Review by Leon101

Reviewed: 05/05/05

Another sim clone, and thankfully... it's pretty good...

I like his game quite a bit actually, it's a AO only Sims game, it plays like the very first Sims, and is pretty fun. Here is my review.

Graphics- I like to mention the little things first, and that little thing is graphics. The graphics are great, the character models are amazing and the object graphics are good as well, much better than the first Sims, there are real time shadows, and complete control over the camera, you can see the models graphics up close and personal. 9/10

Sound- The sound is good, there is some good music, particular the main theme, that song can be catchy, and the in game radio music is pretty good too, there are great sounding sounds for the objects you use. Such as toilets, sinks and stoves, and so on and so on, good gibberish language used too, just like the Sims. 9/10

Customization- Something needed in a game like this, unfortunately the customizing in this is kind of poor, you can't even create your own character, you choose from pre-existing ones. You can put what ever you want in your apartment, or mansion. 7/10

Game-play- And now the best part. The game-play is great, it is much like the first Sims, you are stuck in a apartment with one more single (You get to play as two per game) you control your singles life, by having them eat, clean, wash, wash themselves, talk to the other, have fun and more. There are 8 needs like the Sims, and you have at least over 100 objects to play in your apartment and use with your singles to help there needs. There are two needs not featured in the Sims, sensuality, and romance, you have to keep these up with you singles by talking to each other and flirting with each other, when you become lovers you can be naked in front of each other or walk around in your underwear, and eventually "Do the wild thing" you know what I mean. Like in the first Sims, you don't see your single outside the apartment so time speeds up when you sleep and go to work. Unlike the Sims as well, your singles run almost all of the time, unless you walk short distances other wise they run, which I think is a good thing. You can even have same relationships, if you are into that sort of thing.

Overall it is a very fun and addictive game just like the Sims... so have fun playing. Overall 8/10.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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