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    XMP Gameplay FAQ by pisces3286

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 08/12/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Unreal Tournament 2 XMP FAQ 
    Version 1.05
    By the GreenBeret
    1.00 - Wrote the FAQ wee early in the morning
    1.01 - added "More Tips" and "Newbie Mistakes"
    1.02 - Updated introduction and fixed minor typos
    1.03 - Added introduction for each class, and updated movement section.
    	 Added "Revision History" haha, nuts.
    1.04 - Added more to the "Fun stuff" and "Newbie Mistakes"
    	 Added "Mantling" to the movements too.
    1.05 - Replaced "Fun stuff" with "Fun stuff / Extra"
    	 Added custom speech under "Fun stuff / Extra"
    	 Added what the movements actually do
    (coming soon)
    		-Class vs Class battling strategy guide.
    PLEASE don't use this without my permission. Doing so is 
    against the law,and will get you sued. I'm sure you don't 
    want that, and I don't want that either, but it will happen.
    Like all FAQs, I have put a lot of work into this. This 
    guide is copywrite 2004 Chris L.
    *I stole this. He spelled copyright wrong.
    Table of Content
    1. Introduction
    2. Movement
       - Jump boost
       - Hopping
       - Dashing
       - Dash-boost
       - Off-the-Wall Dash-boost
       - Hop and Dash
    3. Ranger
    4. Tech
    5. Gunner
    6. More Tips
    7. Newbie Mistakes
    8. Fun Stuff / Extra
    9. Links and Stuff
    	If you are starting out and you do not know the first thing about
    first person shooters, this is not for you. This document is to provide
    knowledge learned from experience, from player to player. I have 
    played both the Full Version XMP and the Demo XMP. This FAQ works well for 
    either one.
    	The basic goal of the game is to capture the flag, or artifacts as
    they are called.  Each team must fight to acquire all the flags to win.
    Maintaining team energy is critical!
    	Please correct me if you believe I’ve made a mistake. If you wish 
    to contact me, email me at Pisces3286@Hotmail.com. Also tell me if there’s 
    anything else you’d like to add. Feedback is good.
    	Yeah.. everone needs to be able to move around :D  This section will
    to show you how to dodge and travel throughout the map. Quite useful :D pay
    particular attention to the HOP AND DASH
    - MANTLING (Pull yourself onto a ledge)
    	After jumping, hold the spacebar and press against a nearby ledge. I 
    know this is covered in the Unreal 2 instruction booklet, but alot of new
    people still dont know about it. Its fairly useful though, even though it's
    rarely used.  
    - JUMP BOOST (Jumping high)
    	Press the space bar twice (jump). This is for the newbies.
    - HOPPING (Boing boing)
    	AKA Bunny hopping. Simply hold shift, jump in any direction, and
    release shift immediately after take-off (to reduce stamina drain). Bunny
    	Hopping is a good way to move around because it is faster than simply
    walking. It’s better than running because running requires too much stamina
    to upkeep for long. This is also suitable for battles because it makes your
    movement quick and less predictable.
    - DASHING (quick dart in any direction)
    	Hold shift, quickly tap forward twice (or in any direction), and
    release shift immediately after take-off. This is great for last moment
    - DASH-BOOST (Super long/high/far jump)
    	Dash in a direction, and hit the space bar (jump). The Dash-boost
    is an amazingly useful skill since it takes you high and fast into the air.
    	Provides a nice boost when traveling across the map at the expense of
    half of your boost bar (right side). Also useful for charging forward with
    weapons blazing such as a shotgun or the Ranger’s fragment grenade. It takes
    about a half of a bar to do it.	In addition to providing lift, you can
    execute the Dash-boost extremely close to a steep slope (but not vertical) to
    jump incredibly high. This helps you get over those steep hills.
    - OFF-THE-WALL DASH-BOOST (Rebounding off of walls)
    	Take a running Jump Boost toward wall (or whatever you're going to 
    bounce off of), then Dash-Boost in the opposite direction once you hit the
    	A usefull skill in XMP full version, not that it's essential, but it's
    an advanced move that's nice to know. Depending on the angle of the wall, it's
    also possible to Dash-Boost in other directions.
