• Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Codes

    Press Enter and type in these cheats, then press Enter again for it to work. Cheat enabled will appear if entered correctly.

    riseandshineAutomatic Daylight
    lightsoutAutomatic Night
    synergyDisable the Tech Tree
    WhoIsJohnGaltEnable Research
    keysersoze #Enter any number for "#" that you want in gold
    leafittome #Enter any number for "#" that you want in wood
    greedisgoodGives 500 gold and lumber (Adding more to the end will give you more)
    whosyourdaddyGod Mode
    somebodysetupusthebombInstant Loss
    allyourbasearebelongtousInstant Victory
    motherland (race) (level)Level Select (Enter race, level without parenthesis) ex: (motherland orc 03)
    abrakadabraMakes trees disappear
    TheDudeAbidesNo wait time between spell casting
    =Re-enters the last code you typed.
    PointBreakRemoves Food Limit
    DaylightSavings [hour]Reset the time to the hour specificed (without a number, this toggle the day/night cycle on/off)
    IseedeadpeopleReveal Map
    thereisnospoonUnlimited Mana for Troops
    sharpandshinyUpgrade everything one level
    warptenVery Fast Build
    StrengthandHonorYou Cannot Lose
    itvexesmeYou Cannot Win
    iocainepowderYou Will Die Fast

    Contributed By: Menji.

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Cheats


  • Various Cheat Codes

    Press Enter and type in the code and press enter again. If you did it correctly the words ''Cheat Enabled!'' will appear at the lower left hand corner. To disable a cheat after enabling it, simply put the code back in. This will only work for iseedeadpeople, whosyourdaddy, and thereisnospoon.

    riseandshineAutomatic Daylight
    lightsoutAutomatic Night
    itvexesmeCannot Win
    iocainepowderDie Really Fast
    synergyDisable the Tech Tree
    WhoIsJohnGaltEnable research
    keysersoze XGet X amount of gold
    leafittome XGet X amount of wood
    motherland [RACE] [LEVEL]Level Select (Example: motherland human 06. This will transport you to level 6 of the human campaign. )
    TenthLevelTaurenChieftainPlays "Storm, Earth, and Fire" Only works if you have Frozen Throne Expansion.
    =Re-enters the last code you typed.
    DaylightSavings [hour]Reset the time to the hour specificed (without a number, this toggle the day/night cycle on/off)
    warptenSuper Fast Build
    PointBreakTakes away the food limit
    StrengthandHonorThis code Disables the defeat trigger, so you can't lose.
    TheDudeAbidesThis takes all of the cooldown time (time delay before the spell can be casted again) from the spell previously casted.
    greedisgoodThis will give you 500 gold and 500 lumber (add a number after the code to specify a resource amount)
    allyourbasearebelongtousThis will give you and instant victory
    thereisnospoonThis will give your units unlimited mana
    somebodysetupusthebombThis will make you lose instantly
    whosyourdaddyThis will make your units invincible and give them one hit kills
    IseedeadpeopleThis will reveal the entire map
    sharpandshinyUpgrade Everything 1 Level

Easter Eggs

  • Extra scene in the ending

    If you beat the final Night Elves mission on Hard mode, there will be an extra scene in the ending that shows what several Starcraft (and an Orc in a space suit) units would look like on Warcraft 3's engine. (Note: This is NOT a scene from Starcraft 2, it is just an example of what Starcraft units would look like on WC3's engine, nothing more.)

    Contributed By: Nobody.

  • Secret mini-game

    Select Custom game from the Single Player menu and then double click the Senerio Folder at the top of the list that appears. 2 new maps will appear one being a Mini-Game of Called Sheep Of Death. Where you run back and forth dodgeing explosive sheep. use S to move left H to move right and esc to use a smart-bomb type attack.

    Contributed By: nomad701.

  • Voice Overs

    Not much of anything, but just for fun. Select a unit, then, without giving it any real orders, click it again so it keeps talking. It will cycle through the three normal voice overs, and after four or five clicks, the unit will begin to say something interesting, funny, or just wierd.

    Contributed By: Venserra.


  • Animal Explosions

    To make one of the various animals in the game explode simply click on them a bunch of times and finally they will blow up in a big explosion.

    Contributed By: The Game7.

  • More Easter Eggs

    Again, the ''iseedeadpeople'' cheat is very useful in finding most of these.

