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    Ork Guide by White_Pointer

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    Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade
    Ork Guide
    Copyright 2007
    Version 2.04
    Written by White_Pointer 
    e-mail: whitepointer@blood-sports.net 
    Contents of this Guide: 
    1.0 Introduction 
    2.0 Legal Information 
    3.0 About the game 
    4.0 What’s in this guide?
    5.0 Ork Units
    6.0 The Ork Population System Explained
    7.0 The Ork Mob Bonus
    8.0 The Complete Ork Dark Crusade 1.2 Tech Tree
    9.0 Dark Crusade 1.2 1 vs 1 Ork Strategy Guide
    10.0 Acknowledgements and Credits
    1.0 Introduction
    Dawn of War has been out for several years now, and has seen two expansions in
    this time: Winter Assault and Dark Crusade. The Orks have been there since day
    1, however, many people are still confused about how their population system 
    works - especially those that are new to the game and haven't played it prior 
    to Dark Crusade. Being a regular on the Dawn of War forums myself, I've 
    noticed there have been a lot of new players to DC coming into the forums and 
    we have seen an increase in the number of people being totally clueless, or 
    having the wrong idea, of how the Ork population system actually works, even 
    though Orks have been around since the beginning of DoW! Here is a hopefully
    noob-friendly guide that includes explanations of the race's units, 
    an explanation of the way the Ork population and teching system works, and
    specific Ork strategies.
    This guide has been mainly written with Dark Crusade in mind - however it also
    applies to Winter Assault and the original Dawn of War - just without the
    references to the new units and the obvious tech tree changes.
    2.0 Legal Information
    This guide is intended for personal use only. No profit can be made from this 
    guide under ANY circumstances, it is to be used for non-profit only. This guide 
    will ONLY be hosted on Gamefaqs and RelicNews, unless you have my written 
    consent to publish it on your own site and you MUST e-mail me to request my
    permission to use it. Please explain in your e-mail what the theme of your site
    is, the approximate amount of unique visitors you receive each month and what 
    materials the site covers. This guide may not be altered in any way, shape, or
    3.0 About the game
    Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War is developed by Relic Entertainment and
    published by THQ, and is a real-time strategy game set in the Warhammer 40k
    universe. Initially there was four playable races: The Space Marines, Chaos,
    Orks and Eldar. Winter Assault, the first expansion, added the Imperial
    Guard as a playable race. The second expansion, Dark Crusade, added the Tau
    and Necrons as playable races.
    4.0 What’s in this guide?
    The Orks in Dawn of War probably have the most complicated population and
    teching system of all of the races, and it can be quite daunting for new
    players to try to understand how it works. This guide contains all the
    information you need to know about Ork units and the Ork's population and
    teching system, so you can hopefully understand how it all works. I've also
    included the Ork Tech Tree for the latest Dark Crusade patch - patch 1.2 and
    information on how the new Ork mob bonus works in 1.2. And lastly, to round it
    all off, a 1v1 strategy guide. What more could you ask for?
    5.0 Ork Units
    For all you new players out there, here's a guide to all of the Ork units
    Available in Dark Crusade.
    Also known as Grots, your gretchins are your builder unit - they do all of the
    construction of Ork buildings. They can also attack at both range and in close
    combat, but don't rely on them to actually do any damage.
    They originally come in a squad of 1, and the squad can be reinforced to 5
    members. They hit their maximum build speed at 2 squad members, and their
    maximum repair speed at 3 squad members. Additional members simply add more
    health to the squad, and reinforcing is free.
    Gretchins can infiltrate and become invisible to all opposing units unless a
    detector unit is around. They can build and repair while invisible. Once
    researched the ability is always on.
    Slugga boyz are unfortunately not the powerhouse units they used to be in the
    original Dawn of War. Since Winter Assault, their role has been reduced to
    basically being the Ork's point-capping unit. They gain some decent bonuses
    with the mob bonus if you reinforce them a lot, and they do benefit from a 
    fair chunk of the Ork's upgrades. Their burna heavy weapon is reasonable
    without being overwhelming, but they are primarily a close combat unit
    so it makes no sense to stick them on ranged stance to use the burna. They
    dish out some decent damage if they have a nob leader and the choppy upgrades
    are researched, but you'll generally find their uses in tier 1 and tier 2
    quite minimal. In tier 3, they can be a huge force with More Sluggas
    researched, which makes them free to build (but not reinforce) and you can
    make a whole army of them which can be very difficult for an opponent to beat.
    5.3 BIG MEK
    The Big Mek is the Ork's main commander unit throughout tier 1 and most of
    tier 2. He's a real monster in close combat and will significantly damage
    anything he touches but does not have the health that other race's commanders
    have. He's also vital for detection. His pistol is replaced by his mega-
    blaster after the Big Shooty Boss Weapons research. The Big Mek can also
    repair vehicles and buildings, but not as fast as gretchins can.
    The Big Mek has the ability to teleport as soon as he's built. The teleport
    has a pretty good range, and if he is attached to a squad, he'll even
    teleport the squad he's attached to with him. The ability does have a fairly
    long recharge however (2 minutes) so be careful you don't teleport into a bad
    Once the Kustim Gadjitz upgrade is researched, the Big Mek gains a force
    field that reduces the damage taken from all ranged attacks by 10%. The force
    field also affects all Ork units within a small radius around the Mek. Once
    researched, the ability is always on and you'll notice an orange glow around
    the BM and all affected units.
    Once the Kustim Gadjitz upgrade is researched, the BM also gains his Tank
    Zzzappa ability. The ability can be used on enemy vehicles to stun then so
    they can't move or use weapons for 10 seconds. Has a 90 second recharge.
    Shoota boyz will probably form your backbone infantry unit in tier 1. They
    have decent range and damage, and can mix it with most other tier 1 ranged
    infantry as long as they outnumber them. Use them in conjunction with the BM
    and sluggas that can tie up enemy squads to prevent them from shooting.
    Like sluggas, shootas benefit from many of the Ork's upgrades. Their heavy
    weapon, big shootas, increase their range and damage output significantly.
    Stormboyz are the Ork's jump troop. Unlike the close combat jump troops of
    the other races however they aren't that great at taking on infantry, unless
    said infantry is ranged with not a lot of health. They are mainly used as
    a harassment unit to try to slow down opposition economy. They do output
    some pretty good damage with upgrades and a nob leader however.
    Stormboyz can jump a pretty good distance using their jetpacks, allowing them
    traverse long or difficult terrain very quickly. They can jump twice before
    the ability needs to recharge.
    Once Stormboy Speed Boost is researched, the base movement speed of stormboyz
    becomes a lot faster. They also gain their speed boost ability which can be
    used to temporarily increase their movement speed even more.
    5.6 NOBZ
    Nobz are the Ork's backbone tier 2 infantry unit. They are tough as nails,
    especially with upgrades, and they dish out some pretty mean damage too. They
    move slower than other tier 2 close combat specialists, so attach them to
    your Big Mek and teleport them around to cause no end of trouble to your
    opponent. In tier 3, they become tougher still with additional health upgrades
    and their power claw heavy weapon that rips things apart from quickly. The
    power claws are expensive though.
