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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by antseezee

    Version: Final | Updated: 03/11/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                             FAQ/Strategy Guide
                                 For PC
                               Version Final
                             By Chris Zawada
                             User: antseezee
                       E-mail: chris@z-wad.com
                       Website: www.z-wad.com
                             Created: 11/19/05
                           Last Update: 03/10/11
                        Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada
    Author's Note
    The "Tycoon" series of games has gone from nothing, to an overwhelming swarm of
    strategized PC games ranging from managing fast food restaurants to even zoos.
    Out of the blue, it's not surprising that yet another game called School Tycoon
    is produced for the PC gaming market. School Tycoon practically places you in
    the role of the principal of a local school in fairly new neighborhoods. By
    building fit classrooms, hiring the correct staff, and managing a budget, the
    ultimate goal is to have the best school in your neighborhood without
    compensating the learning of your eager students. While the graphics may be
    fairly outdated, the game has the same basic elements of any Tycoon series
    game, basing itself off of micro-management skills. Will you lead your students
    to the highest test score ratings in the district, or will you alter their
    education due to your own management mistakes?
    If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have
    added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than
    content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If
    you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask.
    I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me
    with what you want to know!
    =03/10/11= vFinal
    Final update.
    =11/25/05= v1.0
    Finished the FAQ. The game was decent given the budget restraints and lack of
    production time. Still, the title doesn't blow me away in terms of tycoon
    =11/19/05= v1.0
    Started the FAQ. Seems like a fairly good game, even if it's another drab
    "Tycoon" type. This title is a tad less detailed compared to the other Tycoon
    games, which is a plus in my book.
    - I've now added a Quick Search function to the guide. Press CTRL + F, and
    type in the designated (#.#) to be quickly forwarded to that specific section
    of the guide.
              -    Table of Contents     -
              1) Introduction
              2) Game Basics
                 > Controls
                 > Screen HUD
              3) Challenge Mode Walkthrough
                 > Beginner Challenges
                 > Intermediate Challenges
                 > Difficult Challenges
              4) Strategies
                 > Building
                 > Staff Management
                 > Micromanagement
              5) Directory
                 > Building Types
                 > Staff Types
              6) Codes
              7) Common Questions
              8) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
              9) Proper Credits
    - 1) Introduction          -
    Have you ever seeked the urge to go out and manage a school? Personally, I
    haven't. The pure frustration of dealing with daily students, managing paycuts
    or raises for teachers, maintaining a safe environment, and getting appropriate
    satisfaction from the community all relate to the job of directing a school.
    School Tycoon allows you to get tossed into the role of the head honcho of a
    school. Every element from the base building plans, staff hirings, and budget
    must be managed by you. Financial aspects must be monitored while your school
    performs at its peak potential in teaching knowledge to students. Practically
    every Tycoon game on the PC is based off of an isometric-3D engine. The same
    can be said about School Tycoon. For the most part, you'll be managing
    everything from a perspective where you can witness the overall makings of your
    educational institution.
    School Tycoon has no precise storyline, except the fact that you're tossed into
    the role of principal. The game is solely based around single-player, where you
    must face & complete a set amount of challenges in order to become the best
    school tycoon. An expandable sandbox mode allows you to customize your own
    school without single-player restrictions, but for the most part, School Tycoon
    is a simple strategy game with markings of a resembling trend of Tycooness.
    ##### GAME INFO #####
    Player(s): 1
    Developer: Global Star Software
    Released: 2004
    Rarity: uncommon
    Special Features: online updates
    ESRB: Everybody
    Cover Art on box:
    - Shows several kids in poses with a schoolbus & school in the background
    	> Windows 98 or better
    	> Pentium III - 500mhz
    	> 128MB RAM +
    	> CD-ROM drive
    	> 300MB+ free HD space
    	> DirectX 9.0
    	> 16MB Video Card or better
    			(The developers are not too keen on a superior video
    			 card. As long as the computer has decent RAM,
    			 processor, and modern operating system, you should be
    - 2) Game Basics           -
    Many Tycoon games fit perfectly to the PC theme, as the mouse is the best way
    to control the action. The point-n-click interface is perfect for choosing
    options on screen, and does not require heavy use of the keyboard to any
    extent. This is also why many Tycoon games barely get ported over to the
    console system.
              Left Click - Pick, confirm, choose
            Mouse Scroll - Zooms in/out
    - The mouse is practically used for every function of this game. It is
    essential to own one, and NOT rely on the keyboard for this game. Left click to
    confirm your choice, selection, option, or if transferring items.
    /Screen HUD/
     |[4] # # # # #  | |__[5]__|     |____[6]__|
     |---------------|                         |
     |                                         |
     |                                         |
     |                                         |
     |                                         |
     |                                         |
     |                                         |
     |                  [7]                    |
     |                                         |
     |                                         |
     |                                _________|
     | ___                           |         |
     |/   \ _________________________|  [3]    |
     | [1] |           [2]           |         |
    Meaning KEY:
    	[1] - World Zoomer - Let's you customize the isometric view by zooming
    	                     or panning throughout the main view screen.
    	[2] - Status Updater - Displays important messages, game speed
    	                       controls, history text box, and the student
    	                       newspaper reflecting your actions.
    	[3] - Rating Box - Exhibits the average grades your students are
    	                   earning in Academics, Athletics, Discipline, Morale
    	                   & Facilities.
    	[4] - Construction Menu - This toolbar has options to construct
    				  classrooms, accessories, or hire staff
    	[5] - Money Indicator - Shows amount of money you currently have along
    	                        with star reputation indicator.
    	[6] - Functions Menu - This toolbar let's you save your game, or
    			       examine your school's results in a variety of
    	[7] - World Map - This is where you place your staff, examine
    			  buildings, and do the micromanagement.
    - 3) Challenge Mode Walkthrough -
    As with many Tycoon titles out there, there is often an enduring single-player
    mode that must be completed to become the ultimate strategist from a gamer's
    perspective. This section will guide you through the 24 challenges presented in
    Challenge Mode.
    __________________________________| BEGINNER |_________________________________
    - The Beginner challenges are practically tutorial-like challenges. They
    consist of completing the basic School Tycoon actions in order to become a
    better player. Most of them practically stack on skills from the previous one,
    but you shouldn't have too much trouble completing them.
