes carved on the 
    back side.
    Returning to your office, looking through the LINGUARUM book( right section, 
    second shelf up, green cover)  it is found the runes are a form of Hungarian
    Using the book ( alternating lines written left to right, right to left) and 
    deciphering the runes, you get E28 N68 VAINIO. 
    Going to the map, E28 N68 will focus the next stage on Lapland.
      Calling and Sharing the news with your friend Smythe that your first journey
    will take you to Lapland in search of someone named Vainio brings an end to 
    this first chapter.
    Part II: LAPLAND
    After several cut scenes and story filler, You find yourself dropped off 
    at a train station in Lapland. 
    Finding no one to meet you, its time for looking for any attendant.  
    Go to the door and enter. 
    Inside you will find the attendant drunk and asleep in his bed. 
    The attendant being of no help, it is time to look around the room.
    On the walls will be seen 
    a map with the train station marked and the three villages it connects to with 
    your destination Borgesiida as the northern most village, 
    a  drawing of a steam organ with scribbled Kaira and the 
    note pattern c-f-c-f-c-d-c, 
    drawings of the water tower and aurora viewer. 
    On the shelf directly above the attendant, on the left side you will find the 
    Moving to the shelf in the corner, a box of matches will be found under the 
    book on the right side. 
    On the desk will be
    a letter addressed to station 76, 
    and a letter to the attendants son.
    The letter gives story filler but hints about bottles of medicine and the horse 
    Kaira trained to pull the sleigh using whistle signals and drawings of the lock 
    mechanism to the shed.  
    Opposite of the sleeping attendant a telegraph is found with an unread strip 
    still on it. 
    Using the Morse code from the book the strip can then be deciphered as;
    Below the side window is found a locked personal cabinet.
    Feeling the freezing temperature in the room, you feel the need to get a fire 
    going to get the room warmed up. 
    Turning around a stove is found with an additional pressure chamber attached. 
    Picking up a piece of wood from next to the stove, a fire can be started by 
    opening the door and tossing in the piece of wood, the newspaper you’ve been 
    carrying to start it, and a match.  
    Waiting for the stove to come up to temperature you can take the time to look 
    With the room warming up, it causes the attendant to roll over in his bed. 
    Looking closely, his key can now be seen and taken. 
    This small key can now be used to open the cabinet. 
    Inside a bottle of medicine, for later use, is sitting on a letter from his son 
    and the drawings for the lock mechanism to the shed door. 
    From this drawing it has 2 turning mechanisms outside the shed and a peg for 
    a key. 
    Also it shows the  key hole is the second position on the 9 position wheel and  
    the fifth position on the 13 position wheel. 
    Checking around the room you will find the plates on the wall will turn. 
    Slide the stool under the plate on the left then examine the plate. 
    Turning it, you will find it is the 9 position wheel. 
    Turn it all the way counterclockwise (click left side) then back clockwise 
    (click right side) one position. 
    Now exit the station.  Turning right, a bell will be found on the side of the 
    Step down off the platform, then looking up it can be found the bells clacker 
    is the door key.  
    Next is move around the station to the opposite side of the building.   
    The other wheel is found on this side of the building. Turn this wheel all the 
    way counterclockwise then back clockwise 4 positions. 
    The lock holes will now be aligned. 
    The Shed door is on the back side of the station. 
    With the mechanisms aligned, the key can now be used on the lock. 
    Entering the shed, a steam powered organ will be found needing steam pressure, 
    and on the table to the right a lint roll will be found.  
    Exit the shed.
    With the fire in the stove already going, what is needed now is the water. 
    Following the water pipe out of the building it will lead over and up to the 
    water tower. 
    Climbing the water tower stairs and around, the valve is found. 
    Open it. 
    Return to the inside of the station, going back to the stove. 
    Open the valve to let the water in then wait for enough pressure to build 
    (the gage on left will rise).
     Go back to the shed.
    Once inside the shed move closer to the wall with the steam pipe. 
    On the right a valve can be found. Turn it once. 
    Steam is heard but a leak immediately happens needing something to plug it up. 
    The lint roll will do the job. 
    The steam organ can now be used to signal Kaira the horse with the delivery 
    The note pattern c-f-c-f-c-d-c will call Kaira with the sled, and then the 
    note pattern c-f-c will aim Kaira for the northern most town of Borgesiida. 
    Climbing onto the sled, Kaira will drop you off inside the gate of Borgsiida.
    With everyone avoiding you as a stranger, head to the tavern, 3 
    movements ahead keeping slightly left then on the right. 
    Approaching the door, an icicle hanging over the doorway can be taken. 
    Inside will be a bartender, his daughter and a sick dog. 
    Trying to talk to the two, they will ignore you. 
    Move around the table. A cup can be found on the counter. 
    Place the icicle in the cup and then melt it on the stove in the corner. 
    Once the ice is melted the medicine can now be added. 