    Tankbustas are the Ork's main anti-vehicle unit throughout tier 2 and tier 3.
    They dish out very good damage to vehicles when they actually hit them, but
    can suffer from some pretty mediocre accuracy. Always have a squad of two of
    these guys in your army to take on enemy vehicles.
    Tankbustas have the ability to become invisible unless a detector unit is
    around, making them an even better anti-vehicle option than they already are.
    They can fire their rokkits while infiltrated. Once researched the ability is
    always on.
    The second commander unit Orks receive are the Mega-Armoured Nobz, originally
    coming in a squad of one that can be reinforced to four. They are absolute
    beasts in close combat and can take on pretty much any target, but they
    particularly make a mess of enemy commanders, infantry and buildings.
    The Mega-Armoured Nobz get a temporary movement speed boost they can use to
    get into battle faster or to make a quick retreat. They glow a red colour
    when it's used. The ability drains health away from the MANZ until it wears
    off. Lasts for 15 seconds.
    5.9 MAD DOCS
    Mad docs are a vital Ork unit in tier 3. They provide health regeneration to
    nearby Ork units of 4 hitpoints/second plus have a number of other abilities
    that can swing the battle in the Ork's favour.
    The Mad Doc can use fightin' juice on any Ork squad (including a squad the doc
    itself is attached to) and the squad will not die for 20 seconds. It will 
    still take damage as normal, but will not drop below 1 hitpoint until the 
    ability wears off.
    The Mad Doc can drop a bomb at a given location, that explodes in 6 seconds
    and causes massive damage to anything that is unlucky enough to be standing
    close enough when it detonates - even your own units. The bomb can be diffused
    by the enemy if they target it and destroy it before it goes off. Costs 100
    power to use.
    5.10 FLASH GITZ
    Flash Gitz are the Ork's primary ranged infantry unit in tier 3. They are
    awesome at killing loads of infantry very quickly, though aren't that great
    against vehicles and buildings. They provide some serious firepower and work
    best when combined with nobz or other close combat units. Their damage
    can be upgraded by researching the Dakka upgrades.
    5.11 WARBOSS
    The ultimate Ork Commander, the Warboss really is a monster. He deals
    significant damage to pretty much all targets in close combat and his ranged
    damage isn't too shabby either. With upgrades he can tussle with just about
    anything in the game except for the big relic units. Attach him to a Nob squad
    for extra power.
    When used, the Power of Waaagh! ability grants all nearby Ork units morale
    immunity, a 15% damage boost and a 33% movement speed boost for 20 seconds.
    Take 2 minutes to recharge.
    5.12 WARTRUKKS
    Wartrukks are what Orks use to get around when they don't feel like walking!
    They are great as transports and can carry two squads of orks in each one,
    and they move pretty quickly too. Don't write them off as simple transports
    though because they have a potent ranged attack that combines with Nobz in
    tier 2 quite nicely.
    Wartrukks can use this ability to temporarily gain a speed boost to get into
    or out of combat quickly.
    5.13 WARTRAKS
    Wartraks are the other light vehicle option for Orks. They cannot carry troops
    like Trukks, but make up for this with firepower. By default they come with
    a dual-rokkit launcher, that isn't bad but shouldn't be relied on for
    anti-vehicle damage. They can then be upgraded with a bomb chucka which
    provides awesome artillery and disruption against enemy infantry and slow down
    the target's movement speed if it hits. It also hits your own units though
    so be careful.
    Wartraks can use this ability to temporarily gain a speed boost to get into
    or out of combat quickly.
    5.14 KILLA KANS
    The Ork's walker vehicle is the Killa Kan and it packs an awesome punch in
    close combat. It moves the slowest of all the walkers in the game, but will
    also beat all walkers 1v1 except for Dreadnoughts. They have a lot of health
    and will take heaps of punishment before going down, so use them as damage
    sinks while the rest of your army moves in. Their default ranged weapon,
    their big shoota, isn't anything special. It can be upgraded to a rokkit
    launcher that does pretty good damage against vehicles and buildings but
    has horrible accuracy.
    Looted Tanks used to be called Looted Leman Russes in the original Dawn of War,
    but I guess they changed it to avoid confusion with the Imperial Guard's
    version. The Looted Tanks are far and away the worst tier 4 tank unit in the
    game and will lose to all other tier 4 tank units easily. But they do have a
    lot of hitpoints and can take a lot of punishment before going down, and they
    provide some very good anti-infantry firepower to complement the Ork's
    infantry-based army. It's artillery is both a blessing and a curse...the range
    is a lot larger than that of the Wartrak's, but like the Wartrak it also has
    friendly fire. It's also not firing it's bolters when at it's maximum
    artillery range. Best to keep them close to your army.
    5.17 SQUIGGOTH
    The huge behemoth that is the Squiggoth will put terror into any opposition
    army. The Squiggoth is enormous, which does cause some pathing problems now
    and then, but makes up for it with huge close combat damage across the board
    to pretty much anything, and it's ranged damage is pretty good too. It can
    also be used as a transport to carry up to two squads into battle and has
    plenty of hitpoints. Believe me your enemy will want to target the Squiggoth
    as soon as he sees him. Don't hesitate to get him out if the opportunity
    When using the rampage ability, the Squiggoth rears back then charges forward 
    to the selected destination like a runaway Rhinoceros, knocking most infantry
    (including your own) away and flying into the air along the way.
    6.0 The Ork Population System Explained
    Here we go then, here's where it starts getting difficult. Put your thinking
    caps on and I'll tell you about the Ork Population System.
    6.1 ORK CAP
    The first thing to note about the Orks is that they do not have a squad cap
    like every other race in the game. All the other races have a limit to the
    number of squads they can build before they need to increase their cap, but
    they can reinforce these squads to maximum strength without needing any 
    additional upgrades. Orks do not work this way.
    Orks work on what is known as Ork cap. This may seem confusing at first since
    it's so far removed from the way the other races work but it's really not that
    hard to understand. Instead of a limit to the number of squads they can field,
    Orks have a limit to the number of Orks they can field. Every Ork you have on
    the battlefield takes up Ork cap. This means two squads of four Orks take the
    same Ork cap as one squad of eight Orks. This means that, unlike the other 
    races, reinforcing your squads takes up Ork pop. If you have 4 sluggas, and
    reinforce that squad to 8 for example, it will take 8 Ork pop for the squad,
    not 4.