    - HOP AND DASH (Fast way of travel)
    	Hop in any direction… immediately after landing, Dash in any direction.
    Continue this pattern as a way of travel. This is the BEST way to go. Hop and
    Dash is my ultimate discovery through play and experience. It’s faster than
    Bunny Hopping. In a battle, it makes your movement even quicker and even less
    predictable. Best part is that if there’s danger coming your way during a
    Dash, you can always boost at the last second to execute the Dash-Boost.
    	In addition to all of this, I believe the Hop and Dash is the key to
    effective charring using the gunner’s flamethrower. A gunner can be fairly
    quick in the control of a skilled player.
    	The only bad thing about the Hop and Dash is that you run out of stamina
    sometimes if you don’t do it effectively. Also, it’s apparently difficult for
    some people to execute. 
    	DON’T EVER WALK!!! Walking is uselessly slow. If you walk, I’m gonna
    come into your server and kill you! At least Bunny Hop wherever you go. My 
    advice is to always use the Hop and Dash unless you’re going up hill.
    3. RANGER
    The ranger is a fragile, yet dangerous fighter.  His need of high precision is
    made up by his weapons' equally high damage. In addition, his lack of shielding
    is made up by his quick agility.  He can out-run all the other classes easily.
    Due to the nature of his weapons, the ranger can be lethal at any range.
    	The ability for a two shot kill at any range makes this weapon fearsome. 
    It should not but underestimated since a good ranger could possibly snipe at
    close proximity. Also, it should not be over used because it is also fairly
    easy to avoid, and after a while it gets really annoying to dodge. No one likes
    a sniper who hides all of the time.
    	This weapon is good at a close range, but is often hard to hit with.
    This is good for instant kills while someone is hacking by using secondary
    fire, then primary immediately afterwards. This weapon is extremely powerful.
    	The problem with the pistol is the same as the problem with the Rifle:
    necessity of accuracy keeps this weapon from being too powerful.
    	The Fragment Grenade is often underestimated because of its small splash
    radius. However it’s plenty powerful in the hands of a skilled ranger. It’s
    often used with the Dash-Boost or Jump-Boost. Try to predict where the enemy
    will be in the next second, and shoot it there. Limited ammunition of 6 keeps
    this weapon from being too powerful (yes too powerful).
    	UBER WEAPON! Primary fire is used in close battles and used to destroy
    tanks/deployables. When the enemy is low on shields, this thing is deadly since
    one or two more shots would guarantee a kill. This sucks against gunners though.
    Secondary fire is only good in battle when you can predict where the enemy will
    land, otherwise it should be used for cars and turrets. Try aiming for a
    headshot with this!
    4. TECH
    This is the middle man of the three classes, his weapons are not as 
    destructive as the gunner, nor can he match the ranger in mobility. However,
    his balance and deployables make him a formidable enemy.  Although he is at
    a disadvantage at long range, his defensive capabilities and flesh-ripping
    firepower add another appealing dimension to his class.
    	Great for medium distance fighting. The Primary fire is good for 
    chipping away life…doesn’t work too well against gunners though. Without 
    shields, they die fast to this,especially rangers. The Secondary fire 
    might seem weak and hard to hit, but it should not be underestimated! 
    The ball/fragment/shard thing is extremely strong and could be used to 
    take out snipers. Try to aim at your enemy’s feet with this. 
    	This is the bread and butter of the tech. The Primary fire is 
    awesome atmedium distances. At close distances, it’s great for taking 
    out small turrets too. However, in close battle, the Secondary fire 
    should be used. Not only do the fiery shells blind the enemy, but they 
    hurt too! An up close headshot deals lethal damage to any class. Try 
    using this while charging in with the Dash-Boost.
    	The Primary fire is an awesomely powerful weapon that cuts shields 
    down fast. This is great against gunners when used with the shotgun. 
    This is also used to destroy vehicles and deployables.
