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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Subliminal Celsius

    Version: 2.00 | Updated: 04/24/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    \    Star Wars: Republic Commando  \
     \                 Xbox             \
      \         FAQ\Walkthrough          \
    Author: Paul Willis;
    A.K.A. "Subliminal Celsius"
    (c) Paul Willis
    E-mail: Subliminal.Celsius@gmail.com
    AOL Instant messenger: Sin Serenity
    Version 1.00; 3-15-05
    Version 2.00; 4-24-05
    Table of Contents 
    (Ctrl+F for quick navigation)
                          I.	Introduction 
                          II.	Game Basics
                          III.	Walkthrough
                            <|- Geonosis
                                <|- The Assault Ship
                                <|- Kashyyyk
                          IV.	Bonuses and codes.
                          V.	Credits and affiliates. 
    [/I. Introduction/]
    Note: As you know, this is a full walkthrough for the single-player portion of 
    Republic Commando, for the Xbox console, on normal difficulty. This is a 
    guide designed to get you through to the end to the best of the advice that I 
    can offer here. 
    -	Education of controls is essential. Note that the following will be based 
    with default control settings, and that this is only to educate you about the 
    functions open to you, and not so much as where the buttons are mapped, as 
    you can change those yourself!
    LEFT THUMBSTICK: Move/Strafe (click and hold to crouch)
    RIGHT THUMBSTICK: Aim/Move camera (click to zoom w/some weapons)
    A: Use/Activate/Pickup
    X: Reload
    Y: Jump
    B: Melee attack
    LEFT TRIGGER: Throw detonator
    WHITE BUTTON: Cycle visor mode
    RIGHT TRIGGER: Fire weapon/turret
    BLACK BUTTON: Cycle detonator types
    BACK BUTTON: Show objective text/Show multiplayer scores
    DIRECTIONAL PAD - Squad Commands (initiated by holding A and pressing 
    appropriate direction on pad. 
    UP: Secure area
    DOWN: Cancel maneuver
    LEFT: Search and destroy
    RIGHT: Form up
    DIRECTIONAL PAD - Switch weapons
    UP: Blaster Rifle
    DOWN: Secondary weapon (press twice w/secondary weapon to access default 
    LEFT: Anti-armor attachment
    RIGHT: Sniper attachment
    +Delta Squad and commands
    -	Delta Squad consists of yourself and four other Commandos, each that 
    apparently have their own roles to play. However, in reality, all Commandos 
    have the same abilities.
    -	It is important to also remember that there are two ways Delta Squad takes 
    orders: these are from your primary four orders, and then numerous maneuvers 
    that you direct a Commando to; the Commando will perform an action from 
    there, often using the terrain to his advantage, such as cover for sniping.
    [Search and Destroy] Order that causes your squad to go forward 
    without you. They seek enemies, take cover, and will move faster, 
    but will only use the Blaster Rifle. Good to use if you want to 
    rush through an area with weaker enemies like: Genosian warriors, 
    Drone droids, and regular Trandoshans. 
    [Form Up] Order that immediately stops the Squad from where they 
    are going and what they are doing, and brings them back to you. 
    Your squad will follow your lead and will not stray far from you or 
    the others. Formation will be taken for maximum combat efficiency. 
    This is the order you'll be using most. It's especially great if 
    you're surrounded. 
    [Secure Area] By aiming your view towards an area, and giving this 
    order, your Commandos will head to the area marked and stay there, 
    making sure it is clear from all enemies in the meantime. This 
    order can give you some strategic options, for example: Say two 
    Commandos are taking up sniping positions, and you're watching the 
    entrance from the north. No one is watching the rear entrance, so 
    you commando that Commando to secure area of rear position.
    [Cancel Maneuver] This order cancels the actual maneuvers performed 
    in the field, rather than the orders listed above. When given, 
    Commandos will stop what they are doing and follow one of the three 
    primary orders. 
    Individual orders:
    [Anti-armor position] This order, while very uncommon, is essential 
    for surviving future battles with larger enemies that fit the bill. 
    One Commando uses his anti-armor attachment on nearby enemies. You 
    and other Commandos must beware to stay away from his firing range, 
    as the splash damage can be lethal. 
    [Construct Trap] A common order that orders a Commando to set a 
    proximity explosive on an explosive barrel. While you can see the 
    area of proximity, it will not go off if you step near it, only 
    enemies will set it off. It will still explode if you shoot it, 
    [Demolition Position] Orders a Commando to set a demolition charge. 
    Either on something critical to the mission objective, something 
    obstructing passage, or a Droid dispenser.
    [Disarm Landmine] When giving this order, try to make sure that 
    neither you nor another Commando come in that Commando's disarming 
    range. It may be okay for you to crouch-walk over to him, but the 
    other Commandos may not crouch-walk and that will set off the mine. 
    [Door Breach] The most common of orders. Instead of slicing the 
    console next to a door by yourself, you can have your squad 
    initiate a formation: one sets charge on the door, two right on the 
    side of the door, out of sight. As soon as the door open, the 
    appropriate grenade is thrown through. Delta Squad then runs in to 
    take care of business. Very cool to watch! 
    [Grenade Position] Like the anti-armor position from before, you 
    must be careful around the Commando while he is doing this. Two of 
    the four detonators (grenades) you have access to are used: thermal 
    and ECD. You don't want to get hit by either. This is more common 
    than anti-armor, and in fact, the second best thing for those 
    enemies I mentioned earlier. It's also great for clearing out 
    groups of enemies. 
    [Revive Ally] This is something you will be doing, too. As you go 
    on, you'll find that from time to time, you and your squad may just 
    get an ass kicking. A fallen Commando is marked by a red icon. 
    Stand over him and press and hold A. Do not release A until you see 
    the bar in the middle of the screen form a complete circle and then 
    make a distinct sound. As a Commando rises, he is temporarily 
    invulnerable to enemy fire. A Commando, as well as yourself, only 
    revives with 50% of their normal health. If YOU are killed...
    -	Maintain current orders: Commandos will maintain current commands. Usually 
    this means that they will clear the area before reviving you. A good idea if 
    everyone is in good shape still, as they may be killed while trying to 
    revive you!
    -	Recall and revive: This makes their highest priority to be reviving you, 
    no matter what. This is the quickest way to get back into action, but also the 
    most riskiest. 
    -	Load saved game: A no-brainer.
    [Slice Console] Used to accomplish objectives, open doors, etc. 