    How much pop does each Ork unit take up? Excellent question. As of Dark
    Crusade patch 1.2, Ork infantry pop usage looks like this:
    |Unit                  Pop Usage|
    |                               |
    |Gretchins                0     |
    |Sluggas                  1     |
    |Shootas                  1     |
    |Stormboyz                1     |
    |Tankbustas               1     |
    |Mad Docs                 1     |
    |Nob Leaders              2     |
    |Stormboy Nobz            2     |
    |Nobz                     2     |
    |Flash Gitz               2     |
    |Big Mek                  2     |
    |Mega-Armoured Nobz       2     |
    |Warboss                  2     |
    The above is an important thing to note about the Ork heroes. Unlike all other
    races with the exception of the Imperial Guard, Ork heroes take up pop cap, as
    do their squad leaders. If you do not have the Ork pop to build them, they
    can't be built!
    So, keeping the above chart in mind, a force consisting of 8 sluggas with a nob
    leader, 4 shootas, and a Big Mek will take up 16 Ork cap.
    Note that vehicles do NOT take up Ork pop, they have their own separate vehicle
    cap which by and large works the same way as the other races.
    Again, as of Dark Crusade patch 1.2, the Ork vehicle pop usage looks like this:
    |Unit          Vehicle Pop Usage|
    |                               |
    |Wartrukks             3        |
    |Wartraks              3        |
    |Squiggoth             3        |
    |Killa Kans            4        |
    |Looted Tanks          5        |
    Okay, so now you have the basics on how the Ork population system works. So you
    jump into a game and...hey...wait...you've only got 15 Ork pop to start with!
    That's not many Orks, so how do you increase your pop cap so you can build more
    Orks? Excellent question.
    Orks do not increase their population cap the same way as most of the other
    races with simple upgrades found in the HQ, nor do they receive any increase
    in pop cap by adding squad leaders like most of the other races (in fact squad
    leaders actually take up pop cap, as previously noted). To increase their
    population cap, Orks must build a special building called a Waaagh banner. Each
    Waaagh banner you build increases your Ork population cap by 10 and increases
    your vehicle cap by 2. Each waagh banner also progresses you up the tech tree,
    which we'll get to covering soon. For the purposes of this guide, building a
    waaagh banner will increase your Ork cap by 10 (on an interesting side note for
    you game junkies out there, building additional settlements will give you an
    extra 2 Ork cap). Unfortunately, this system does have it's drawbacks. Unlike 
    the other races Orks can be knocked back in their population cap if their
    waaagh banners are destroyed. This will also be covered in more detail below.
    All other races have a maximum squad limit of 20. Since Orks don't work on a 
    squad cap, they are limited to a maximum of 100 Ork pop. So each waaagh banner
    will increase your Ork pop by 10 up to a maximum of 100, and each waaagh banner
    will increase your vehicle pop by 2 up to a maximum of 20.
    Okay, Ork resource. This is where is starts getting tricky my young padawans,
    so sit down and pay attention.
    Orks effectively have a third resource known as Ork Resource. This is the red
    number in the top left corner of the screen underneath the requisition and 
    power resource numbers. Even though it's not a resource technically speaking,
    it's probably the best description for it. As explained above, every Ork you
    have on the field takes up Ork pop, and you need to build waaagh banners to
    increase that Ork pop so you can build more Orks. That's how it works on a
    basic level...but as you may have noticed, you need to wait a few seconds after
    building a banner before you can actually build more Orks, you can't do it
    straight away. Why is this? It's because after you construct that banner, you
    need to wait for your Ork resource to accumulate before you can build more
    Think of Waaagh banners as kind of similar to generators...once that generator
    is built you'll need to wait until enough power has accumulated to be able to
    build what you wanted to build. Banners work in a similar way, but unlike
    generators, constructing more does not increase the rate your Ork resource
    accumulates. Constructing more banners instead increases your maximum Ork cap,
    but you'll still need to wait a set amount of time for the Ork resource to
    accumulate before you can take advantage of that maximum pop cap.
    Ork resource will roughly increase by 1 every 1 game second. Also unlike
    generators and the power resource, there's always a maximum amount of Ork
    resource you can reach.
    So, the Ork resource works hand in hand with your maximum Ork pop. Here's an
    You start with a maximum 15 Ork pop. This means that the Ork resource will
    accumulate up to a maximum of 15 until you build a waaagh banner. So, you build
    a waaagh banner, and this increases your maximum Ork cap to 25. You then need
    to wait until your Ork resource accumulates before you can build more Orks,
    and it will accumulate up to a maximum of 25.
    Now then, just when you thought it was safe, here's where it starts getting a
    bit trickier.
    Your Ork resource is determined not just by the amount of Orks you have on the
    field, but also the amount of Orks you can POTENTIALLY have on the field.
    You'll notice at the start of a game, your Ork resource will accumulate to a
    maximum of 15. This means you can potentially build 15 pop worth of Orks.
    Build a squad of sluggas however, and your accumulated Ork resource decreases
    by 4, and you don't get that back (unless the sluggas all die, which we'll get
    to soon). You are now reduced to an accumulated Ork resource of 11, so now you
    can only build 11 pop worth of Orks. But but but! Notice that your maximum Ork
    resource remains at 15. For all intents and purposes, you have 15 Ork pop worth
    of Orks, even though only 4 of them are actually on the field.
    If you are starting to have a brain spasm right about now, you probably aren't
    alone. Talk about a head spin!
    The Ork resource system can be described kind of like a bank. You build your
    waaagh banners, and Ork resource starts accumulating into an Ork resource bank.
    By building Orks, you withdraw from the bank, but you haven't spent the Ork
    resource, you still have it in your pocket, so you still have the same amount
    of Ork resource. It's just split into two different places.
    If those built Orks die however, you haven't lost that Ork resource. It will
    accumulate back into your bank account up to the current maximum Ork pop.
    It seems convoluted, but it really isn't that hard to understand once you get
    your head around it. Increase your maximum Ork pop by building banners, wait a
    bit, then you can build more Orks. If those Orks die, wait a bit, then you can
    build them again. Your Ork resource is the combination of the Orks you have on
    the field as well as the Orks you haven't built yet but can potentially build.
    Orks tech differently to other races, and their teching system is quite unique.
    The Ork's teching system is based around the current Ork resource level.
    All Ork units, upgrades and structures require a certain amount of Ork resource
    to build. The Ork's armoury structure, the Pile O' Gunz, requires an Ork pop
    of 20 to build. This means from the start of the game, you need to construct a
    waaagh banner, then wait for your Ork resource to increase to 20 before you can
    build the structure. The same goes with units...Stormboyz for example require
    an Ork pop of 31, so you need to construct 2 banners, then wait for your
    resource to accumulate to 31 before you can build stormboyz. Some units and 
    structures require other stuff to be built as well on top of needing the Ork
    pop...for example Nobz require 55 Ork pop as well as the PoG to be built.
    I have a complete Ork tech tree listing for Dark Crusade patch 1.2 in section
    8.0 of this guide. You'll notice it's split up into what you can build or
    upgrade after each successive banner. Once you hit tier 3 though (that is,
    once you upgrade the settlement to the orky fort), additional banners do not
    increase tech level (but they still increase your maximum Ork pop).
    So now, hopefully, you have a pretty solid understanding on how the Ork
    population system works, how the Ork resource system works and how the Ork
    teching system works.
