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    Sci-Fi Mode FAQ by GeorgesIV

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 02/25/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Author: Charles-Etienne Raynault
    E-mail: c_raynault@hotmail.com
    Completion date: 11-09-2009
    Version: 1.3
    	Jagged alliance 2  : sci-fi mode FAQ
     Jagged alliance has been released back in 1999 but, I only tried it in 2001 
    when I found a boxed copy in a staple's store bargain bin. Since then it has 
    become my favorite tactical RPG and I highly suggest it to everybody. When in 
    2003 strategy first bought the rights for the game and released the wildfire 
    version I decided to give it a try and was a bit disappointed. Really little 
    changes were been made and the difficulty was disgustingly hard but, I will 
    still cover the sci-fi aspects of wildfire for this FAQ.
     When you start the game you can choose between different game modes and 
    difficulties and one of them is the sci-fi mode, it puzzled many gamer as it 
    doesn't change much of the game especially early on. But you should still 
    choose that mode as it add the best quest in the whole game. Plus you get the 
    chance to obtain a special jelly that boost your armor% when applied to 
    clothing and give you the best possible protection. Not to mention fighting 
    those monstrous aliens bugs. 
     I decided to make this FAQ to answer all questions related to sci-fi mode,
    questions that I asked myself and couldn't find any answer as they are not 
    well covered in any of the currents walkthroughs. 
    n.b.: The coordinates of the events or npcs are in parentheses.
     For the purpose of the FAQ the aliens, bugs, critters, insects and Crepitus
    all mean the same.
    	Related NPCs
     sci fi only npcs:
      Gabby(?): He will appear in a random square of the map, you will get a 
    message: 'you encountered someone' when you pass on the same area he is.
    Make sure you stay friendly and he will give you much information after a
    While. He is living in a small house and will offer you to buy alien parts
    and will sell you some of his own elixir* He is also selling 4 glass jars* 
    at 100% for 10$ which is expensive. You can use them to collect alien's 
    blood and sell it back to him. A character with high leadership will be 
    able to get much information from him as he used to work for the queen 
    as caretaker of the bugs.
    *see related items section for more information.
     Rat(G9): Rat is Gabby pal but unlike him, is not talkative. You will have
    to threaten multiple time to make it reveal information(require high 
    leadership). He will appear a few hours after you met Gabby, in Keith's
    store in Cambria(or the restaurant with wandering npcs in wildfire, can also 
    appear in the store north of Keith's). 
    He reveal useful information on aliens and their origins.
     Other npcs: Those appear in a normal game.
       Father(D13, C13): you can meet in early in Drassen, he will be either in his
    church (morning) or in the bar(afternoon). Give him a drink(any will do) 
    and keep on talking friendly until he tell you about dead body and the 
    lack of graveyards. He can be in the 2 lower area of Drassen.
       Keith(G9): The storekeeper of Cambria will sell you glass jars you can use
    to collect blood, they will be about 50% conditions(it will be enough). 
    He normally sell you 3 jars. If you buy his stock it will replenish over time
    and he sell them cheap.
       Jake(I6): He is the father of Mad dog, and he hold a store in Estoni.
    He sell 3 heavily damaged but cheap jars for 1$ each. His stock will 
    replenish with time.
       Mickey(?): He is a wandering npc, usually found in Drassen bar. He will 
    buy animal parts including aliens one, he do give you more money by 
    piece than Gabby but his buying budget is limited to 4000$ a day or so.
       Bob(F8): He is in Cambria hospital, on a wheel chair. Wounded and 
    traumatized, he survived an Alien attack.(or bloodcats on realistic mode)
    You can get some information from him. 
       Fred(D13): He is the head miner of Drassen, located in the mine office near 
    the mine entrance. When the aliens invade his mine he will tell you.
    You must also talk to him once the bugs has been cleared out so the 
    production can restart.
    Related items
    1)Elixir: Gabby sell His elixir for 500$ and it is supposed to make you 
      invisible to aliens but it doesn't seem to work at all. Elixir is used like 
      a drug by clicking on a character portrait while holding the jar with the 
    2)Glass jar: In order to use the glass jar you simply equip it on a character 
       hand and then use it on a dead alien to get it filled with blood. The final
       result will depend on character's dexterity and the jar's condition as 
       there is a chance the filling process fail if either is too low.
       You can do the same with dead humans but won't be able to sell it back.
       Expect about 50$ per alien blood jar. Make sure you only take blood of
       adults or teens as the blood of larvas is considered human...
       Glass jar can be bought at various shops(see npcs above).
       3 jars can be found in the aliens lair in wildfire version.
    3)Aliens parts: There are 3 types of these: Flesh, claw or organs. 
      They randomly drop from dead aliens
      (the dropping rate is lower than bloodcats parts).
      They can be sold to Gabby or Mickey for high amount of cash.
    4)royal jelly: This is the major reason why you should do the sci fi mode.
      You get 5 pieces of jelly when you kill the queen plus you have a small
      chance to find another piece in Tixa dungeon near the cavern entrance.
      (wild fire version only) The jelly is like compound 18 but better, simply 
      use the jelly on a piece of armor to improve it. It is possible to 
      obtain more than 105% of armor with 3 spectras gears and ceramic plates 
      all at 100% you can get 117%. 
      Be aware that using the jelly on an item that already have comp.18 on will 
      destroy it.
      (you will simply lose both items!). The bonuses are:
       +4% if used on helmet
       +7% if used to leg
       +11% if used on armor
    ***According to Harri Pulkkinen:
       You can get more Royal Jelly by using Jars on queen corpse. Jars with  a 
       durability of 28% are ok to get more Royal Jelly and I done it with my own 
       made guy ( Dex 75 ). You should try this out.***
    	The Aliens bugs(The Crepitus)
     These are the new enemies you will face, there are several variant:
      These are quite rare, they cannot attack and only move slowly.