    Your Commando is vulnerable while slicing - he will try to 
    accomplish the task so long as he is a) alive and b) Still ordered 
    to do so. 
    [Sniping Position] Not only one of the most common maneuvers, but 
    also the most useful. When sniping, a Commando will use the sniping 
    attachment - meaning you will get it before you can use this. A 
    commando will take cover behind something and snipe with pinpoint 
    accuracy for five shots before a reload. This is good for 
    supporting fire, but never have a Commando sniping where he can 
    easily be flanked, unless you protect him yourself. 
    [Use Bacta] The only way to heal your squad! Bacta canisters are 
    strewn throughout the game, but it is important to remember that 
    your squad needs healing, too. There is an infinite amount of 
    Bacta, so use as often as possible. 
    [Use Turret] When a Commando is using a turret, make sure to watch 
    out for him, as it's not uncommon for enemies to rush at him and 
    attack him in the turret, while he can do little from that close 
    -	This is a brief overview of the weapons available to you.
    [DC-17 Blaster Rifle] The default weapon. Completely average and 
    can eventually get the job done in just about any situation. While 
    it contains a large ammo capacity, second only to the Trandoshan 
    minigun, the shots are relatively weak. However, it is accurate and 
    you can zoom down the barrel for better accuracy and ammo is always 
    around for this weapon. 
    [DC-17 Sniper Attachment] Yes, they have sniper rifles in the Star 
    Wars universe. This isn't your daddy's sniper rifle, though. It 
    just looks freaking awesome, to complement it's high power. This 
    does major damage to anything, but usually your more fleshy 
    adversaries go down after a single shot from this. Make sure to aim 
    for the head. Five shots, uncommon ammo pickups, and slow fire can 
    make this discouraging to impatient players. 
    [DC-17 Anti-Armor Attachment] This is the heavy-duty stuff. Only 
    pull this out when you REALLY need it. Ammo is so rare for this 
    weapon that you may want to reload your game if you accidentally 
    fired off a shot. It's critical about near the middle of the game, 
    invaluable against the larger Droids, especially when you face them 
    in numbers. At four shots, you can clear out about a dozen Super 
    Battle Droids (SBDs), or cut a boss enemy's health in half. Also 
    beware that it lops - it is NOT a rocket launcher! It's more like a 
    grenade launcher, and you must be at a fairly medium to close 
    distance in order to use it, but try not to hurt yourself. 
    [Bryar Pistol] Use this as a complete last resort, and I mean last 
    resort. You'd actually do much more damage going up to an enemy and 
    hitting him with your Vibroshiv, and the weapon's melee attack is 
    very weak anyways. While you have infinite ammo for this weapon 
    that is considered your primary and permanent secondary weapon, the 
    bar you see on the gun shows how many shots can be fired before it 
    stops and has to refill. It's actually pretty accurate, and you can 
    land headshots. If you want to play around, or just don't want to 
    waste Blaster Rifle ammo on the regular Droids, though, feel free 
    to use often on them. 
    [Geonosian Elite Beam Emitter] This is a weird weapon that is 
    actually pretty creepy, but annoying when used against you. It 
    fires a stream of energy that has excellent range and damage at any 
    distance. The ammo capacity is limited, and you can tell how much 
    juice you have left by looking on one of the little orange bars on 
    the gun. It's a great weapon for mowing down crowds of weaker 
    enemies, it just actually takes a few too many seconds to safely 
    activate, so make sure you know when and where to point it. You'll 
    have to get a new weapon once it is out of juice.
    [Trandoshan Shotgun] An excellent close range weapon. It's like a 
    shotgun but actually fires energy? At any rate, it's better than 
    most modern shotguns and fires pretty fast. You can only get these 
    around Trandoshans. It doesn't have a large ammo capacity and is 
    pretty useless at a distance, but otherwise ammo is pretty 
    [Trandoshan Minigun] This is a great heavy weapon. While you have 
    to pry it from the cold, dead fingers of the toughest of 
    Trandoshans, it's worth it. It features a large ammo capacity and 
    clip size, the largest, in fact, and it has an incredibly high fire 
    rate, while shots, especially headshots, can drop enemies within a 
    few shots. There is no better weapon for clearing a room and 
    feeling completely awesome as you just stand there and spray. Not 
    that you will move slowly while using this weapon. 
    [Trandoshan Concussion Rifle] The Concussion Rifle is pretty rare... 
    not really that useful. It's great for stunning enemies and good on 
    Droids, but you rarely ever find ammo for this weapon, so make 
    those 5 to 10 shots count. 
    [Trandoshan Submachine Gun] At a certain point in the game, this 
    weapon is everywhere! However, I find it to be one of the least 
    effective weapons in the game. SMGs are usually appealing, but not 
    here. It is highly inaccurate, consumes a lot of ammo, and 
    effective only at shotgun range... and so despite the ammo abundance, 
    why bother, unless it's the only thing left to use?
    [Wookie Bowcaster] This is kind of rare, but you're not missing out 
    on much. It's a great alternative to your sniper attachment - it 
    has the same level of zoom as the sniper attachment, can be 
    charged, and ricochets off wall. Actually, what am I saying? This 
    is a great weapon! 
    [Wookie Rocket Launcher] Talk about a weapon. This is your boss 
    killer right here. It's incredibly rare and you only get it a few 
    times near the end of the game, but save your shots. It is the most 
    powerful weapon in the game. It's rockets are capable of homing, 
    but I recommend not using this because it wastes all your ammo in 
    trade of a really, really killer shot. It's up to you. It should go 
    without saying that you watch where you point this weapon.
    [Thermal Detonator] Your Star Wars fragmentation grenade. Bounces, 
    has a nice and fiery explosion radius. Great for weaker droids but 
    organic enemies in particular. Ammo is very abundant for this 
    [Sonic Detonator] This works like a proximity grenade. It can stick 
    to walls or floors. It is more powerful than a thermal detonator 
    and is thus good for Droids, provided you are out of ECDs. 
    Detonation is instant upon contact with something moving, and the 
    explosion radius is large. 
    [Electronics Counter Detonator] AKA "ECD" detonator. Your best 
    weapon against the droids. It can stun you, other organics, and 
    your squad. These stun droids, but also kills them. It will not 
    kill you and other organics. 
    [Flash Detonator] This is self-explanatory and will only work on 
    organic enemies. This will stun them and leave them open for cannon 
    fodder duty. However, you can also impair your own vision if this 
    goes off near you. This won't harm you or anyone else, though.