    Wait a minute, how come my tech level or my current maximum Ork pop decreases?
    Unfortunately the Ork's system of doing things does have it's disadvantages.
    It's really easy to be knocked backwards in tech level or maximum Ork pop,
    something the other races generally don't need to deal with. If a banner is
    destroyed, you will instantly lose the maximum Ork pop it provides. If you are
    currently at 55 Ork pop for example, if you lose a banner, your MAXIMUM Ork
    pop will instantly decrease to 45. If however your Ork resource has already
    accumulated to 55, it will stay that way until you build more Orks. Once you
    start building Orks, you'll use that stored up Ork resource, but it will only
    accumulate back to a maximum of 45 until you replace that banner. Therefore,
    your tech level will not decrease despite losing banners until you actually
    build Orks and use up your stored away Ork resource. So if you are at 55 pop
    and you still have your Pile o' Gunz, but then lose a banner, you can still
    build Nobz. However you'll quickly find you can no longer build new squads of
    them until you replace that banner (existing squads can still be reinforced
    though, provided you have the spare Ork resource to do it). This applies to
    vehicles too...if you are at 65 pop and lose a banner, you can still build a
    killa kan. But if you build a nob squad before you replace that missing banner,
    and your Ork resource drops to 55 as a result, you'll find you can no longer
    build killa kans until you replace that banner. Remember vehicles don't count
    towards the Ork pop system, but they ARE still affected by it.
    Keep in mind, good players will exploit this weakness and target your banners
    in an effort to try and knock you back in tech level. Be prepared to replace
    those banners a lot, especially later in the game.
    There are some Ork units that do not require a Ork pop level however. These
    are all the units that can be built once you have you have reached tier 3 (that
    is, you have upgraded your settlement to an orky fort). That is: Warboss, Mad
    Doc and Flash Gitz. As long as your orky fort is still standing, these units
    can still be built regardless of how many banners you lose once you get to
    that point. Looted Tanks can also still be built once Extra Vehicle Armour
    (that is, tier 4) has been researched and are not affected by banners...however
    the Squiggoth is affected by banners as well as requiring a captured relic.
    HOWEVER, the "gotcha" here is that your tier 2 and tier 1 units are still
    affected by the banners even once you are in tier 3. If you are in tier 3, and
    you lose enough banners while you are continuing to pump Orks out, you'll
    quickly find you can't build nobz, tankbustas, stormboyz, wartrukks, wartraks,
    killa kans or mega-armoured nobz. Don't be caught out by this! If you want to
    keep building these units in tier 3, you'll need to replace those banners.
    7.0 The Ork Mob Bonus
    You've probably heard at least something about the Ork's mob bonus in Dawn of
    War. It's gone through several forms over the course of two expansions and
    a number of patches. It used to not work at all when Dawn of War first hit the
    shelves! After several patches they finally fixed it...and between that time
    and Dark Crusade's release this was how it worked:
    |1) If 15 pop units are within a radius of 15, all of those Orks get a 30%    |
    |   morale regeneration increase.                                             |
    |2) If 30 pop units are within a radius of 20, all of those Orks gain IMMUNITY|
    |   to morale damage.                                                         |
    |3) If 50 pop units are within a radius of 25, all of those Orks gain a 20%   |
    |   damage bonus and doubled charge bonuses.                                  |
    Each "level" of mob bonus stacked with the previous "level"...which meant for
    example that at level 3 Orks got a 20% damage bonus, double charge bonus AND
    morale immunity and 30% morale regeneration increase.
    Here's a brief explanation of some of the above terminology because for new
    players, it probably won't make sense to you:
    The "pop of units" shouldn't be too hard to understand now that you've read
    about the Ork pop system. The pop in regards to the mob bonus in Dawn of War
    and Winter Assault refers to how much Ork pop a particular unit used. 15 pop 
    doesn't necessarily mean 15 Orks. It WILL mean 15 Orks for the Ork units that
    only take 1 pop each...sluggas, shootas, stormboyz, tankbustas and mad docs.
    But for the units that used 2 pop each, you'd only need half that number to
    get that level 1 bonus. So a single reinforced squad of nobz for example would
    have given you that level 1 mob bonus all by itself.
    The "radius" part might have you scratching your head a bit. The numbers for
    the radius refer to an in-game unit of measurement. The best way to explain
    these numbers, without pulling out the game data files and throwing number
    crunching at you, is using weapon ranges as a guide. All ranged weapons have a
    maximum range they can fire at. The maximum range of shoota boyz for example
    is 25. That means when they have line of sight at their target, they can fire
    at a range of 25 in-game units. Once they get their big shoota heavy weapon,
    their range increases to 35. So, to get the level 3 mob bonus, picture the
    maximum range of shoota boyz (without big shootas), and make a circle in your
    head using that range as the radius (half the diameter). Once you have that
    circle pictured in your head, you need to squeeze 50 pop work of Orks into
    that circle to get the level 3 mob bonus. A radius of 15 or 20 is obviously
    a lot smaller than 25, but using this as a guide, you should be able to
    roughly work those out too.
    The mob bonus in Dark Crusade now works differently. Prior to patch 1.2, It
    seems at least that the level 3 mob bonus from Dawn of War/Winter Assault had
    been removed. That is, it was:
    |1) If 15 pop units are within a radius of 15, all of those Orks get a 30%    |
    |   morale regeneration increase.                                             |
    |2) If 30 pop units are within a radius of 20, all of those Orks gain IMMUNITY|
    |   to morale damage.                                                         |
    Now in the latest patch, patch 1.2, it's been changed yet again, and
    completely reworked. Now, unfortunately, it's a bit more complicated than
    simply grouping large numbers of Orks in a small area and receiving global
    bonuses to those Orks.
    If you look in the patchlog for Dark Crusade 1.2, which you'll find on your
    PC (if you have installed the patch) in the "Patch" folder under the
    directory you installed Dark Crusade, you'll see this (this is straight out of
    the official changelog file and I do not claim it as my own):
    |Ork Waaagh Charge (mobbing) abilities have been reworked.                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |* Mob bonuses triggering will now require a Pile O’ Gunz and a population    |
    |  of 50.                                                                     |
    |* Morale regeneration and damage bonuses now only apply to individual squads.|
    |  The more units that are in a squad, the higher the benefit.                |
    |* A speed bonus has been added to the ability.                               |
    |* A health regeneration bonus has been added to the ability                  |
    |* Decreased the minimum number of Orks needed to start the bonus from 15 to  |
    |  5.                                                                         |
    |* Morale immunity is still area effect and is not confined to individual     |
    |  squads.                                                                    |
    Okay so what does all that mean?
    - Well the first point is pretty self-explanatory. The mob bonuses (all of 
    them) now require you to be at tier 2 (50 Ork pop plus the Pile O' Gunz). They
    no longer trigger at any time like they used to.
