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"If you have any intrest in RTS at all, you must buy this game."


I've heard of the table top game a few times before. Collect figures, paint them, battle, blah blah blah. I am really not into that kind of stuff. What I am into, however, is RTS games. I've spent countless hours playing Starcraft, Warcraft, and pretty any much RTS game with my friends. I love it. And while we're being honest, I thought Warhammer was going to suck with a passion. How wrong I was.


Lets be honest (again), graphics sell games. If your game looks good, chances are it will sell well. DoW, although its no slouch in other departments, was great graphics. Sure they're not Far Cry, but think about this: The most entities (not including trees) I ever saw at once was about 20. DoW tops 100 almost every time a battle takes place. And the action is intense, too. I have found memories of the mass chaos that accoured when I would storm an enemy's base.

The camera is also nice. It follows the standard ismoetric view, but can be zoomed, rotated, and moved too your desire. But don't worry, you can instantly reset the camera by hitting backspace.


To acurratly grade this, we must divide it into to parts: The ingame and the cutscenes.

The in game sound is simply great. The music fit almost any senarios, unit speech sounded real. Everthing just fell into place, and pulled me into the gaming experience. The one thing wrong was the orks sound. I was just so **** annoying to hear all this poorly spoken english. Why couldn't the orks have their own language like the zerg in SC? It would add to the world making it more beliveable, and probably be easier.

The cutscene sound (read as: voice overs). Are, at best, average. Some characters sound ok. Others made me want to rip my ears of (namely: ork). This, as I said before, was really, really annoying. But don't get me wrong: The sound in DoW is great. Just not perfect.


Nothing really to say here. Hotkeys are usefull and done well, and the game works without them. Only problem was that, very rarely, I would have trouble with the menus or selecting the units I wanted.


At the core of every game is the gameplay. No matter how good your graphics, sound, and controls are, your game will suck with good gameplay. I'm happy to report the the gameplay in DoW is top quality.

DoW follows standard RTS procedure for the most part: build army, blow the **** out of the enemy. Its DoW's inovations that make it fresh. Instead of building individual marines, for example, you build a squad. That squad can be added to on the battle field at any time by reinforcing. You then gain one more squad member. In addition, squad members can be given different weapons. So you can have a flame squad, that has primaraly flamthrowers, or a rocket launcher squad. There are other kinds of squads besides normal soldiers as well, which adds much more diversity and strategy to battles.

But what does the squad system add? I allows you to get a large army much quicker, keep track of said army better, and it makes the game much more fast paced.

Viechles are also in the game, but they are immune to the next inovation: the cover system. The cover system allows squads to gain or lose defense and morale(more on morale system later). A river decreases defense, while a trench increases it. This allows for much more strategy. Do I want my men to have better defense at the cost of mobility? This also adds greatly to the attacking side of strategy. Your men can attack much better jumping from cover to cover then just running out in the open.

The morale system also has to do with squads. If your squads are losing, or see enemy heros, they lose morale. If they lose enough, they become broken and will fight porrly, or refuse to fight at all. You can regain morale through abilities and by retreating and letting your squad recover.

The last major inovation is the resource system. Gone is the gathering gold/minerals/whatever. Instead, you gain resources by capturing and holding strategic points, and by building power generators.

There are tons more features and inovations I don't have the time to write. All I can say is get the game for yourself, and bask in its glory.

Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10 (**** orks)
Control 9/10
Gameplay 10/10

Overal 9.4/10
Rounded to fit Gamefaqs scoring 9/10

Final comments:
Buy this now, and love it forever.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/19/04

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