    [Vibroshiv] This is your most powerful... melee attack. It kills most 
    organics and one to two hits, and can take about a handful to two 
    handfuls to kill a droid. You need to be right next to an enemy for 
    this, but watch out, because some enemies have their own attacks. 
    + Enemies
    -	Overview of enemies experienced in the game. 
    Droids: They come in seven flavors and are the most common enemy 
    throughout the game, and for six of the droid types, are probably 
    your most deadliest!
    [Battle Droids] I like to call these "Drones". They are 
    unintelligent and usually just stand and shoot a few weak shots. 
    They go down quickly, which is why against a small group, maybe 1 
    to 4, I recommend just using the Bryar pistol. Depending on the 
    distance, use your vibroshiv instead. Sometimes they are 
    concentrated into large numbers, and in that case, they can be 
    troublesome, so make sure they get a grenade or a spray of fire.
    [Super Battle Droids] AKA SBDs. Probably the toughest common enemy 
    you'll run into. There is nothing worse than running into a room 
    full of these guys, especially if they keep coming out of a Droid 
    dispenser. Their real only weakness is their lack of mobility. They 
    take a lot of damage, and deflect explosives thrown in front of 
    them, and can dish out heavy damage up close and far. They're 
    easier to take down with all of your squad, but alone, you'll want 
    to use everything at your disposal to take them down. This also 
    means getting near them and using your melee: hit once, retreat 
    from the range of their melee attack, attack again, retreat... repeat 
    until dead. Probably the safest way to deal with them, provided 
    you're not around a lot of them. This gets them to stop shooting at 
    [Droidka] These guys are intimidating. They roll into rooms rather 
    quickly, and I found instant death a number of times when they took 
    me by surprise, as that initial fire after they get up from their 
    roll, is deadliest. They are surrounded by shields and these must 
    be damaged enough to where they disappear, before you can damage 
    and destroy the droid. The best way to deal with them, if they're 
    within the right distance, is to run next to one, really close, and 
    keep stabbing it. You won't take any damage from the Droidka, but 
    maybe from other enemies, if they are behind you. 
    [Scavenger Droid] These guys are a pain. They're the second 
    airborne enemy you fight. They go down quickly, but require some 
    accuracy. They like to either latch onto your face or drain your 
    shields and then do a kamikaze-dive-bomb at your head. You can 
    always tell they're around if your HUD becomes fuzzy and you hear 
    [Turret Droid] These are droids that are actually fixed to walls. 
    These are usually found in the Assault Ship. They deal a lot of 
    damage. If you fight one face to face, you're probably going to 
    lose, or at least take a lot of damage. Use hit and run tactics, 
    and it will take about half a single clip of a Blaster Rifle to 
    down one. I personally like to kill them in one shot with my sniper 
    [Spider Droid] The biggest Droids. Slow, but packing incredible 
    firepower. Expect one of these when you enter a large room, but 
    there are a few instances when you run into one at arm's reach. 
    Whatever you do, don't get too close. Also watch out for that red 
    light, which is what it uses to "see" you. You can usually strafe 
    around this Droid and chip away for a while, because it is very 
    slow. Unfortunately, it is often accompanied by other enemies, so 
    that can keep you busy. You should focus on killing this first.
    [Assassin Droid] Probably the deadliest Droids, thanks to the fact 
    that they have power, speed, and mobility, as well as intelligence. 
    These guys are really hard to hit and you don't want to go toe to 
    toe with one. Very rare, and you'll only see them on Kashyyyk. 
    Wookies are good to have around when up against these guys. 
    Terminate with extreme prejudice. 
    [Droid Dispensers] I thought these deserved a category of their own.
    Droid Dispensers produce an infinite amount of various droids...
    from your basic droids to droidkas. They are typically destroyed
    with a detonator charge. My advice, especially during some parts on
    the assault ship later in the game, is to send an ally to place the 
    charge and cover him from there. They should always be priority targets.
    Geonosians: You'll run into these throughout the game, but after 
    Geonosis, not nearly as much. They're just man-sized bugs. 
    [Geonosis Warrior] The standard Geonosian opposition. They are 
    pretty nimble characters and like to get close and stab you with 
    their staff. Well, you can stab them, too, and your stab hurts them 
    a helluva lot more - in fact, kills them in one hit. Other than 
    that, use nothing more or less than a Blaster Rifle to kill.
    [Geonosis Elite] These guys are always in the air, firing their 
    beam weapon. They're also a lot harder to kill than the Warrior. 
    Always keep moving and spray them with Blaster Rifle fire or snipe 
    them down. 
    [Geonosian Hatchling] You'll run into them around what can be 
    described as egg sacks, usually hanging from the ceiling. They like 
    to drop down as you are walking along and attack in numbers. Weak, 
    but difficult to kill, since their lairs are occupied with other 
    Trandoshans: It's everyone's favorite reptilian alien!
    These guys become a real pain on the Assault Ship, but hold more 
    ground in Kashyyyk. Either way, you're going to be seeing them a 
    [Regular Trandoshans] These guys are fairly small, equipped with 
    Trandoshan shotguns and/or dual blades. When they're out of ammo, 
    they like to rush at you and try to cut you. This can cause a fair 
    deal of damage, so hit them first - melee or BR fire. Sometimes 
    they will just have these blades, so make them your highest 
    priority to take down before they get close.
    [Trandoshan Mercenaries] These Trandoshans are outfitted and are 
    smarter than other Trandoshans. They love to lie in wait from any 
    direction, be it around a corner or dropping in from the ceiling. 
    They usually pack submachine guns - if they had shotguns, they 
    would be pretty dangerous, seeing as you run into them at a fairly 
    close range with their surprise attacks.
    [Trandoshan Minigunner] These guys are huge and can kill you within 
    a few seconds. Cover is a MUST, unless you get up close and melee. 
    Use the same strategy I mentioned earlier with the SBDs if you 
    attack him with melee. You run into just one at a time, and not 
    very often, but usually at a close range or in a small room. 
    +Extra Tips
    - It is off to the last save point for you, if you fall of a ledge. 
    No reviving for that sort of thing.
    - Recommend you disable "Auto Pull". Auto Pull causes your 
    Commandos to abandon their positions, say, sniping position, if you 
    move a certain distance. This way, your squad can cover you while 
    you take a look around or accomplish an objective. 