    - The second point means this - In Dawn of War and Winter Assault, it didn't
    matter how many Orks were in the squads. As long as you had enough pop of Orks
    in the required radius, you'd get the bonus. This is no longer the case. The
    bonuses no longer apply to small squads. You'll need to reinforce them to
    receive most of the bonuses now. The larger the squad, the bigger the bonus.
    - The third point is that now Orks get a slight movement speed boost when 
    affected by the mob bonuses. Easy enough.
    - The fourth point is similar to the third - the Orks affected by the bonuses
    now regenerate health slowly.
    - The fifth point is an interesting one. Prior to Dark Crusade you needed a 
    minimum of 15 pop of Orks to trigger the first mob bonus. Now you only need 5.
    - The morale immunity bonus is one thing that hasn't changed. This is the same
    as it's always been...30 pop of Orks within a radius of 20 grants morale
    immunity for those Orks regardless of the squad sizes.
    So now there's six distinct bonuses Orks can receive by "mobbing up":
    - Charge (that is, morale regeneration)
    - Damage
    - Health
    - HealthRegen
    - Immunity (that's MORALE immunity)
    - Speed
    Some members of the Dark Crusade community have plunged through the game's
    data files to find out exactly what values the bonuses have, and here they
    are for your reading pleasure:
    The entire squad gains +7% morale regeneration rate for every member of the
    squad affected by the ability. So the more members you have, the faster the
    morale regeneration!
    The entire squad gains +2% in damage output for every member of the squad
    affected by the ability. So the more members you have, the more damage they
    dish out! Very nice, although the maximum you can get seems to be around
    +40%. Still not too shabby.
    The entire squad gains +2% health for every member of the squad affected by
    the ability. Unfortunately only one unit is affected by this ability which
    I'll get to soon.
    The entire squad gains a +12% health regeneration rate. That's the maximum it
    gets to, which isn't much at all, and it only affects two units (again, I'll 
    get to that).
    Same as always: at least 30 pop of Orks in the required radius of 20 gain
    morale immunity.
    The entire squad gets a +1.5% movement speed increase for every member of
    the squad affected by the ability. So the more members you have, the faster
    the entire squad moves! Also very nice, though the maximum speed you can
    reach is +28%.
    But it gets more complicated than that. Wow, Relic certainly didn't make the
    Orks an easy to understand race did they?
    The complication arises because, as I alluded to above, the community has
    uncovered that not all Ork units are affected by every bonus! Bah. What also
    makes it complicated is that different Ork units have a different value when
    calculating the mob bonus. Some Orks are worth 1 Ork for the bonus, some are
    worth 2, and the big Warboss is worth 5! Lucky I've made this handy dandy 
    chart so you know which bonuses affect which Ork units (provided they meet
    the criteria to receive the bonuses, of course) and what value on the mob they
    each have.
    Note HRegen = HealthRegen and Immune = Immunity, I have just shortened the
    words to make sure the table fits in the FAQ's formatting correctly.
    |Unit               Charge  Damage  Health  HRegen  Immune  Speed   Mob Value|
    |                                                                            |
    |Gretchins            No      No      No      No      No      No       0     |
    |Sluggas              Yes     Yes     No      Yes     Yes     Yes      1     |
    |Shootas              Yes     No      No      No      Yes     No       1     |
    |Stormboyz            Yes     Yes     No      No      Yes     No       1     |
    |Tankbustas           Yes     Yes     No      No      Yes     No       1     |
    |Mad Docs             Yes     Yes     No      No      Yes     No       1     |
    |Nob Leaders          Yes     Yes     No      No      Yes     Yes      2     |
    |Stormboy Nobz        Yes     Yes     No      No      Yes     Yes      2     |
    |Nobz                 Yes     No      No      No      Yes     No       2     |
    |Flash Gitz           Yes     Yes     No      No      Yes     Yes      1     |
    |Big Mek              Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes      2     |
    |Mega-Armoured Nobz   Yes     Yes     No      No      Yes     No       2     |
    |Warboss              Yes     Yes     No      No      Yes     No       5     |
    So there you go. It's important to note the Big Mek is the only unit that's
    affected by the health bonus to add a whopping 2% to his health (and only 
    when he's actually attached to a large squad, to boot), and only the Big Mek
    and Sluggas are affected by the health regeneration bonus. Gretchins are not
    affected by any of the bonuses.
    Also note that shoota boy, stormboy and nob squad nob leaders are technically
    affected by the speed bonus, but because the entire squad moves as slow as
    it's slowest member, the only nob leader that actually benefits from the
    speed bonus in-game is the slugga nob leader, due to the fact shootas,
    stormboyz and nobz don't actually benefit from the speed bonus themselves.
    Mega-Armoured Nobz are also supposed to benefit from the morale immunity bonus,
    but in-game, it doesn't seem to work for some reason.
    Clear as mud? Good. Hopefully using this information you can now try to
    utilise the new mob bonuses.
    8.0 The Complete Ork Dark Crusade 1.2 Tech Tree
    This is complete...it includes build times, tech levels and costs for all
    structures, units and upgrades - now updated for DC 1.2! Aren't I good to you
    guys? Everything you need to know about the Ork tech tree is in here.
    You'll notice the tech tree is grouped up on a "per banner" basis, since
    additional tech is unlocked with each additional banner. Orks don't really
    have any defined "tiers" in their teching, but I have made a note of at what
    tech level the community considers Orks to enter into the next tier. I've
    also split each tech level into what structures, units and upgrades are
    available at that point.
    Note: For structure build times, they are taken when you have 2 or more
    gretchins in your gretchin squad (gretchins do not build any faster if they
    have more than 2 members in the squad, point to note - they hit their maximum
    build speed at 2 squad members. They repair faster with 3 but don't build any
    A number of Ork units in Dark Crusade are hard capped. This means you cannot
    build more than this amount of this type of unit regardless of how much Ork Pop
    you have free.
    - Gretchins are hard capped to 4 squads
    - Nobz are hard capped to 2 squads
    - Flash Gitz are hard capped to 2 squads
    - Looted Tanks are hard capped to 2 units
    - Big Mek is hard capped to 1 unit
    - Mega-Armoured Nobz are hard capped to 1 squad
    - Warboss is hard capped to 1 unit
    - Mad Docs are hard capped to 4 units
    - Squiggoth is hard capped to 1 unit
    Since there is still some confusion about this, I'll list the Ork detector
    units in Dark Crusade here as well. Orks only have three:
    - The Big Mek
    - Mega-Armoured Nobz
    - The Warboss
    Alright, so now that that's all out of the way, here's the complete tech tree.
