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    Chaos Space Marine Guide by CrazyEben

    Version: 2.01 | Updated: 06/23/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War
    Liber Tactica Chaotica
    Penned by the Heretic Prophet Eben the Insane
    in the year MMIV
    "Hail to the Four Fathers"
    "Death to the False Emperor"
    Table of Contents
    1)	Introduction
    2)	Why the Chaos Space Marines?
    3)	Origins of the Traitor Legions
    4)	Unit Scout Reports
    4a)	Infantry
    4b)	Vehicles
    4c)	Special Units
    5)	Structure Scout Reports
    6)	General Tips
    7)	Specialized Strategies
    7a)	Against Orks
    7b)	Against Eldar
    7c)	Against Space Marines
    7d)	Against Chaos
    7e)	Against Ordo Malleus
    8)	The Army Painter
    9)	Closing Remarks
    Version History
    Version 1.00 - 12/15/04
    I believe this is the first comprehensive Codex on the forces of Chaos ever
    posted on GameFAQs.  This being the first version, I feel obligated to say
    something, but all I can think of is don't worry about statistical information.
    It will come soon.
    Version 1.01 - 1/1/05
    I got this update out in time for New Year!  Happy New Year, everyone!  A few
    minor edits, tightened and proofread the guide a bit.  Changed my stance on
    some of the units and tactics featured in this guide.  Brought the Predator vs.
    Defiler debate to a (temporary) rather depressing close.  Statistical
    information has yet to be compiled but will hopefully be up in the next update.
    Version 2.01 - 6/20/05
    I know I've been promising an update on this guide for awhile so thank you to
    all of my fellow devotees who have been waiting for so long.  Your patience
    shall be rewarded.  I would also like to inform you all that I am aware of the
    expansion pack for Dawn of War, Winter Assault, that is being released some time
    in the near future and I promise to include sections for that.  Should there be 
    a Chaos Campaign, I will provide information on it, as well as the information
    on any new units and tactics that I might find.
    As for the actual content, I have added several new strategies for Chaos Horrors
    (along with credit where credit is due).  In addition, I added finished the
    specialized strategies section and included a new one for the unofficial side,
    the Ordo Malleus.  The mod for these deadly infantry specialists can be found
    at http://www.innocence-proves-nothing.com/.
    I hope you enjoy the guide.  Unless a patch comes out with significant changes
    sometime in the near future, this will be the last update for awhile.
    To date, I have given the following sites permission to post this guide:
    GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    Neoseeker - http://www.neoseeker.com/
    Let me lay down one thing right here and right now.  DO NOT, under any
    circumstances, email me to correct my latin.  I know it's wrong.  I'm not going
    to do anything about it because it looks cool.  Don't bother trying to correct
    my roman numerals either.
    Thank you.
    Now that the disclaimer is out of the way...
    Greetings, my Lord Brother.
    In reading this, you have pledged yourself, body and soul, to the cause of
    Abbadon the Despoiler.  As prophet of the Four Ruinous Powers, I have been
    instructed to advise you on your path to power.  Know that for we who have
    forsaken the servants of the False Emperor, there can be no turning back, for
    we shall never again be accepted by our former brothers.  They would cast us
    out and hunt us down like mere cattle!  No, our place is here and it is against
    them that we fight, for the greater good of the Chaos Gods.  Our redemption
    will not come through death, but through victory.
    Gentlemen, start your flamers!
    Death to the False Emperor.
    Why the Chaos Space Marines?
    There has always been something darkly appealing about villains.  Not the small-
    time crooks who always get their chops busted by some random hero or other, but
    the big-time villains.  Those who plot world domination, have evil laughs, and
    the ability to see said plan for world domination through.  Relic and THQ
    understand this and have made the Chaos Space Marines a playable force just for
    like-minded people.
    There are many, especially among my little former gaming group, that deride the
    minions of the Ruinous Powers as crude and unsophisticated.  They see Chaos
    armies as rush-in armies, more akin to Orks than actual Space Marines.  They
    think their graceful, artful flanking maneuvers can defeat the forces of chaos?!
    - Basic troops can have up to 10 marines per squad, as opposed to the Space
    Marines' 8
    - Units are cheaper and quicker to produce than Space Marines and Eldar
    - Chaos Space Marines are slightly more difficult to break than other factions
    - Troops serve multiple purposes and recieve many upgrades
    - Few troop selections, eliminating the need to make complex decisions about
    what to build
    - A Bloodthirster is just too cool
    The following were also pointed out by Ben Walton:
    - Possessed Squads - In my opinion, the best reason to play Chaos.  Upgrades
    take awhile but when you get them, they are amazing!  The best infantry unit
    in the game, IMO.  I'd rather have them than Terminators...no question.
    - Secondary Skills - Chaos Sorcerer has tons of spells to cast and skills like
    Furious Charge can actually make a big difference in how many deaths you
    - Chaos Space Marines are slightly frail
    - There are few troop selections, so those who enjoy variety will not 
    necessarily find it here
    - Somewhat cloned from Space Marines
    - Heavy Weapons Lag
    - Most troops are heavy infantry, so extremely vulnerable to plasma cannons 
    (Note that this is a two-way street.  Space Marines are also deliciously 
    vulnerable to Plasma.)
    The following were also pointed out by Ben Walton:
    - Chaos is slooooooow.  Nothing with Chaos can be done quickly (although I am
    somewhat inclined to disagree - Editor.).  The Heretic is the slowest builder in
    the game (a very big deal in the beginning) [Again, I am inclined to disagree.
    See ability 'Forced Labor'. - Editor.], upgrading units to make them good takes
    forever.  You'll need to make two Sacrifical Altars - 1 to train squads and
    another to upgrade them...and it is still slow!  This is one of the reasons why
    I only play Chaos in a quick-start game.
    - Cultists - They suck.  They are the worst starting unit in the game.  To make
    it worse, they take up 2 spots in your squad cap!  Compare this to the Space
    Marine Scouts who only take up one spot.  You build a total of 2 scouts and send
    them out.  Once you finish building your Barracks you have room for 3 marine
    squads (2 builders @ 1 ea. + 2 scouts @ 1 ea. + 3 marines @ 2 ea.).  Chaos can
    only use 2 (2 builders @ 1 ea., 2 scouts @ 2 ea., 2 marines @ 2 ea.).
    Insignificant?  I don't think so.  Many times I have seen an extra squad be the
    difference in a conflict deciding who gets a critical location, especially early
    in the game, and especially in a standard start game (another reason to only
    play Chaos in QS).
    - Bloodthirster - is super cool but loses a lot of value because of the high
    cost and because of its constantly dropping health.  Unless you summon him and
    completely destroy or severely cripple your enemies you are going to need
    another one.  This of course takes a lot of time and resources...
    - No healers.
    - Weak Commanders - Sorcerer has low health and must be micromanaged.
    - No relic = no Bloodthirster = Bad News (this is especially true for Chaos but
    can apply to any race; you can't get a superweapon without them.  - Editor.)
    If anyone can think of any other weaknesses for Chaos (please don't exaggerate,
    I'm trying to provide a balanced view, here), drop me a line.  My email address
    is down at the bottom.  I'd appreciate any help you could give me.
    Origins of the Traitor Legions
    Your lessons shall begin with history.  The history of us and our long conflict
    with the servants of the False Emperor.  Heed my words, for all that I speak
    now is truth, which we do not disdain to reveal.
    It began at the end of the Great Crusade, the Emperor's war to reclaim
    humanity's former domain.  At the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy, the campaign
    was entrusted to Horus, Primarch and creator of the Luna Wolves Space Marine
    Legion.  Named Warmaster of all the Emperor's armies in recognition of his
    abilities, Horus was somehow corrupted by the powers of Chaos.  When the
    commander of the nearby Istvaan system spoke of rebellion and separation,
    Horus moved to crush him.  Upon entering the system, no demands for surrender
    or any attempt at communication was made.  He simply bombed the planet Istvaan
    III out of existence.
    The Emperor, who bore witness to the psychic death screams of the populace,
    dispatched seven legions to call Horus into account for his actions.  The
    Warmaster's forces had redeployed to Istvaan V, where the loyal Space Marines
    made planetfall.  However, the traitor legion was more well-entrenched than the
    first three legions expected and so they fell back to the drop point, only to
    be massacred by the other four legions - traitors all.
