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"40,000 Hours of fun!"

It's rare a game comes along that excels in its genre so well. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, is in a word, absolutely brilliant. Not since Warcraft have we seen a RTS that just does so many things right. Dawn of War is simply one of the finest real time strategy experiences any gamer can hope for, and all other RTSs hope to emulate.

Graphics - 10/10

This game looks absolutely amazing. There is no bones about it. The models are highly detailed, and the terrain looks so realistic, and life life. The special effects, shadows, everything gives this game an unprecedented amount of detail and fullness that I have never seen in any games similar in genre. Unlike many other RTS games, you are not limited in your camera movements in the slightest. You can pan, zoom, rotate, and pretty much do everything you'll ever need to the camera to get the best view of the battle, or to stare in amazement at the incredible amount of detail, even when zooming in on your units enough to see the whites of their eyes.

Sound - 10/10

To go along with the graphics, Dawn of War has an absolutely fantastic musical score. Its inspiring and adrenaline pumping ear candy immerses you in the game like none other.

Not to mention the sound effects. Every weapon, building, NPC, troop, you name it, has a unique sound that really identifies its personality. On the subject of troops, the voice acting is astounding. There are a LOT of voices in this game, either from the intermission cut-scenes or the voice of the units when you click on them. There is quite a bit of variety among them, and I never found a single voice clip where I thought it sounded awkward in some way.

Controls - 10/10

Spot on. If you have played any RTS, you should be able to pick up and go within mere moments. Everything you love is there, and more.

Gameplay - 10/10

I... I just don't even know where to begin. There are so MANY combinations you can do here. For christ sakes, you can even customize your weapons down to the point of EVERY soldier. You can even change the colors of your army, even the logos on their uniform! With a wide variety of units, the combinations are near limitless.

There are many different modes for winning a battle to, not just pure annihilation. For example, 1 mode lets you capture and hold points on the map to achieve victory. There are quite a few of these scenarios, and they can be mixed and matched. So you could play a game where you could either be sneaky and hold key points to win, or just go in with guns a blazin' to decimates your foes. The bottom line is - this game plays fantastically, and you are missing out if you're not playing.

+ Fantastic Graphics
+ Superb Sound
+ Spot on Controls
+ Phenomenal Gameplay
+ Wide variety of tactics and customization
+ Intelligent AI

- As far as I can tell, nothing! This game is just about perfect.

Rent or Buy?

Oh god. Just, oh god. Buy this game. Buy one for your friends, buy one for your family, buy one for yourself. Playing this is like a zen experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/29/04

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