    Each listing goes like this:
    Name - Cost (Requisition/Power) - Build Time
    ###### TIER 1 ######
    [0-15 BOYZ] (No banners)
    << STRUCTURES >>
    Settlement - 650/150 - 114 seconds
    Note: Each additional settlement will cost you 250/150 more than the previous 
    one. Yes, this means if you build a settlement when you don't already have one,
    it'll only cost you 400/0)
    Boyz Hut - 225/0 - 27 seconds
    Listenin' Post - 90/0 - 23 seconds
    Generator - 150/0 - 24 seconds
    Mine Field - 50/50 - 13 seconds
    Waagh Banner - 165/0 - 24 seconds
    << UNITS >>
    Gretchin Squad - 90/0 - 9 seconds
    Slugga Boy Squad (built from HQ) - 120/0 - 18 seconds
    Slugga Boy Squad (built from Boyz Hut) - 120/0 - 15 seconds
    Shoota Boy Squad - 140/0 - 25 seconds
    Big Mek - 190/50 - 50 seconds
    << UPGRADES >>
    Gretchin Infiltration - 50/0 - 25 seconds
    LP -> LP2 - 100/75 - 35 seconds
    [15-25 BOYZ] (1 banner)
    << STRUCTURES >>
    Pile 'O Gunz - 150/50 - 33 seconds
    << UNITS >>
    << UPGRADES >>
    More Dakka - 60/20 - 60 seconds
    More Burny - 50/50 - 30 seconds
    Burna (Slugga Heavy Weapon) - 20/10 - 9 seconds
    Big Shoota (Shoota Heavy Weapon) - 40/10 - 12 seconds
    WB -> WB2 - 50/50 - 30 seconds
    WB2 -> WB3 - 50/50 - 30 seconds
    [25-35 BOYZ] (2 banners)
    << STRUCTURES >>
    << UNITS >>
    Nob Leader (Slugga) - 75/25 - 25 seconds *Requires Pile O' Gunz*
    Nob Leader (Shoota) - 75/25 - 25 seconds *Requires Pile O' Gunz*
    Stormboy Squad - 160/0 - 23 seconds
    Stormboy Nob - 75/20 - 30 seconds *Requires Pile O' Gunz*
    << UPGRADES >>
    'Eavy Boy Armour - 75/25 - 45 seconds
    Stormboy Speed Boost - 25/35 - 40 seconds
    [35-45 BOYZ] (3 banners)
    << STRUCTURES >>
    << UNITS >>
    Big Mek (with Kustim Gadjitz researched) - 190/50 - 62 seconds
    << UPGRADES >>
    Kustim Gadjitz - 75/75 - 42 seconds
    Blastier - 100/25 - 45 seconds
    More Choppy - 100/50 - 30 seconds
    ###### TIER 2 ######
    [45-55 BOYZ] (4 banners)
    << STRUCTURES >>
    Mek Shop - 235/135 - 40 seconds
    Bigga Generator - 275/0 - 40 seconds
    << UNITS >>
    Nob Squad - 250/75 - 33 seconds *Requires Pile O' Gunz*
    Nob Leader (Nob Squad) - 75/25 - 25 seconds *Requires Pile O' Gunz*
    Tankbusta Squad - 150/30 - 20 seconds *Requires Pile O' Gunz*
    Wartrukk - 150/135 - 25 seconds
    Wartrak - 145/100 - 20 seconds
    << UPGRADES >>
    Tankbusta Infiltration - 50/75 - 25 seconds
    Tougher Bosses - 100/25 - 45 seconds
    Vehicle Speed Boost - 50/50 - 30 seconds
    Escalate Engagement - 75/250 - 60 seconds
    Strengthen Power Grid - 200/40 - 60 seconds
    Bomb Chucka (Wartrak Heavy Weapon) - 50/50 - 25 seconds
    [55-65 BOYZ] (5 banners)
    << STRUCTURES >>
    << UNITS >>
    Mega-Armoured Nobz - 100/45 - 45 seconds
    Killa Kan - 190/275 - 30 seconds
    << UPGRADES >>
    Even More Burny - 50/50 - 30 seconds
    Rokkit Launcha (Killa Kan Heavy Weapon) - 120/60 - 28 seconds
    [65-75 BOYZ] (6 banners)
    << STRUCTURES >>
    << UNITS >>
    << UPGRADES >>
    Big Shooty Boss Weapons - 125/50 - 50 seconds
    Orky Fort - 300/300 - 90 seconds
    ###### TIER 3 ######
    << STRUCTURES >>
    << UNITS >>
    Flash Gitz - 210/30 - 25 seconds
    Mad Doc - 75/75 - 20 seconds
    Warboss - 200/75 - 30 seconds
    << UPGRADES >>
    Even More Dakka - 80/40 - 60 seconds
    Even More Choppy - 150/100 - 30 seconds
    Super 'Eavy Boy Armour - 75/25 - 45 seconds
    Even Tougher Bosses - 125/50 - 45 seconds
    LP2 -> LP3 - 250/145 - 60 seconds
    Full Scale War - 100/350 - 95 seconds
    Plasma Battery Storage - 350/0 - 95 seconds
    Power Claw (Nob Heavy Weapon) - 40/20 - 10 seconds
    More Sluggas - 200/0 - 45 seconds
    Extra Vehicle Armour - 400/400 - 96 seconds
    ###### TIER 4 ######
    << STRUCTURES >>
    << UNITS >>
    Looted Tank - 150/300 - 45 seconds
    Squiggoth - 400/400 - 90 seconds *Requires Captured Relic*
    << UPGRADES >>
    9.0 Dark Crusade 1.2 1 vs 1 Ork Strategy Guide
    Okay, now that all that stuff is over and done with...it's time to get our
    hands dirty and delve into Ork strategies! Note that this strategy guide has
    been written using Dark Crusade patch version 1.2 as the basis. It may or may
    not be relevant for any patches that might get released after 1.2. Also note
    that while some of these strategies may work in large team or free for all
    games, it's generally geared to the 1v1 game.
    So, this guide is for those who already know what they are doing with Orks. 
    I'll assume you have read and understand all the information about how the Ork 
    population and teching system works and what's available at what point in the
    tech tree. I'll also assume you have *some* experience while playing and have
    a fair understanding of what each unit's strengths and weaknesses are.
    This strategy guide has been born through my own experience with Orks, as well
    as from talking to and watching replays from other skilled Ork players such
    as K0lyan, Xerxes, Slow_Runner, Santiago4ever, marteffyo, Balllaman and
    r3r3drum, amongst others.
    There's one thing to note about Orks that will become pretty apparent quite
    quickly - they generally tech slower than the other races, especially from
    tier 1 to tier 2. This is because Orks are the most requisition-hungry race to
    tech from tier 1 to tier 2, and this of course requires map control which isn't
    always easy to achieve. The other races generally don't need to worry about
    securing as much of the map as they can in the opening minutes as Orks do in
    regards to needing that requisition to tech, but most of them are quite good
    at denying Orks the map control they need.
    For this reason, a lot of your early game should be focused on harassing your
    opponent to try to slow them down enough to allow you to get to tier 2 and get
    your heavy hitters out - and games WILL go to at least tier 2. Between two
    players of equal skill games in DC are never outright won or lost in tier 1.
    It's all about getting as much leverage as you can in tier 1 to launch
    yourself into tier 2. Other races that can quick tech can do it easier than
    Orks can, so that's why it's really important to start pressuring them early
    to try to put the brakes on their tech as much as possible.
