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    Orks Guide by Lee T. HaXXXor

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                        Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War
                 The great big book of Orks - Version 1.0
      Orks may be simple, but dey don't have to be stooped -Snord
                         By Lee T. HaXXXor
                        For www.gamefaqs.com
           Contact: hisneigeness[at]hotmail.com for inquireries
    WAAAAAAAGH! Welkom to da wondaful woild of Orks: the biggest, meanest, 
    GREENEST race `uv the `ole 40th milleninium! Now all youz budding 
    Warbosses come along an' form a soycle: you iz gonna git da know-wots 
    on smashin' skumgrods from one `uv da craftiest, cleverest an' 
    BIIIIIIGGEST Warbosses of the Blood Axe tribe: MURDORK STOMPINSMASH!
    [/orkspeak off]
    Hey all, I've heard many people complain about how orks had it tough: 
    confusing technology tree, difficulty at busting armor, lackluster 
    vehicles; the list goes on. I'm here to tell you that it doesn't need 
    to be this way and that you can positively crush all sort of opponents 
    with the orks. The following are a series of tips and strategies as 
    collected by the great ork warboss Murdork Stompinsmash: graciously 
    offered so as to help you deal with problematic situations. This is not 
    a FAQ or a guide, it's a "book" made out of many small chapters to help 
    out the budding ork player with various problem spots. In other words, 
    it is offered with the understanding that you know the fundamentals 
    about orks and Dawn of War, but there's still a little help necessary. 
    You might not agree with all of the information, but I'm sure you'll 
    find a nugget of wisdom or two that you'll end up appreciating.
    0.        Table of contents
    0. Table of contents
    1. Version history
    2. The Ork Rush
         a) Orks are bigger than runtier `unz
         b) Getting your WAAAAAGH on
         c) Plenty of small mobs Vs a few big `unz
         d) Oy! How do I make dis fing go boom?
         e) Getting da boyz togedda / Hotkeys
         f) Wot `appens next boss?
         g) Dealin' wif da enemy
    3. Orks as an all-infantry army
         a) Orks do it usin' Orks
         b) Nutters wif rokkits strapped to dere backs: Stormboys
         c) Hold on to da pin, throw da ovver part: Tankbustas
         d) Dealin' wiff loses
         e) Upgradin' your boyz
    4. Setbacks and your other troops
         a) My boyz got krumped; wot next?
         b) Ey! Wut's dat Mek Shop doin' dere?
         c) OOooo, big and shiny!
         d) Hokay, wot else I got?
    5. Everything about the rest
         a) Proppa city plannin'!
         b) Da rest uv da buggers
         c) Did'ja know?
    6. Thanks
    7. Copyright
    1.        Version history
    December 3rd, 2004 - Version 1.0 completed: Construction of the version 
    of the "Great Big Book of Orks" completed and sent to gamefaqs. It is 
    completely workable by itself, but I'm always open to new suggestions 
    on how to better use the orks! Check the Thanks page for more details 
    if you want to help.
    December 13th, 2004 - Same version: Gave permission for Bernd 
    Wolffgramm to use this guide on his website, http://dlh.net
    December 19th, 2004 - Same version: Gave permission for Steven Ng to 
    use this guide on his website, http://www.ign.com
    2.        The Ork Rush.
        a) Orks are bigger than runtier `unz.
    The first advantage that orks have over other races is how they start 
    out with a fighting unit: the slugga boy. Other races have to contend 
    with cultists or space marine scouts; units that simply don't hold a 
    choppa next to the boys. When starting out your game, don't just take 
    over your resource points; take your opponent's early on! The only way 
    to play the orks is aggressively!
        b) Getting your WAAAAGH on
    The first step to winning with the orks is building a Waaagh banner. 
