• Console Codes

    This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "armyops.ini" file in the "system" folder in the game directory. Add the following line under the "[Engine.GameEngine]" heading to enable cheat mode.

    bMPCheats=Enabled 2

    Then, press the tilde key (~) or [Tab] during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

    Note: Weapon cheats will not work in the Basic Training Marksmenship mission or any online games.

    Note 2: The map codes are buggy, you cannot walk around any of the maps.

    Note 3: To turn a code off that has a "1" after it, re-enter it, but use "2" instead.

    avatar <NPC name>Controls Spawned NPC
    mpcheat medicGives Medic Capabtilites
    walkMakes Some Spawned NPCs Walk
    mpcheat ghostNo Clipping
    open <map name>Opens Map
    demoree <filename>Record Multiplayer Mode Demo
    killpawnsRemoves All Characters
    mpcheat slomo <-1 to 9>Sets Game Speed
    mpcheat binocularsSpawns Binoculars
    mpcheat nvgSpawns Night Vision Goggles
    summon <item or NPC name>Spawns Weapon or NPC
    stopdemoStops Recording Demo
    behindview 1Third-Person View
    mpcheat walkTurns Off No Clipping
    mpcheat paramsammo 1Unlimited Ammo

    Contributed By: Darkicon.

  • Map Codes

    These codes are to be used with the open <map name> console code.

    Jump_Tower250' Tower (Training)
    Medic_Training1Airway Management (Training)
    BoarderBoarder (2.6 Only)
    bridge_SEBridge SE
    camp_mackallCamp Mackall
    Medic_Training2Control Bleeding (Training)
    DuskDusk (2.6 Only)
    Medic_FieldField Training (Training)
    FLSFLS Assault
    hq_raidHQ Raid
    insurgent_campInsurgent Camp
    jrtc_farmJRTC Farm
    LeavenworthLeavenworth Prison
    Live_JumpLive Jump (Training)
    M24_RangeM24 Range (Training)
    M82_RangeM82 Range (Training)
    Rifle_RangeMarksmenship (Training)
    mountain_ambushMountain Ambush
    mountain_passMountain Pass
    mountain_pass_seMountain Pass SE
    moutMOUT (Shoot House) (Training)
    mout_mckennaMout McKenna
    ObstacleObstacle Course (Training)
    pipeline_SFPipeline (SF)
    radio_towerRadio Tower
    river_basinRiver Basin
    SFarcticSF Arctic
    SFblizzardSF Blizzard
    SFCourtyardSF Courtyard
    sfcsarSF Csar
    SFDocksideSF Dockside
    EandESF E&E (Training)
    SFextractionSF Extraction
    sfhospitalSF Hospital
    SFoasisSF Oasis
    SF_OfficeSF Office
    sfreconSF Recon
    SFsandstormSF Sandstorm
    SFtaigaSF Taiga
    SFvillageSF Village
    SFWaterTreatmentSF Water Treatment
    Swap_RaidSwamp Raid
    Medic_Training3Treat Shock (Training)
    Urban_AssaultUrban Assault
    US_WeaponsUS Weapons (Training)
    weapons_cacheWeapons Cache
    weapons_cache_seWeapons Cache SE
    Woodland_OutpostWoodland Outpost

    Contributed By: Darkicon.

  • Offline Play Console Codes

    These are to be used in offline play. Press the tilde "~" key, and enter one of the following codes, and press enter.

    AllAmmoAmmo For All Weapons
    Bind <Key> <Action>Binds An Action to That Key
    Setspeed <Number>Changes Player's Speed
    FlyLets You Fly Around
    InvisibleMakes You Invisible
    GhostNo Clipping Mode
    WpnrecoilNo Weapon Recoil
    JudasPerfect Aim
    Setjumpz <Number>Sets Jump Height (325 is Default)
    Slomo <1-10>Speeds Up Or Slowes Down the Game

    Contributed By: Darkicon.

  • Weapon Names

    These are the weapon names to use for the mpcheat changeclass <weapon name> console code.

    vAK Siris Modified Weapon
    gpAK47 w/ Granade Launcher
    at4American Rocket Launcher
    svdDragonov Sniper Rifle
    gM16A2 /w Grenade Launcher
    bM390 Combat Shotgun /w 7 Slug Rounds
    sM81 Sniper
    m9M9 9mm Pistol
    mosMosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle
    rpkOPFOR Machine Gun
    rpgRocket Propelled Grenade Launcher
    m4mSame As sf But With Different Grenades
    sprSilenced Weapon /w 4x Zoom
    dSOPMOD M4A1
    dSOPMOD M4A1

    Contributed By: Darkicon.

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