    In the wake of the Istvaan V Dropsite Massacre, the Imperium tore itself apart
    in a bitter civil war known 11,000 years later as the Horus Heresy.  Brother
    fought brother as more and more Space Marines rallied behind Horus, thinking
    that he should be ruler of the Imperium.  The Adeptus Mechanicus, the powerful
    group of machinists based on Mars, was torn in half.  Half swore themselves
    to Chaos as well, turning their city-razing weapons on their former brothers.
    On worlds across the Imperium, the same scene was being repeated.  Battle lines
    stretching thousands of miles long as loyalists and traitors fought each other. 
    Chaos Cultists rose up and began prowling the streets.  Everywhere was a scene
    of bitter conflict and total war.
    Finally, the Space Marines began a counterattack, but it was too late.  Horus
    had already pushed so far into the galaxy that he was poised to strike a
    deathblow at Earth itself.  Most of the Legions were too far away to intervene.
    When the assault of Terra began, there were only three legions standing to
    defend it.  The unstoppable tide of Chaos Warriors engulfed Earth and laid
    seige to the Imperial Palace.  Then, Horus lowered the shields on his battle
    barge in an inexplicable move.  The Emperor immediately sensed this and
    teleported with a few select warriors to the command ship.  Once onboard, the
    Emperor became separated from his men but managed to fight his way to the
    bridge, where he saw the Daemon Prince Horus standing over the broken body of
    his brother, Sanguinius of the Blood Angels.  In the ensuing battle, the
    Emperor triumphed and killed Horus, but not before being horribly wounded
    himself.  This is why he resides today in the life support system called the
    Golden Throne.
    As for the traitors, they fled to the Eye of Terror, an opening into the
    Realm of Chaos, and have remained ever since, moving out to wage a neverending
    war against humanity.
    Unit Scout Reports
    My lord, before you begin your part in the neverending war, you must first know
    your men.  Understand their strengths and weaknesses and the first step on the
    path towards victory is assured.
    Please note that the following information is given on each unit:
    Name: The unit's name
    Cost: Their cost in terms of requisition (R) and energy (E)
    Morale: The size of the unit's morale bar
    Equipment: This is a cosmetic feature, but it helps to show the relative power
    of the unit.  A bolter is the average weapon against which all others are 
    measured.  A laspistol is weaker, while a heavy bolter is stronger.
    Attach/Detach?: Can you attach a special unit to this squad?
    Abilities: The unit's special commands
    Never underestimate the usefulness of Infantry.  They form the backbone of your
    army and will often triumph without the aid of artillery and heavy vehicles.
    Name: Heretic
    Equipment:  Claws, Magic
    Attach/Detach?: No
    Abilities:  Build Structure - Builds structures
    Repair Structure - Repairs targeted structure
    Forced Labor - Sacrifices HP to work at an increased rate.  Note that this will
    drain the Heretic's health and can result in death.
    Description: The backbone of your infrastructure, Heretics serve one purpose -
    to build and repair your base.  Base management is not a critical skill in Dawn
    of War, because the primary focus is on the battlefield.  In addition, Heretics
    take up one "squad point" and you will want as many of these as you can have to
    sustain your army.  Think of them as being like food in Warcraft III.  As a
    general rule, 2 Heretics is enough to build and maintain your entire base from
    start to finish.  Note that Heretics can also pool their powers in order to
    construct buildings faster.
    Name: Chaos Cultist Squad
    Equipment:  Laspistol, Sword, Plasma Gun, Grenade Launcher
    Attach/Detach?: Yes
    Abilities:  Call Reinforcements - Calls up to 6 additional cultists
    Add Squad Leader - Calls an Aspiring Champion of Chaos
    Add Plasma Gun - Gives one squad member a plasma gun, which can pierce armor 
    and is effective against heavy infantry.
    Add Grenade Launcher - Gives one squad member a grenade	launcher, which fires
    explosive projectiles that can scatter enemy units.  Effective against infantry.
    Infiltrate - Squad becomes invisible and cannot be attacked, but can be detected
    by Commanders.
    Description: Cultists are built from the Desecrated Stronghold and are your 
    basic cheap, quick to produce, and slightly large scout squad.  Essentially, 
    they're cannon fodder, but you should have at least one squad at the beginning
    of the game to scout out and claim strategic points.
    Name: Chaos Space Marines
    Cost: 200 R, 0 E
    Equipment: Bolter, Close Combat Weapon, Heavy Bolter, Flamer, Plasma Gun,
    Rocket Launcher
    Attach/Detach?: Yes
    Abilities: Call Reinforcements - Calls up to 6 additional marines
    Add Squad Leader - Calls an Aspiring Champion of Chaos
    Add Flamer - Gives one squad member a flamer, which does little damage, but is
    effective for breaking enemy morale.  Useful against Orks, the only race that
    will ever come in range.
    Add Heavy Bolter - Gives one squad member a Heavy Bolter, which is very 
    effective against infantry.  This is a heavy weapon, so the marine must be 
    standing still to use it.  The weapon of choice against Eldar and Orks (unless
    they decide to bring vehicles)
    Add Plasma Gun - Gives one squad member a plasma gun, which can pierce armor 
    and is effective against heavy infantry.  The weapon of choice against Space
    Marines and Chaos Space Marines, seeing limited use against Eldar late in the
    Add Rocket Launcher - Gives one squad member a rocket launcher, which is very 
    effective against vehicles and structures.  It can also scatter enemy units.  
    This is a heavy weapon, so the marine must be standing still to use it.
    Description: Chaos Space Marines are the backbone of your army.  They can have 
    more members than the average marine and they are as strong and only a bit less 
    durable than the average Space Marine squad.  They have the numbers and 
    firepower to match an Ork Slugga Boyz squad in combat and are more than capable
    of taking down one of the Eldar aspect squads.  Their strength lies in their 
    versatility; they can call down reinforcements fast and can be customized on 
    the go.  Beware, because they are more easily broken than Space Marines.
    Name: Chaos Raptors
    Equipment:  Chainsword, Jump Pack
    Attach/Detach?: No
    Abilities:  Call Reinforcements - Calls up to 6 additional marines
    Add Squad Leader - Calls an Aspiring Champion of Chaos
    Add Flamer - Gives one squad member a flamer, which does little damage, but is 
    effective for breaking enemy morale.  Useful against Orks, the only race that
    will ever come in range.
    Add Plasma Gun - Gives one squad member a plasma gun, which can pierce armor 
    and is effective against heavy infantry.  The weapon of choice against Space
    Marines and Chaos Space Marines, seeing limited use against Eldar late in the
    Jump - Use Jetpacks to fly a short distance, even crossing impassable terrain.
    Speed Fiend - Increases Chaos Raptor movement and attack speed for a short time.
    Description: Your all-purpose assault marines.  Chaos Raptors focus exclusively
    on melee combat and are quite good at it with relatively powerful armor and 
    increased damage with their chainswords.  Their speed fiend and jump abilities 
    make them excellent hit-and-run units, provided that you can coordinate them 
    effectively.  It is quite amusing to play in a LAN Cafe and see the look of 
    surprise and horror on the face of your opponent when his grand army runs up 
    against two squads of Chaos Space Marines...only to find the 3 squads of 
    Raptors descending upon him.  Guns?  We don't need no stinkin' guns!  Well,
    actually, Raptors CAN carry some heavy weapons, so...yeah.  Downside?  They
    don't have Melta Bombs like their Space Marine counterparts, the Assault
    Marines, making them more effective against infantry.  Somewhat.
    Name: Horrors of Tzeentch
    Equipment:  Magic
    Attach/Detach?: No
    Abilities:  Deep Strike - Horrors may be summoned anywhere on the battlefield, 
    provided that it is clear, visible terrain.
    Description:  A nasty surprise to deal to your opponents, Horrors are excellent
    at breaking an opponent's morale.  If left unchecked, these little buggers can 
    be a real pain to kill because their magical flames not only break opponents 
    much faster, but pierce ordinary armor with ease, making them useful against 
    heavy infantry.  I do not use them much, but feel free to experiment and tell 
    me what you think.  Let me know your horror strategies, as well as any others.
    My email address is down below.
    Horror Strategies!  Here they are for your reading and battling pleasure.
