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"It's a walk back in time, technically"

The Vietnam war, a great idea for a game. We've seen many other Vietnam based games such as Vietcong, good games but they still needed a bit of tweaking, so ShellShock: Nam '67 is Guerilla's contribution to the genre(third person shooter). Let me tell you this, the game is definantly not worth buying, or renting for that matter. It's like going back to 2000 graphically and the gameplay is so damn repetitive its not even fun. You "control" a small squad of 4 American soldiers and do crappy boring missions which have no original ideas or are even slightly interesting. You basically just run through the horrible ugly jungle, city or weird looking temple and mow down hundreds of VC and NVA, thats practically it! You do have objectives but most of the time the game is so out of wack you forget about them completly. The AI of your enemy is damn near braindead. They just keep coming and blindly run at you begging for you to mow them down, and lets not forget how you can shoot a VC, and his buddy standing next to him doesn't notice that you blew the guys arm off. The squad AI is not good either, most of the time the guys just sit back and let you do the killing, and the guys can't die either, not to mention they cant hit crap. This leads me to other crappy descision of the developers.

The health bar. Unlike 99% of the other third person shooters out there, you don't really have a health bar. Infact I found that I could avoid dieing alltogether. This is because your little bar fills up as you get hit, ala like Halo's shield, just the opposite way. But when it reaches the top, only then you can be killed. This is the funny thing, if your bar fills up no matter how far up, you can just take cover for like 5 seconds and the bar will "cool" off and you are perfectly fine. Sure it worked fine in Halo because you are a badass Sparton killing cyber-robo dude, but not for your average soldier. Except maybe Rambo. Or Nicolas Cage in Windtalkers. After you complete a mission you get taken back to your base or camp. The idea is ripped straight out of Vietcong, except this time its really executed poorly. Basically the only things to do at base are sit and listen to the great soundtrack, which is damn good, go to the shooting range and shoot the crap out of your invincible instructor... or go talk to the hookers. Yes thats right. Hookers. Basically you pay them in dog tags(i think, not sure) and you go into the hut with them and thats basically it *cough* Full Metal Jacket *cough*. This game is vulgar, the swearing is nuts and far worse then Vietcong IMO, and some of the FMV's are down right wrong, even if they are portraying the war.

Oh wait I forgot the story line, remember Apocalypse Now? The main following of the story line is basically a rip off of that movie, besides the other missons. But oh noes! Theres only like 10 missions, and I beat the game in 5 hours on the normal dificulty and died once! The mouse control also seems a bit sluggish. The sound in the game sounds very low quality, and the voice acting is pretty lame. Listening to my squad member say "hooOK!" like he's out of breath over and over again is damn annoying. The soundtrack is great though, with many great 60's hits like Pretty Woman. The VC and NVA seem to enjoy screaming random anti-american lines at you, it seems all of them speak english and tend to scream out their tactics to you.

The graphics. Oh boy the graphics. <insert jesus here>. What went wrong? I'm running the game on max settings at 1024x768, 4x AA, 8X AF and wtf? The levels look so barren and WHAT IS WITH THE TEXTURES? They look straight out of a Nintendo64 game! I could do better textures in paint! The models are down right low quality, even on max settings. The quality of the weapon models looks like they are straight out of Counter-Strike 1.6, like the models you see on the ground. There seems to be a problem with the gore though. You can make heads aslode and arms go-a-flyin and all sorts of weird acrobatic stuff but it just seems stupid. The jungles look crappy and remember that MoH: Rising Sun for PS2? Think that for jungles, crappy looking foilage and squarish green... squares, its like Jesus incarnate into a graphics engine, lol.

Should you buy this product? NO!
Should you rent this product? NO!
Should you go and buy Vietcong instead? Yes! GO GO GO!
This game is awful/10
Just awful.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 09/20/04

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