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"More like SINgles! Hahaha....oh wait, that's not funny"

Singles is like a little dirty version of The Sims 2, in which the main point in this game is to get the two characters into bed with each other. But instead of The Sims where you can create your character from the ground up, you choose from a few already pre made characters. Which is a little disappointing to say the least.

The game play is fun but a little shallow compared to the sims, in the sims you could have babies interact with hundreds of objects have partys and lots of friends, in this you end up loving the other single that is your roommate and that's it, there are a good amount of objects, but there should have been more "fun" stuff to take care of your singles "fun" need. Also no creating your own character, you stick with their already made ones, a little lame, not a whole lot though but a little, also you never go outside of the apartment you're in, dang, no mail, no bills, which takes away some of the challenge and the game is easy enough with keeping up with needs, still fun though.

You can have a female-male relationship or male-male, female-female relationship. Oh yes, and if you choose a same sex relationship you can only choose from ONE other same sex character! What's up with that. And another area where this game lacks is, it's just those two characters the ENTIRE game. You will see NO ONE else. Which is really quite odd and makes for quite an uneventful, repetitive game. Even if you order for a pizza your character just goes downstairs to get it. You can call your friends as well, but again you never see them. During your time playing this game you have to build up your characters relationships before they'll even think of hopping into bed with one another. This takes a very long time. It takes about 45 minutes of game play just to get them to kiss each other! Yet oddly enough, it takes an entire hour to get them to hug each other. Their interactions between each other are very limited. Once you get their relationship high enough, you get a little scene which consists of them talking about their current relationship and where it's leading.

These are really top notch and put The Sims 2 to shame. The faces are very realistic and well done. And the bodies, aren't half bad either. I should mention that in this game, at any point, you can have your character disrobe, thus making this a not kid friendly game (as if that wasn't already obvious with the games concept) , unlike The Sims. And you see everything uncensored, and I mean everything. Unlike the U.S. version of this game (I got the imported European version of this long before it became available here) which just shows you the girl's uncensored breasts and you see a leaf (Adam and Eve style) covering their private parts.

I honestly regretted spending $50.00 plus shipping on this. It's not a terrible game, just mediocre at best. If you really want to try it you should just download the free-trial has of this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/21/05, Updated 09/15/05

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