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"Portugal is alone in this one.."

Since this year's UEFA Euro Cup will be held in my country, Portugal, I decided to make the review for this game based on the demo version that I just played. Now that I got the final version, unfortunatly I had to update it...

Well, as you may imagine the gameplay of this game is somehow near the one of the latest Fifa 2004, which is made by the same company. Now, the only changes from that game is that they added a new stat to the players, moral, which may greatly change the way that your team is playing, I mean, if they are easily winning and can win even against tough teams, they will play better. However, if you are a bad player and you loose or tie lots of times, your players may start playing worse. In the field, you will notice that it really looks like the one from the last Fifa game, but... personally, I think it looks worse than Fifa 2003, the last one I played. Now, you can also pick a certain country (no clubs this time, of course!) and qualitfy him for the Euro Cup, and then have him win it.. I guess that most people will just pick their own countries, no? In that point, the game is quite nice... But now, once you get on the field, you will start noticing the bad stuff... The corner kicks are quite difficult to perform (now you don't have a "cross" to aim the ball with...), some of the players don't have anything to do with the real ones (Baía, a portuguese goalkeeper, is even shown as bald, although in reality he is kinda hairy!), sometimes the ball has strange movements when it is let alone (like changing direction alone! :-\ ) and sometimes the comments don't have most to do with what is happening in the field... For example, there's a mode which lets you train penalty kicks against other team, and the comments seem to be made like if you were at the end of a game, which isn't very shiny... Hum, concerning modes, there are lots of them, and they are quite nice... you can play a quick friendly match, play across a certain scenario (like starting the game already loosing by 4 goals! :| ), train your players and more stuff!

The game doesn't refer any story, but as you may also know it surely has one... It is the struggle of an european country to be awarded as the best team in the Europe!

The graphics are quite bad, if compaired with the ones of Fifa 2003 (I don't know about Fifa 2004 since I never played it). As for the sound, it is really impressive, as you can hear sounds that really appear on these type of matches, like the voices from your team mates telling you to pass them the ball, the crowd screaming in order to try to help your team and more stuff like that... Also, you can listen to different musics, and some of them may even be available on your own language! But there is only a small problem here... Imagine that you are playing the match X vs Y, you only hear the crowd screaming for the team X. This could seem normal, but if team Y happens to be Portugal (which is playing home and, of course, will have more people seeing them...) it becomes quite weird...

Play Time/Replayability
This quite depends on who is playing this game... If you are someone who likes soccer games, you may enjoy this one. However, if you like having lots of teams to pick yours from, maybe you should buy any other soccer game instead of this one (I can't say my oppinion about this since I'm not very much into soccer games...).

Final Recommendation
The game isn't very good, I think that only people who really wanna play a game related to Euro 2004 (like I wanted...) should get this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 04/29/04, Updated 05/12/04

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