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Reviewed: 03/13/06

Hei tanti-tanti da-mi mie fata!!

Are you a hormonal teenager looking to find the joys of computerized sex in a hentai game with abnormally well-developed high-school girls? Then look no further than Slave Pageant, a game that's not quite as perverse as its title.

In this bishoujo game you play as Yujiro, a student at an "average private school" (no kidding, that's what the box says). He's the sort of guy you love to hate, embodying all of the possible cliches in anime/Japanese games ever made: He's tough on the outside, good in bed, good at fighting and he hopelessly falls in love and becomes soft a malleable as the game moves on.

As the game starts Yujiro hopelessly stumbles onto some thugs how are picking on a girl. It turns out this girl is actually Ryoko Furuya, the winner of last year's Beauty Pageant held by the school. After Yujiro obviously saves the damsel in distress the two become close... so close in fact, that before you even get to realize what's going on Ryoko is already on top of you. But before you even manage to have some fun a nosy bastard, the president of the student body (pun intended), interrupts your fun to give you some grave news: You've just been selected to disvirginate all of the girls that are due to participate in this year's Beauty Pageant because, surprise-surprise, the pageant isn't what it seems. In fact, the pageant is a sex competition that keeps the school alive and well. After the girls win they become play things for the 50-some patrons of the school.

Yujiro however isn't about to just give this opportunity away, not only does he want to disvirginate all of the girls but he wants control of the pageant as well so he kicks the ass of the current president and takes over the pageant. From this point on a series of nearly unattractive scenes unfold in which you disvirginate the 4 girls present in the pageant and then you pick the one you like more in order to teach her how to win the pageant.

If you haven't slapped yourself on the forehead yet do so now.

The story is completely shallow and utterly pointless. It's not nearly as dark as it seems and soon degenerates into a love story as your character falls head-over-heels for the girl he chooses as the "winner". As any other choose-your-adventure type games this one also has a series of different endings depending on which of the dialogue options you chose. This is a requirement for bishoujo games now-a-days but it would be nice if Slave Pageant actually had more than 2 options to choose from. When you take into account that even those 2 options are obviously idiotic, as one is ALWAYS obviously better than the other you're left with nothing else but the sex scenes to keep you entertained.

The sex scenes are ok as far as digitized-anime-sex is concerned. The quality of the few CG movies that feature "live" jiggling-boobies is deplorable on the other hand. Also, for a game that's supposedly uncensored there are enough bright flashes of light to cover the genital areas to induce seizures. The art is serviceable as it is; the girls look decently and feature the same anime flair that fans of this type of game are already used to. Too bad that there's so few girls to actually disvirginate.

Another important component of this type of game, the sound and translation, is quite good compared to other games in the genre. The sound effects are blown out of proportions as is to be expected from this sort of games: Ejaculations sound like popping of champagne bottles and the girls, as well as the guy, scream their hearts out whether or not they're having an orgasm. The translation is excellent. No words are misspelled, the dialogue is very tongue-in-cheek albeit a bit over the top, and (un)fortunately the game is devoid of any "all your base are belong to us" translations.

So, should you get this game? If you're in the 12-17 demographic, by all means. If not, I'd recommend going out to a club and actually getting some REAL sex. That's not to say there is anything WRONG with Slave Pageant, but it simply a derivative bishoujo game that lacks any semblance of a decent story, like Kana: Little Sister and falls in the "utterly boring" category.

Gameplay: 3/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 9/10
Overall: 4/10

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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