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    FAQ by evilchao2

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    Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing
    General FAQ
    Created by evilchao2
        ///\\\      ///    /////////
       ///  \\\    ///    ////   //
      ///===///   ///    //// \\\
     /////////   ///    /////////
       ///  \\\    ///   ///////// ///
      ///   ///   ///   ////   // ///
     /////////   ///   //// \\\   \\\
    ///  \\\    ///   /////////   ///
    O V E R T H E R O A D R A C I N G
    UPDATE! 19/3/05
    Added the CODES section! Also, I fixed the timeline.
    E-mail Count: 3
    UPDATE! 21/1/05
    I added the "Background" section, to shed some light on this
    game for people wondering about it.
    I added the "Requirements" section.
    I added DiabloNeonX to the thanks section.
    I updated the last update. It was about as unfinished as
    Big Rigs itself.
    E-mail Count: 0
    I can't believe I haven't gotten any e-mails about this FAQ yet.
    UPDATE! 23/12/04
    Lately, there has been some controversy over this guide. I'd like
    to state a few things.
    Yes, this game is glitchy, and yes, many people laugh at it and
    make jokes.
    I admit that I am one of those people, but that doesn't reduce
    the seriousness of this FAQ. I'm giving instructions to
    beat this game, and helping people who are lost with it.
    Before you accuse this of being a joke, whether it be
    because the game is ridiculously simple, or because
    I include humor, just remember:
    It's still a FAQ.
    E-mail Count: 0
    Also, I updated the Thanks section, and some other things.
    1.0 Introduction
    1.1 Story
    2.0 Controls
    2.1 Up Arrow Key
    2.2 Left Arrow Key
    2.3 Right Arrow Key
    2.4 Down Arrow Key
    3.0 Main Screen
    3.1 Custom Race
    3.2 Random Race
    3.3 Options
    3.4 Quit
    4.0 Options Screen
    4.1 Textures Quality
    4.2 Terrain Quality
    4.3 Effects Quality
    4.4 Nature Quality
    4.5 Apply
    4.6 Reset to Defaults
    4.7 Exit
    5.0 The Cars
    5.1 Thunder
    5.2 Megaone
    5.3 Thunderbull
    5.4 Sunrise W12
    6.0 Stages
    6.1 Devil Passage
    6.2 Devil Passage 2
    6.3 Forgotten Road
    6.4 Level 4
    6.5 Small Town Road
    7.0 High Scores Screen
    8.0 Credits Screen
    9.0 Known Glitches
    10.0 Requirements
    11.0 Timeline
    12.0 Thanks
    *-*-*-*-*- 1.0 INTRODUCTION -*-*-*-*-*
    Hello, and welcome to the Big Rigs FAQ, written by evilchao2. This will 
    completely guide you through Big Rigs- I cover every screen, every 
    option, every stage. If you've ever had trouble with Big Rigs before, 
    you probably won't after seeing this. If you wish to use this FAQ, or 
    if you still need help even after reading, contact me at 
    If you wish to simply comment, contact me at
    Ooh, and I'm currently looking for someone good with ASCII to make a
    better logo at the top. I am an ASCII Artist, but I'm a lazy one.
    1.1 STORY
    The story of Big Rigs: You are an omnipotent trucker, transporting illegal 
    goods. Get to the end before your opponent who is apparently asleep, 
    and you're winner! But if your opponent gets there first 
    (Which is impossible even with the patch, as even with the patch your 
    opponent stops right before the end), the police will get you! 
    *-*-*-*-*- 2.0 CONTROLS -*-*-*-*-*
    2.1 UP ARROW KEY
    This button is the acceleration. There's no speed limit in Big Rigs 
    (Literally), you can go billions of miles per hour.
    Hold this while holding the Up or Down Arrow Key and you will go left.
    Hold this while holding the Up or Down Arrow Key and you will go right.
    Similar to the Up Arrow Key, the Down Arrow Key will make your vehicle 
    Again, there's no speed limit.
    *-*-*-*-*- 3.0 MAIN SCREEN -*-*-*-*-*
    This takes you to the screen where you choose your vehicle, and then the 
    You can't choose your opponent, sadly.
    You'll neer know what you'll get with Random Race! It picks a random rig for 
    you to play as, and also a random stage. As always, the opponent vehicle is 
    3.3 OPTIONS
    You set the settings... actually, all you get to set is the graphics quality 
    and the effects. See 3.0 for more info.
    3.4 QUIT 
    Press this button to exit Big Rigs.
    *-*-*-*-*- 4.0 OPTIONS SCREEN -*-*-*-*-*
    Textures Quality is defaulted to low.
    The options for Texture Quality are low and normal. Yep, just low and normal, 
    you won't be finding any great textures in this game.