    - Never fight alone unless you have no other choice. When fighting 
    alone, in relation to the flow of the game, remember you have only 
    one life. 
    - Remember you can save/load at anytime! So always save - this 
    doesn't work like other games where you can save but still restart 
    at the last checkpoint or beginning of the level - you start off 
    right where you left off when using this save system. 
    - Press A while looking at an enemy to get your squad to focus on 
    him. The enemies life bar will also be shown on your screen, with a 
    lock-on indicating this was successful. 
    - Levels are split up into sections as you will see in my 
    walkthrough below, I have labeled them. To get full health and ammo 
    at the start of each section instead of continuing where you left 
    off, exit after each section to the main menu and load to the part 
    you just got to from the Campaign screen. 
    - If a Commando is not responding to your orders, they are plagued 
    by a glitch in this game which causes a Commando to get "stuck". 
    This did not happen very often to me in the Xbox version, but when 
    it does, you have two options:
    1)Kill the Commando and revive him. Most of the time this works to 
    get things going again.
    2)Load previous save; if you haven't saved recently, just move on.
    [\III. Walkthrough\]
    <|- Geonosis
    Extreme Prejudice:
    There are some scripted sequences here, so don't be surprised about what 
    happens to you or others, just get to the Bacta. Get familiar with the feel of 
    things, including letting off a few test shots on the Battle Droids you 
    encounter. When you come to the Geonosian turret, you'll have to destroy it 
    with a thermal detonator. The hatch is open, so try and bounce the grenade off 
    of that and down the chute to accomplish the objective. Not far from here, you 
    meet 62, but we'll call him "Scorch" from now on. Either of you can place a 
    detonator on the wall. Since this is your first time, watch the timer, and be 
    mindful of this in the future - for some objects, the detonator is longer from 
    the initial 10 seconds. When you are going to detonate it, stand away. You 
    only have to look towards it and press A to detonate it.
    In the spire, you will meet up with 40, or "Fixer". Delta Squad is almost 
    complete. You're probably wondering why you cannot give orders yet? Well, 
    you get 07, you will, so just wait a little longer. 
    There are numerous Warriors in the hangar up ahead. Once cleared, set the 
    detonator and carry on, enabling your low light visor mode in here, to see. 
    You can avoid the Droids if you wish. Upon exiting, at the next area, you will 
    meet 07, or "Sev". Now that Delta Squad is together, you're ready for 
    Though that window you must shoot through, lies an Super Battle Droid (SBD). 
    Dealing with SBDs can be difficult, even just one. Although it's normal fire 
    is formidable, it's the large shot you have to watch out for. You likely will 
    be put down from a single hit. You can see this one coming, though, by when 
    it kneels. At any rate, use cover and detonators, plus concentrated fire 
    (look at him and press A). Now it's time to chase after Sun Fak. Immediately 
    order Sev to the sniper position. Don't get antsy now and reload your save, 
    once he is at the position, everything is cool - he'll blow the ship right 
    out of the sky. Head to the lift to finish this. 
    Infiltrate the Droid Foundry:
    Grab the sniper attachment ASAP. Use sparingly and only when you have to.
    In the next area, you can choose to snipe the guys in the distance and start a 
    big fight here, or ignore them and move on. When you reach the jammer, you 
    cannot yet damage it. Instead, you need to slice the console at the other end. 
    However, with enemies constantly coming, you can't do this alone, so form up 
    your squad and get on that console - or get someone else on it. Twenty seconds 
    is what is needed. Then you slap a det-pack on the jammer and it's boom time. 
    Get two Commandos on sniping positions and the other should cover you. Elites 
    are here but you can ignore them, because your snipers will kill them and save 
    you the ammo and effort. Take their weapons, but use on droids, because it's 
    not as effective a weapon on the Geonosians themselves. 
    Send your Commando to place the det-pack but don't go in the room just yet. 
    There is a turret that can slaughter you and your team. This is where you want 
    to use your sniper attachment - if you go in the room to take cover, rather 
    than peeking out, do so - go on the left side with your squad. At any rate, 
    aim for the gunner's head. A single shot will kill, of course. Get in the 
    turret yourself and have your secure the area, or get someone in the turret 
    and do it for them. Once the wave of enemies stops, you and your squad may 
    proceed. Here, blow up this column in order to progress your infiltration 
    into the factory.
    Destroy the Factory: 
    Dark and quiet, this place is teeming with SBDs. ECD grenades are your best 
    friends here, along with your vibroshiv, due to the fact that this is not a 
    very open area. Thermal detonators and any secondary weapon other than the 
    Bryar pistol happen to also work well, too. Slice every console you see to get 
    things like Bacta and ammunition. 
    The first conduit has SBDs that you can take down from the small window you 
    are looking out from, above them. Don't forget to duck. When they're finished, 
    destroy the conduit. The second conduit is accessed by slicing another 
    console. When you've destroyed the second conduit, do NOT backtrack, 
    as Droids are everywhere. Just press on and you'll find your way out 
    Advance to the Core Ship: 
    In this canyon, Geonosian Warriors lie in wait. This canyon is crawling with 
    them, as well as their Elite friends. Remember to pay attention to your 
    surroundings, also, as a retreat is sometimes needed. Here, your grenades can 
    be great for dealing with numerous enemies. The bugs are particularly 
    vulnerable to flash. Don't waste ammo; stab them when they're stunned!
    When you come around the AA guns, do not go near. Listen to the advisor - 
    Look around and snipe the turrets on the wall. 
    Get a Commando to grenade position and ready an ECD grenade for the droids 
    coming around the barrier. Get everyone ready for a droid assault here. When 
    they're mopped up, inside the tower for you. Inside, you'll need destroy two 
    spots here to disable the AA gun. Send some Commandos to do the dirty work and 
    defend them instead. Afterall, it's not very fun setting charges. When you're 
    done on, move on according to the advisor's directions. You'll find Geonosians 
    in here, and they keep coming until those consoles are sliced. Once the 
    windows are closed, go forward to other control rooms and do the same to them. 
    Now, when that next detonator is set, make sure everyone is in a safe zone 
    before hitting it. From here, exit to the canyon. 
    At the drop ship, have someone on the turret. Another should take up sniping 
    position, and finally the last Commando should cover you. This is almost like 
    a game of cat and mouse... you're going to go out from this zone and lure 
    enemies back to you. This is especially important for the SBDs. When they've 
    been cleared, get your squad together. SBDs again - get someone on the anti-
    armor position and use the open area to your advantage against them. 