    	The Secondary fire, Toxic Gas, is usually considered a "newbie" 
    weapon because of how incredibly cheap it seems. With a wide area of 
    effect and powerful splash damage, this weapon is fearsome. However, 
    it’s quite useless at long distances. I like to use the Gas to flush 
    enemies out of the manned turrets. :D
    	These things aim and fire for you. These are your extra eyes 
    with guns that guard deploy points. They are your defense against an 
    oncoming stream of base invaders.	However, they also DRAIN ENERGY. 
    Using too many of these is STUPID. They piss people off when all you 
    do is turret too, since you’re not fighting. If you can’t fight and 
    think you should fight with turrets and gas, please just DIE. 
    5. GUNNER
    The gunner is unmatched when it comes to destructive weapons. Between his
    explosive rockets and his charring assortment of toys, he lives up to his
    class name well.  Although he lacks mobility and is easily the slowest of
    the three (thus making him an unefficient "hacker"), his powerful weapons
    and fighting prowess easily redeem him.
    	This is the gunner’s most appealing weapon. The Primary fire is 
    strong, and it has a lot of splash damage. It’s also great at destroying 
    pretty much anything, such as vehicles, turrets, and walls. The 
    Secondary fire is good for players that stay just out of the effective 
    range of the Primary rockets. 	They are also good against Raptor 
    cars. It homes in for some pretty good damage, but they can be avoided, 
    however, with some funky last minute dashes (or just hiding behind 
    	Problems with this weapon include its incredibly long reload time 
    and slow rate of fire. Also, the slow velocity of the rocket makes it 
    hard for long distance fighting.
    	I love this weapon! Up close, this weapon is quite deadly. Used 
    with Hop and Dash and Dash-boosts, the gunner can easily catch up to a 
    running opponent for some hefty damage! I usually use it to surprise 
    shotgunners, and other fighters who stay in close to dodge slow firing 
    rockets. It’s also great against hackers.
    	Secondary fire is the only weapon in the game that I still don’t 
    really get. I suppose it’s great for teleport rooms, when you’re 
    expecting someone to come through. Just spray a whole clip in a giant 
    unavoidable puddle to char your target. 
    	I, myself, only spray it over dead bodies waiting to be revived.
    	Whoa baby, a dead on hit with this is almost as bad as Gas! 
    Primary fire deals a lot of damage… a possible kill if it’s a direct 
    hit. This is also good to temporarily block off a path.
    	However, the Secondary fire, Flash Bang, is equally useful. 
    Although it’s fairly annoying to be blind and hear the distinct 
    "diiIIIIINNNNGGGGG" it’s great to smack the enemy with it, and then
    charge in with either a flamethrower or rockets. It also has the amazing
    ability to launch people and make them fall to their deaths if u can hit
    them with it correctly.	Most people don’t know it, but the Flash Bang is
    extremely effective against tanks and cars. Just try it. 
    	Landmines are great for turning entrance and exits into graveyards. 
    Simply place a landmine on top of a teleport and wait for someone to be
    "blowed up" by your landmine. They also work on doors.
    	Little known, trip mines are more powerful against vehicles than
    land mines. Of course, you shouldn’t use them against vehicles anyway, 
    but it’s just a fact.
    6. More Tips
    -Battling Mined Doorways
    	So you see a Landmine or Tripmine at a doorway.  If you shoot it,
    it blows up and you die; if you move away to shoot, the door closes and
    blocks it.  What do you do???  
    	Every class has some sort of arching canister weapon (frag grenade,
    EMP, Flashbang etc...).  Simply press and hold the trigger, and then
    release it on the mines.  Move back and let the door close and then it
    should all explode a few seconds later.  Doorway's clear. TA DA!
    	In addition to that, Tripmines can usually be jumped over, or
    crouched under.  No need to waste ammo here.
    -Battling Mined Portals
    	Suppose you know that the portals mined...which you usually don't,
    but let's PRETEND :D.  Just Dash-Boost Through the portal and the mine
    should explode behind you.  You'll take a little damage but you'll live.