    Waaagh banners determine how many orks you can bring to the party, and 
    the number of orks you bring to the party advances your technological 
    tree! As you start the game, you begin with 5 ork points: enough for 
    one unit of slugga boys and another gaggle of grots. With your Waaagh 
    banner completed, you'll have ten more ork points, or enough to make 
    two more units of slugga boys: that's sixteen boys at your command so 
    as to take over any resource point on the board! Quite simply: take 
    everything that isn't built upon on the map!
        c) Plenty of small mobs VS a few big `unz
    After much evaluation, it has been found that many small units of orks 
    were more advantageous then a few big units. Typically, many small 
    units of slugga boys can be turned into quite the shooty army if you 
    have the Pile o' Gunz present (four orks in a unit, three may take 
    special weapons). Big units of orks would favor an assault-minded 
    individual, but such units are easily targeted by the enemy and can be 
    brought down fairly easy. That's why in nearly all cases, players 
    depend on small units of orks as they are harder to target; and then 
    the player accepts the losses and builds brand new units.
        d) Oy! How do I make dis fing go boom?
    After building your first or second ork tower (to capture resource 
    points), build a generator, then a pile of gunz. The idea here is that 
    unlike other races, orks can come up with quick and cheap anti-armor 
    weaponry to attack enemy settlements. Shooty orks ARE an option because 
    you start off with plenty of orks and plenty of special weapons. Orks 
    may be lousy shots, but with enough firepower in their hands, SOMETHING 
    has to hit! (In Warhammer 40K table top parlance, this would be known 
    as a Kuntin' Taktik: because everything counts (or kunts) in large 
        e) Gettin' da boyz togedda / Hotkeys
    After receiving those four ork units, you'll want to organize them all 
    into one neat mob. Hold Shift and left click on each of the four units 
    until your display screen shows all of your orks. Save the results to a 
    hotkey by holding Ctrl and any key (I usually keep it simple with 1). 
    Start training yourself with the assault/shoot hotkeys: F1 along with 
    F6 turns your orks into close combat choppa swinging maniacs. F2 along 
    with F7 makes your orks stand and shoot. The amount of special weapons 
    per slugga boy unit makes a stand and fire strategy viable, although I 
    do suggest to always keep ONE burna amidst the first group of orks in 
    case of an emergency.
        f) Wot `appens next boss?
    Orks are remarkably versatile. If you want to go settlement smashing, 
    you can easily bring nine rokkit launchers to bear and still have a 
    unit left over to take care of incoming infantry. If something goes 
    wrong in the plan, you can switch your orks to melee mode and left 
    click on the recruit button for each ork unit so that you can 
    perpetually build your ork mobs and win the fight (don't forget to 
    build extra Waaagh banners). Or better yet, run away and come back with 
    more boys. Just understand that you DO NOT want to assault enemy 
    settlements: choppas do very little against buildings, burnas don't cut 
    up armor as in the table top game and even the mighty Power Klaw is 
    underpowered! ONLY use rokkits to destroy buildings: anything else is a 
    waste of time.
        g) Dealin' wif da enemy.
    In the early game, the most fearsome enemy to the orks is the character 
    units: whether they are called force commander, farseer or chaos 
    sorcerer, these guys can knock a whole bunch of orks away with a single 
    swing! So the first thing you'll want to build would be your own 
    character: the Big Mek. The Big Mek isn't as good as the rest of the 
    characters, so you'll want him supported by your rokkit launcher boys: 
    rokkits knock characters to the ground where your Big Mek can get some 
    extra hits. The Big Mek is also surprisingly effective against enemy 
    infantry that would target your boys and makes an effective early anti-
    vehicle/anti-building unit. Something else to consider building would 
    be shoota boys. Just set your destination marker from your boys hut to 
    the location of the battle and crank up those shoota boys (don't forget 
    to press F2 and F7): as they walk by, make sure to equip them with two 
    big shootas and one rokkit. This configuration makes them versatile and 
    still efficient at killing infantry/lowering enemy moral.
    3.        Orks as an all-infantry army
        a) Orks do it using Orks!
