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"Decent Game...not bad at all"


Basically, you're a football manager. Thats it. You chooses your club, from a variety of over 20 countries with at least one league per country, (most countries have or have over two). You can either choose your favourite club, or you may like a challenge and go for a lower league team (such as an English conference team) which is harder as the players haven't got as good stats.

Gameplay 8-10

I love manager sim games. The style of their play is one that you can just sit back and click the mouse a few times, maybe type a players name in the search box, and let the game run itself. The main points of gameplay are the transfer window (where you buy players with your clubs transfer kitty), matchday, and possibly looking for a better club if you are bored with your current managerial position.

Sound 2-10

There isn't much sound effects. The only noise you'll hear is the match engine, with fans cheering (or booing) and the referees whistle. Thats all. You won't find any sounds whatsoever during the rest of the game. The sound they did include are pretty good (as in not annoying) so it doesn't get a score of zero.

Graphics 7/10

The graphics look really nice. I don't know the word to describe it, but all of the three skins look shiny and clear. The match engine, although it is 2-D, it is a birds eye view, so you can see the match well. The players are just 2-D circles. The teams main colours in the main chunk of the circle, and the border of the ircle is the secondary colour (for example, an Aston Villa player would have a Claret centre and a Sky Blue outline. The game doesn't put too much strain on your computer either, so it can be played without slowness. Still, they aren't spectacular so it gets a seven.


This game is incredibly cheap now, only around £5 in most shops. It is incredibly addictive and can fit on most PC's. I think it's definitely worth buying if you have a PC and a few spare quid. The lack of sound can be fixed by simply playing your own music in the background, so you don't play in complete silence :). It isn't a difficult game in terms of learning curve, it just might be difficult to get the right result at the right time.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/09/07

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