    -Battling FlashBangs
    	AHHH ANNOYING.  I love these :D but yeah, should your enemy bombard
    you with Flashes, just jerk your mouse so that you look all the way up
    (all you'll see is sky) and the FlashBang shouldn't effect your vision/
    hearing at all.
    	Alternatively, you could just try to dodge and stay away from them
    too. Distance between flashbangs help alot, and if you're blind just keep
    moving.  You could even shoot back to fake your vision.  haha I do this,
    just because it's easier than looking straight up.  
    -Battling Mass Turrets
    	I like taking a car and running them all over. :D  If I dont have
    a car handy, just keep hiding behind objects and firing weapons to
    destroy them.  It takes a second for them all to lock on and shoot, so
    just keep up the hiding.  If you can't hide (like your DeployPoint is
    surrounded) Dash-Boost to safety. DUH : / 
    -Battling the Sniper Rifle
    	Not much you can do but try to get closer :D Gunners should dodge
    as best as they can and lock on missiles.  Tech should fire Assault Rifle
    (secondary works well too).  Rangers should just Snipe back or Pistol
    until they can use other weapons. 
    -Battling Toxic Gas or Fragmentation Grenade
    	Run out of range and then wait until they run out of ammo.  Then
    you're free to resume battle.
    -Battling More Than One Opponent
    	Oooh a little tricky.  Don't ever let yourself get surrounded, and
    if you do, Dash-Boost over the head of the weakest enemy so that they're
    all on one side of you.  Just focus on that one, so that it's more of a
    1v1, and when they all close in, get farther out of range so that they
    dont surround you.  Spam your weapons like mad and get behind/beside a
    lot of different objects to block incoming enemy fire.
    -Battling ???
    	If there's anything else you'd like to see here, ask me. I won't
    bite. :D I promise. haha
    -Hide and snipe 
         It’s annoying and easy to fire back with another sniper
    rifle.  Plus you're not very helpful to the team unless you're killing
    everyone within three shots.
    	Just go down and fight dammit : /  and if you can't fight, then
    go support a teammate. It's okay to snipe, unless it's the only thing
    that you do.
    -Mining deploy points/energy sources 
          Pretty useless. Not effective. Sucks up energy.
    	Turrets would be more effective, but this isn't reccomended either,
    unless the enemy is continually rushing at it.
    -Gas Attack
          Haha newbie. Extra annoying because its got such a wide radius of
    damage.  Good players either just kill you straight out, or wait till
    you're out of ammo, so just use this to flush enemies out of manned turrets
    and such.  
          A gas-kill in battle is only forgivable if you smack em on the
    forehead-- then they deserve to die : /
    -Turrets and walls guarding the artifact room 
    	Omg they suck up too much energy. Unless the artifact room is
    constantly being raided by 50 enemies, dont do this.
    -Mass Turret Fighting 
    	Sucks up too much energy and pisses people off. Use sparingly and
    strategically.  Rocket turrets suck up aLOT of energy.
    -Turrets Facing Walls
    	God dam, newbies that put up a crap load of turrets FACING the wall
    are retarded.  Those won't ever turn around to shoot enemies, so it just
    ends up wasting energy.
    	Even dumber are the newbies that put up turrets and then put laser-
    walls in front of them.  It doesn't do anything : / 
    -Manned turret fighting and friendly fire 
    	Stop hitting your teammates. They fire back.
    	This is not COUNTERSTRIKE!!! You can respawn all that you want, so
    just go out there and get into the thick of it.
    	and talking... annoying... and...repeating repeating repeating
    commands. "Someone revive me!" just friggin REDEPLOY. 
    	just annoying. dont spam!!dont spam!!dont spam!!dont spam!!!!!
    -Getting into Vehicles 
    	Press the damn F key to get in.
    shift+6, shift+3, alt+### where number is the color code.
    For example, it should be like this: ^#009
    Then just type in your message and press enter.
    Typing 'suicide' in the console will earn you exactly what you ask for.
    You can set custom speech by binding these commands to your numpad. Just
    goto options/ctrls/custom and you'll find the place you can edit.