    Ahead is a Spider Droid. I hope you've saved some thermals and most of your 
    ammo (about 3 shots) from your anti-armor attachment. Make sure your squad 
    takes advantage of these two things by setting them on positions there. When 
    it's finally down, the door to the Core Ship will soon be blown open. 
    I also hope you've saved some shots for your sniper attachment - it's the best 
    way to deal with the SBDs here. Now it's time to go solo...
    Infiltrate the Core Ship:
    There are numerous SBDs here, but they are mostly all offline. You will die 
    very quickly here if you are not careful and always aware of your 
    surroundings. Head right from the start and move towards the droid racks. Stay 
    away from SBDs on the racks as far as possible. The slightest touch will cause 
    them to wake up. There is one SBD patrolling here, at the second rack. Don't 
    rush in there - there is a turret that will help to kill you. Instead, lure it 
    towards you, away from the turret and SBDs and use the melee trick. 
    Silly droids, aren't they? Then take out the droid turret.  
    Another turret here... it's behind you, really. If you have trouble finding 
    it, you may want to make a quicksave, run out to where you get attacked by a 
    Geonosian Elite, so take note. When you have dealt with these two - destroy 
    turret before you even encounter the bug - you're safe to set the charge. 
    Enter the vent and then exit into another control room. Weak droids here, 
    fortunately. It's time to give the ship a healthy dose of virus, then escape, 
    ignoring enemies as you get into the maintenance shaft. Standby SBDs again... 
    not all of them are sleeping, right? Right, there is an active droid here, and 
    not as easy to lure towards as last time - your fire could alert other droids. 
    If that is the case, don't hesitate to use the anti-armor attachment on all of 
    them. At the right angle, you can destroy them all in these close quarters. If 
    you want to save it, use ECDs. Keep moving!
    The ship is coming apart. This works to your advantage - watch as an explosion 
    takes out some droids. The large things you see dropping are droid dispensers; 
    they continuously spawn enemy droids, and in order to destroy them, you have 
    to set a 20 second charge. Ignore them until you get back with your squad. 
    Near the last two are Droidkas - you'd recognize them from the most recent 
    Star Wars movies. Don't waste ammo - get close and melee them to death. 
    Now that Delta Squad is together, you can take out those annoying dispensers. 
    Also keep in mind there is another spider droid waiting for you. 
    Put your Commandos in sniping positions to take care of the Elite Geonosians 
    that come after you when you start slicing the console. After this, make sure 
    everyone is in a useful position to take out the spider droid, which you 
    engage in a fairly small room anyways. Focus on the Droidkas, let your squad 
    tackle the spider droid. 
    Upon getting off the lift, you'll see you have five minutes to get this done. 
    In reality, four minutes - the console takes one minute. During this time, you 
    must also survive an endless wave of enemies, my favorites: Droidkas and SBDs. 
    Finally, you have to escape before it blows.
    With that said, enter the room and form up your squad, moving everyone to the 
    console and taking out only anything in your path. Get someone on the console 
    and get ready to use everything at your disposal to defend that Commando for 
    one minute. When set, go and don't stop running. Only you need to survive and 
    make it out in order to accomplish this mission and move on. 
    <|- The Assault Ship
    Ghost Ship Recon:
    You're alone again. Although you don't know quite what to expect at this time, 
    remember you must always be cautious, as you might not rendezvous with your 
    squad for some time. 
    Slice the terminal to access the blast door. Head up until you see a duct you 
    can crawl through. Low-light mode is helpful here. After the Clone Trooper's 
    death, bring out your Blaster Rifle and get ready for something completely 
    different... scavenger droids! You'll be running into a number of these 
    throughout the ship and you'll find later that they've helped to reduce this 
    ship's original population. See the Game Basics section on how to deal with 
    them and what you should be aware of. 
    Take out the scavenger's in the hallway, then head to the console - get ready 
    to stop mid-way and turn around - you've got scavenger's to deal with before 
    you can finish your slicing.
    Poor, poor Sev. Move on with a heavy heart. You'll find one scavenger lying in 
    wait here, and finally, Trandoshans! You can actually avoid them; they don't 
    drop anything useful at this point. There are two more scavengers to be aware 
    of as you continue. Upon exiting tunnel and walking down the next hall, you 
    are attacked by two Trandoshans. Deal with them as you would like to, but take 
    as little chance as you can in killing them. You can go back to the tunnel 
    and just shoot their legs. Watch out for these kind of sneak attacks - the 
    Trandoshans absolutely love this stuff, and it will happen throughout the game 
    but especially on this ship. After another surprise attack, you'll meet one of 
    those lovely landmines. What you don't want to do is make any sudden moves, 
    unless you are crouched. In order to defuse, the only way this is done, is by 
    crouch-walking over to it and holding A to defuse it. Enemies can also trigger 
    these mines. If some are nearby, use them for a trap - Trandoshans are dumb;
    get their attention and they'll come running your way, right into their own 
    The data console is your objective, but like any seemingly quiet area that 
    contains your objective, things will not be as they seem for very long. Like 
    before, head to the console, wary of your trap - however, do not touch it, 
    immediately retreat back to the entrance of this room - the room will become 
    filled with scavengers and trandoshans. You may want to use both your sniper 
    attachment and blaster rifle together. When it's clear, slice the console.
    Rescue the Squad:
    If you've been listening to the clone trooper's chatter, he's talking about 
    bad guys, turrets, and turrets being on your side. Not for long, if that 
    Trandoshan at the end of the hall makes it to the console - chase! Actually 
    just kill him as quick as possible. Thanks to your friends here, other enemies 
    are quickly killed. Just don't kill your friends, you won't get ammo. 
    There are Trandoshans in the pit. Take them out, but as you move, be prepared 
    for turrets up ahead. I would recommend using the blaster rifle here against 
    When you enter a large room, prep your flash grenades, and at the first sound 
    of hostiles, throw it. Get ready to stab everyone in the room, if you can. Mop 
    up the rest before setting a charge to clear your path. 
    Shoot the explosive objects here to take out the other aliens. Watch out for a 
    scavenger and turret here, as well - at this distance, sniper works well, when 
    you consider that half a clip of blaster rifle ammo could have been used on a 
    handful of scavengers or a few aliens. 
    As you head up the ramp, move crosshair over those explosive objects and fire 
    upon hearing the familiar Trandoshan footsteps heading your way. At the top, 
    immediately turn around and nail the one standing up there which would have 
    done some serious damage to you if you were unprepared. 