    /Relaxing 1st Day on the Job/
      GOAL: Acquire 10 students, Reputation of 1/5 stars
    - This first challenge will get you into the swing of things. Start off by
    building two classrooms, a Math & English building. Hire two teachers, and
    their salaries really doesn't matter as this challenge will end quickly. Click
    to build some paths via the upper left menu, and hold down the pencil tool from
    your entrance to the doorway of each building. If everything appears too small,
    zoom in with the mousewheel. Once the first busload of students arrives, they
    should empty out into the class. When it says you passed the challenge, click
    the quit button to head back to the challenge menu.
    /Hire your Teachers!!/
      GOAL: Acquire 20 students, Hire teachers for each building
    - This challenge will toss you into the mix of things. Your initial school will
    already have a few portable classrooms built, along with a tennis court & cafe.
    The landscape is scaled quite beautifully. Hire teachers for each of the
    classrooms (including the Deluxe Chemistry Lab). Make sure to get a coach for
    the tennis court, and a cook for the main cafe. Afterwards, just wait till the
    entire area fills up with students and you should be on your way for a steady
    /Handyman Challenge/
      GOAL: Hire maintenance workers & earn a 90% building upkeep rate
    - This challenge certainly increases the difficulty a bit. Go to the buildings
    button, find the administrative button, then construct a maintenance building.
    Hire 2-3 maintenance men ASAP, and place them on the pathways. They should
    automatically repair each building, especially the ones with the wrenches
    rotating on them. Simply wait until a majority of the buildings are repaired,
    and the challenge should end. Don't worry about the fires, as you may lose a
    building or two.
    /Cheapskate Challenge/
      GOAL: Make $10,000 in 14 days by staff management
    - This one is fairly tough right near the beginning, as you literally have a
    crudload of overpaid teachers beyond reality. Nearly every teacher is pumping
    out $1500, along with overpaid maintenance staff & too many. Fire enough
    janitors & maintenance so that there are only two per category. Fire all of the
    teachers, and rehire cheaper ones in the $300-$600 range. Do not worry about
    your overall grades in the lower right, as this is not part of the
    prerequisites. Select game speed x4 once you have accomplished your staff
    revamping, and let time fly till you make a positive $10,000. You'll have 14
    days, so don't take too long to manage the staffs. To make it easy, use the
    staff observation button in the upper right corner.
    /What a Mess/
      GOAL: Repair/Fix the dying landscape
    - This task isn't so bad. You'll basically spawn inside a completed school area
    with filth all throughout the pathways that interlink each building. I
    recommend hiring cheap teachers for each building for to enroll some students
    for a profit. Build a Maintenance, Janitor, and Landscaping Office. Hire 4
    Landscapers, 2 Janitors, & 2 Maintenance men. Get a Coach for your soccer field
    as well. Hire a cook, then set it to game speed x4 to allow things to progress.
    Your trees should get healed, along with the pathways cleared out. The success
    screen should pop up once the objectives are sufficient.
    /Fitness Fanatic/
      GOAL: Attain 70% athletic rating & 60% academic rating
    - This task is very easy. Start off by checking the hire teachers menu, and
    look for teachers with a skill rating of 6 or higher. Hire one, then check the
    menu again, and do it for all 5 classrooms in your school area. Once this is
    accomplished, build a Generic Gym, and hire a highly skilled coach. This should
    give you enough for a high athletic rating & academic rating.
    /Brainiac Challenge/
      GOAL: Attain academic rating of 70%
    - Yet another easy task to complete. Go to the hire teachers menu and look for
    3 highly skilled teachers. A 6 or better rating should do. Place them in the 3
    classrooms, and just draw a path from your entrance to the rooms for ease of
    access. Set the game speed to x2 till your academic rating is high enough.
    /Moral Crisis/
      GOAL: Get student morale to 75%
    - The flu has hit the local region you're controlling. This challenge takes
    some patience, as morale takes time to essentially build up to the sufficient
    rating required for this challenge. Build a Landscaping office, and place it
    where the other maintenance buildings are. Build a Nurse's Office near the
    entrance to the school, and an Arcade close to the far end. Hire the highest-
    rated fun coach you can find.  Fire two teachers and rehire ones with a high
    fun rating. Now, all you need to do is place shrubbery & trees around the
    central area surrounding the generic gym. Increase the game speed, and your
    morale rating should hit 75% eventually. Don't forget to hire a landscaper to
    keep care of things.
    _________________________________| INTERMEDIATE |_____________________________
    - The Intermediate Challenges start to spice things up by placing a smaller
    time limit on your necessary tasks. While the limits aren't excruciatingly bad,
    they do make it difficult to succeed at the highest rate.
    /Teach Them Discipline/
      GOAL: Get student discipline to 85% in 21 days
    - Your base establishment will have several portable classrooms, with a few
    labor buildings, and center soccer field. Build a classic cafe, fire all
    teachers, and rehire with strict/skilled teachers with a rating above 5. Try to
    get a Medium Detention building, and build your income up. Get a Generic Gym to
    boost athletics, and start to build all portable classrooms including biology.
    If you can, try to find a stud teacher with a discipline rating of 10, and
    replace one of your older teachers without tripping the finance meter. I found
    this one difficult since I could only peak discipline to 82 or 83. Try
    purchasing a teacher conference tab from the school newspaper.
    /Spread Thin/
      GOAL: Bring athletics, academics, and morale to 80% in 21 days
    - You'll basically be given a large campus that is spread out. You'll have to
    do some moving around on this one, so prepare to be clicking and snatching.
    Start off by recognizing that some of your buildings are outside the school
    perimeter. Move each of these buildings to the interior of your school,
    however, don't place them next to the center buildings. Instead, move your
    medium buildings towards the center so students can tune up on their academics.
    Place the ones from the outside level along the perimeter. Try to bunch all 3
    groups of classrooms that are sectioned off to the center. Build a Generic Gym
    in the middle. Most of your teachers have good skill ratings, but if you do not
    place the buildings correctly, then your academic ratings will never increase
    sharply. Don't forget to build a medium janitors office, and hire more janitors
    to take care of the excess pathways. Destroy the old routes using the
    bulldozer, and you should be set.