    Hit them early, hit them hard.
    Another note is that unlike some other races who can do without their
    commanders in tier 1, building the BM is generally not an option with Orks.
    He's your main deterrent against harassment and the main force in a harass
    itself. Even if the opponent doesn't build their commander in tier 1, you
    should always build the BM. He has awesome killing power and can tie a squad
    up forever, giving you a much better chance of fighting for the map. Don't
    forget though that he'll lose in a straight 1v1 fight against most other
    commanders (even the farseer if she uses both her spells on him), so whenever
    it's possible attach him to a slugga squad to provide extra protection. Oh 
    yeah, he's also your only mobile detector until at least late tier 2.
    This should go without saying but research tankbusta infiltration as soon as
    it's time to start using tankbustas. It's invaluable. Grot infiltration is
    also a good idea, though don't get it too early unless you are facing a rush.
    - The first upgrade you should probably get is the armour upgrade from the
    PoG...mostly because it's available quite early and doesn't take too long.
    It's important to get it as early as possible - the longer your boyz are
    staying alive, the less you'll need to spend reinforcing them and the faster
    you can tech.
    - Next on the list would be either choppy or blastier, depending on whether
    you are focusing on a more CC or shooty army. It's usually a good idea to get
    both eventually, but which one you go for first will be dependent on what
    strategy you are using.
    - It's almost always a good idea to get the Big Mek's Kustim Gadjitz upgrade
    - Tougher bosses is also usually a good idea, but not before the previously
    mentioned upgrades
    - The Burna upgrades aren't a good idea unless you are massing burnas (which
    also isn't a good idea generally speaking)
    - The Dakka upgrades can generally wait until quite late when you are thinking
    about going tier 3 and getting flash gitz out
    There's no doubt that making use of Free Sluggas can be powerful in the right
    situation - though it's not so much of a problem in 1v1's as it is in larger
    team games. It also however relies pretty heavily on your opponent leaving you
    alone for the majority of the game, because it does take a lot of time and
    resources to get to. Heading straight for tier 3 and free sluggas is never a
    good idea as you'll almost always get overrun before you get there or before
    you can reach any great number of sluggas. But regardless, if it's used as
    part of a normal tech into tier 3, it CAN win you games that you probably
    otherwise wouldn't have won, especially if you combine them with flash gitz
    and vehicles. Use it sparingly, or risk being accused of being an abusing
    n00b...it's use is generally frowned upon by the competitive community.
    Despite the fact the build time on shootaboyz has been increased in DC, the
    shoota rush is still effective in the right situations (generally on smaller
    maps). Whack down an early banner, and while your sluggas are off capping go
    shoota, BM, shoota from the boyz hut (you can also go shoota, shoota, BM, but
    this puts your BM out on the field quite late which usually isn't a good
    idea). Reinforce those two shoota squads and send them in along with the BM to
    try to do some damage. Target LP's and gens, and try to knock out some of the
    troops that come to defend when you get the chance. While this is going on
    assess the situation...if you think you are getting on top, throw down a
    generator and PoG and equip big shootas to your squads to push the advantage.
    If you think you are getting overwhelmed, don't be afraid to pull back.
    A modified version of the shoota rush is to build a gen first before the
    banner, which if course limits you to only one squad of shootas unless you
    forego one of your starting sluggas. This has the advantage of being able to
    start stockpiling power early, but with only three squads running around, it's
    much harder to secure map control. Still, this can work on certain maps in
    certain matchups. Just don't leave building your banner until too late or
    you'll quickly find yourself outnumbered.
    Be very wary of the fast tech...if you encounter little resistance, this
    usually means your opponent's going straight for tier 2. Remember to target
    their builders. Pull back and minimise losses when the tier 2 troops hit you
    until you can get some nob backup.
    Most effective against Eldar if they go Reapers, or Tau if they go Fire
    Warriors, but can also be useful against SM if they decide to mass tacs on you
    or IG if they equip grenades. It involves building two fairly quick banners
    then pumping out a couple of squads of stormboyz. It's up to you whether you
    want to throw those two banners down one after the other straight away, or wait
    a bit to get the second banner so you can get a shoota squad out first - though
    the former option is more risky and doesn't give you good opportunity to secure
    early map control. One way or the other, you'll need the PoG down fairly
    quickly so you can make use of stikkbombs, research armour and choppy and put a
    nob leader on them. Hit their economy once you have them on the run and tech up
    to tier 2 to push your advantage.
    Two fast generators at the start, start stockpiling that power and LP2 all of
    your points as quickly as possible while harrassing and defending with a small
    force. Depending on the map you can build the two generators before your boyz
    hut then stick the hut next to an LP2 on a forward point to use as an added
    fallback position. This leaves you wide open to rushes at the start of the
    game, and basically surrenders map control to your opponent, but the rewards
    are there if you manage to hold off until the economy kicks in. Better on some
    maps than on others.
    This is more of a delaying tactic than anything else, since sluggas are not
    good at destroying economy.
    Exactly as the name suggests. Forget about building shootas at the start and
    go for three squads of sluggas. Use them along with your BM to make a nuisance
    of yourself as you build your econ and tech, then once your nobz arrive push
    into the opponent's base as hard as you can. Don't forget upgrades! You may
    decide to forget about nobz and go for trukks for some shooty support
    instead...and this has the added bonus of being able to get your troops out
    of trouble if things start to look hairy. Don't suicide your BM or boyz.
    The Nob tech still works despite the fast teching system in DC, but you need
    to be careful about when you use it. Combine it as part of a good shoota rush
    or 3 slugga build, and don't forget those armour and choppy upgrades. If the
    nobz arrive early enough you can really put the brakes on any teching your
    opponent is doing. Use Mega-Armoured Nobz as backup as well, but don't 
    spend too long lingering in tier 2...even if you think you've got the game 
    won, tier 3 units can turn the game around in seconds, so don't forget to
    tech up yourself.
    Whatever a chaos opponent is going to throw at you is fairly predictable.
    Raptor Harass->Fast tier 2 and berzerkers/sorcerer->fast tier 3 and possessed
    marines/obliterators. Yay. The stupid thing is, it's extremely hard to
    counter. The one weakness this fast teching chaos strategy has is that it's
    difficult for them to attain map control, so use this to your advantage. Try
    and take as much of the map as you can and build an economy in the opening
    minutes, and prepare for the zerks. Once they start arriving keep them busy
    with shootas and possibly some upgraded nobz, but don't waste any time in
    tier 2. Yes, upgraded nobz will beat zerks (not necessarily for cost, but
    they will beat them regardless), but spending too long in tier 2 is a big
    mistake. Get to tier 3 as fast as possible or you won't have much of an answer
    to the PSM's and Oblits that start heading your way. The Daemon Prince can
    also be a real pain for Orks...sick your Warboss and BM on him and juice them
    up if necessary.