    Maarten Quick advises:
    First off, you build your Sacrificial Circle 100% full with Horrors. When the
    Circle is completely full, build another Horror Squad. Note that there will be
    a message saying pop full. This is part of the plan. Let the Horror training
    bar fill up completely, then keep them on stand-by. 
    Then, when you launch your attack with whatever you use, drop the Horrors behind
    the enemy frontline to catch them in a pincer move. Also take note that by
    summoning the 5 Horrors already inside the Circle, this will make room for the
    6th Horror Squad you just trained, allowing you to summon 6 Horror Squads in a
    row, instead of 5. And with your main attack force before them and your Horrors
    behind them, the enemy won't know who to get first, and also find them quite
    effectively cut off from reinforcements outside the frontline.
    [Calling all devotees of Tzeentch!  Take note of this strategy!]
    Another strategy from Ben Walton:
    You asked about stratagies with the Horrors, here is mine.  They are only really
    good against infintry, and if you put them up against mele units they are going
    to get chewed up really quickly.  What I recomend is sending in a group of
    possessed squads and then deepstrike a single group of horrors behind the group
    you are attacking.  This gives you several advantages.
    #1 You will severly weaken the units your posessed squads are attacking w/
    morale and actual damage.
    #2 You can hold up any reinforcements that might arrive giving your posessed
    squads the chance to finish off whoever they are attacking at that moment.
    #3  Might act as 'cannon fodder' which is actually good.
    When your posessed squads lose morale they become even more useless than
    raptors, if your enemy is concerned about the horrors and try to break their
    morale that allows your squads to remain usefull.    I particularly like this
    tactic as a 'hit and run' move. If you can finish off your enemy in that hit
    that's great, but usually I will pull back my posessed squads once they start
    taking significant losses and just let my horrors die.  You can't add to them
    so if I send them in I want to make sure they die off and not waste any of my
    squad cap by being less than full strength.
    Keep 'em coming, people!
    Name: Possessed Chaos Space Marines
    Cost: 100 R, 300 E
    Equipment:  Various Daemonic Mutations
    Attach/Detach?: No
    Abilities:  Call Reinforcements - Calls up to 4 additional marines
    Description: Oh, baby!  These guys are excellent when fully upgraded.  Their 
    Daemonic Fire, while doing 0 damage, can break an enemy unit like that *snap*.
    Their Daemonic Talons, when fully upgraded, have beautiful armor-piercing 
    qualities and their Daemonic Speed allows them to move with...well...startling
    speed.  They will be upon you and tear you apart before you know what hit you.
    Besides which, they are quite supernaturally tough.  Be sure to take them out 
    of the fray when they start to break.  Possessed are a bit expensive and take 
    awhile to reinforce.
    Name: Obliterator Cult
    Equipment:  Daemonic Morpho-arms
    Attach/Detach?: No
    Abilities:  Call Reinforcements - Calls up to 3 additional marines
    Deep Strike - Obliterators may be summoned anywhere on the battlefield, 
    provided that it is clear, visible terrain.
    Teleport - Obliterators may teleport a short distance, allowing them to cross 
    even impassable terrain.
    Description: Obliterators are the heavy support platform for any group of 
    infantry.  They can be a great tool for flanking and surrounding the enemy, or 
    just landing in the middle of a base and causing massive havoc.  Their patented
    Daemonic Morpho-arms (TM) can transform into any heavy weapon, so they can use 
    lascannons on the fools who bring up tanks and turrets, or autocannons on the 
    fools who send their infantry to die.  Be careful, though.  Obliterators are 
    NOT Terminators and can be killed by heavy, focused fire.  Like the 
    Bloodthirster, you need to have a captured relic to builds these, but one squad
    can take down most isolated targets.  I prefer to use them on the front line, 
    along with my Vehicles, to spearhead my assaults, although I have not tried 
    them out against intelligent human players before.
    Vehicles are your heavy support.  With armor and health totals unmatched by 
    puny infantry, they can be effective tanks (they call them that for a reason, 
    ya know...) or base defenses.  Sadly, the Chaos selection of Vehicles is 
    somewhat limited and with good reason!  If you take a look at Codex: Chaos 
    Space Marines for the tabletop game, Chaos has access to some pretty whacky
     machinery, including the (OMG!) Land Raiders.  If Chaos had access to two 
    super weapons, they would be unstoppable!  Kudos to Relic for readjusting the 
    balance of power.  However, a few MORE vehicles might have been nice.
    Name: Chaos Rhino
    Equipment:  Transport Bays
    Abilities:  Transport - Can transport one squad of Chaos Space Marines or 
    equivalent, protecting them from all damage.  Cannot transport Obliterators or 
    other heavy units.
    Smoke Launcher - Launches Smoke Grenades at target unit, reducing their 
    accuracy in combat.
    Description: Rhinos are the APCs of the Warhammer 40K world.  They don't have 
    firing ports like in the tabletop game, that would be unfair!  But they do 
    provide a means to quickly transport Marine squads from one area to the next.
    Perfect for large maps where rapid re-deployment is necessary.
    Name: Chaos Defiler
    Equipment:  Claws, Flamer, Autocannon, Defiler Artillery Cannon
    Abilities:  Attack Ground - Orders the Defiler to bombard target area
    Description: Whoooooooo!  These are my absolute favorites, both on the table 
    and on the PC.  They are extremely mobile and can stand toe-to-toe against most 
    vehicles and infantry units.  Fear their Artillery Cannon, for it can scatter 
    infantry by the dozen.  It can also do that in close combat.  Your staple 
    artillery platform and not too expensive, short production time.  'Nuff said.
    Name: Chaos Predator
    Equipment:  Twin-linked Lascannon, Side Sponson-mounted Lascannons
    Abilities:  Add Twin-linked Lascannon - Replaces the Predator's standard turret
    cannon with a twin-linked lascannon.
    Add Lascannon - Replaces one of the Predator's side sponson-mounted cannons 
    with a lascannon. (x2)
    Description: Since Relic can't possibly give Chaos both Land Raiders and a 
    Bloodthirster, the Predator has become the most powerful Chaos tank.  It is 
    quite effective against vehicles and buildings and, while it doesn't have the 
    same kind of firepower and armor as a Land Raider, it will suffice.  I don't 
    use it much because the Defiler is much more versatile.  I guess it depends 
    chiefly on the kind of terrain you will be encountering.  If it's not too bumpy,
    the Predator can cover much more distance with speed.  However, on the more 
    bumpy terrain, a Defiler can negotiate those tricky obstacles much more easily. 
    Bear in mind that the Predator is also more expensive and takes longer to build,
    but I've seen several Predators working together take down a Land Raider.
    On the subject of Predators vs. Defilers, Joey Joe raises an interesting point:
    "[cut and pasted from one of my posts from the GFaqs forum] 
    Chaos are fine to play at the lower end of the ladder but if you look at the 
    top players there are exceedingly few Chaos players [one in the top 30 and none
    in the top 10] they really rely on the early rush as they simply don't have
    enough anti-tank weaponry and their vehicle selection is rediculous. 
    The Defiler is a brilliant unit yes, but 3 pop limits you to a max of 6 and 
    they're incredibly fragile. 
    The Pred is massively expensive even before upgrades and isn't a cost-effective
    counter to anything."
    I am not going to lie to you good people out there anymore.  It's true.  There
    are very few people up on top who use Chaos.  Not even on the ordinary person
    scale.  I myself suffer many defeats at the hands of the Eldar, whose Farseers
    and Howling Banshees always seem to outflank me when I'm not looking (not to
    mention my friend is ungodly good and, having nothing else to do, trains 3
    hours a day).  So, if you are having second thoughts about playing Chaos, you
    can stop reading this guide.  Now.
    Still here?  Your devotion is commendable.
    Don't lose hope, this will hopefully be fixed with later patches.  For now, 
    I'll just work with what I have.  Joey is correct in the sense that Predators 
    are massively expensive.  Defilers seem to be a more cost-effective use of time
    and resources.  Unless the price for Preds is reduced in future, I see the
    argument as being closed.  Any more thoughts?  Drop me a line.  You know the
    Special Units
    Special Units represent the pinnacle of the favor of the Chaos Gods.  They are
    a deadly addition to any Chaos Player's arsenal and should be purchased as soon
    as humanly possible.  In the case of the Bloodthirster, purchase him more than
    once, because you KNOW everyone else will be doing the same with their special
    Name: Chaos Lord
    Equipment: Power Scythe, Bolt Pistol
    Description: The Chaos Lord is your Field Commander, a powerful warrior and
    leader in his own right.  He can be attached to any squad of Chaos Space 
    Marines, where his incredible fighting prowess and abilities will be put to 
    good use supporting that squad.  Note that you can only build one, though.  Get
    him as soon as you have any spare resources, 'cause he's available once you
    upgrade to a Monastery.