    Changing the Texture Quality changes, well, the textures. If you want things 
    like the ground and scenery to look better, change this to normal.
    Terrain Quality is defaulted to low.
    The options for Terrain Quality are low and normal, just like all the other 
    settings. For a more realistic experience, set this to normal.
    Effects Quality is defaulted to low.
    The options for Effects Quality are low and normal. If you want extra 
    super-awesome effects, turn this to normal.
    Nature Density is defaulted to low.
    Uhh...ok, well, I really don't know what this does. It probably attempts to 
    make more trees and fails. If anyone finds out, tell me.
    4.5 APPLY
    Press this button to apply the changes you have made. If you don't do this, 
    the game will forget that you attempted to change whatever.
    Press this and Textures Quality, Terrain Quality, Effects Quality, 
    and Nature Density will all be set to low. Handy.
    4.7 EXIT
    This button takes you to the main screen.
    *-*-*-*-*- 5.0 THE CARS -*-*-*-*-*
    5.1 THUNDER
    One of the rigs you can choose from is Thunder. Thunder is a green car, 
    and much like Megaone, it has nothing attached to the back. That doesn't make 
    it any faster, however, seeing as all of the cars have the same speed. 
    Oh well, at least you don't have to worry about which rig to choose!
    It has two antennae in the front, both with a little red bead thing at the top. 
    Like all the other cars you can choose from, it has four doors, and the same 
    generic rims.
    Speed: Infinite
    Handling: 1
    Power: 1
    5.2 MEGAONE
    Megaone is a lot like Thunder, only it's smaller. It doesn't have anything 
    attached to the back, and is blue. On the very front above the bumper, it 
    has an "M" to signify that is Megaone, the runt of the rigs, my personal 
    favorite. It has flames painted on the sides, to show it's THAT fast.
    Well, as fast as all the others.
    It's about as long as your average S.U.V.
    Speed: Infinite
    Handling: 1
    Power: 1
    Whoa! Thunderbull is a huge grey rig, carrying something in the back. 
    What it's carrying is up to you! That's one of the good things about 
    Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, it lets  you use your imagination.
    It has a hood ornament that looks like two horns, to signify that is 
    the powerhouse of the rigs. Above the bumper it has the word Thunder. 
    I think the creators of this game forgot that there was already a rig 
    named Thunder. Either that, or Thunderbull loves Thunder so much he 
    tattooed her name above his bumper.
    Thunderbull has two big pipes on the front, which hold out the mirrors. 
    It has BLUE flames on its sides, which means it's even faster 
    (See: just as fast) than Megaone. Thunderbull is like some sort of 
    Megatwo, or maybe even a Megathree.
    Speed: Infinite
    Handling: 1
    Power: 1
    5.4 SUNRISE W12
    Sunrise W12 (Who we shall now refer to as SW12) is a red rig that is 
    about as big as Thunderbull. It has the word "Sunrise" on the front, 
    in case you forget its name. It has even more tires than Thunderbull!
    On the package it's carrying, ther's a red wave above a smaller blue wave.
    Speed: Infinite
    Handling: 1
    Power: 1
    *-*-*-*-*-6.0 STAGES-*-*-*-*-*
    Devil Passage (No, not Devils' Passage, just Devil Passage) is a long road
    with some houses, buildings and gas stations scattered around. Here's a
    little tip: The houses are holographs. That's correct, you can go right
    through everything in Big Rigs. Even bridges, you go right through
    those too.
    What's that, you say? You might crash into the water? No, don't worry
    about that, remember: You're omnipotent in Big Rigs.
    Make sure you go through ALL of the checkpoints.
    Difficulty level: 2/10
    My tips for Devil Passage:
    -Stay on the road
    -Ignore bridges, you fall through them
    -You aren't in a rush, your opponent isn't going anywhere
    -You don't need to be focused, if you fall off the hills, you can climb
    back up
    -Go through all of the checkpoints
    Really, just look at the Walkthrough for Devil Passage. They are almost
    the same thing, with different nonexistant terrain.
    Difficulty level: 2/10
    -Stay on the road
    -Ignore bridges, you fall through them
    -You aren't in a rush, your opponent isn't going anywhere
    -You don't need to be focused, if you fall off the hills, you can climb
    back up
    -Go through all of the checkpoints
    I'm not sure why Forgotten Road is called Forgotten Road. There's lots
    of houses and buildings.
    It's nice and sunny, and you've got to drive. Follow the road, and
    make sure you go through all the checkpoints, Big Rigs is really
    strict with that. Sometimes you're not winner even if you go through
    them all.
