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"An excellent game"

Graphics: Graphically this game is great, its not up there in the Unreal engines of the world, but its pleasing to the eye, and most of the levels, especially the first Sonic one is done beautifully. Characters are made perfectly with only a few glitches in the bodywork

Sound: One thing I like about Sega games is that they have excellent to godly sound, which fits the game perfectly, it might feel strange listening to it out of the game, but when you are in it, its sheer pleasure and it becomes a part of your soul. They haven't stopped though, even as I speak I am listening/watching a Sonic Heroes trailer and that also has been afore mentioned taste to it. I just need to go and buy a next generation console to play it though. Unless of course Sonic Team decides to ports it to PC.

Characters : The characters do not go that deep, and don't immerse you with all their emotions, but that’s okay because this is not that type of game. They all have their own styles of fighting and living, they use their skills to their best advantage and pretty much are well balanced and designed. I grew up with Sonic, and although the new characters are cool, I still stick with my favorites.

Storyline:Typical Sonic storyline which I won't spoil much, but it’s again Dr. Robotnik (Eggman) trying to take over the world and destroy Sonic.

I gave this game a 9/10 as it it’s a fun game to play, it’s well set out and its only flaws are the amount of glitches in it. The A-Life system is to die for and it’s a great way to increase the re-playability ten-fold, with seamlessly thousands of combinations to make you chao into, and races for it to compete in and you to cheer it on.

The levels are split so you have to do them again to get the maximum possible amount of Emblems you need for it. They include doing the level under a time limit, racing a faster opponent, getting a certain amount of rings and many others.

Sonic and his crew to me are the greatest video game characters that exist, and I will continue to support them through thick and thin even though many people are trying to shut out old school characters such as him.

If you don't have this game, I recommend that you buy it or at least rent it, it’s worth it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/26/04

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