    Name: Chaos Sorcerer
    Equipment: Psyker Powers, Psyker's Staff, Bolt Pistol
    Description: The Chaos Sorcerer is second-in-command of any Chaos Army and is
    very good at what he does.  Apart from being able to stand toe-to-toe with any
    Librarian or other such unit, the Sorcerer also has a great number of Psychic
    powers at his disposal, including the powerful Doombolt spell.  This guy needs
    to be micromanaged a bit to be really effective, though.  Bear this in mind.
    Name: Bloodthirster of Khorne
    Morale: Unbreakable
    Equipment: Daemon Axe
    Abilities: Jump - Uses massive wings to fly to any location within a radius from
    the Bloodthirster.  Can be used to cross impassable terrain or move to a higher
    Description: The Bloodthirster is a Greater Daemon of Khorne, the Blood God.  
    It is an avatar of warfare, bloodshed, and destruction.  It is totally fearless
    and will keep fighting until war itself no longer exists.  In order to summon 
    one, it must first be prepared (requires a captured Relic), then it must possess
    one of your Aspiring Champions or Heroes.  Just target the squad and BOOM!  He 
    arrives with a bang.  This guy is the ultimate weapon of the Chaos Space 
    Marines.  He's impervious to most standard weapons and, though he decays over
    time, he can cause more than enough damage in that amount of time.  Get him.
    Now.  Before the Avatar of Khaine comes knocking at your door.  Kill him.
    Blood for the Blood God!  Mwahahahahaha!  Excellent for leading charges, 
    because he will draw literally ALL the opponent's firepower in their desparate
    scramble to kill him.
    Several people have pointed out that the Bloodthirster is somewhat underpowered
    as a superweapon.  Aside from the cost and the loss of HP, one person pointed
    out something interesting to me.
    Andreas Baird writes:
    I was reading your (very good) guide on using Chaos in Dawn Of War and I noticed
    that there is something you probably should have mentioned about the
    Bloodthirster, and that is the fact it is useless against Space Marines. 
    I don't know whether or not you have seen it (I can't imagine you havn't) but if
    a Bloodthirster gets into combat with the Space Marine leader he will killl him
    very quickly (with an incredibly cool animation that involves him jumping on the
    Demon's back and literally hammering him back into hell). I think this may also
    happen with the Librarian although I havn't bothered using a Bloodthirster vs.
    Space Marines since the first time.... 
    This just seems like a good thing to mention as it makes the Bloodthirster a
    complete waste of resources against Space Marines as they only last about a
    minute at most :( 
    Sorry to teach my granny to suck eggs on this one but I thought it best to tell
    Structure Scouting Reports
    Although your base of operations isn't as important as most of the other 
    elements of gameplay in Dawn of War, it would be foolish to underestimate its
    usefulness.  This is where your units are produced and your resources are
    gathered.  Oh, and don't forget about all the wonderful upgrades you can get
    Name: Desecrated Stronghold
    Produces:   Heretic, Cultist Squad
    Upgrades:   Increase Squad Cap - Increases the maximum number of squads you can
    have in play.
    Increase Vehicle Cap - Increases the maximum number of vehicles you can have in
    Monastery Add-On - Enables level 2 technologies
    Fortress Monastery Add-On - Enables level 3 technologies
    Description: The Desecrated Stronghold is the backbone of your base.  It is 
    decently armored and can withstand massive punishment, especially when it is 
    has the Fortress Monastery Add-on.  It also generates +20 Requisition Points 
    and sets the squad cap at 10.  In addition, it generates a zone of control in
    which all other buildings (except listening posts) must be placed.
    Name: Chaos Temple
    Produces:   Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Raptor, Chaos Lord (1 Only)
    Upgrades:   Frag Grenades - Usable by Chaos Space Marine squads.  When a Frag 
    Grenade is thrown, it deals massive damage to an enemy and scatters them.  Most
    effective against infantry.
    Speed Fiend - Enables the Speed Fiend ability for Chaos Raptors
    Description: Looks like a Desecrated Chapel Barracks to me.  That's pretty much
    what it is; the core of your army is produced here.  Generally, this is the
    first building you want to build and start churning out Chaos Space Marine or
    Chaos Raptor squads.
    Name: Armory
    Produces:  Heavy Weapons
    Upgrades:  Increase Heavy Weapon Limit: Allows Chaos Space Marines to carry 
    additional heavy weapons.  Normal restrictions still apply.
    Target Sensors: Gives all Chaos Space Marines the Target Sensor wargear, 
    improving their accuracy.  Can be taken twice.
    Bionics: Improves health of all Chaos Space Marines.  Can be taken twice.
    Power Sword: Gives all Aspiring Champions the Power Sword wargear.  Power Swords
    ignore most kinds of armor, making them effective against heavy infantry.
    Power Fist: Gives all Aspiring Champions the Power Fist wargear.  Power Fists 
    ignore all kinds of armor, making them effective against vehicles and structures
    as well as heavy infantry.
    Plasma Pistol: Upgrades all Aspiring Champion bolt pistols to plasma pistols, 
    which ignore armor and are effective against heavy infantry.
    Furious Charge: Gives Chaos Space Marines the Furious Charge veteran skill.  
    Marines upgraded with this skill will charge into close combat and gain a bonus
    to speed and damage.
    Infiltration: Gives Chaos Space Marines the ability to Infiltrate, making them 
    invisible to all enemies except commanders.  If they are fired upon, the 
    invisibility is dispelled.
    Description: The Armory should be the second building you build, as it allows 
    you to take heavy weapons and contains several crucial upgrades that will allow
    your army to dominate in a fight.  Power Swords and Plasma Pistols are essential
    for your sergeants, turning them into deadly warriors in their own right.
    Furious Charge is useful for people who are heavy on Chaos Raptors or Possessed
    Marines while Target Sensors and Bionics should be applied to any playing 
    style.  Infiltration is the most evil because of its sheer usefulness.  Just to
    be extra evil, sneak a squad of Marines into your opponent's base, then summon 
    a Bloodthirster.  It won't break the invisibility ;).
    Name: Listening Post
    Produces:   Requisition Points
    Upgrades:   Fortified Position - Upgrades the Listening Post to produce more 
    Requisition, increase armor, and add an autocannon.
    Heavily Fortified Position - Upgrades the Fortified Position to produce even 
    more Requisition, greater armor, and increases the power of the autocannon.
    Improved Engagement Research - Improves the overall rate of generating 
    Requisition points.  Use this if you have a lot of energy but are running low 
    on Requisition.
    Escalate Engagement Research - Improves the rate at which you generate 
    Requisition points.  Upgrade if you have a surplus of Energy but a shortage of 
    Description: You can build listening posts on any captured Relic or Strategic 
    Location to defend it from capture.  The armor of the Fortified and Heavliy 
    fortified positions will delay most enemies long enough for reinforcements to 
    arrive, but don't count on it to protect the Point.
    Name: Plasma Reactor
    Cost: 135 R
    Produces:   Energy
    Upgrades:   Improved Power Grid - Improves the rate at which you recieve energy.
    Research this if you have a shortage of Energy but a surplus of Requisition 
    Points.  I prefer this over Engagement research because I'm usually low on 
    Improved Plasma Battery - Further improves the rate at which you recieve energy.
    Description: Plasma Reactors are your main energy producing structures in Dawn 
    of War.  They produce a mediocre amount of energy, though, and another drawback
    is that you can only build 6 per Stronghold you have.  However, Energy is 
    crucial to the production of most upgrades and Vehicles, so I would recommend 
    building 6 as soon as possible.