    /2 Star Challenge/
      GOAL: Enroll 40 students with reputation rating of 2 out of 5
    - This is one of the easiest intermediate challenges you'll face. Head to the
    very center of the empty plot of land and place a $500 fountain. Extend four 2-
    tile wide pathways out a bit from the four openings around the fountain. Place
    some benches around the exterior with trees. Place some lawn terrain under the
    trees. Now, build a Janitors Office, Maintenance, and Landscape as needed near
    the far edge of the map isolated. From one row of your fountain, build ALL
    portable classrooms. Go in order from English to Biology. Hire mediocre
    teachers with skills above 5, and the rest slightly average. You should be able
    to make a slight profit while having capable teachers in the classrooms. Make
    sure to build one Generic Gym next to the fountain. Place a few soda can &
    candy bar machines. You should be set. You may have to build a chemistry lab
    near the end to peak the rating to 2 stars.
    /Entertainment Fanatic/
      GOAL: Acquire a mini-golf course, arcade, and large half-pipe in 50 days
    - This one is an enduring challenge that can be accomplished, but sounds easier
    than it is. You'll start off with a gym surrounded by portable classrooms. You
    need to earn a ton of income on this one to afford the expensive entertainment
    buildings. You will need a Classic Cafe, which I recommend placing slightly
    right of the center gym. With this in place, put some of the entertainment
    buildings near the cafe to attract more students from school subjects. Save up
    for landscaping and get several janitors to manage cleanup along the heavily-
    traveled routes. Simply save up money as you proceed along for a Pizzeria,
    which should provide access for the 3 entertainment buildings you need. Speed
    things up, buy the golf-course, arcade, and large half-pipe after building the
    appropriate prerequisites.
    /Gotta Get the Grant/
      GOAL: Acquire an athletic and academic rating of 90% in 35 days
    - For this task at hand, you'll be given an amazing school to start with. Most
    of the athletic and several deluxe buildings are already compiled for
    academics. All you have to do is rehire 2-3 teachers (look for a new coach at
    the football field, and 2 new teachers at the deluxe areas). Then, continue
    building down the established road with more deluxe buildings. Make sure you
    get another athletic building, such as a tennis court. For the deluxe
    buildings, hire teachers with high skill ratings, preferably above $600 salary.
    Your institution needs landscapers, so hire them right away. Build more
    bathrooms and machines, although a classic cafe is always an option for the
    lack of food. If there are any academic buildings that are restricted, try to
    build them to get the full hierarchy of academic learning for that 90 rating.
    If athletics come close to 90, you may need a bigger version such as a large
    tennis court to top it off. If you run out of room along the main pathway,
    stack the appropriate buildings behind the other ones. Students will still find
    /Tornado Season/
      GOAL: Maintain building conditions at 90% while retaining 60 students
    - Supposedly, you're suppose to get hit by hundreds of tornadoes, but I found
    this mission to be mildly disappointing. Start off by building a janitors
    office, small & large maintenance, then hire 4 maintenance men. Hire a janitor
    as well. Build landscaping; hire one landscaper. Now, hire a cook, and teachers
    for the remaining buildings that do not have teachers. Their ratings should not
    matter too much, and look for cheap alternatives. If you do this quick enough,
    the game will assume you managed 90% maintenance on all buildings, and end
    ASAP. You won't even receive the first tornado.
    /Get Rich Quick!!/
      GOAL: Earn $50000 in 21 days.
    - You'll begin with a blank plot of land for this one. It can be fairly
    difficult to get off to a profitable start. I simply created one long row of
    portable classrooms, with a classic cafe near the middle of the campus, and a
    generic gym next to it. Build a wide pathway for the students to walk along.
    Get some skill portables in there, such as the workshop and computer lab. Build
    another athletic building, such as the soccer field, and place some bathrooms
    around the campus. It would help to get maintenance, janitors, and landscapers.
    The toughest part is getting past the $30000 hump in saved money. You'll make a
    nice early profit, but it declines greatly once the money stays accumulated in
    your bank. Keep spending until you're about 6 days out, then set it to game
    speed x4, and just accumulate till you reach $50000. If you cannot seem to do
    this, try building as much as possible, accumulating, then selling as much as
    you can right before the 21st day deadline. The money from the sales of the
    buildings may be enough to put you over the hump.
    /3 Star Challenge/
      GOAL: Earn 3 star rating in 28 days
    - Again, you'll be given a blank plot of land to start off with. This challenge
    has some mediocre challenges, but the 28 day deadline is attainable. Focus on
    your usual building techniques, but focus for reputation as opposed to profit.
    Build a center fountain with 4 extending walkways. Build portable classrooms
    all along one walkway, and portable lab classrooms on the other road. Get your
    usual labor buildings isolated, but close to the action. Build a Classic Cafe
    near the central building, and hire mediocre teachers for the portables. Once
    the profit starts reaping in, start using landscape to spruce up the
    atmosphere. Place flowerbeds along pathways, trees near isolated buildings, and
    bushes in couplings. Make sure to place your bathrooms throughout the campus as
    facilities are the #1 priority. You will need a few Medium classrooms to
    acquire the 3-star rating. Also, I'd recommend getting a Generic Gym, Soccer
    Field, and at least one "major" athletic stadium-like building. This should be
    enough, but make sure to toss some entertainment buildings to keep the unhappy
    students from rebelling.
    _________________________________| DIFFICULT |_____________________________
    - The Difficult challenges are just as described - difficult. Some of them can
    be fairly easy, but the given conditions often make the task a headache to deal
    /Tennis Champions/
      GOAL: Get 3 large tennis courts in 28 days with other ratings above 75%
    - You're going to start off with a base school, that as space in the middle for
    3 large tennis courts. The problem is that you'll be receiving negative debt
    immediately. To compensate, try selling some of the academic buildings and
    firing some teachers. Build your school up just as you would if aiming for an
    A+ facility. Do this to help negate, and start making a positive profit. Make
    sure to get a Classic Cafe, the upgraded maintenance, janitors, and landscaping
    office. Get some food machines, a medium bathroom, then start working on
    getting better academics. Once this is accomplished, money should start to pour
    through. The time deadline is plenty, just make sure to place the 3 tennis
    courts on the interior.
    /Fast Cash Challenge/
      GOAL: Earn $100,000 within 28 days
    - This challenge is a pain in the butt because you cannot overbuild your
    facilities, but must simply earn enough money, and do a mass sale at the end to
    reach the designated capacity. Start off by building only 4-5 portables at the
    very far end of the school. Place a center fountain with some landscape. Place
    an arcade, classic cafe, and generic gym next to the fountain. Place some
    garbage cans to reduce trash. Build up the campus moderately, such as getting a
    detention center, big bathroom, and $300-$400 teachers. Don't forget to buy
    your typical labor buildings to upkeep the campus condition. Once you hit day
    12 or 13, and have those basic buildings, STOP building. Set game speed to x4
    and let your money stockpile. You should get close to $75,000 by day 27 if
    performed correctly. Now, sell all buildings you have, and fire all staff.
