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"Welcome to Boringland"

My young adult spirit still innocent said one day: "Singles, it's perhaps one of the first games about management of a human being, even in his sexual needs without taboo and with the possibility to do man-man or woman-woman (as it seems that the right word here can be considered offensive and that I don't know if there is another word in English for it - I rassure you, I'm not a phobic, I'm used to have male friends loving men :) ) couples without being so hated by the good values..."

So, I bought it, I installed it, I hated it and I sold it on ebay.

I need to explain one thing: I'm not a fan of sims-like. Singles wasn't my first time playing at this kind of games, The Partners was. I was in my JAG (you know, the TV show about military advocates) period and Harm and Mac weren't a couple (in the final episode, finally, they decided to skip dating for marriage). Well, The Partners, it's an Ally McBeal-like, you control civil advocates and the game proposed to do your own scenarii. And you can see why I've played it, I could choose the name of my heroes and bringing the virtual Harm and Mac together. It was fun but the bugs were annoying. Patch? At that time, it was "too-hard-for-me-to-understand". And the Internet weren't so accessible at the time.

Back to Singles. I didn't understood a thing, well, I tried but I couldn't succeed managing my character. Great. Being bored was the first feeling coming after a few manipulations. Nothing to do, the game is so slow to get in action, I'm almost sure that The Sims are more pleasant in the first minutes. Graphics are correct, it's 3D and the modelisation of the characters is pleasant. I can't remember about soundtrack, it must be correct but it didn't leave a trace in my memory. Well, I can't really even say more, I've played it, what? An half and hour?

Well, bye bye Mike, Linda and others characters! Bye bye pictures of Mike and his lover's - woman or man - or Linda and her lover's - woman or man - making love (well it's just erotic, not into pornography).

The game is slow and with too much parameters going down,. The Sims seems more enjoyable but I'll never try it, Sims-like isn't really my way of gaming. No mine is about FPS and much darker universes.

STORY: 4/10 - Very short: Mike must sleep with his partner, man or woman.

GRAPHICS: 7/10 - 3D, correct engine, perhaps the only real good point of the soft

SOUNDTRACK: ?/10 - I can't rate it, no trace in my memory and I've played half-and-hour.

GAMEPLAY: 3/10 - Rating would have been higher if I was used to this kind of gameplay - for a beginner, it's hard...

LIFETIME: 5/10 - If you have some patience, perhaps the game will be much longer than my experience.

FINAL: 3/10 - Me, severe? I was going to Heaven... oups, sorry, wrong turn of sentence, I was bored to Hell, there is too much things to do for poor Mike or Linda, so, a sims-like with a brush of erotic, yes, but with a simplified gameplay, it could be working with me. And my final advise is: if you want to try, try it but I'm not recommending it. Avoid it at all costs.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 03/31/08

Game Release: Singles: Flirt Up Your Life (EU, 04/08/04)

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