    Name: Thermo Plasma Reactor
    Produces:  Energy
    Upgrades:  None
    Description: The Thermo Plasma Reactor is a more powerful version of the Plasma
    Reactor that costs more, but generates an exponentially large amount of 
    energy.  I mean literally three or four times more energy than the average 
    power plant.  The only disadvantage is that they can only be built on Slag 
    Heaps, marked on the map as purple dots.  If you see Slag Heaps, try and claim
    them straight away to get an extra resource advantage.
    Name: Machine Pit
    Produces:  Chaos Rhino, Chaos Defiler, Chaos Predator
    Upgrades:  Smoke Launchers - Gives Rhinos the ability to fire smoke grenades 
    into combat, reducing enemy accuracy by 50%.
    Description: The Machine Pit is your vehicle production facility, so treat it 
    well.  In addition to allowing you access to vehicles, the Machine Pit also 
    generates two "Machine Points" towards your total limit of 20.  It's a given 
    that you should build this as soon as you can.
    Name: Sacrificial Altar
    Produces:  Horror Squad, Possessed Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Sorcerer (1 only)
    Upgrades:  Daemonic Fire: Gives Possessed Marines a Flamer-style attack that 
    does no damage, but incredible damage to enemy morale.
    Daemonic Speed: Increases speed of Possessed Marines.
    Daemonic Mutation: Increases strength of Possessed Marines.
    Daemonic Talons: Increases armor penetration power of Possessed Marines.
    Description: The Sacrificial Altar is the Chaos equivalent of the Sacred 
    Artifact for the Space Marines.  This structure allows you to produce 
    specialized units like the Possessed Chaos Space Marines and the Chaos 
    Librarian Hero, the Sorcerer.  Horrors can also be deep-striked from here.  
    There are several key Commander upgrades that will be applied both to your 
    Chaos Lord and Sorcerer, making this structure a must-build.
    Name: Heavy Bolter Turret
    Produces:  Bullet holes through a lot of lackeys of the False Emperor!
    Upgrades:  Anti-Vehicle Upgrade: Permanently reconfigures the turret to fire 
    rockets effective against vehicles.
    Description: The Heavy Bolter Turret is the one and only defensive structure 
    for your base.  I don't really waste a lot of time with these, because they 
    aren't powerful and a person with a lot of artillery could sit back and shell 
    you from long range...and you wouldn't even notice!  All the enemy needs to 
    have is a squad of infiltrators standing close enough and BAM!  Your turrets 
    are gone.  Besides, this game isn't about turtling inside your base.
    Name: Mine Field
    Produces:  Land Mines
    Upgrades:  None
    Description: Mine Fields can be laid by any Heretic and are a decent form of 
    base defense if you ever think you need one.  They cannot be detected, except 
    by Commanders and detonate as soon as a unit steps on them, sending them flying
    sky high.  I don't really bother with these either, but if you want to use 
    them, don't let me stop you.
    Name: Daemon Pit
    Produces:  Obliterator Cult
    Upgrades:  Personal Teleporters: Allows Obliterators to teleport as per the 
    Jump ability used by Chaos Raptors.  There is a slight delay between the 
    command and the actual teleportation, but they can cross normally impassable 
    Bloodthirster: Prepares a Bloodthirster, the Greater Daemon of Khorne, for 
    summoning.  It's an upgrade, I swear!  Once this is completed, you may select 
    the option from any squad with an Aspiring Champion.  You can even select your 
    Chaos Lord or Sorcerer.  Blood for the Blood God!
    Description: This structure contains the final and perhaps the most powerful 
    units in the Chaos arsenal.  The Obliterator Cults can be prepped for Deep 
    Strike here and the dreaded Super Weapon of Chaos can be readied here as well: 
    the Bloodthirster of Khorne.
    General Tips
    Learning how to play the Chaos Space Marines is easy, but to master them is
    difficult.  I don't claim to be a master, but here is my advice to my fellow
    devotees of the Ruinous Powers.
    - Learn the Hotkeys.  While this is important in any RTS, it is doubly important
    in Dawn of War.  When a battle is raging, you need to be able to make tough 
    decisions in the blink of an eye and the time it takes you to move the mouse 
    over and click that button may have cost you a squad of Marines.
    - The beginning of the game is crucial.  Try to have some sort of plan in your
    mind of what you want to build and when you want to build it.  I usually go
    with a Chaos Temple, with a squad of Cultists being produced followed by
    another Heretic who will make Plasma Reactors.  The choice is up to you, but
    take advantage of the long load times.
    - Specialization can be a good thing.  Those who have an earlier version of my
    guide may know that I was against this tactic before, but I have found it to be
    quite useful if you know what you're up against.  One squad of Chaos Space
    Marines with 4 Plasma Cannons can really chew up those little Space Marines.
    4 Heavy Bolters make an excellent deterrent for stray Ork squads.  So, actually,
    I kinda prefer specialization now.
    - Beware of heavy weapons.  This may sound weird, but against enemies like the 
    Orks, those few seconds it takes to load your guns may see da Boyz already on 
    top of you and saying, "me gon' chop you" while gleefully hacking the innards 
    out of your Marines.
    - Be aggressive.  This game is NOT for Turtles.  A turtle is one of those 
    people who builds an impregnable base defense, then sends a message to one of 
    his opponents saying, "c'mon!  Attack me!  I dare you!"  The annoyance factor 
    of these people is on par with Campers and Frag Stealers in FPS's, so it's a 
    good thing Relic has done away with Turtling opportunities.  You need to 
    capture strategic points in order to build up your army!  You ain't in Gold 
    Mine land anymore.
    - Be aware of your enemy's location.  On any map, you can usually predict where
    your opponent is going to be, based on your team's starting locations.  A quick
    strike early on can cripple their economy.  In the meantime, expand and grab
    the nearest strategic points.
    - Never underestimate the power of morale.  Having a few Flamers in your army
    can make all the difference.  A broken squad will deal less damage and take
    more damage in return, so most people interested in preserving their army will
    have broken squads retreat.  This can turn the tide in your favor, because you
    have less enemies firing upon you.
    - Be sure to keep reserves in your base.  Often, an enemy will throw all their
    might at an approaching army and if you can rout them, don't bother trying to
    regroup.  Send in your second wave or use your deep-striking units to finish
    the job.
    - Abuse the Infiltration ability.  While this can easily be countered by most 
    thinking humans, having an Infiltration unit penetrate the enemy perimeter and
    summon a Bloodthirster can give most opponents a rude awakening!
    Early Game Tips
    The beginnning of the game is often key for Chaos players, whether you are going
    to do an early rush to drop your opponent or concentrate on building up your
    forces for a Take and Hold victory.  The "King's Pawn" Opening is one of the
    most popular methods of starting the game for any side.  Just modify to fit.
    "King's Pawn" Opening
    - When the map loads, immediately select your Desecrated Stronghold
    - Queue up 2 squads of Chaos Cultists and 1 more Heretic
    - Select your existing Heretic immediately after that and build a Chaos Temple
    - Using the Heretic's Forced Labor ability, get the Temple and a Plasma
      Generator done as soon as possible
    - When the Cultist Squads are ready, send them to capture any nearby Strategic
      points and Relics
    - When the Chaos Temple is ready, queue up a squad of Tactical Marines and a
      Chaos Lord
    - When they are ready, immediately begin active scouting while producing more
      squads of either Tactical or Assault Marines (Chaos Marines or Raptors)
    As you can see, this opening is pretty solid and gives the player good grounding
    to both expand and defend his base early on in the game.  From there, you should
    focus on building up your army of infantry in hopes of catching a player off
    guard and eliminating them.  If you prefer to do things the Take and Hold way,
    observe the locations of the map's most easily defendable Critical Locations
    and plan ahead.  You will want more Tactical Squads and less Raptors for defense
    and will want lots and lots of long range firepower.  Either way, Defilers are
    what you crave (just like White Castle).
    Mid Game Tips
    The middle of the game is when it becomes crunch time for the Chaos Space
    Marines.  You will live or you will die at this point by your planning, your
    troop selections, and the speed of your fingers.  Here are some general pointers
    for the half time fight.
