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"Space Marines! ATTAAAAAACK!"

Warhammer is a game synonimous with strategy. The original Warhammer game was a strategy based table top medeival military game. Knights and Dwarves clashing against Elf and Demon hoards. The tactical side of the game didn't revolve around how you would move your troops: It was how you BUILT them. Thats right. The game itself was based around the customization of your military forces.

Fast forward. Warhammer 40k. My second table top game that I REALLY got into (the first game was DnD). The same great experience, customization, but in an even more epic setting. Space Marines, Imperial Guard, the Ork hoard, Eldar, Chaos Marines, and more. But this game focus's on 4 factions: The ork, the Space Marines, the Eldar, and the Chaos Space Marines. Although the Single Player Campaign is based around the Space Marines, and a specific chapter of the Marines named the Blood Ravens. I myself am more of a Space Wolves kinda guy, but that is irrelevant.

Anyway, onto the actual gameplay, which is what counts, no? Well, anyway, this game is FILLED with customization. You got your basic troops, but as you create your soldiers, you can arm them with different weapons. Heavy machine guns known as Heavy Bolters, Flamers, Rocket Launchers, even grenades. Just a simple click of an icon and in a few moments, one soldier can turn the tide of a battle. Using simple clicks bring about reinforcements, extra weapons, waypoints, and even idle chatter. But it's not just the soldiers that you can customize, no no no! It's the vehicles too. The space marine Predator Tank is a good example. It can be outfitted with 3 different weapons! Lascannons, which are basicly big ol lazer turrets can be replace the normal concussion cannon on the tank, and looks really cool when it takes down a enemy vehicle, or decimates an entire squad.

Each faction has its own specific troops and "heavy units." I'd mention them, but I'd rather have YOU find it out for yourself, rather then spoil the surprise.

Ok, now that the gameplay is outta the way, let's move on.

Graphics. This is the BEST looking RTS game I have EVER seen. A complete 3D map that can be turned, rotated, zoomed and viewed from afar. See the battle on the actual frontlines rather then from a birds-eye view. The graphics are phenominal. Banners on the shoulder plating, the fine details on the weapons, to the tones in the characters faces are all incredible. Nothing else needs to be said about them.

Sound. Great sound. The booming voices of the Marines to the Cockneye accents of the the Ork, to the raspy snarls of the Chaos Marines, all the voice acting is phenominal. The cries for help, the shouts for retreat, they are all really well done. The clatter of weapon fire, the deathcry, the explosions are all of top notch quality.

I cannot reccomend a rent, seeing as how its fairly impossible to rent a PC game. But I do reccomend a download of the games demo. If you like it, then by all means, purchase the game. 10/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/18/04

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