    Speed the game up, and day 28 should be a full profit day with no finances.
    Don't worry about student comments while you zoom by each day. Many will leave
    due to low morale. The mass sale on the last day keeps a large portion of your
    students still enrolled, and with no staff, the profits are nearly double
    (which should be enough to hop over the $100K hump).
    /The Elite Fleet/
      GOAL: Achieve 95% athletic, academic, and maintenance ratings in 21 days
    - The initial build you're assigned is quite beautiful. Nearly every academic
    institution is unlocked, with an extremely high discipline rating. First off,
    get both maintenance buildings, and hire 4-5 maintenance workers. Many of your
    buildings will rapidly deteriorate, and we do not want to waste any more of our
    invested income. Get landscaping, and perhaps a few more janitors. Place a
    couple bathrooms around the campus as well. Build the remaining academic
    instituions not built, such as the workshop. Build another athletic stadium,
    preferably the football field for an inherited boost. This campus lacks
    entertainment buildings. Try building a mini-golf course or a few half-pipes to
    compensate. Most of your staff and teachers are fine, although you may need
    some better coaches to peak the athletic department.
    /4 Star Challenge/
      GOAL: Earn a 4 star rating in 28 days
    - This challenge is quite easy, as long as you continue to build and keep the
    campus upkeep in excellent condition. You'll start off with a few base
    classrooms, a soccer field, gym, and some labor buildings. Simply build up like
    your normally would. Make sure to get landscapers to keep care of the center
    location. A janitor & maintenance would also help to keep your initial build in
    place. Continue to expand in an outward spiral. Hire cheap teachers for the
    portables, then upgrade them a tad with medium buildings. You will need a "few"
    deluxe-style buildings for the 4-star rating. Make sure to get 2 athletic
    buildings, either a large tennis court, or baseball/football stadium. A classic
    cafe and pizzeria are given-musts on this task.
    /Fault Line Challenge/
      GOAL: Enroll 60 students with a 2 star rating in 28 days
    - This challenge can be frustrating and annoying. The first task to complete is
    building a small & large maintenance building. Then, hire 4-5 maintenance men.
    Start to hire teachers, cooks, and coaches to the vacant buildings. Janitors
    and landscapers will also be necessary additions. You will lose a couple of
    buildings due to fires, which is why I recommend you spread the maintenance men
    around to your most important buildings first upon hiring them. 6 maintenance
    men is more than enough to keep care of everything, even with the earthquakes.
    Replace the lost buildings, ensure you have a steady food supply, and the 2-
    star rating will come with ease.
    /100 Student Challenge/
      GOAL: Enroll 100 students in 42 days
    - Another task extremely similar to the 4-star challenge. Work on the same base
    idea of building several portables, a central area with nice landscaping, and a
    cafe/gym nearby this central area. Get the correct labor buildings in place, a
    nurses office, a detention center, and eventually upgraded versions of the
    classrooms. You will need to invest a lot of time into this challenge to earn
    the higher tier stadiums and entertainment buildings. Continue to do this until
    you reach the 100-student enrollment mark.
    /Roller Coaster Madness/
      GOAL: Build a Roller Coaster in 28 days
    - The reason why this challenge can be difficult is the fact that you have to
    stockpile $40,000 with a flawed initial build in place. Get some janitors, and
    place trashcans near the HEAVILY garbage infested pathway near the center of
    your campus. You will have to balance a majority of your campus out with more
    athletics, and a few upgraded detention centers. Most of the lab deluxe
    buildings are built, so this saves some invested money. You will need to get a
    ton of prerequisite ubildings, so expand as if this was a normal school. Keep
    checking on the rollercoaster building to see what you have to build next. Once
    the building is unlocked, stockpile your money until you reach $40,000. If
    you're having financial troubles, cut back on teacher salaries. You need the
    prerequisite buildings, so mass selling is not an option to get the $40,000.
    /5 Star Challenge/
      GOAL: Earn a 5 star rating in 35 days
    - The same build from the 4 star challenge is used here. You're given an extra
    week to attain the extra star. Do exactly what you did for the 4 star
    challenge, except work on getting the elite-of-elite buildings. A football
    field, burger joint, and rollercoaster (possibly) are some of the few
    essentials necessary for a 5-star rating. Try to manually place key landscaping
    around the campus, as this actually places a hidden bonus for your reputation
    meter. Hiring excellent teachers for your best buildings will also peak your
    appropriate ratings. If you're fairly low in one category (morale or
    discipline), try purchasing the teacher's conference from the school newspaper
    to compensate.
    - 4) Strategies         -
    Strategy games often involve tactics that go beyond the call of duty. Tycoon
    games tend to overgeneralize many aspects crammed all into one title. School
    Tycoon is no different. This section will provide small strategies to maximize
    your school's efficiency.
    - To build the ultimate campus, the center should be setup in a manner that
    represents the core of the school. A solid idea	is to do the following:
     \      [ATHLETIC]   /   P = Paths
      \________________ /
      |       P        |   - Start out by building a commemorative or core area
      |       P        |     with a fountain, some trees, and shrubbery. Now,
      |       P        |     place an athletic field on one side, and a food
      |PPP[FOUNTAIN]PPP|     building (classic cafe is perfect) on the other
      |       P        |     side. This basically sets the core of your school.
      |       P        |     From there, spiral outward with portable classrooms
      |       P        |     in one layer, medium in the next, and deluxe
      |________________|     (if income permits) on the outer layer. Make sure
      /    [FOOD]      \     to place Medium bathrooms near this center core,
     /                  \    preferably up to two.
    - Isolate your maintenance, janitor, and landscaping buildings near the outer
    perimeter of your campus. This may make it difficult for your workers, but
    keeps the noisy facilities away from the classrooms.
    - Detention centers are fairly tricky. I tend to isolate them away from the
    heavily populated areas where lots of students traverse in and out.
    - Nurses office and lounges should be placed fairly close to the athletic
    centers or entertainment buildings.
    - The best tip I've learned about walkways is to try and reduce them into
    single aisles. Avoid stacking your buildings with four walkways surrounding
    them. This causes more space for your janitors to clean up, and is often
    unnecessary as students never walk the rear or side paths of these buildings.