    As you play with the orks, understand that you are playing an INFANTRY 
    army, with very little room for vehicles. In effect, you'll find that 
    vehicles often detract from your footslogging force by producing huge 
    blasts that knocks down everyone indiscriminately. Your goal with the 
    orks will be to start out with a few versatile units (slugga boys 
    equipped with various special weapons) and end up with a slew of many 
    units with dedicated purposes (tankhunters, stormboys, nob squads). 
    Remember, the number of orks determines how high along the 
    technological tree you can get, so build a lot of `em!
        b) Nutters wif rokkits strapped to dere backs: Stormboys
    Once you'll discover Stormboys, you'll have found your primary melee 
    group. Unlike regular slugga or shoota boys, you can build one large 
    mob of Stormboys and succeed in close combat because the unit 
    predisposes itself to large numbers. First of all, it's quite easy to 
    maneuver the large mob if you have them fly to their destination, you 
    don't have to worry about special weapons as there are none and the 
    large number of boys make it a nice stalling tactic for you to re-
    maneuver your shootier boys into position.
        c) Hold on to da pin, throw da ovver part: Tankbustas
    Tankbusta boys always start out as melee troops, but nowhere can you 
    shoehorn as many rokkits into a unit: 6 rokkits for 8 boys! Although 
    the unit can be upgraded to have special tankbusta bombs, I sincerely 
    suggest equipping each of these boys with rokkits and treat them as a 
    "shooty" unit separate from your core of other "shooty" boys. That's 
    because no ork is better at busting up armor than the tankbustas, and 
    although your other orks may be versatile multi-taskers, you want your 
    tankbustas hotkeyed in the event of an emergency (then bring the rest 
    of your rokkits to bear). I typically make my tankbusta squads 7 to 8 
    man strong for safety reasons, as people rightfully recognize the 
    helmeted orks as "threats".
        d) Dealin' wiff loses
    With orks, it's important not to panic. You are micromanaging a whole 
    lot of many different units, and thus you'll simply have to accept that 
    one or two units must be lost so that the others may live. Also 
    understand that although orks may seem bred for close combat, there are 
    plenty of enemies that best the greenskins in that particular field. 
    The good news is that if your orks are getting pounded, you will have 
    considerable time to figure out HOW they are being pounded so that you 
    may run away and think up an appropriate counter strategy. For the 
    record, my personal counter strategy for whatever ails me is to come 
    back with more rokkits. Rokkits usually solve most if not all of my 
    problems. Seriously: when attacked left-click "recruit" and add some 
    flamers. If any unit starts getting dangerous low on orks, have them 
    run away and build big shootas or rokkits to turn the unit into a 
    shooty one with low ork count.
        e) Upgradin' your boyz
    The Pile o' Gunz is a central structure in the ork hierarchy as it 
    allows the user to equip his troops with the special weapons that make 
    or break the ork army. It is also the structure by which you upgrade 
    your boys's armor, strength of choppa and most everything else for that 
    matter. Also of importance would be the Boys Hut, which allows you to 
    upgrade your Big Mek to the fullest of his capabilities. You should 
    partake in upgrades periodically: your first priority needs to be your 
    boys, the second being your upgrades. When you've just created your 
    second tier troops (such as Tankbustas and Stormboys) consider for the 
    moment if you couldn't invest in a few upgrades: do you NEED to build 
    up those Stormboys right away? So for the benefit of those who want to 
    know my rank of upgrades, `Eavy Armor is always first on my list with 
    Bigger Boom a close second. After those two, you can decide for 
    yourself. From the Boys Hut, you want to see if you've got a ready mob 
    of Stormboys first. If so, go with the kustom force field and 
    tankbuster kit. Otherwise, use the teleporter. The rest of the upgrades 
    available from the Boys Hut aren't as important.
    4.        Setbacks and your other troops
        a) My boys got krumped; wot next?
    The plan is usually the first casualty of war, but the versatility of 
    the ork race shines again with plenty of vehicles and units that can 
    help regain a victory from the brink of defeat. In these chapters, we 
    discuss the rest of the ork troops and how they work alongside troops 
    that might've ran away before they got slaughtered. Luckily, as you 
    lose ork troops, you regain the ork points that were invested in them. 
