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"Finally affter all these years"

I was one of those people who has never played Sonic Adventure. I dreamt of playing the game YEARS ago when the Dreamcast released it. Now after all these years in an affordable price I got the game for PC and I have nothing else to say. This game surpasses anything I have ever seen in a Sonic game. Free Roaming! Allow me to explain...

Graphics: Excellent. Okay so it's a Gamecube port but it's still great (not saying the Gamecube graphics suck it's just I expected an advance at least). They put the gloss finely and if you are the type of person who isn't too fond of gloss you can find a patch so the gloss can be removed (unfortunately you would have to search for it).

Controls: If you bought a game controller without an analog stick it wouldn't matter. If you did then you have more of an analog stick kind of feel. It doesn't matter which you choose because a game controller, no matter what type, is best for controlling the game (as long as it has at least 8 buttons or so). If you play with the keyboard then you would have a bit of trouble accustoming and remembering the keys. Also the gameplay is in the form where you need to go in diagonal directions (at times).

Sound: Great for a long while. However if you listen to the same song for a long time then you would find yourself moving your headphones off your ears (if you play with headphones on). All in all everything seems to be in great shape, as long as you enjoy rock and or looping songs.

Gameplay: Run around run around run around. Oh sure this may sound boring but it really isn't. There are points in the game where you can shoot, dig and fudge around in the city. The gameplay allows free-roaming when you choose the stage (in story mode). Also in the free roaming you can go to the Chao Garden. Yeah, I almost thought this was not true too but you can go to the Chao Garden, raise, abandon, feed, fight with and so on with your Chaos. Something that will definitely take time off your hands.

Replay Value: Alot, this game is very long. Unfortunately it can be tedious at times. Somewhere in the game you might find yourself looking at your emblem count and leave the program. Good thing is you will find yourself come back the next day but it's still something good.

So does this persuade you enough? If it does then search as hard as you could because this game is released in Europe and Japan. And if you find it in a local game store in America then your best bet is to buy the game and get your other game (or device) some other time. It is worth the waste of $20.61 if you enjoy Sonic more than Mario.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/14/05

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