    Better yet, build your layers into long 3-tile wide pathways. Place trash bin
    objects at the center tile spaced out every so often so garbage gets reduced.
    Again, this saves money on hiring more janitors in your salary budget.
    - If you have any spare or empty tiles in between buildings, landscaping is the
    best solution. Place the huge trees near the lab facilities or deluxe buildings
    to increase the reputation. Make them accessible close to the path for
    landscaping though. The terrain tool works great, especially when you lay down
    the cheap $5 tile flowerbeds on 1-tile thick lots. Bushes are fairly useless in
    my book as their effect is minimal. They only work best when bunched together
    or placed at entrances to the classrooms.
    - The picnic table object is perfect to place next to the food cafe. Believe it
    or not, each table will almost always be filled as students hate sitting inside
    the stuffy cafe. The Pizzeria automatically has these emplacements inside the
    - I hardly use fences except on the main & exit pathways that lead into the
    school. Place the sign object near your best athletic buildings. Place the
    statues near your best academic buildings.
    /Staff Management/
    - The biggest factor to be concerned with when dealing with your staff members
    are their ratings, and the salary. Generally, the higher the member's ratings,
    the more excessive cost. Here's a definition of the three skill ratings that
    comes with some of the staff members with exception to labor workers:
         &|] Fun [|&
         > Higher rating improves student morale (Increases Morale bar)
         > Students become happy during class
         > Need for entertainment buildings decreases
         Importance: Least
         - Fun is really the least most important trait of teachers. While it
           prevents the classroom from turning into a stack of boredom, it yields
           no boost to discipline or skills. This becomes a problem since
           undisciplined students get expelled more often, and are tougher to solve
           via the detention centers. In my opinion, it's a better investment to
           spend money on entertainment buildings as they are one-time costs.
           Paying a teacher with a higher salary per month just because of a high
           fun rating can do more damage financially to your school.
         &|] Discipline [|&
         > Higher rating improves student discipline (Increases Discipline bar)
         > Students become obedient during class
         > Need for detention centers decreases
         Importance: Moderate
         - In my opinion, this is the toughest trait to maximize, simply because
           it takes time and maximum expansion on your campus to reach full
           potential. Discipline measures the obedience of your students. A higher
           rating causes less expulsions, and a lesser need for detention centers.
           I found the best investment to be hiring teachers with a rating of 5 or
           more discipline. Build a few detention centers, however, do not go
           overboard with them. Detention centers are only used on students with
           low discipline levels where your teaching system can do nothing about
           it. They basically act "after" the problem has occurred, which is why
           getting a high initial discipline rating can prevent the problem in the
           first place.
         &|] Skill [|&
         > Higher rating improves academics/athletics (Increases bar for either)
         > Students become skilled during class
         > Increases reputation, maintains more students
         Importance: Utmost
         - This is the key factor to aim for with all of your teachers. Get skill
           ratings of 6 or higher if possible, with a mix-n-match of discipline as
           well. Your highest skilled teachers should be placed in the medium or
           deluxe-style buildings to maximize the academic/athletic ratings. Skill
           really is the best way to keep students at your school. Get a high
           rating close to B or better, and your enrollment rate will be
           phenominal. You NEED a lot of varied classrooms though, especially the
           computer/workshop/chemistry labs to enforce hands-on techniques.
    - There are actually several options in School Tycoon that few players utilize
    to beat some of these tough challenges. This tab will briefly go through some
    of those key choices.
       ..> Checking your Finances
       - If you check the button next to the floppy disk in the upper right corner,
         there is a charts button. This is useful for primarily checking your
         finances. You'll notice that teachers are generally the biggest profit-
         cutters on your budget, compensate by firing a few expensive ones.
       ..> Trash Problems
       - Check the Objects menu and pick Other. Place either the blue or green
         trash bins around your campus, specifically at the trouble areas. Hold
         down SHIFT while placing them to make multiple copies. Trash bins tell
         your janitors to clean up at these locations more often, but also gives an
         outlet for students to throw their trash in.
       ..> Staff Listing
       - Check the leftmost button in the upper right corner to see what staff
         members are currently hired on payroll. I almost always check this to see
         whether or not I have the appropriate labor workers to maintain the
         campus's condition.
       ..> School Newspaper
       - There are coupons you can buy in the newspaper which help boost category
         ratings. The best one is the Teachers Conference which permanently boosts
         all teacher's ratings, however, it is expensive. There is also a science
         fair, and pep rally amongst other items. The costs are exponential though.
         The larger your campus grows, the more expensive the items become.
       ..> Moving/Selling
       - These are probably the most underused functions in the game. Manually move
         janitors, maintenance, and landscapers when you need a task done right
         away. If you don't like the placement of a building, click on it, then hit
         move and replace it free of cost. Selling is useful if a building is about
         to catch on fire, and you want to salvage something out of it. Selling
         yields half the initial cost back. If you move or sell a building, make
         sure to manually move or fire the teacher/instructor assigned to the
    - 5) Directory             -
    The Directory is practically a database including all buildings, staff members,
    and items that you can obtain in School Tycoon. I'll scan through them briefly,
    but also try to provide tips on what to use, and how to maximize their use.
    /Building Types/
    = Academic buildings are responsible for the learning portion of your school.
    It provides knowledge to young souls looking to get advanced careers. The first
    subsection of academic subjects covers the basics or advanced majors that
    students study in. The second subsection involves labs which enhance their
    skills with applied techniques.
       -> Portable English/Math/Social Studies/Library/Biology
          Cost: $1500
          - These are the base classrooms every school needs to start with. They
            offer basic, undiversed learning. Remember to build the different
            types. Multiple buildings of the same type do not increase their effect
            on your school's rating.
       -> Portable Chemistry/Computer/Workshop/Art/Music
          Cost: $2000
          - These have a slight boost in cost mainly because they provide a better
            academic experience for your students. The diversity of the labs
            permits for a better educational experience. Still, the size of the
            labs are very limited.
       -> Medium English/Math/Social Studies/Library/Biology/Chemistry
          Cost: $6000
          - These upgraded academic areas are perfect for educational standards.
            size standards are increased, and your skill ratings should rise
       -> Medium Computer/Workshop/Art/Music
          Cost: $9000
          - You'll notice a huge upgrade to your academic rating if you can build a
            few of these. Medium-sized labs are considered a luxury, even if they
            do not warrant the most elite learning experience.