    Lots of debris here? Sounds like the perfect zone to hide in - the darkness can 
    make turrets like one around the corner, hard to spot at first, and of course, 
    you have the Trandoshan. When you come to the next hall, I recommend using the 
    Trandoshan shotgun - you'll be ambushed by these guys dropping in from the roof 
    above you. Vibroshiv is also helpful here, since the enemies are so close. 
    Finally, you'll need to disarm more landmines. 
    Where a charge must be placed, there are more Trandoshans. On a side note, you 
    can spot a light saber here by a clone trooper's corpse! Not that you can use 
    it, so move on until you come to the part where it looks like the next room is 
    lighter than where you are now - in fact, has a reddish tone. Sorry, I'm trying 
    to describe best I can - around the corner is a Trandoshan minigunner. Nasty 
    fellows, and you're meeting for the first time, alone! Well, here's what to 
    do.. you really don't want to fight him toe to toe. I would first suggest a 
    manual save before doing anything. Take out your flash grenade and when you're 
    ready, throw it around the corner. Immediately switch to your anti-armor 
    attachment and keep doing so until either you are out of ammo or he is showing 
    signs of the stun wearing off. If he is not dead, wait in the tunnel near the 
    bancta and take out your sniper attachment - he'll come along shortly. 
    You can take his minigun if you want. I personally love the weapon & you will 
    always find a use for it, like soon in this level. Whatever you do, it's 
    time to get Fixer back. Unfortunately, you'll have a droid dispenser placed in 
    front of you and this one is packing SBDs and a 20 second timer for detonation, 
    if you're curious. Worry about yourself, as Fixer is busy hacking his door 
    open. Just get out of there and head to the next pit. Now to get Sev back.
    You can see through the window that Sev is being well-guarded. Down the hall, 
    get Fixer on the turret and your job is to go in the room. Take out the 
    Trandoshan minigunner first - thanks to the cover here, this will be slightly 
    easier than before. He doesn't have to be your priority, you can instead try 
    and revive Sev. With Sev, and Fixer standing by, you can afford to make some 
    mistakes here as well as clean this mess up quickly. 
    Our favorite Commando, Scorch, is the last we need for Delta Squad. Scorch is 
    being held in the prison block of this ship. Corridors are very tight here and 
    he has more security than Sev. It's pretty linear in here. Your biggest threat 
    are two turrets which can eat you and your squad alive before you can look 
    up and shoot them. What you want to do is flank them - go around to where you 
    can snipe them safely. When they're out, just go straight (if you took my 
    advice to snipe) and form up your squad. As you move through this area, you'll 
    find guard stations which contain ammo, and sometimes enemies. They also give 
    you a decent view point of where to go next in here, even though that was not 
    too hard to begin with. You'll eventually come to a junction where you'll find 
    Scorch in his cell, ready to be set free. 
    Attack of the Clones:
    Now that you are again a full fighting force, it's payback time. 
    Your nasty objective is to take back the bridge of this ship. It happens to be 
    occupied SBDs. On your way there, you'll run into landmines, signifying you're 
    going the right way. Make sure you are always together with your squad here, as 
    there are several ambushes - fortunately there is lots of Bacta around as you 
    The entrance to the bridge should be handled with caution: throw ECD to stun 
    the SBDs nearby and quickly destroy them. Quickly move your squad into sniper 
    positions of your choosing - there are many in this room, and so long as you 
    have two people sniping, your chances of survival increase a little more. 
    Again you make a choice: doing it yourself or watching another Commando's 
    back, because someone needs to destroy that jammer. 
    Trandoshans attack soon after, and these are actually Mercenaries. If your men 
    have held their sniping positions, they will be quickly picked apart. 
    When you're finished, don't forget to load up on Bacta, found in this room. 
    Mercenaries will become a more common encounter as you make your way through 
    the ship now. They hide better than normal Trandoshans, but I don't find them 
    as dangerous, just a little bit smarter. Your goal is the lift.
    Three circuits must be sliced here. The final one is located near a rocket 
    turret that is occupied. Give him a headshot from your sniper attachment. Once 
    accomplished, your foes will be gassed. They make keep coming but ignore them, 
    they'll die before they can do anything. You and your squad will be fine, go 
    along as you would normally. You'll need to set a charge at the point given by 
    the advisor, to progress. 
    Saving the Ship:
    Time to give those Trandoshan scum a taste of their own medicine. 
    You're going to invade the hangar they've set up shop in and destroy them AND 
    their drop ship in a daring assault.  
    Before this, you'll be in a dark room that needs your low light visor. 
    You must slice the console at the end of the hallway to shut off the turrets. 
    As you are heading to the hangar, pick up the Concussion Rifle near the ramp. 
    You want to save this for later, after you've accomplished this objective.
    Taking out the ship is simple, thanks to the positions and firepower (the 
    turrets), at your disposal. It's only after you accomplish this initially 
    intimidating objective, that the real fun begins.
    From the looks of it, you're pretty much screwed. You've got the Separatists 
    outside, no reinforcements or a means of escape, and they're invading the ship 
    with superior numbers. And seeing as droids probably can't comprehend 
    The hardest part about all these droids are the dispensers. You will get about 
    three at a time, and despite so many defensive positions in the room, you will 
    eventually have to get some people off them to set a charge and take out those 
    dispensers. Keep at least one shot in the Concussion Rifle, so you can hit and 
    stun droids with it, which is great for the numerous SBDs you'll run into. 
    The droids in this first chamber are nothing to worry about. It's in the next 
    hangar where they have set up shop and where you need to destroy the 
    dispensers. After sometime, the advisor will suggest you set a charge on the 
    thing by the force field. Form up your squad and get them all over here to 
    cover whoever is setting the charge, otherwise those SBDs will make mincemeat 
    of any lone wolf. Now you can destroy all the dispensers in this room without 
    getting more - at least in this hangar. 
    The third hangar is somewhat of a repeat of the second, but this time, given 
    the terrain, I would recommend sending someone to set the charge and covering 
    him, again before removing the dispensers. 
    Time for the final hangar. It has three dispensers already! Get some Commandos 
    in position, but the last should be sent to slice the console. Everyone else, 
    including you, should try to keep those droids busy before going for cover and 
    waiting for reinforcements the advisor mentioned. In reality, this is the 
    firepower from a AT-TE walker he sends up, which you will operate and use to 
    easily destroy the droids and their dispensers, as well as that part to seal 
    the force fields. 
