• 3rd Person View in a Multiplayer Game

    When in Multiplayer, join a game, and select your team or enter and play. Then open up the console by pressing the ~ key. Type the following:

    set input b togglebehindview

    Then hit enter and exit out of the console by pressing ~ again. Then, press the \"b\" key and your view will be in 3rd person. This makes your game playing harder, but it\'s cool and can be fun.

    Contributed By: Flash_Grenade.

  • Codes

    Press ` during gameplay.

    Behindview #3rd Person, 1 for on, 0 for off
    loadedAll explosives, full ammo, and almost all of the secondary weapons appear below you.
    AllWeaponsAll weapons
    Fierfekammo cheat
    ViewBotCycle thru bots
    SmiteEvilDestroys all enemies in screen
    BlindEnemies #Enemies blind. 1 for on, 0 for off
    DeafEnemies #Enemies go deaf. 1 for on, 0 for off
    GhostFly and Walk through everything
    FreezeFrame #Freezes after # seconds
    PlayersOnlyFreezes everything but you
    Flygives you the ability to fly
    TheMatulaakLivesGod mode
    KillPawnsKill other members of Delta Squad
    HOGKills whatever your reticle points to
    LockCameraLocks the camera
    Invisible #Makes you invisible. 1 for on, 0 for off
    Darmannext level?
    WalkOppisite of the \"Fly\" cheat, brings you back to ground
    ViewSelfReturn to your own body
    reviverevives yourself
    Changesize #Scale player size
    SetSpeed #Sets game speed. Same as slowmo?
    SetGravity #Sets Gravity
    SetJumpz #Sets how high you jump
    Stat FPSShow FPS
    Stat GameShows game stats
    TeleportTeleports to reticle
    Slomo #Where # is put a number to spped up or slow down the game

  • God-mode in Demo

    Use a text-editor like Notepad, and find the file "user.ini" in the system
    directory of the game. Change these lines:

    From: DamageModifierEasy=0.25To: DamageModifierEasy=0.0
    From: DamageModifierHard=1.75To: DamageModifierHard=0.0
    From: DamageModifierMedium=1To: DamageModifierMedium=0

    Contributed By: Grawl.


  • Unlockable features

    Complete the following campaigns for the next unlockable stuff;

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Foley FeatureComplete campaign 1
    Spec Ops FeatureComplete campaign 2
    Temvera Morrison InterviewComplete campaign 3

    Contributed By: Grawl.

Easter Eggs

  • Find a lightsaber

    There is a lightsaber in the RAS Prosecutor campaign, level: "Alone". When you get to one of the blocked areas where you have to breach it, turn around and try find a vent. Inside there is a dead trooper with a lightsaber suggesting he might have tried using it. You hear yourself saying something about "what you get" and "An elegant weapon for a more civilised time. Heh. Well... times have changed.".

    Contributed By: hylian_loach.


  • Watch the movies in the extras section

    Without actually unlocking them, you can easily watch them by going into where-ever you installed the game to. eg. C:/ProgramFiles/Lucasarts/StarWarsRepublicCommando. then go into GameData and then Movies. So it would look like C:/ProgramFiles/Lucasarts/StarWarsRepublicCommando/Gamedata/Movies/
    You can now view all the movies from the extra section here.

    Contributed By: langthor.

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