       -> Deluxe English/Math/Social Studies/Library/Biology
          Cost: $13000
          - By far the best base for theory learning, get one of these if you are
            seeking a 5-star rating.
       -> Deluxe Chemistry/Computer/Workshop/Art/Music
          Cost: $16000
          - One of these buildings is necessary to acquire the five star rating.
            These labs are the elite of the elite, and also the most expensive
            educational building. Spend the money wisely according to your academic
    = Administrative Buildings make it easier to control, or maintain the status of
    your school aside from the academic & athletic standards. Believe it or not,
    the Administrative buildings are essentially the most important type you can
    build as they control Morale, Discipline, and Neatness to a large degree.
       -> Small Janitors Office/Nurses Office
          Cost: $1500
          - The Small Janitors Office & Nurses Office are two necessary buildings
            for any school. Janitor Offices allow housing limits of 2 Janitors, and
            these men clean up the campus to the utmost extent. The Nurses Office
            is an unstaffed facility that takes care of illness/injuries. Both of
            these buildings boost reputation & morale.
       -> Portable Detention
          Cost: $1500
          - While this is not a necessary institution on your campus, it is highly
            recommended if you want to maximize the discipline rating of a school.
            If there are no detention centers at a school, students will
            automatically be expelled. If the detention center cannot cure their
            discipline problem, then a better detention center is needed. This one
            has a small effect on boosting discipline.
       -> Small Maintenance
          Cost: $2000
          - Maintenance is a necessary building to allow the upkeep of your
            buildings. You really only need one, unless your school area expands
            beyond belief with a huge ladder of systematic buildings.
       -> Landscaping/Medium Teachers Lounge
          Cost: $3000
          - Landscaping only has one office, which can hold up to 4 Landscapers.
            Build more if you need to hire more landscapers to take care of objects
            at your school. It's a solid investment, and you'll rarely need more
            than one built. The Medium Teachers Lounge is another effective tool
            that I recommend you establish once your teacher quota rises above 15
            teachers. It prevents teachers from demanding higher salary rates.
       -> Medium Janitors Office
          Cost: $5000
          - This is an enlarged version of the portable office, except it houses
            more Janitors. Janitors play an important part in morale upkeep and
            cleanliness, so I recommend building this once your campus expands
            above a 3-star rating.
       -> Medium Detention/Nurses Office
          Cost: $6000
          -	Medium Detention is perfect for attaining above average discipline.
            Ensure that its location is secluded. It also prevents student
            expulsions to a much heightened degree. The larger version of the
            Nurses Office can hold more injured students, and should be built once
            the student quota rises above 80-100.
       -> Large Maintenance
          Cost: $6000
          -	A larger version of their base office, except it can hold more
            Maintenance workers. I rarely build this one.
       -> Large Teachers Lounge
          Cost: $10000
          - Necessary once your campus reaches utmost capacity. This allows for
            maximum comfort with your staff, and is also perfect for keeping well-
            rounded teachers who will NOT demand paycuts. Try building it once the
            quota reaches above 30 teachers. Necessary for a 5-star rating as well.
       -> Deluxe Janitors Office
          Cost: $12000
          - The best version of the cleaner-uppers that you can acquire. Still,
            this costy investment should be a game-ending decision on your part,
            and only if you really need an enhancement to cleaning operations.
       -> Deluxe Detention/Nurses Office
          Cost: $20000
          - Both of these buildings cause a huge internal bonus to discipline and
            student morale. The only fault is the excessive cost often is not worth
            it until the money is racking in via excessive amounts. Wait till the
            end game, or before a deadline before constructing one of these.
            Remember that morale and discipline take some time to rise once these
            buildings are established in place.
    = Athletic buildings are responsible for controlling the athletic department of
    your school. There are about half as many athletic buildings, and their costs
    are fairly steep since the capacity can be quite extensive. Treat athletics
    like a secondary objective, but they're about 2/3 as important as academics, so
    make sure to get the rating above a C. Quite the hefty amount of students will
    leave your school if the athletics department is not skilled enough, or you do
    not have enough varying buildings.
       -> Generic Gym
          Cost: $2000
          - The cheapest athletic building you can get that actually yields
            moderate results. This is for the students who have a low popularity
            rating, or enjoy independence. I recommend building one of these on
            each campus and hiring a strict coach to it.
       -> Generic Field
          Cost: $4000
          - Pretty much a soccer field. This one focuses more on team-orientated
            skills. Again, hire a coach with a higher fun rating, and skill as
            well. This does not have as much of an effect as the gym does when it
            comes to boosting the athletic rating.
       -> Small Tennis Court
          Cost: $6000
          - This is a specialist athletic building which raves in a higher rating.
            The court can only fit a few students though, which is why the larger
            version is a MUCH better investment.
       -> Baseball Field
          Cost: $10000
          - A decent byproduct if you're looking to boost athletics. Remember to
            place the field in an accessible location with bathrooms nearby and a
            food stand/machine.
       -> Basketball Gym
          Cost: $12000
          -	Another mediocre booster to the athletic rating. Still, the larger
            tennis court and football field top the scale. This one allows you to
            peak your athletic rating as it helps motivate those with higher
            athletic ratings.
       -> Large Tennis Court
          Cost: $14000
          -	The best bang for the buck you can by. This one takes a bit to unlock,
            but once you do unlock it, make sure to build it. It motivates students
            both female & male, plus allows for the maximum capacity.
       -> Football Field
          Cost: $20000
          - This brings the highest approval rating for your athletic squad and
            also permits a small morale boost due to the reputation of a school
            team. The high investment is worth the price if you're looking for the
            4 or 5-star rating.
    = Entertainment buildings improve the morale bar in the lower right corner.
    These establishments do not have to be staffed, and the capacity is fairly
    large for each building. These are fairly expensive, however, they allow you to
    higher staff members with little to no fun meter. This saves money, while these
    buildings compensate by making students happy.
       -> Arcade
          Cost: $3500
          - An easy building to acquire that gives a solid boost to student morale.
            Other than that, it does not serve the entire student population well
            enough, especially those with high athletic ratings.
       -> Small Half-Pipe
          Cost: $4000
          - A solid entertainment building that bodes well for the athletically
            gifted, but not the entire student body.
       -> Half-Pipe/Mini Golf Course
          Cost: $10000
          - A morale booster that holds a lot of students at once. However, it
            does not possess the same effects as the racetrack or rollercoaster.