    Here's a list to help you out. :D Remember that you can always change
    teamspeech to speech or vice-versa, depending on who do you want to direct
    it to.
     teamspeech 0 // "Acknowledged."                      
     teamspeech 1 // "All clear."
     teamspeech 2 // "Get in the vehicle!"
     teamspeech 3 // "I've got an artifact."
     teamspeech 4 // "I need backup!"
     teamspeech 5 // "We need defense!"                  
     teamspeech 6 // "We need more deploy points!"                   
     teamspeech 7 // "We need energy!"
     teamspeech 8 // "I need a medic!"                        
     teamspeech 9 // "I need repairs!"                 
     teamspeech 10 // "I need supplies!"
     teamspeech 11 // "No problem"                
     teamspeech 12 // "Sorry."             
     teamspeech 13 // "Thanks."
     teamspeech 14 // "Incoming!"
     teamspeech 15 // "Wait up!"
     teamspeech 16 // "Affirmative."                      (NumPad8 by default)
     teamspeech 17 // "Negative."                         (NumPad9 by default)
         speech 18 // "Nice shot!"                      (Backspace by default)
     teamspeech 19 // "On my way."
     teamspeech 20 // "Same team!"
     teamspeech 21 // "At the base."
     teamspeech 22 // "At the generator."
     teamspeech 23 // "I'm on defense."                   (NumPad1 by default)
     teamspeech 24 // "I'm on offense."                   (NumPad2 by default)
     teamspeech 25 // "Cover me!"
     teamspeech 26 // "Follow me."                        (NumPad3 by default)
     teamspeech 27 // "I need a ride!"                  (Backslash by default)
     teamspeech 28 // "I need health!"
     teamspeech 29 // "Someone revive me!"                (NumPad0 by default)
     teamspeech 30 // "<-- I'm hacking this."             (NumPad7 by default)
     teamspeech 31 // "We now own this."
     teamspeech 32 // "Get rid of those deployables!"
     teamspeech 33 // "Hack their deploy points!"
     teamspeech 34 // "We need more automated defenses!"
     teamspeech 35 // "Enemy in our base!"                (NumPad6 by default)
     teamspeech 36 // "I've dropped an artifact!"         (NumPad5 by default)
     teamspeech 37 // "<-- I've heavily mined this area!" (NumPad4 by default)
     teamspeech 38 // "<-- There's a live Juggernaut here!"
    You can always hold the "use" key (F by default) to get rid of allied
    deployables.  Rangers and Gunners simply walk up and destry them, while
    techs just pick them up and into inventory.  
    Rangers can knock out players who are waiting to be revived by pressing
    the use key on their body.
    If you time it right, you can use the raptors funky horn. First, boost, then
    honk as the boost dies down.
    By putting out turrets, resupplying, and then taking them back with the
    "use" key, the Tech can load up his inventory with many more turrets
    than what he started with.
    If you want to bind a key to do something that you'd like, go into the 
    console or command line ( tilde or tab ).  Once you do that, you type:
    set input x1 x2
         where 	x1 = what key you want to bind.
    		x2 = what you want it to do.
    for example, if you want to set "home" to set your name to Greenberet,
    you type: set input home setname GreenBeret
    Go into the console or command line and type: togglebehindview
    http://y4k.servegame.com/ - Y4K Clan Page
    http://www.freewebs.com/colorclan/ - Don’t tell me you don’t know. :D 
    www.GameFaqs.com - Excellent source for game counseling. Seems to be 
    missing U2XMP...
    http://www.beyondunreal.com/main/u2/xmpnamecol.php - Color your name if
    you don’t know how. I still use this : /
    http://www.free-monkey.com/ - wow look what’s happening to XMP.
    Thanks to Color Clan
    Thanks to Legend for makin XMP, even though it’s moving to UT2004.
    Thanks to all the great players out there that I learned from and play
    Thanks to summer for giving me the time to do this.
    Thanks to Alpha for some good FAQ ideas.
    Thanks to 2003 Soshian S. from whom I stole the disclaimer from.
    End of document.

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