    Secondly, you don't lose anything developed by the technology tree if 
    you lose your boys. Thirdly, this part of the strategy assumes you've 
    reached the third tier of the ork technological tree and that you have 
    plenty of resources available for a comeback (you should have a Mek 
    Shop and upgraded your Settlement to a Fortress). Fourth, we're 
    assuming your base isn't torched by the enemy yet. No seriously: 
    defense before offence.
        b) Ey! Wut's dat Mek Shop doin' dere?
    If you're like me, you've pretty much ignored your Mek Shop while going 
    on your offensive. No wonder: it costs a lot of points, needs to be 
    used in conjunction with the Fortress for best results and usually 
    churns out wartrukks (useless in my opinion) and wartrakks at the early 
    stage (which takes two levels of upgrades to receive the stikkbomb 
    chukka, which is a short range explosive which knocks down friend and 
    foe alike). Now that you have lost most of your boys, maybe wartrakks 
    with stikkbomb chukkas aren't such a bad idea: they're great at 
    disrupting enemy fire if you've dedicated yourself to a strictly shooty 
    army and if they can shoot over your own troops. Possessed space marine 
    rush? Just bomb those bastards off their feet! Lots of shooty space 
    marine coming your way? Destroy their careful formation with a few well 
    placed explosives and let the boys do the rest.
        c) OOooo, big and shiny!
    Killa Kans, Looted Tanks and Squiggoths form the rest of the vehicles: 
    the tier three of machines. Now let's start with the tanks: I don't 
    like them. Much more expensive then wartrakks, they have about the same 
    artillery for more hit points. They can shoot farther then any other 
    unit, but you'll need to use gretchins in hiding to get the full effect 
    of this long range battle cannon. Lots of trouble for a cannon that 
    misses a lot. As a Blood Axe player, I feel quite betrayed by the unit. 
    Killa Kans are quite the improvement, serving quite well to spearhead 
    an offensive effort with deadly melee power that destroys buildings. 
    Killa Kans only fear one thing: anti-armor fire, so it gives you time 
    to figure out what unit you absolutely have to destroy. Squiggoths are 
    another matter entirely. They rule no matter what situation you're in: 
    build one as fast as you can! If they are accessible than build them, 
    but beware as it takes a WHOLE lot of time to crank out of the factory. 
    Squiggoths are the epitome of ork versatility: they can carry troops, 
    shoot an anti-armor beam from their back and stomp just about anything 
    at melee range. Use rampage repeatedly for best results!
        d) Hokay, wot else I got?
    The first things you should rebuild would be stormboys and tankbustas: 
    one's a great melee mob, the other gives you tons of rokkits. The Nob 
    Squad is a unit which I don't usually use, but it's quite deadly when 
    they're properly upgraded: taking down dreadnoughts, loads of possessed 
    space marines and just about anything else if you've got the power 
    klaws available. Another unit that should be left maxed out with the 
    "recruit" button left clicked: just make sure you got the ork points 
    available. Nobs MUST be used alongside Mad Doks, it is simply the 
    killer combo of doom. The Warboss works similarly to the Nob Squad in 
    that it owns all at close quarters: again add a healer unit for max 
    5.        Everything about the rest
        a) Proppa city plannin'!
    I briefly mentioned it, but here's my full build order for orks. You 
    start off with slugga boys and gretchins: have your boys get a resource 
    spot while the grots set up a Waaagh banner. DON'T FORGET TO LEFT-CLICK 
    RECRUIT THE LIL' BUGGERS! Build more orks and grots. The deployment of 
    the new orks (ork #2) will be first to come out, so have them grab 
    another resource point. Your first batch of grots should finish 
    building their Waaagh banner as orks #1 finish setting up their flag: 
    so have the grots build an ork tower for resource points while the orks 
    go bugger off towards the next resource point. Grot #2 arrives, so 
    build a Boys Hut. Build two more units of orks while you're at it and 
    capture stuff. Grot #1 should be finished with his ork tower, so have 
    him build a generator. Grot #2 should finish his Boys Hut soon, so 
    either build another ork tower or a Pile o' gunz. Just make sure to 
    build a Pile o' Gunz soon. Get a third unit of grots to do it, but do 
    it please. Then again, you're free to go at it from your own way now. 