    - The units that are considered "midgame" units are the Defiler, Chaos Tactical
      Squad, Chaos Raptor Squad, Horrors of Tzeentch, the Chaos Sorcerer, and the
      (ugh!) Chaos Predator
    - Building a Chaos Sorcerer is critical in the power race against the Space
      Marines.  Having a psyker on your side when the engagements start racking up
      can be a major factor in deciding the outcome.  Don't even try to win against
      the Eldar in such a race, because their Force Commander is a psyker by default
      The Orks' Mad Dok doesn't seem to have psychic powers, although if someone
      could confirm this, that would be nice
    - While it may be tempting to build a Sacrificial Altar in the beginning of the
      game and turn out Horrors of Tzeentch, bear in mind their cost.  Your
      economy isn't strong enough to handle the pressure of Horrors yet and most of
      the upgrades at the Altar only become available after you upgrade to a L2
      Desecrated Stronghold.  You'll need all your resources to build your standing
      army of grunts (who are undeniably effective, unlike some other games I could
      name *coughcommandandconquercough*)
    - There are a lot of upgrades that can be researched at this
    Any more tips?  Drop me a line.  My email is down below.
    Specialized Strategies
    We have all been there before.  There will come a time in any player's life
    when they will stop playing the single campaign and start playing multiplayer
    games, whether with the computer or real life people.  This section is designed
    to ease the growing pains for such gamers...okay.  Not really.  But you know
    the general idea, right?  Look here to find my thoughts and tips on fighting
    other factions in the game.
    Against Orks
    The Orks are a tricky race for anyone to play because of their unique tech tree
    and the addition of the Ork resource to reign in their army production.  Once
    you learn the techniques, however, I believe the Orks are simple to play and
    absolutely brutal on the battlefield.  However, the limitations on their tech
    tree are their biggest weakness as well as the balancing factor in the game.
    While it is easier said than done, one of the tricks to beating the Orks is to
    limit (1) their population and (2) how many of your units they kill.
    First, an Ork player will be much more aggressive initially than any other
    faction, because they start off with a unit of Slugga Boyz, which they can send
    around to capture strategic points.  Therefore, you should establish your own
    zone of influence (where the Strategic Points mark its border) as soon as
    possible.  Try to avoid conflict with the Orks (unless they are on your side),
    but if you come across one of their units on the field, burn it down to the
    last alien filth!
    Control the Ork population and you control the technologies available to them.
    Personally, I just try to stop them from even getting Nobz, because Nobz in
    large numbers will slaughter infantry like pigs.
    As for the Ork resource, there is little you can do to stop them once they get
    into full swing.  If you're playing a team game, that is.  Regardless, Orks
    are particularly vulnerable to flamers and heavy bolters.  Once an Ork squad
    is broken, your heavy bolters will chew it up.  Just beware of the lag needed
    to set up the weapon.  Perhaps this is where Defilers will come in handy.  Be
    sure to change weapons mid-way to Plasma Guns, because Ork Nobz are heavy
    infantry (I think).  
    Do not try to engage the Big Mek in single combat, because it's stronger than
    your Chaos Lord and you will lose.  Better to send your underlings (Possessed
    Marines are good here), but I don't think many ranged attacks will have an
    effect on him.
    Once the Orks have produced their Superweapon, the all-powerful Squiggoth,
    there's not much you can do to stop it.  Perhaps a Bloodthirster combined
    with extra good melee units would be able to take him down, but good luck.
    That thing has armor and weapons like you wouldn't believe.  Bottom line?
    Please don't let him get a Squiggoth.
    A final note regarding vehicles - My general understanding is that the Ork
    community is divided.  One camp views vehicles as a useful tool to shock and
    terrorize foes (especially the Killa Kan) but the other feels that Vehicles
    are a waste of time and resources, and are not cost-effective enough to deal
    with anything.  You generally shouldn't need Missile Launchers when dealing
    with Orks, but be prepared for anything.
    Bottom Line: Don't try to match the Orks blow for blow.  You will lose every
    time.  Rather, seek to tie them down and destroy them, rather than outdoing
    them in sheer industrial capability.
    Against Eldar
    Many deride the Eldar as being the weakest of the races in Dawn of War.  This
    is not so.  While it is true that Guardians, their basic troop type, are weak
    they are easily stronger than scouts and generally serve as such.  Their array
    of psychic powers can only be called dizzying and their speed can only be
    called criminal.  Using their Fleet of Foot ability, the Eldar can expand fast
    and capture strategic points halfway across the map in no time flat.  Not to
    mention most of their units are cheaper (once they research the proper aspect
    stone) than their Chaos "counterparts" and they acquire vehicles faster than
    any of the other races, so expect to see Wraithlords out there real fast.  To
    top it all off, the Eldar have more mobility than any of the other races.
    They can use Webway gates to link even the most remote Listening Post to the
    main army itself.  This means they can strike anywhere and everywhere.
    So, how does one beat such deadly foes?  Well, I don't have any one formula
    for fighting against them.  The difficult thing is that their units are
    cheaper and quicker to produce, so they will be assaulting you with a Farseer
    or other powerful unit fairly early in the game.  I don't usually have any
    other choice but to play slightly defensive for awhile.  Heavy Bolters and
    Flamers are, again, the Heavy Weapons of choice.
    However, this may change once the Eldar start getting Warp Spiders.  They can
    rip apart your heavy infantry with the greatest of ease and their haywire
    grenades play havoc with vehicles.  If your enemy is a Warp Spider-heavy
    player, field Plasma Guns.  Always keep a few units of Missile Launchers in
    reserve to take out those pesky Fire Prisms and Wraithlords that come your
    way.  It's hard to keep a defense going while you are hard pressed for
    resources but don't give up!  The beginning is always the hard part against
    Eldar, but it will only get harder if you wait.
    Once you've managed to defend yourself, start building up an army for a steady
    counterattack.  Defilers are the order of the day, as are Possessed Marines
    and any deadly units you can muster.  Launching the counterassault is the most
    deadly and dangerous part of the game for a Chaos player.  It is death to
    assume that once the Eldar have been driven off, their forces have been
    broken.  Why?  Well, if you have ever played Starcraft, the Webway gate acts
    much like the Zerg Nydus Canal, or the GLA Tunnel Network in Command & Conquer
    Generals.  Troops can be stored inside and used as a rapid-response defense
    force that can be deployed anywhere.  Therefore, you assault a strategic point
    then they deploy their defense force, then you waste troops in a costly battle
    while they prepare a counterassault force of their own.
    Therefore, it is a good idea when attacking to attack several places at once
    so if there are Webway gates, much of the Webway network will be cut off as
    soon as you strike.  That way, you will delay the defense force because the
    Eldar player will be forced to move back to their second line and click the
    Webway gate there, then deploy his units from there, by which point you should
    already have faded back.  Capture and hold the points, then fortify them in
    case the Eldar should return.  Send infiltration units ahead of the main army
    to pinpoint the location of Webway gates, then bomb them with Defilers or
    Chaos Space Marines with Missile Launchers.
    If you should engage the Eldar, you will find that their force will always
    contain at least one squad of Howling Banshees.  These close combat
    specialists are very good at what they do and should be tied down as soon as
    possible to prevent them from doing the same.  Use Defilers or other units
    that can take a bit of punishment.  Meanwhile, have your Chaos Space Marines
    and other units take out the Fire Support Teams such as Wraithlords, Dark
    Reapers, Warp Spiders, and Rangers.  Rangers are especially deadly because
    they come in large numbers, move like a scout team, and snipe like hell itself
    had a Sniper Rifle.  You will learn to respect the Ranger, or you will perish.
    Regarding the Avatar of the Bloody Handed God.  Kill him on sight with a
    Bloodthirster.  A Bloodthirster standing toe to toe against an Avatar will win
    and the benefits to the Eldar of having one in play are enormous.  Destroy it
    as soon as possible and you will limit their production capabilities as well
    as making them subject to morale penalties again.  They shall know the true
    meaning of fear.
    One more thing: you will want aggressive patrols near the perimeter of your zone
    of influence.  I know you're probably cursing me out for making you micromanage
    so much, but beware the Webway Creep.  Some Eldar players are masters of this
    technique, which involves sneaking Bonesingers just outside your line of sight
    and building Webway Gates.  This way, they can teleport forces directly to your
    base and immediately overwhelm you.
    Bottom Line: Like the Orks, the Eldar are fierce opponents in their own right.
    They can get powerful units onto the field faster than you and will most likely
    destroy you with quick, concerted attacks featuring Howling Banshees, Warp
    Spiders, and Fire Prisms.  Or, they could overwhelm you in a wave of alien
    death.  Play slightly defensively until you have fought them off, then grind
    them down with a counterattack and cut off their mobility.