       -> Go-Cart Racetrack
          Cost: $20000
          - This entertainment building greatly boosts morale close to the 90s.
            Can hold a fair amount of students at once.
       -> Roller Coaster
          Cost: $40000
          - By far the best entertainment building, the Roller Coaster allows
            for maximized morale rating. The rides can host a large amount of
            people, but the cost is rarely attained by most players. Get this
            building for the 5-star challenge if possible.
    = Food buildings are a necessity once you reach above 40 students. Get a
    classic cafe to supply the general food need for each student. The smaller food
    buildings should be placed at isolated positions to satisfy hunger urges. The
    more advanced food institutions are designed to increase the reputation meter.
    The only effect of food buildings is giving one less reason for a student to
       -> Candy Machine A or B/Soda Machine A or B
          Cost: $800
          - These provide hunger satisfactions to students with low hunger
            meters. However, you will find most students do not recognize these
            vendors as food. Build these at isolated locations on your campus along
            common walkways. These are unstaffed machines, maintained by
            maintenance like any other building.
       -> Classic Cafe
          Cost: $4000
          - This is a necessary building in my opinion for your campus. Build one,
            and hire a good cook if you want to satisfy the hunger problem on your
            campus. Also, make sure to place this building at a popular location,
            near a sports building, or near the middle where all students can enjoy
       -> Pizzeria
          Cost: $8000
          -	This is an enhanced version of the classic cafe, except the food
            quality is superb. Try building one of these in conjunction with a food
            cafe to maximize the hunger meters to a minimum.
       -> Burger Joint
          Cost: $20000
          - The best type of food building that also provides a morale bonus due to
            quality food. It also hosts a lot more students than the pizzeria. Make
            sure to get this once the student population breaches the 120 mark.
    = Restrooms are another necessary building to have on your campus. These work
    much like food buildings, as they allow students to relieve their need to
    whiz. Medium Bathrooms become a necessity as port-o-potties will almost always
    be occupied above 50 students. Build the larger segments where your athletic or
    food placements are.
       -> Port-O-Potty
          Cost: $500
          - To be an effective building, you need four or more of these built
            around the four corners of your campus. It helps to pop a few of them
            up near the sports stations as well. Unfortunately, they can only house
            one and restroom-seeking students rarely notice them.
       -> Medium Bathroom
          Cost: $1000
          - In my opinion, this is a necessary building every 5-10 buildings. Try
            to divide them to cover up subsections. They can only house two people
            at a time though, so again, their effects are minimal.
       -> Large Bathroom
          Cost: $2000
          - An almost-necessary building once you breach the 100 student mark,
            place these next to large sports, academic, and food stations. This
            building prevents students from leaving with a "bathroom" problem.
    /Staff Types/
    = Staff Members are the people who operate your buildings, and also manifest to
    the students. There are several types of staff members. They're generally
    categorized into educators, upkeep workers, and accessory workers. Educators
    teach the students, aka coaches & teachers. Upkeep workers manage control of
    the campus, such as maintenance, janitors, and landscaping. The accessory
    workers, or the cooks, have the same attributes as teachers/coaches, except
    they only manage food buildings. Maintenance, Janitors, and Landscapers do not
    have any ratings. Since their work is strictly labor duty, you hire them at low
    salary rates (~= $300).
       ~: Teachers
              Salary: High
          Importance: High
          - These are the primary staff members that assemble the base academics
            for your school. Teachers are also the highest paid employees aside
            from the coaches, so hiring skill teachers for the right price is key.
            A better skill rating on your teachers yields the best academic rating
            for your school. A higher fun rating boosts morale, while a higher
            discipline rating boosts the according rating. Teachers with one
            extremely high category (8+) generally average around $500 in salary.
            Ones skilled in two to three categories of 8+ range all the way up to
            $1500. Hire teachers according to the objective at hands, and cut the
            expensive ones when you are not making a profit. Place the teachers
            each in a classroom.
       ~: Coaches
              Salary: High
          Importance: High
          - These are the second most important staff member capable of
            representing the athletic department of your school. Since athletics
            are sort of a secondary objective with most schools, you will not have
            as many coaches as teachers. The salaries are generally the same. If
            you're having trouble increasing your athletics rating, hire a highly
            skilled coach.
       ~: Cooks
              Salary: Medium
          Importance: Medium
          - You may only need one or two cooks on your campus to manage the cafes
            or pizzerias you build. I generally pick the highest skilled cook as
            this guarantees no problems in the food area. Their ratings work
            exactly the same as teachers, except the boost to morale is much
       ~: Maintenance
              Salary: Low
          Importance: Low
          - The least important staff type in School Tycoon, the Maintenance worker
            is responsible for upkeeping buildings, and ensuring nothing breaks
            down. They will do routine checkups on buildings, soda machines, and
            anything mechanical. Repairs will automatically be dealth to replenish
            the bar on each building. However, the biggest duty for maintenance
            occurs during random disasters where all structures take damage, and
            the risk of fire breaks out. Hence, they're not all that important
            during the game, until a major event occurs.
       ~: Janitors
              Salary: Low
          Importance: High
          - Janitors in my opinion are huge morale boosters. These are the only
            employees capable of picking up waste. You may notice your tiles
            getting increasingly dirty or clogged. Fix this by hiring more
            janitors. You may need several offices to increase the maximum amount
            of janitors at your school. To make their jobs easier, create less path
            or intertwining walkways. Place more trash can objects to help
            compensate for this problem.
       ~: Landscapers
              Salary: Low
          Importance: Medium
          - Landscapers share a huge portion when it comes to the reputation meter
            and morale. The only purpose of landscapers is to take care of any
            landscape objects, or cutting grass. Placing more shrubbery or trees
            will increase the beauty of your school. This in effect yields a higher
            reputation meter rating, and also boosts student morale. Make sure to
            have 2-3 landscapers for most of the game, as they will sufficiently
            handle the situation at hand. Mildly important.
    /Object Types/
    = Objects probably have the biggest effect on morale aside from buildings and
    staff members. Objects also decrease trash (placing trash bins), permit seating
    for students (tables, benches), and offer attractive artificial displays. While
    they do not make the campus beautiful, they make it more convenient which
    increases your reputation meter. Trees and bushes increase the beauty of the
    campus, but must be maintained by landscape workers (else they die). Terrain
    tiles change the color of the ground. They work exactly like implement
    pathways, except they must be maintained to an extent.