    Right now, depending on the map and what you got, your next priority 
    should be either making more ork towers, Waaagh banners, a Big Mek or 
    as a least priority, another generator. Have fun!
        b) Da rest uv da buggers
    Here is where I talk about the units I haven't talked about yet. For 
    example, gretchins can be used to infiltrate if you research the 
    capability. but it's not something I generally use. When I want to blow 
    something up, I usually just bring my boys towards the outline of 
    whatever building I want blown up and right-click repeatedly. 
    Eventually, the boys stop moving and start shooting: no lagtime in 
    heavy weapons as in space marines keeps me satisfied. The Mad Dok is 
    something I keep until the midgame: you'll recall I emphasize a shooty 
    style of play to take over opponents early on. After I build my second 
    Waaagh banner, I'll maybe make a Mad Dok and hotkey him in the same 
    position as my Big Mek (understand that I DO NOT attach the two 
    together as a unit). Since my Big Mek is always ready for battle, I'll 
    have my Mad Dok along for when the action arrives and attach him to the 
    first mob unit that sees close combat action (there's always one that 
    gets picked on by the other guy's melee troops). Initiate the Bad 
    Medicine immediately. This works quite well with Stormboys too, with 
    the inconspicuous mad dok waddling into battle after the Stormboys 
    arrive in battle (remember that you can't fly off if there's a serious 
    problem). At rest, he helps heal the Big Mek, who has the most hit 
    points of all orks; as well as any troop around him, so it's all good. 
    Nobs as mob leaders are a trickier deal: naturally, any unit that has 
    that one flamer will also get the Nob upgrade, but for the rest of the 
    small units it's not something I wholly endorse. Nobs are something 
    I'll only buy in the heat of the moment, when I'm being assaulted and 
    I need a heavy hitter. He is not at all essential but to be used with 
    judgment or after being upgraded (remember that they use TWO ork 
    points, which would serve to bring a Big Mek instead).
        c) Did'ja know?
    You can hide orks in buildings! Gameplay-wise, I don't find that so 
    useful, but it makes for a fun sneak attack. Just make double sure that 
    your gretchins repair your buildings rather then hide in them: that's 
    how I found out about the whole affair. No seriously, click on the 
    repair icon, damn thing had me puzzled and nearly cost me the game.
    6.        Thanks
    As of yet, Murdork Stompinsmash (that's me!) is the only one 
    contributing to this great big book of Orkdom. If your warboss 
    discovered tricks that have been instrumental in the war against all 
    skumgrods, you can send them in at hisneigeness[at]hotmail.com and if 
    I publish them (pending experimentation), I'll give your warboss credit 
    here. Do not mail me to correct my spelling or for naming conventions, 
    7.        Copyright
    This is me cut and pasting the copyright thingy from my last FAQ. 
    Hopefully, it still works as well as it did then...
    This document is the sole property of Lee T. HaXXXor, AKA Neige 
    Thirteen, AKA Christian Charit‚ Colde. This document may not be put on 
    a site unless permission is given by the aforementioned author and his 
    multiple aliases. Taking and redistributing this guide for monetary 
    purposes is illegal, and will not be tolerated. Lee/Neige/Chris 
    reserves the right to refuse this document to be on ANY site. The 
    following are the only sites that may have this document for Dawn of 
    This document may not be used on private sites. Thanks for taking the 
    time to read this Book of strategy, I hope it was of some use to you. 
    Lee T. HaXXXor can be contacted by e-mailling: hisneigeness[at]

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