    Against Space Marines
    "An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded."  That
    quote has nothing to do with any strategy whatsoever, but I think it's very
    cool.  Anywho, the Space Marines are our hated enemies and should be crushed
    wherever they are found.  They are a well balanced and simple to play army
    that features a wide selection of troops and vehicles, including Terminators,
    Dreadnoughts, and the dreaded Land Raider.
    Initially, it will be best for you to rely on your Plasma Guns while building
    up to a Machine Pit.  All Space Marines can be counted as heavy infantry thanks
    to their power armor and Plasma Guns will butcher them with ease.  Be aware,
    though, that they also have access to Plasma Guns and will most likely use them
    to hunt you down.  You will need to outdo them in a Technology race and start
    attacking them before they get Land Raiders.  Let me get one thing straight
    with you: Nothing and I mean NOTHING you have in your arsenal is going to stop
    a Land Raider at the vanguard of a Space Marine invasion force.
    The key is constant pressure.  Seek out strategic points and at least bring
    down their flags, then run.  Deprive them of their resources and destroy their
    Machine Cults and Chapel Barracks wherever they can be found.  If possible,
    keep them away from Relics, unless they have one right at the back of their
    base.  Then there is usually not much you can do to keep it from them,
    although it is interesting to note that few people look twice at a place they
    consider secure.  Supposing the Relic is on a cliff-like piece of terrain far
    into the back of their base (which happens on some maps.  The new map on the
    1.10 patch, Tainted Soul, is one example, even if it's not a good one).  A
    few squads of Raptors, when they jump behind enemy lines, could easily bring
    down the relic's flag, making them waste time in capturing it again.  They
    are unlikely to notice the messages about losing the relic in the heat of
    say, a diversionary battle?
    Having deprived them of Land Raiders, the next units to watch out for are the
    Dreadnoughts and Predator Tank.  Well, actually, the Predatory succumbs to
    the same tragic weakness as the Chaos Predator - it is not cost-effective
    enough to handle many threats.  Therefore, most experienced players will not
    use them and instead rely on their Dreadnoughts, who are quite powerful in
    melee.  Again, squads of Chaos Space Marines with Missile Launchers are an
    asset, as well as Possessed Marines, thanks to their Daemonic Talons ability.
    When approaching the endgame, beware of using a Bloodthirster due to the deadly
    Daemonhammer that the Force Commander carries.  Its a very powerful weapon
    against daemons like the Bloodthirster and apparently, he can literally hammer
    it back to hell in short order.  The Librarian might also be able to do this.
    If you apply the pressure, you should be able to bring them down, although a
    rush early in the game is preferrable.
    Bottom Line: The Space Marines are a deadly foe in every respect.  They combine
    a powerful offense, mobility, and durability and should not be taken lightly.
    Expect no mercy, for you shall receive none, and show them none in return.  The
    defeat of a Space Marine player should afford you endless satisfaction because
    of the souls you have given to the gods.  Besting the fools will please your
    masters immensely.
    Against Chaos Space Marines
    Throughout the universe, the servants of Chaos strive to keep themselves at peak
    strength and favor with their respective patrons.  Others, like the World Eaters
    and Emperor's Children, hold long-standing feuds that constantly play themselves
    out.  Whatever the case, fights between the Chaos Space Marines break out often.
    The Chaos Space Marines are a force focused on offense, much in the same way
    that the Orks are.  However, they combine this with the tactical versatility of
    the Space Marines to create a force to be reckoned with.  You should know; you
    play as them.
    When playing against the Chaos Space Marines, remember that they will be using
    largely the same tactics as you and will likely have a Chaos Lord and a squad
    of Marines out at approximately the same time as you do.  Initially, it will be
    a battle between Cultists and unupgraded squads of Chaos Space Marines, but try
    to get Plasma Guns before your opponent does.  This will give you a huge killing
    advantage because most Chaos troops are heavy infantry.
    Climb the Tech Tree as fast as possible to get Possessed Marines while capturing
    as much ground as you can.  Play to your strengths and your strengths lie in
    aggressiveness!  You know plenty about being offensive, now use that knowledge
    to your advantage.  Once you have Possessed Marines, you can pretty much stay
    right where you are in terms of troop upgrades.  You don't need a Bloodthirster
    and your Possessed can tear apart any vehicles the enemy might use.  Expect
    Defilers and Possessed Marines on behalf of the enemy as well.
    Continually upgrade your Commanders to get more activated abilities and your
    troops to improve their effectiveness.  Send squads of Possessed Marines on the
    offensive and produce them and Tactical Squads like crazy.  Support your men
    with Plasma Guns and, if you want to add a little spice to your offensive
    behavior, prepare a small squad of Infiltrators to sneak into their base and
    call forth a Bloodthirster.  On the whole, any tactics used against the Space
    Marines should be used against the Chaos Space Marines and aggressiveness is the
    Bottom Line: As I have mentioned before, offense is the best defense and this
    applies especially when fighting the forces of Chaos.  They will use many of the
    same strategies against you that you use against them, so always keep an eye on
    your base just in case they send a Bloodthirster at you when you least expect
    it.  Bear in mind that Chaos Space Marines are more easily broken and more frail
    than Space Marines, so you should press any advantage you have.  Prove that you
    are the superior servant and of higher standing with the Dark Gods!
    Against Ordo Malleus
    Note: The Ordo Malleus is not an official side that Relic has developed for play
    in Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War.  The strategies in this guide refer to an
    unofficial version of the Daemonhunters created independently.  You may find
    this mod at http://www.innocence-proves-nothing.com/
    The Ordo Malleus or Daemonhunters are not an official side but were created by a
    talented group of mod makers who run a site called Innocence Proves Nothing.
    They emphasize infantry dominance and have access to a unique tech tree and
    deadly anti-daemon weapons.  Consequentially, their vehicles are rather weak.
    I felt it necessary to include a section on them because a Chaos player may
    encounter them somewhere in his career and they need to be equipped with some
    knowledge about their foes in order to defeat them.
    The beginning of the game might actually be easier for the Chaos player than
    when fighting other races because the powerful Grey Knights do not come cheap.
    Therefore, you will usually face scouting units in the beginning like
    Inquisitorial Henchmen.  One thing you should be wary of is that the Ordo
    Malleus Command Center, the Thunderhawk, can relocate itself on command and can
    be upgraded with two Heavy Bolters to fire on incoming units.  Assaulting an
    Ordo Malleus base in an early game rush will not be easy.  Your Chaos Space
    Marines, equipped with Plasma Guns, should be more than a match for the Grey
    Knights at range, but once they come closer, their Nemesis Force Weapons will
    probably tear your Marines to pieces, so try not to engage them up close if at
    all possible.
    The middle of the game should be spent exploiting the Ordo Malleus' weakness
    against vehicles.  Produce Defilers to hunt down the Grey Knights and any other
    units that the Ordo Malleus might have produced by that point.  Don't worry
    about the Grey Knights Dreadnoughts and other vehicles that they might have
    built; your vehicles are probably equal to or superior to them.  On the other
    hand, take care of your infantry because Grey Knights and other units will still
    have access to Meltabombs to take out your Defilers, so take care.  Don't bother
    with Daemons of any sort because the Space Marines they use, as well as Lord
    Coteaz, the Force Commander, have Nemesis Force Weapons, which do extra damage
    to Daemonic Entities.  This means no Bloodthirster either, but you shouldn't
    need him.  As of now, I don't know whether Possessed Marines are affected by the
    rule but if anyone does, they can let me know.
    Finally, beware of the Officio Assassinorum.  It is a structure that allows the
    Orodo Malleus access to various types of assassins which are very powerful but
    not unstoppable.  They can have only one of each type, so if you see your troops
    dying at a fast rate, you know to bring your Commander there to identify the
    Bottom Line: The Grey Knights absolutely dominate with Infantry.  They are
    powerful but not unstoppable.  In fact, the Grey Knights cost quite a lot
    compared to Chaos Space Marines and take a bit longer to produce.  Don't use
    daemons against them because they have a variety of weapons to deal with them.
    Not only their close combat attacks, but the special heavy weapon they get
    access to, the Psycannon.  They don't even need to stay still to use it!  Just
    remember that they will fall to Vehicles, so to have plenty of Defilers is your
    best bet.