      Use them to practice punching(make sure the adults are not close by).
    2)teen(small white)
      Smaller than adults, they crawl slower than adult. 
      Move still faster than your mercs and use only weak ranged attacks.
    3)Adult Male(large green)
      Those are getting tough, They are large, dark green and fast.
      They mostly do ranged attack, a green gas that will kill your units in 
      1 or 2 rounds if they succeed. They have a moderate accuracy.
      ***Sometime they do a critical hit that cause instant death.
      ***The ranged attack will leave a green gaz, make sure to stay away of it.
    4)Adult female(large brown)
      The female are the toughest of the aliens. They are as large as the males 
      but faster. They mostly attack in melee but will do ranged sometime.  
      If they are in range and can perform multiples attacks that will kill your
      mercenaries quickly.
    5)Crepitus queen
      The largest alien, only found once in the third level sublevel, you will 
      find the queen alone in a room. She cannot move but her attack is devastatig
      most likely an instantly kill(unless you get an interrupt).
      You need to kill her in order to complete the quest and restore the mine 
      production. She have an extremely high amount of HP.
    	Combat tips
     Like Rat tell you, you can try to shoot the bugs in the butt, but in reality
    it is hard to pull because you rarely surprise them. I suggest you take 
    weapons with high damage output with HP rounds. Automatics like submachineguns
    and assault rifles loaded with HP rounds should do the trick. You can also use
    shotguns with buckshots with high agility mercenary. The HP rounds seem to do
    a bit more damage than AP on them. In order to keep the upper hand in battle,
    I suggest you aim less and shoot more, they wont stay far form you or seek 
    cover anyway. Oh and bring the night vision goggles with you, that will help.
    ***according to 3717426 the robot merc will be invisible the bugs. even the
    the queen wont be attacking it. So by using the robot you can clear the lair
    	Sci-fi mode quest
    	In order to start the sci-fi. quest you need to go in the Tixa dungeon
    (J6). Once it is clear you will notice a hole(something not present in regular 
    mode). In the wildfire there will be alien related items on a shelve near the 
    entrance. When you enter the hole you will quickly notice the aliens coming
    at you(it may be a surprise if it is your first game). They are not many
    but enough to wipe your party. Make sure you searched every nook and cranny as
    the larvas maybe be hidden there. ***Bug alert, when you kill the final alien
    make the game acknowledge your victory: the music changed, the journal is 
    updated and one of your merc comment on the battle. If it is not the case, then
    The battle is not over(even if all alien are dead) and the quest will never 
    start. Just reload a previous save to correct if things went wrong.
    	Soon after this battle you will get a cutscene with Deidrana and 
    Elliot where she order him to stop feeding the Crepitus...Things are going to 
    go bad when they have to hunt for food.
    About 24h after this event Fred*, the head miner of Drassen will tell you that
    the production of his mine stopped because of monsters were spotted inside the 
    mine. Now I suggest you go quickly to Drassen mine(D13) because as time 
    progress aliens will start attacking the city. I am not sure they can win but, 
    they can kill your militia and you don't get any money from that mine as long
    they are still there. Oh and make sure you auto resolve the battles it will 
    save the live of many of your militia. They seem to attack in the morning every
    24h pass the mine closure.
    So as soon as possible head to D13. You can talk to Fred but you don't need to
    at the time. Make some preparation before going into the mine as it will quite
    a long trek(about 6 battles with few supply to be found), bring at least 4 
    mercenary, level 3 or more (to get enough interrupts). Load every gun with HP 
    rounds, everyone should have a back-up gun and 2 extras magazines. Do not 
    forget grenades and explosives(TNT or hmx will do). 
    I will not describe in details the following section as the ennemies are
    totaly random(sometime there will be none in the mine and the number and type
    will vary a lot).
    When you are ready go into the mine and you will quickly notice no one is 
    inside. As you progress you will notice some females aliens. 
    There are only a few of them and they will lead you to their nest.
    Try to spot an hole on the ground (similar to the one in Tixa) and enter it.
    You are now in the bugs nest. So be careful, move slowly and kill every
    and any aliens you see. Make sure to pick up some blood and the parts they 
    leave for later. There will be 3 area on sublevel 2 and then 2 areas on 
    sublevel 3 to explore. The farther you go, the more males, larvas and teens
    you meet. When they detect your presence, the bugs will quickly surround you
    so try to find a spot by a wall or near the exit in case to you need to retreat
    or seek cover.
    Carefully explore every area, you may find some supply near skeletons.
    Once you are on sublevel 3, the queen is nearby.
    This part is quite small but be very careful of the queen, as she can kill you
    quite fast (but remember she can't move at all). In order to kill her I suggest
    to either throw grenades until she die or use explosive to blow her up.
    There is a cheap way to kill her by using mustard gas but it seem to cause a
    bug that prevent you from getting the royal jelly. Once she is dead, you can 
    get your loot of jelly and use it carefully on your best pieces of armor.
    For extra fun you can blow the eggs behind the queen. But thaqt serve no 
    There should be no aliens left when you leave the caverns, on the way back
    make sure to talk to Fred the head miner so he can restart the ore extraction.
    Congratulation you completed the sci-fi side quest. Hope you enjoyed it like I
    *I heard rumors that other mines can be infested by aliens but I never saw any.
    This document is Copyright 2009 by Charles-Etienne Raynault
    Jagged alliance 2 is Copyright 1999 by Sirtech
    Jagged alliance 2 wildfire Copyright 2003 by Strategy first

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