    Difficulty level: 1/10
    My tips for Forgotten Road:
    -Stay on the road
    -Ignore bridges, you fall through them
    -You aren't in a rush, your opponent isn't going anywhere
    -You don't need to be focused, if you fall off the hills, you can climb
    back up
    -Go through all of the checkpoints
    6.4 LEVEL 4
    There is no level 4. Seriously. The preview screen is just pure white, 
    and every time I select it, Big Rigs closes. Maybe you're supposed to be 
    driving around purgatory. There is a little snapshot, but you can't tell 
    much from it.
    I'm not sure if you can get this level through Random Race. I hope not.
    Difficulty level: N/A
    My tips for Level 4:
    -Don't choose it.
    Update: There are some rumors that if you choose level 4, it will
    sometimes bring you to Devil Passage. I am not sure if these are
    true or not- if anyone comes up with solid proof, please inform me.
    Small Town Road is slightly more difficult than Forgotten Road- they
    look a lot like each other, but Small Town Road is dark. Be careful.
    There is scattered civilisation, and some of them provide light.
    Use the light to your advantage.
    Difficulty level: 2/10
    My tips for Small Town Road:
    -Stay on the road
    -Ignore bridges, you fall through them
    -You aren't in a rush, your opponent isn't going anywhere
    -You don't need to be focused, if you fall off the hills, you can climb
    back up
    -Go through all of the checkpoints
    You may realize almost all the level walkthroughs look like each other.
    It's because the levels are almost the same thing, only with different
    scenery. Except Level 4, cause it doesn't exist.
    *-*-*-*-*-7.0 HIGH SCORES SCREEN-*-*-*-*-*
    This screen takes you to a gallery of your high scores. I'm not sure 
    how you can get a high score in a game like Big Rigs, but you 
    apparently can.
    *-*-*-*-*-8.0 CREDITS SCREEN-*-*-*-*-*
    Apparently, the credits screen works. It crashes every time I select
    it, but it works for some people.
    If you choose credits, you will be rewarded with viewing a truck
    and some Russian names.
    If the credits screen doesn't appear, don't panic. It's
    completely natural.
    *-*-*-*-*-9.0 KNOWN GLITCHES-*-*-*-*-*
    -You can go through everything.
    -You can go over water.
    -You can go through bridges.
    -There are no boundaries, you can cruise through purgatory.
    -Your opponent does nothing. Seriously.
    -You can go through your opponent.
    -There is no limit to the speed you drive at.
    -You can stop almost instantly.
    -It is impossible to lose. Others and I have explored the game's
    files, but nobody has found anything indicating that is is
    possible to lose. ...Big Rigs is a good game for children in
    this way.
    *-*-*-*-*-10.0 REQUIREMENTS-*-*-*-*-*
    These requirements are taken directly from GameSpot, at
    DirectX Version: v8.1
    Operating System: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
    System: PIII 1GHz or equivalent
    RAM:64 MB RAM
    Video Memory: 32 MB VRAM
    Hard Drive Space: 300 MB 
    Basically, for the computer-illiterate, if you've bought
    a computer in the last three years it can play Big Rigs.
    *-*-*-*-*-11.0 TIMELINE-*-*-*-*-*
    December 20th, 2003: A small Russian company by 
    the name of Stellar Stone decides to release a 
    game, which quickly became famous: Big Rigs:
    Over the Road Racing.
    January 14th, 2004: Big Rigs wasn't too popular, 
    and remained a no-name bargain bin buy until then. 
    That was when GameSpot published a review, giving 
    Big Rigs a score of 1.0. It was the worst possible 
    score, which had never been given to any game until 
    Big Rigs. News quickly spread to different places on 
    the internet, and pretty soon many people knew 
    about Big Rigs.
    It didn't really change the "Bargain Bin" part, though.
    January 15th, 2004: Stellar Stone published a patch
    a day after GameSpot's review. It gave minimal change, 
    causing even more people to make fun of Big Rigs.
    Approximately December 1st, 2004: This FAQ was
    published. People praise me for helping them so
    October 11th, 2004: Big Rigs is #1 on GameSpot's
    "10 Frightfully Bad Games of the Last 12 Months"
    list. I actually recommend you look at the video, at
    Just scroll down until you see the words "Frightfully
    Bad Games". Click.
    *-*-*-*-*-12.0 CODES-*-*-*-*-*
    To play as the computer, press tab during a race to switch
     your controls over to the computer. However, if you switch
    controls more than twice, your game will crash.
    Thanks to: DotDotDots
    No, this doesn't mean you can lose. It means that you're
    still winner, but a different winner.
    *-*-*-*-*-13.0 THANKS-*-*-*-*-*
    riverdude: For giving me a G-mail invite
    CJayC: Making GameFAQs (Cliche/10)
    Llamaguy: ...not making the best site ever
    The readers of this FAQ: For actually looking through this whole thing.
    DiabloNeonX: For being awesome
    Everyone at the Big Rigs board who has supported me
    Gamespot: For giving me the requirements

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