    The Army Painter
    In my view, choosing an army that suits your taste is as important as a good
    strategy.  The Army Painter will allow you to customize the coloring of your
    Chaos Space Marines' Armor, Shoulder Pads, Trim, Eyes, and even the color of 
    their Bolters!  The sheer possibilities for customization are incredible.  It's
    also nice to develop your own color schemes or import those you made in the
    tabletop game.  You could even create your own legion, with its own unique
    identity, if that's what you wanted.
    But for those of us (like me) without a modicum of artistic talent, we use the
    pre-generated color schemes.  Here's a breakdown of the different storybook
    Legions, their color schemes, and a little bit about them.  Note that this has
    no bearing on the game, but is merely cosmetic.
    Alpha Legion - The legion featured in the single player campaign.  The Alpha
    Legion relies on their own strength, respecting strength and despising the
    weak.  They may work for centuries on end, operating behind Imperial lines in
    order to undermine the operations of the False Emperor.  Their colors are Dark
    Blue and White, with a green insignia of a Hydra, which represents their ability
    to strike quickly and where they please.
    Black Legion - The legion formerly known as the Sons of Horus or the Luna
    Wolves.  They were rallied after the Horus Heresy by the first Chosen of the
    Warmaster, Abbadon.  He became the new champion of Chaos and took on the title
    of Warmaster for himself.  They are almost always at the head of the Black
    Crusades that Abbadon launches against the Imperium.  Their colors are Black
    and Gold.
    Death Guard - The legion dedicated to Nurgle, god of diseases, plagues, and
    despair.  Mortarion, the Death Guard's Primarch, rushed to aid the loyalilsts
    in their struggle but was trapped in Warp Space by Typhus, a traitor within the
    ranks.  A strange disease began to destroy the Marines of the Death Guard and
    Mortarion, in a fever, cried out to any power in the universe for relief and
    Nurgle heard his call.  Following the Heresy, Mortarion was made a Daemon Prince
    for his services during the war.  The Death Guard were inflicted with horrible
    diseases, but did not die, resulting in Marines that are more durable than most.
    They represent a slow moving, but unstoppable foe.  Their colors are Green and
    Brown, kinda sickly-like.
    Emperor's Children - The legion dedicated to Slaanesh, god of pleasure and
    indulgence.  While Slaanesh is the youngest of the Chaos Gods, he has among the
    most followers of the Four.  His chosen legion was dedicated to perfection in
    all things, which became perverted into excess.  When their Primarch, Fulgrim,
    attempted to reason with Horus, the renegade treated him to the pleasures and
    indulgences (least of which being powerful drugs) while a tendril of Slaanesh's
    power crept into his psyche.  He resisted staunchly at first, but eventually was
    overwhelmed by the stimulation of his senses, which awakened unspoken desires.
    The Emperor's Children followed their leader into the worship of Slaanesh and,
    during the seige of the Emperor's Palace, they ignored it and instead proceeded
    to the administrative districts of Terra where they committed massive
    atrocities.  They make war into an art form with a riot of color and sonic
    weaponry.  Not in Dawn of War, though.  Too bad...  Their colors are Pink
    and Black.
    Iron Warriors - The greatest seige warriors the Imperium had ever known, the
    Iron Warriors have always respected strength and despised the weak.  Thus, they
    were drawn to Horus' strength during the Heresy but have since become a paranoid
    Legion that rarely allies with others and trusts nothing but its wargear.
    They usually get access to more heavy weaponry than any other Legion and are
    excellent at fortifying their positions.  Their colors are Gray and Gold.
    Many Iron Warriors suits of armor and vehicles sport a striped pattern similar
    to that used by American construction vehicles and other equipment.
    Incidentally, their Primarch, Peturabo, wrote a treatise on siege warfare that
    still forms the basis for the Imperial training program, over 10 millennia
    Night Lords - A legion that rules through fear and oppression.  The Night Lords
    come from a world that is constantly shrouded in night, making them masters of
    night fighting and stealth maneuvers.  Their tactics are designed to inspire
    fear and terror in their foes and they are undeniably effective at what they do.
    The Primarch of the Night Lords was known as Konrad Curze, aka the Night
    Haunter, a vigilante who took control of his homeworld and destroyed the crime
    lords through terror and oppression.  The legion of Marines he lead was the most
    brutal of them all.  The Emperor took note of this and was about to curb their
    excesses when the Heresy began.  Given His attitude towards them, it was not
    surprising that they joined the Traitor Legions.  The famous assassination of
    the Night Haunter forever broke the Night Lords as an organized threat to the
    Imperium.  Their colors are Dark Blue, Grey, and Red.
    Thousand Sons - This legion is not featured in the standard pack, but they are
    easy to paint and my legion of choice.  This army of warrior-psykers is 
    dedicated to the Chaos God Tzeentch, the master of magic, change, and,
    ultimately, creation.  A terrible spell cursed all those who did not have
    psychic powers and changed them into disembodied, mindless suits of armor, but
    they are now unstoppable and cannot be killed unless they are completely
    destroyed.  Well...not in this game, but...  Their colors are Blue and Gold.
    Pure Blue is best.
    Word Bearers - Once, they were fanatical devotees of the Emperor and the 
    Imperial Cult.  Not much has changed, except that the Chaos Gods' desire for 
    worship exceeds that of the Emperor and the Word Bearers were happy to oblige, 
    given their rejection by the Emperor himself, who wanted warriors and not 
    sycophants.  The Gods reward the Word Bearers with all manner of Daemon hordes 
    for them to use as well as dark powers to represent their new faith.  Their 
    colors are Magenta and Red.
    World Eaters - The legion dedicated to Khorne, the Blood God, lord of battle 
    and rage.  The World Eaters were once considered ferocious and highly skilled 
    warriors, emphasizing martial prowess and honor above all else.  When Horus 
    persuaded Angron, their Primarch, to follow him in his rebellion, Angron 
    readily agreed but realized too late that Horus had become evil.  By then the 
    tenets of the Legion had been twisted into raging bloodlust and depravity.  For
    his sheer power in combat, Angron was made a Daemon Prince of Khorne, which 
    further increased his battle lust.  Their colors are Red and Gold.
    Closing Remarks
    This concludes my guide to the Chaos Space Marines in Warhammer 40K: The Dawn 
    of War.  I hope that some of the information here has inspired you to take up 
    arms in the name of Chaos, or has enhanced your own abilities.  Whatever the 
    case may be, I will be satisfied if I have helped at least some people out.
    Death to the False Emperor!
    Legal Information
    Here are the legal caveats:
    You may NOT steal this guide and claim it as your own work.  If you wish to use
    this guide for any reason whatsoever, email me.  As usual, my email address is
    down below.  But one exception: you may NOT use my guide for commercial
    purposes.  This guide was made by a gamer for gamers and was meant to be given
    freely.  If you see this guide without the legal caveat, or sold to you on its
    own or as part of a game package, know that it was not given with the
    authorization of the author and is thus considered illegal under most copyright
    All Warhammer 40K symbols, names, descriptions, background material, slogans 
    (Death to the False Emperor, etc.) are trademarks of or copyrighted by Games 
    Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War is (c) 2004, Relic Entertainment and THQ
    This guide is (c) 2004 Crazy Eben
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    I will not accept hate mail, spam, junk, virus-infected documents, chain 
    letters, or anything like that.  So just back off, people.
    Contributor Thanks goes out to:
    Joey Joe - for his insight into the Predator vs. Defiler debate
    Maarten Quick - for his contribution to the horror strategies section
    Andreas Baird - for his information about the Bloodthirster and Space Marines
    Ben Walton - for adding further strengths and weaknesses to the list, and for
    	     his horror strategy
    Special Thanks go out to:
    CJayC for allowing this guide to be hosted.
    Relic and THQ for making an excellent game!  Franchises are hard to live up to, 
    I know!  Congratulations!
    Pete Haines and Gav Thorpe of Games Workshop for making such an excellent 
    franchise with such rich source material.  You are my constant inspiration for 
    writing fanfics and stuff, even though I never post it.
    Evanescence, Linkin Park, HIM, Rammstein, and all the other bands whose music 
    kept me company while I was typing this guide on these cold, lonely winter 
    Anyone else I forgot to thank.
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