    Once you're down the lift, you're going to find that every inch of ground down 
    here will be hard fought for and well earned. In the halls, turrets waiting 
    on the sides, along with an abundance of battle droids, SBDs, and Droidkas. 
    Avoid as many as possible, using your anti-armor to remove only anything 
    directly in your path as you make your way to the chamber for your objective. 
    Watch your step here! This area has three consoles that need to be sliced, 20 
    seconds each for a total of one minute. In the meantime, you will face an 
    endless wave of SBDs and battle droids coming in from two entry points in the 
    room. Set every Commando on a console and do the defending yourself. Use 
    everything at your disposal. When they are sliced, look out the window and see 
    that you have brought the turrets back online. After watching a lovely space 
    battle, you can relax, because it's mission accomplished for Delta Squad. 
    <|- Kashyyyk
    Rescuing Tarful: 
    Move quickly and kill the camping slavers here. You'll come to a small 
    fortress where your priority should be the guy on the turret just around
    the corner from where you enter the area. Whatever you do, get someone else
    on that turret, and mop up others here. Get other Commandos into position.
    Soon you are attacked by a wave of Trandoshans. When they're dead and all is
    peaceful, get some Bacta nearby before heading inside.
    Looks like a trap? The enemies above keep coming, so instead of killing them, 
    use flash detonators to buy to time as you set the charge and get into that 
    tunnel. Only you need to crawl under in order to make it to the next area. At 
    the landing pad, get a sniper into position and get another to set a charge at 
    the wall. 
    Watch out for searchlights from now on. Shoot them out quickly, followed by 
    locating and sniping the Trandoshan sniper. If spotted, enemies will attack in 
    great force. If you pick up the Concussion Rifle, which the so-called Trando 
    "sniper"  was using, at least keep one shot - you'll need it later for a droid 
    fight. Now it's time to go about rescuing Wookies on your way to Tarful. The 
    thing about your 
    Wookie allies is that they do not last: they run away, decide to stay in 
    one location after following you to a certain point, or just get killed. 
    Where you free the second Wookie, Trandos keep spawning at the window until 
    you slice the console and blow the wall open to the next room. 
    You'll soon come to a somewhat dark room that is apparently empty, but soon
    occupied by a Trandoshan minigunner. If your Wookie pal wants to take him head
    on, let him do so, but don't stop shooting the Trandoshan.  
    While freeing the third Wookie gets you out of this room, he also causes the 
    alarm to go off during his escape. Kill the sniper by the searchlight, then 
    move on and do so quickly if you wish - nothing to worry about, especially 
    with your whole squad behind you.
    After you spot your objective, destroy the pipe & get ready for a boss fight. 
    Before that, however, you'll have some enemies to take care of behind you 
    if you are facing the forcefield you must disable.  Once it is down, you will 
    face the assassin droids with Tarful. He must survive at all costs - if not,
    it's back to your last save. At any rate, this means you cannot use your 
    anti-armor attachment, really, since Tarful gets in the way. This is why 
    I suggested earlier to keep a Concussion Rifle around specifically to melee 
    these guys. Use ECD detonators along with the concentrated fire, as well. 
    You will fight one lone assassin, then two others after his destruction. 
    Obliterate the Outpost:
    There are mines up ahead, but Trandoshans will soon attack you. The best thing 
    to do is to go far enough to lure out the Trandoshans, and when you see/hear 
    the first sign of them, crouch-walk your way back out of the range of the 
    mines and wait. The Trandoshans will do your work for you. 
    You'll have a small maze to navigate through not far ahead, which is nothing
    to worry about, considering your vibroshiv should deal with anything that 
    comes within arms reach. At the exit; a laser turret that should be 
    immediately dealt with via a headshot to the gunner from sniper attachment.
    Use the turret ASAP! Itís a great turret, better than any you have used thus
    far. After a hefty amount of bodies have been piled up thanks to your fire,
    demolish the wall. 
    The forest is littered with droids & dispensers to be destroyed. Make note of 
    the crates, which contain ammunition and bacta stations. 
    Head to the next place, a landmine field, which you will shut off, but quickly 
    turn back on once you hear the Droidkas. 
    To destroy the landing pad, move to the left side. It's better to send someone 
    else while you and the others take care of SBDs. Moving on, you'll run into an 
    spider droid. However, you can defeat it in a single action by shooting the 
    crane holding the beam. 
    More SBDs after the spider droid, and another charge needs to be set. 
    Another spider droid! This time it must be fought legitimately. You know the 
    drill. Place another charge on this landing pad and your ride comes in to save 
    your butt. 
    Bridge at Kachirho:
    You'll need the Wookie Bowcaster nearby as an extra sniper weapon, so take it 
    right now. Past the roadblock - scavenger droids. Left of the tunnel is a door 
    to go through. 
    Everyone should be set in positions here: Two snipers and an anti-armor work 
    best. Your task is to grab the Wookie Rocket Launcher and destroy the branch 
    above to progress, or rather, to stop the flow of enemies. 
    In this dark area, low-light must be used in coordination with crouch-walking, 
    thanks to the fact that there are mines in the darkness here in need of disarm. 
    You can find a concussion rifle near the end of this dark area. Use 
    it to take out the guy on the turret in the upcoming section. Aim for the base 
    of the turret!
    Urban fighting here with Geonosians. Their beam weapon could come useful later 
    with the droids, but so can the concussion rifle and it's melee - go for the 
    beam weapon. There is a Trandoshan minigunner to take care of, but he will 
    require some firepower and skill to take down, since there are no positions 
    around for your squad. Further on, a Commando should be in sniper position in 
    the building. Mop up the enemies in here. 
    The bridge is one tough cookie! SBDs across from you, with multiple dispensers 
    nearby and an enemy on the turret. First order of business is to take care of 
    the enemy on the 
    turret. There will be another enemy that tries to get in the turret, which 
    again, must be sniped. Order a commando to the turret as you move over there, 
    and another on the grenade position. Finally, the last Commando should be 
    tasked with setting charges on the dispensers. This could take a retry or two, 
    and Commandos will definitely die here, maybe 
    even you. At any rate, destroying those dispensers is top priority. One at a 
    time, though - retreat when things get bad and get some Bancta. 
    Beware that BSDs will attempt to follow if you are not quick enough. 