    Go over to the sick dog and pour the cup of medicine in its dish.
    Seeing you help the dog, the daughter will get up to leave and motions for you 
    to follow. 
    Meeting her outside, she will direct you to Vainio and gives you a letter to 
    give to him. 
    Passing through the gate to the ready sleigh, pick up the oil can next to the 
    sleigh before you get in. 
    Once you activate the sleigh it will head off, taking you northward under the 
    glimmering polar lights.
    Snowfield North of Borgsiida
    Reaching a partially collapsed bridge, you must go ahead on foot. 
    2 movements ahead is a polar lights observatory. 
    If you choose check out the observatory,  Approaching the observatory, the 
    oilcan can be used on the mechanism on the left side. 
    Entering 264351 (found scratched on the side of boat on dock further ahead),
    a view of the shimmering polar lights can be seen but only when the lights are 
    seen in the sky overhead.
    3 movements further brings you to the lake where a dock with a boat sitting on 
    it is seen. 
    Checking the boat you will find another clue -264351 W.K.- scratched on the 
    side of the boat. 
    This is the code for the Polar Observatory. Continuing  along the shore you 
    will find the hut that Vianio is staying in. 
    Entering, Vianio will not talk to you until he is given the letter from his 
    Talking to Vianio, he wont give you his secret until you beat him in a game 
    of Tablut. 
    Once you beat him, he will turn over the game and the 2nd stone fragment. 
    This is the end of this part and in a cut scene you will be back at the train 
    station leaving.
    Part III: Pirates of Madagascar
    Story filler directs the next trip to Madagascar looking for someone named 
    Taking a ship there, you will land a rowboat onto a beach. 
    Moving toward the beached canoe, a path off the beach is found. 
    Following the path will bring you to the gate of a walled off village. 
    Talking to the guard you will find Rakotonarivelo is the tribes chief but 
    strangers are not to allowed to enter because of the pirates. 
    Further talk will give you there is one pirate left lying in the forest 
    (the gravesite) and an old man living beyond the forest. 
    Further talk gives you directions through the forest by offering a lemur some 
    berries and following him through to the other side. 
    A bowl of berries will be to the left of the gate. 
    Taking some berries, a path into the forest can be seen to the left of the 
    Taking the path into the forest, a waiting lemur will be found. 
    Looking closer, he is waiting for some berries. 
    Placing the berries on the rock before him, he will eat them up then run off. 
    Following the path 2 moves further trying to find the lemur, almost lost, you 
    will start hearing the lemur calling. 
    The right path can be followed by centering on and heading toward the calls
    (these are random forest sections, if you don’t use the lemur it will dump you 
    back at the path or using the lemur and intentionally not following will get 
    you to the gravesite). 
    The lemur will lead you through to the path to the tree house.
    Tree Hut
    Out of the forest, heading to the tree hut, the path will pass a cooking area 
    and fire pit. 
    On the log next to the fire pit some rags can be picked up. 
    Reaching the tree hut, it is found a couple of step planks are missing. 
    Continuing around the tree will find a clearing with a pile of lumber and a 
    Pickup planks from the lumber pile, the nut cracker will be used later.  
    Returning to the tree, the rags can be wrapped around the planks and then used 
    for the steps.  
    With only 2 of 3 steps, you can go up the first 2 then turn around and take the 
    first plank then put it in place for the third step. 
    	Entering the first level of the tree house, on the shelf to the left is 
    located a basket of rice for later. 
    Moving ahead to look on the workbench, a clue page can be picked up and a box 
    of matches. 
    Moving toward the steps to the next level a painting is located, under 
    examination, someone has marked ABE on it. 
    Opposite in the corner the planks for the steps can be picked up. 
    A second clue page can be picked up out of the trash can by the workbench and 
    one clue page on the ground below where the plank was.  
    Climbing up to the second level, an ailing old man is found. 
    Giving him a drink from the bottle of wine, he will arouse enough to say he’s 
    On the shelf opposite the old man, a lantern, brown berries and a bowl can be 
    picked up. 
    Going back to the first level, the bowl can be used to scoop up some rice. 
    Heading back down and to the fire pit, replace the stair plank to get down. 
    Back at the fire pit, some wood is need to start the fire. 
    Following the path to the right to the grove, firewood can be picked up. 
    Back to the pit, place the firewood in the pit, pour the bowl of rice into the 
    Before you can start the fire, two bowls of water need to be added to the pot. 
    Back on the path to the grove, on the right a barrel of water is found. 
    The bowl is then used to scoop up the water and returned to fill the pot in two 
    Now the fire can be started with the matches. 
    While waiting for the rice to cook, the brown berries can be taken over to the 
    nutcracker to remove the husks to give you another handful of red berries 
    eeded to offer the lemur again. 
    Returning to the fire, once the rice is cooked, you can scoop up a bowl of 
    Now that you have the bowl of cooked rice return to the old man to feed him.