    Occasionally you may come across a Chaos player that's a bit creative who
    decides to mass tacs on you. Stormboyz and shootas are your answer here, tech
    to nobz to finish him off, but be careful of the fast tech to tier 3.
    Eldar can be a hard matchup for Orks. 90% of the time they'll Dark Reaper
    spam you, and this can really hurt if you aren't prepared for it. Get your
    stormboyz out but keep a shoota squad around for some ranged support. Keep
    the Eldar player moving and microing his reapers like crazy, throw stikk
    bombs when you can and get those armour and choppy upgrades. If your opponent
    is smart he'll try running you around LP2's - if you can take the opportunity
    to smash them with your BM and shootas to try and dent his economy.
    If Eldar decides to build rangers against you, simply use your BM to keep the
    rangers constantly tied up. Banshees are a bit more of a problem though, it's
    a wonder why more Eldar players don't use them. Shootas under the fire of your
    buildings guns is your best bet.
    Watch out for Fire Dragons and that sneaky little trick of getting them into
    your base and taking down your economy and vital buildings. They are
    ridiculously resistant to your building guns and will level your base in
    seconds if you are not careful. Always make sure to try to tie them up (I
    know, not always easy when there's Reapers and Warp Spiders running around).
    Remember Eldar are pretty heavily dependent on power, so don't hesitate to
    take out their gens if you get an opportunity.
    This matchup has got a lot harder since WA. A lot rests in the opening minutes
    in this one, you need to be really aggressive in trying to take map control
    from them. An IG forward point is almost impossible to penetrate and you
    really need to be on your guard that they don't sneak up and try to do this on
    a point near your base. Shootas and Stormboyz are your best counters to the
    guardsmen threat, but pay attention to what he's doing. If he starts getting
    grenades, get stormboyz out. If he doesn't, it means he's fast teching to
    tier 2. Equip big shootas to your shootaboyz and drive him back while you tech
    to Tankbustas (Mega-Armoured Nobz are also a good idea...regular nobz not so
    much in this matchup). Ork vehicles are quite effective against IG infantry as
    well, so if you can spare the cash get a couple of trukks and traks and the
    odd Killa Kan. Once you have sufficient resources kick off tier 3, push with
    your flash gitz, but keep an eye on any fanatacism'd squads. Use your doc
    Like most races, Necrons are probably the Ork's hardest matchup. Warriors
    kill shootas at range, and sluggas in melee. Flayed Ones deepstrike into
    your base and tear down your banners like paper. Before too long Immortals
    show up and knock down your base in seconds. And that's not even considering
    what the Necron Lord is doing. So how the hell do you beat it? Hit them hard
    and early. Hit them with shootas, sluggas and your BM (he's especially vital
    in this matchup) as soon as you can, kill his scarabs and try to knock down
    his generators. Try to take care of any warriors as soon as they pop out of
    the monolith too before they do any real damage. Throw down your PoG, equip
    big shootas, and try to do more damage, dancing away from the FO's as much as
    you can. If you like, this is one situation where using burnas may be a good
    idea...the warriors can't damage you when they are broken. Burnas combined
    with big shootas can be a powerful combo against necrons if pulled off right.
    Don't rely so much on your building guns here...not only do they barely
    scratch necron infantry, one solar pulse and they are all useless. Invest in
    tech instead and try to get to tier 3, once your flash gitz arrive you're in
    with a chance. Don't miss the opportunity to build some traks for disruption.
    The golden rule against necrons is to push, push push. Don't give them a
    moment's rest and don't lay off for a second. Despite your best efforts,
    you'll probably be forced to cut your losses and retreat at some point, but
    don't give up when this happens. Use the time to consolidate and hit them
    Fighting another Ork is like fighting yourself. It's a real guessing game...
    will they try to out-mass me, will they try teching, will they try vehicles?
    Just remember they have exactly the same options as you do. There are a few
    tips though to fighting other Orks. Don't invest too much in tier 1 troops...
    those building guns hurt, and spending resources on troops that are just going
    to die to them is not a good idea. Target banners whenever you can to slow
    down their tech, and take out the opposing BM if you get the chance.
    Mega-Armoured Nobz are always a good idea against other Orks as they can
    stand up to the building guns very well, as can Kans. Keep pressuring your
    opponent and take map control from them, and you'll generally go on to win.
    Space Marine players tend to be more imaginative than their Chaos playing
    cousins. You can face a variety of different strategies against them. Mass
    SM tac squads. Scout harass->tier 2 with Grey Knights and the Chaplain.
    Assault Marine builds. Whatever the SM player tries, you need to try to match
    them blow for blow. Mass tacs can be taken with the stormboyz/shoota combo,
    and get your big shootas on your squads, otherwise they'll just be fodder
    when the GK's arrive. Scouts in general aren't too much of a problem for Orks
    to handle...the BM is quite good at stopping them from doing too much damage
    even if they use snipers, and clever placement of your building guns usually
    deters any early rushes. Scout builds usually mean the FC isn't going to be
    around early so feel free to use your BM to chase them around. The golden rule
    to fighting space marines is to try to hit them as hard as you can as early as
    you can...because if they hit tier 2 with the majority of their tier 1 troops
    still intact, they will really, really hurt you when their tier 2 upgrades
    kick in and their new units hit the field (including dreadnoughts which can be
    a real pain for Orks to deal with). If the SM hits tier 3 before you do, you
    are making things very hard for yourself. Most SM players will try to end the
    game in late tier 2 though, and understandably so because SM tier 2 is
    insanely strong.
    Tau can be a tricky matchup for Orks. You might think that the threat of
    Vespids isn't a problem, but on a map where you have outer points that are not
    protected by your building guns, they can be a huge pain...and unfortunately,
    if the TC tags along (which he normally does), the BM can't handle them by
    himself. Try to use shootas to back up your BM in this situation and take
    advantage of the BM's detection ability to bring down any snare traps you
    might spot. On maps where the majority of your points will be protected by
    your building guns, it's a pretty safe bet the Tau will skip the Vespids and
    go straight to Fire Warriors or Kroot. Fire Warriors can be handled by
    stormboyz, so long as they don't get caught in snare traps (pay attention!)
    and a lot of shootas with a BM attached to a slugga squad should handle the
    threat of kroot. Tau tier 2 is when it starts getting nasty though, but it can
    be quite hard to hurt them enough in tier 1 to make a difference. Make sure
    you get tankbustas as soon as you can and research cloaking because those
    vehicles are almost guaranteed to show up at your doorstep. Like Eldar, Tau
    are pretty heavily dependent on power, so take out their generators whenever
    you can. Earth caste builders are also vulnerable...take them down whenever
    you see them.
    10.0 Acknowledgements and Credits
    Relic Entertainment and THQ, for making a great RTS!
    Relic Entertainment for the Dark Crusade patch notes for patch 1.2
    The community at RelicNews for providing feedback and information for the
    guide when I first posted it over there.
    Myself, for writing this guide :)
    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this FAQ, feel 
    free to e-mail me.
    Copyright 2007 by White_Pointer

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