    You'll see the charge at the bridge failed. Before you can find a solution, 
    you'll meet a spider droid and droidkas. Hopefully your Commandos are still 
    in their positions? If not, get everyone back to them - for the Commando that 
    was setting the charges, get him to sniping position. From here, head upstairs 
    to find the rocket launcher, aim at the fuel line, and fire. Wookie Resistance:
    Tarful must not die and must be escorted. Fortunately, this time he is not as 
    enthusiastic about getting in your way and will often take cover while you 
    fight. All types of enemies strewn throughout here, like Trando Mercs and 
    Droidkas. Eventually you'll come to where Tarful will be waiting on the second 
    floor. Work fast to save as many weapons as possible. You will defend from 
    Geonosians and Droids. If they destroy too many, however, the game still 
    continues. Make sure you destroy the droid dispensers before moving on. 
    In the catwalk area, beware of enemies using the concussion rifles. Quickly 
    close those shutters - done by slicing the console. Get someone on it, 
    have two others get into sniping positions, and you should also snipe
    what you can. 
    Search and Destroy:
    It's at this point in the game where there'll be overwhelming odds. Equipment, 
    like ammunition for your weapons, and detonators, are crucial. 
    I'm talking about spider droids, first off: there is one you face shortly. Let 
    your squad take care of the spider droid, as they have infinite ammo for their 
    weapons. At least use your Bryar pistol for supporting fire. There will be 
    another spider droid after a few full hallways of enemies. 
    Upon entering the hangar, you'll have droids and dispensers to deal with, but 
    Wookies to help you. When you've destroyed all the dispensers and droids, 
    destroy the fuel tank to proceed. Trandos run amok here. There will be quite a 
    few Trandoshan Minigunners throughout these areas, so take one for yourself 
    while you're at it. 
    In the next room, have everyone get into position and you scout ahead. 
    This is that old trick you may have used sometime ago, elsewhere. 
    Scout ahead and lure enemies back here, for two reasons - save ammo and play
    it safe. 
    The first power station has initial enemies and more that appear while the 
    console is being sliced. You'll need at least two snipers & a Commando should 
    be sent to the console. Cover the guy on the console as best as you can. If he 
    can't make it, finish it off yourself. 
    Different sniper points at the next power station, but the same number of them. 
    Fortunately one sniper point is closer to the console that must be sliced this 
    time, however, one of your snipers will not be safe, and may die. 
    After this, you journey to another hangar. Get your entire squad in turrets 
    here. You'll be attacked by assassin droids here. Although you're alone and 
    on foot, if you've been saving some items, now would be the right time to use 
    them - ECDs, anti-armor shots, the works. Just remember that there will be a 
    total of three. 
    Woo, Wookies! They should be helpful... but don't let them get in your way 
    when it comes to taking out SBD dispensers! Anyways, when you come to a lift, 
    you need to manage a crowd of SBDs. Get two Commandos on sniping positions and 
    use your detonators and/or anti-armor attachment. When clear, take the lift 
    out of here. 
    The Final Strike: 
    Clearing each hallway as you move on means that you will lose one of your 
    Commando's each time, to a turret for the primary objective to be accomplished. 
    Unfortunately, the less you have, the more challenges thrown at you. Getting 
    the remaining Commandos into position will be vital to progressing, as well as 
    carefully managing your weapons and their ammo - you eventually have to go 
    alone and certain weapons will come in handy for survival. Everything must be 
    done relatively slowly, and this can be time consuming, but must be done to 
    successfully accomplish this mission with a squad, more or less, until it all 
    comes down to you. 
    When it's just you and Scorch, you'll get a rocket launcher before a spider 
    droid that you mustn't hesitate to use. The lock-on feature usually kills 
    enemies in one hit, and will at least do massive here. At any rate, use it on 
    one of the two spider droids, because there is another after this. You'll soon 
    get a second rocket launcher anyways.
    When you're on your own, Geonosians are going to become a real pain. Move 
    quickly, ignoring as many of them, including their hatchlings, as possible. 
    They just keep coming. 
    Tim Bader's suggestion: the best way of getting through here is to ready your 
    sonic detonators (you only need 3 or 4 max) and just run straight through the
    room while keeping as close to the right hand wall as possible. Keeping to the
    right hand wall limits the number of eggs that drop down from the ceiling and 
    break open. When you get into the next, brighter room there will usually be a
    warrior hanging around to greet you. Stab him quickly with your vibroshiv and
    then turn round and keep chucking sonic detonators just through the doorway. 
    All the warriors/hatchlings will merrily follow and run straight into your 
    trap. By the time you are out of detonators only 1 or 2 warriors and maybe 3 
    or 4 hatchlings (on hard level) will have got through to the room you are in 
    and you can finish them off in short order. You may now proceed to the turret 
    without having to worry about getting shot/stabbed in the back.
    At this point, detonators of all kinds will come very handy. You still need to 
    get on the turret and blast parts of the ship imperative to the objective, but 
    you may be attacked. It's okay to get off of the turret now and then and take 
    care of business. Upon the destruction of the cruiser, congratulations, you 
    have beaten the game. 
    [\IV. Bonuses and Codes\]
    Unlock Foley Featurette - Clear Geonosis campaign.
    Unlock SpecOps Featurette - Clear the Assault Ship campaign.
    Unlock Temuera Morrison Interview (Jango Fett) - Clear Kashyyyk campaign.
    [Restore ammunition]
    While playing, press START, then enter Y, Y, X, DOWN, R-TRIGGER, L-TRIGGER, R-
    While playing, press START, then enter Y, Y, L-TRIGGER, Up, X, Black, X, Y
    [\V. Credits and affiliates]
    Special thanks to:
    George Lucas - for the immortal Star Wars universe
    LucasArts - for sending out a few pretty good Star Wars games now and then.
    Most of all, helping to make this good game. 
    GameFAQs - For hosting this FAQ. 
    Tim Bader - Thanks for that tip on dealing with the hatchlings on Kashyyyk.
    This FAQ is for personal use only. 
    You are not allowed to use it for profit.
    (i.e.: selling this) Please DO NOT rip off any part of this guide, 
    and you are not allowed to use it as a basis for making your own. 
    You are allowed however, to post this FAQ/Walkthrough on your 
    non-commercial/non-profit website. Provided that the entire content of this
    document remains as is. Finally, if you wish to post this guide on your site 
    please inform me. This document may be printed out for personal use.
    Copyright (c) Paul Willis 2005

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