       +- Fences
          Effect: Provides guided rails to important pathways. Useful for keeping
                  students in line, or from others getting stranded. Mainly used
                  for obtaining peak reputation rating.
       +- Fountains
          Effect: These items spurt out water to increase the appearance or
                  reputation of your park. It works best to place one of these
                  commemorative objects near the center of your campus near an
                  important location.
       +- Statues
          Effect: These items should be used to designate important buildings.
                  Work very well when established next to Deluxe-style buildings.
       +- Other
          Effect: In my opinion, these are the most important of the objects in
                  School Tycoon. The Other category includes trash bins, picnic
                  tables, chairs, benches, and a few miscellaneous items. Trash
                  bins are the most important as they reduce littering on the
                  walkways, and also make it easier for janitors to work. This in
                  effect saves money as you do not need as many janitors to
                  maintain the school. Picnic tables should be placed near the food
                  cafes for an outside breeze. These boost student morale. Benches
                  should be placed along important walkways for tired students to
       +- Signs
          Effect: These serve no purpose other than for preventing students from
                  getting lost. It works best to place these near Deluxe-style
                  buildings, or near the best athletic stadiums your school has to
       +- Trees
          Effect: Trees have the biggest effect when it comes to landscaping as
                  they greatly boost student morale. Trees work best in a forest-
                  meshed fashion. Try combining a row of them with varying colors
                  or a consistent pattern to maximize the reputation meter. The
                  biggest problems is that they're mildly expensive, require
                  several blocks to fit into place, and take more invested time to
                  maintain compared to bushes. You will need more landscapers to
                  keep the trees from dying out.
       +- Bushes
          Effect: I prefer bushes as my landscaping tool. Bushes work in a similar
                  fashion to the trees, except are smaller and cheaper. While their
                  effect diminishes, the morale booster can be maximized by
                  stacking them in bunched groups. Some of the flower bed tools can
                  be laid out much like road paths where you click and drag. Bushes
                  work great for filling in 1-2 block spaces where you cannot fit a
                  tree, but want to increase the appearance of the campus. Much
                  easier to maintain for the landscapers as well.
       +- Paths
          Effect: To put it into simple terms, these are the inner walkways on your
                  school grounds. Paths guide students where to go. A given rule is
                  to build a double-wide path leading from the twin-entrance to the
                  base roads of your school. I also recommend linking paths to
                  secluded buildings like some of the maintenance/landscaping areas
                  where the employee buildings are.
       +- Terrain
          Effect: This is a useful tool if you want to place down flower beds, or
                  change the texture of the ground. I hardly notice an effect on
                  the meters besides appearance with this one. I'd recommend using
                  this tool if you just want to make items look fancy and have the
                  funds to spare.
       +- Clear Area
          Effect: This is simply the bulldozer tool in the game. Eliminates trees
                  and terrain objects with no cost. Remember that buildings must be
                  sold to get rid of.
    - 6) Codes                 -
    Codes are often a commonplace in tycoon games where money is often lacking, and
    prosperity is always on the horizon. This section will briefly go through
    School Tycoon codes to expand the gameplay a tad more than the mere challenges
    provided in the package. I'd like to thank:
    - for providing these cheat codes.
         )+) CHEAT MODE (+(
         Before inputting any of these codes, type this during the gameplay:
         - Once this is typed in, you can now use the following five codes to
         affect the in-game engine:
         CTRL + Left ALT + C         |     Increases money
         CTRL + Left Shift + C       |     Decreases money
    - There are also codes that involve editing the .ini files inside the game
    directory, however, I am excluding these due to the fact that you can damage
    the game doing so. There is also a trainer program that can be downloaded on
    the internet which will automatically increment the money without inputting
    these codes. However, there's no point doing that if you can just press the
    keyboard commands above after typing in the cheat mode code.
    - 7) Common Questions      -
    )) Gameplay ((
    << What would you rate School Tycoon? >>
    - I'd probably rate it a [6/10]. The game is your prototypical formula of a
    "Tycoon" game, featuring an isometric 3D engine with buildings, staff members,
    and landscape issues to deal with. I was quite surprised by the amount of
    buildings for this title, since the game sounded quite generalized from the
    previews. However, upon further review, the game does incorporate some neat
    features. The zooming in feature really makes the game feel like a Sim-title,
    although none of the complex micro-management is included in this game. There's
    no finance or interest rates to worry about. You'll notice a large variation in
    teachers, students, and staff members. Sadly enough though, while there is
    customization via the terrain and appearance of the school, there are only 3
    base landscapes you can build from. The updates hardly added anything
    exciting to the game, besides a few new sprites. Granted, School Tycoon plays
    like a strategy game, but it's a tad too "kiddish" to an extent. It lacks the
    humor that a game such as Theme Hospital might have, but lacks the complex
    elements of a Sims game. Nonetheless, it's still a nice cheap game that you
    could pick up for $3 or less.
    << Any common tips I should use during every game? >>
    - Do not overhire on your labor workers. This reduces overall profit, and often
    you'll blame the teachers for the staff costs. I always place trash bins near
    the populated areas, regardless of the challenge or map I'm playing on. Having
    a centralized location (with landscaping & seating) on the campus boosts nearly
    +10 in the morale department. Hire cheap teachers in portable, mediocre
    teachers in mediums, and high-priced teachers in deluxes.
    << Are there any other versions of School Tycoon? >>
    - No. Just this version for the PC is all that exists. However, Global Star
    Software produced a few other tycoon games, such as Vegas Tycoon and Mall
    Tycoon 3. I've personally never played them, although I'm sure they're based
    off of the same engine.
    - 8) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
    This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted
    by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO
    NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your
    own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website,
    either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on
    your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as
    it's in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that,
    all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling
    FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time
    trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).
    Any site out there has permission to host my FAQs (following the above terms),
    however, these are a list of current sites that host my FAQs officially:
    - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    - http://www.ign.com/
    - http://www.neoseeker.com/
    - http://www.cheatcc.com/
    - http://www.cheatplanet.com/
    - 9) Proper Credit         -
    I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ
    )) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life
    to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.
    )) Rootsecure.net (( for letting me use an excellent ASCII generator, which
    composed this typical-style art. Excellent.
    )) Global Star Software (( for creating a decent tycoon game that entertained
    for at least a week.
    )) Gamewinners.com (( for providing several cheat codes that help expand the
    experience of a strategy-based game.
      "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
      "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)

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