Review by PinoyGenius

Reviewed: 09/29/04

Stay away from this poor excuse for a hunting game.

Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts is (no surprise) a hunting game available on multiple platforms. The basic premise of the game is that you hunt animals, but there is also the danger that more aggressive animals will come up and attack you. Whether you are using this as a bonafide hunting sim or as a cheap First-Person Shooter, chances are you will find this game severely disappointing for the following reasons.


The most obvious flaw in this game is the linearity of the maps. Being in a wilderness area, you would think that you can traverse over many terrain features like hills and rock formations to sneak up on your prey. The reality is that you are forced to run along a fixed path with very few forks in the road and you cannot climb over anything.

Other negative aspects of gameplay include how easily your person gets tired, the uselessness of various lures, baits, and other items, and how easily animals can detect you in order to run away or fight. While I will not claim to be an expert on real-life hunting, I would imagine that there is no way these things can be as ineffective in real-life as they are in the game.

On the plus side, controls are relatively simple. Zooming, switching weapons/items, and shooting/using items are easy to do.

STORY (1/10)

You hunt animals. Sometimes animals attack you. That is pretty much the gist of the story. While each little scenario has a description of each location you go to and explains what you’re hunting, these details do not enhance the gaming experience in any way. Basically, you are just doing a series of unrelated missions.


Graphics are alright at best. Locations look decent and the animals, though somewhat blocky in appearance, have a good amount of detail in their body markings and features. Changing weather and seasons adds a little variety to the scenery, but most maps can be broken down into two big categories: North American woodlands and African grasslands. For the most part these maps look the same. There is nothing special in the department when you really think about it.

SOUND (1/10)

Gunshots, bows and arrows, grunts from your person, various bland animal sounds, and an annoying narrator voice are all you’re looking at here. Other than a few ambient wilderness sounds, that’s all you can expect from pretty much any hunting game, especially this one.

Whether you do Quick Hunt, Career, or you charter a hunt, you are still doing the same thing in the end: Kill a certain type/number of animals in a given map. In this game, you will find yourself getting bored really quickly and not wanting to play anymore even if you haven’t completed every map in Career Mode.


Unless you can find this game for really cheap and have a lot of time to kill, I would recommend you stay away. There are plenty of better hunting games out there. For those of you looking for a cheap FPS, there are DEFINITELY better alternatives from which to choose.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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