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"Its underwhelming, but still Sonic Adventure"

Sonic Adventure was a landmark launch title for Dreamcast. Everything from the graphics to the gameplay seemed to magically work, amazing considering that Sonic was thought to be a character that could never adapt to 3D. Of course, that was many years ago. Today's games aren't necessarily any more complex, (or for that matter, don't look much better either) but the refinement to things like camera systems and glitches have come a long way. Sonic Adventure was a hugely glitchy game for Dreamcast, to the point that some people actually took pleasure out of discovering all sorts of quirky glitches in the game. As the game translated to Gamecube, it wasn't tweaked at ALL in any of those departments, proving to be a major disappointment. The PC version is practically identical to the GCN version, except the framerate jumps back down to the Dreamcast's normal 30 frames. A sad state of affairs, because the game is infinitely better in 60 frames. Alas, what can one expect?


As far as PC games go, this game actually holds up quite nicely, and doesn't require a beast of a PC to run at full speed. The game sports slightly higher resolution textures than the Gamecube version, and can be displayed entirely as a progressive scan high resolution game. Graphical glitches are, amazingly, not a huge issue in this port. Normally, low-quality ports involve lots of polygon tearing and texture warping, but this game runs quite nicely.

Probably the one aspect of this game's graphics that keep it fresh is the speed at which the graphics fly at you. Extremely fast. One would expect a Sonic game to be fast, and this one is very much so, but most PCs typically bog down when polygons begin to fly. Not so with this game. Somehow, incredibly, Sega has been able to tweak this game to run on barebones PCs and powerhouse PCs almost equally. Impressive.


Hardcore '80s butt rock is the name of the game in Sonic Adventure. Be prepared for extremely crazy guitar riffs when playing as Sonic, terrible '80s pop with Tails, gangsta rap with Knuckles, god-knows-what with Big, techno with E-102, and sexually provocative songs with Amy. The sound effects are ripped straight from Sonic's 2D days, and some of the songs (Twinkle Park, Windy Valley) are actually remixes from old sonic games (ironically, most remix songs are from the terrible Sonic 3D Blast)

The music is surprisingly fresh and good. No complaints. The voices, though, are just TERRIBLE. Sonic sounds like a ''dude'' from a beach, Tails sounds like a two year old, Amy is annoying as hell, Big sounds like someone who couldn't graduate 2nd grade, and Robotnik.... well.... melodramatic is an understatement.

PC rating

Graphically, the game is actually quite well optimized. The voices sound extremely muffled, though. The music is as clear as ever, and the control is tight with a joypad. Overall, if you're a Sonic Adventure fan, you can't go wrong with this version, but only if you can't get the somewhat superior Gamecube version.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/30/04

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