    After feeding him the rice and talking to him, the old man will give you story 
    filler of how he ended up in this situation. 
    When questioned further he will tell of Captain Dodds grave in the forest and 
    leaving behind many writings/ poems about. 
    Looking about, just inside the doorway on the shelf behind the moldly sack 
    another clue page can be picked up.
    Climbing up to the Captains nest to look around, a device with a telescope is 
    To the left side of the window are four clue pages stuck on a nail. 
    Trying the different setting combos, the telescope will focus on different 
    spots with key clues left around the area. 
    At the foot of the telescope is a book prompting for 
    To be entered once the correct information is found. 
    Below the hammock tucked toward the back is a VOCABULARY OF THE MAGASY book. 
    Using the book, the clue pages picked up can be translated into refer to the 
    numbers 1 through 9. 
    Once you have the nine clue pages, it is now time to look for the gravesite. 
    Exit the tree hut and return to the path to the forest where the lemur is 
    Offer the red berries to the lemur then intentionally don’t follow. 
    You will wander into Captain Dodds gravesite.
    Captain Dodds gravesite.
    The grave marker can be approached on the right side of the mound.
    Using the drawings on the clue pages the grave posts can be rearranged one 
    through nine,  left to right. 
    Once the grave posts are rearranged in order, the symbols on them can be 
    deciphered using the code on the back of the gravestone.  
    UNDER THOSE DATES WK is deciphered.  
    Going around the grave to the right side and looking closely, a name and a 
    date plague is seen. 
    Using the knife the date plague can be opened. 
    Inside the cavity is the third page of the CODEX and Captain Dodds notebook. 
    In the back of the book is a chart for the mechanical telescope. 
    Back into the woods. By not following the lemur, the forest will dump you back 
    at the tree hut.
    Tree Hut
    With the chart in the captains notebook and the ABE marked on the painting that 
    corresponds to the chart, go back to up to the telescope. 
    Using the chart the three positions are
    A	= I,10,10	=on the beach	
    B	=II,20,10	=the skull rock	
    E	=III,20,20	=at ebb of tide
    These clues can now be entered into the book.
    Now it is time to get back to the beach. 
    Heading back to the forest path it will cut back to leading you out onto the 
    Heading left toward the hanging nets, it will give you a view of the rocks on 
    the other side and note the one looks like the skull rock. 
    Near the waters edge at ebb tide, several strands of seaweed can be picked up. 
    Head across the beach and follow the water edge around the rock. 
    Just before reaching a cave entrance, some bamboo pieces can be seen to the 
    Enter the cave. 
    Moving ahead and looking up another opening is seen further up the wall. 
    To take advantage of the next rising time its time to build a raft. 
    To the left a few pieces of bamboo can be picked up out of the water. 
    You will need more so exit the cave and pick up the pieces found just outside 
    the cave. 
    Inside the cave the raft can be assembled with the bamboo and the seaweed for 
    tying it together. 
    Once it is assembled and stepped on it is the time for the tide to come back 
    Floating up it will take you to the mouth of the upper cave. 
    Upper Cave
    With the water now blocking the mouth of this cave, you must move further into 
    the cave. 
    Following the cave will bring you to the chest. 
    Further up this cave an axe head will be seen stuck in the rocks.
    Back at the chest, it is unlocked and removing the stones inside will reveal 
    the treasured game board. 
    Once the game is picked up the chest can be moved to one side revealing another 
    tunnel behind it. 
    Following the tunnel it will bring you to the bottom of the villages well.
    Village Well
    To the right side is a ladder. 
    Setting it up you can climb up to the lower section of the well.
    To the right of the ladder a pick axe handle can be picked up.
    Examining the wall will be seen four columns of movable bricks. 
    The center two columns with X’s on them indicated the ones that will be used 
    for steps, while the marks on the side indicate the depth of hole/ length of 
    To break loose the bricks something will be needed and something more than just 
    the axe shaft. 
    Climbing back down, follow the tunnel back to the chamber with the chest. 
    Heading further up the first tunnel will bring you back to the axe head stuck 
    in the rocks. 
    The shaft can be used to free the axe head. 
    Once free, the pieces can be put together for the pick axe. 
    Now return to the well and the brick wall. 
    Using the pick axe the first lower right brick can be knocked out. 
    Now shift bricks until the center two columns have bricks at least one space 
    longer than the depth of the holes. 
    Once the bricks are in place, on climbing out you are clubbed and taken to the 
    Before the Chief
    Talking to him won’t convince him yet, so you will have to hand over the game 
    to him. 
    For breaking the curse, the chief will agree to the request to take care of 
    the old man and teach you the game of Fanorona. 
    Beating the Chief at the game of Fanorona he will reward you with the third 
    stone fragment. 
    Closing scenes find you sailing back home and receiving another letter from 
    Smythe leading you to continue the search in the next episode.   

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