    Undead Campaign: Chapter 1

    In the main town area after you get your shade, there are 2 civilians fighting with a large crowd watching. Named: Robert and Tyler. (from the movie Fight Club)

    Undead Campaign: Chapter 2

    After the cut scene in the middle where you find you need the urn, knock down the trees to the west of the green human base. When you bring a unit to the waterfall you see a flash of a baby panda sitting on the shoulders of another panda wearing a sword. It'll have the text written: ''SECRET FOUND Panderan Relaxation Area''

    Knockdown the trees in the curve in the path which leads to the Rogue Wizard. A path to the left will lead to a cutscene with the Sasquatch and Elder Sasquatch. The elder Sasquatch leaves behind Claws of Attack +6.

    Tichondrius is also on this map and will kill some humans.

    Orc Campaign: Chapter 7

    Your tauren units will eventually run into a large salamander named 'Hungry Hungry Lizard,' a play on an old board game 'Hungry Hungry Hippos.' He'll eat his way through a large patch of mushrooms if you watch him long enough. When he's done eating, he will pop into a splash of green goo, revealing a path that leads to a nifty item, The Lion Horn of Stormwind, which generates a protective aura around your hero.

    Night Elf Campaign: Chapter 2

    In the area where you get the first set of ballistas. Knock down the trees in a north easterly direction. Near the back, among the trees will be a hydralisk. Bring your hero to it to let it join your party.

    Night Elf Campaign: Chapter 5

    In the cavern, try and go as far right as possible when you start out. Look for a bunch of mushrooms on the right side with a skull and bone in the ground in front of it. If you hear the priestess comments about the demon bile, you've gone too far. Use force of nature on the mushroom sto clear a path. You will see the path is littered with bones. When you bring units into the path you'll get another cut scene and The Largest Panda Ever (level 10) will come to attack you. It'll leave behind a Necklace of Spell Immunity.

    Extra Credits: After completing the game on hard mode and normal mode, check the credits, you'll see a parade of units while the credits roll, ending in some hydralisks coming out and kill them (not the same as the marine/hydrlisk battle listed elsewhere here)

    Most of the units say something humorous if you click them multiple times.

    All of these have been taken from several different posts on the message boards, then verified and edited together by myself.

    Contributed By: damn posting limit.

  • More Secrets

    Human Campaign: Chapter 1

    Bring Arthas to the graveyard toward the eastern edge of the map. Any villagers or sheep that you killed will appear there at night.

    Human Campaign: Chapter 6

    Go to the western edge of the map to find a zoo. In one of the cages is a rat with a special name. If you attack him, you will always miss, but he is a critter, so keep clicking him to blow him up and receive a Talisman of Evasion.

    Contributed By: BlakeTBAO.

  • More Secrets

    Human Campaign: Chapter 3

    At the start of the map, after you obtain Jaina, go east and kill the Ogres. Click rapidly on the sheep the ogre mauler (level 5) was guarding, eventually the critter will explode and drop ''Bracer of Agility''.

    Contributed By: scglass.

  • Secret

    Go the first mission of the prologue, and use the ''iseedeadpeople'' code to reveal the map, look at the island at the top of the screen to see some pirates guarding ''phat lewt''

    Contributed By: damn posting limit.

  • Sheepish Suprise

    In the second Undead level, "Digging up the Dead", go south of where Uther the Lightbringer is waiting for you. You may have to kill him first, but do not pick up the urn or the level will end. Go south, and you will find a pen of four sheep. Kill them, and one carrys a Goblin Night Scope.

    Contributed By: q13qq.

  • Timmy the Friendly Ghoul Secret

    On chapter four ''The Cult of the Damned'' of the human campaign there is a cage in the city past the first undead encampment. If you attack it it will break open and a Undead ghoul will break out. He acts as a neutral unit. If you kill him you will get an item.

    Contributed By: francounamerican.

  • Undead Ring

    In the Undead mission, Trudging Through the Ashes, on the land where you get the shade, there is a blue barracks buildling guarded by two knights. If you manage to kill them both, destroy the barracks. After you destroy the barracks, kill all the riderless horses. One drops a Ring of Protection +2.

    Contributed By: Relinus.

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Cheats


  • Cheat List

    In single-player games press [Enter] on your keyboard. Type the code (the word or words on the right of the colonm and then press enter. Words in the parenthesis are to be entered without the parenthesis. After the code is typed press [Enter] again and it should say {Cheat Enabled!} across the screen assuming you did it correctly. <br /> <br />Example: [Enter] greedisgood 100000 [Enter] Cheat Enabled!

    WhoIsJohnGaltEnable research
    keysersoze (value)Gold
    thereisnospoonInfinite mana
    iocainepowderInstant doom
    somebodysetusupthebombInstant Loss
    thedudeabidesInstant spell performance
    allyourbasearebelongtousInstant Win
    whosyourdaddyInvulnerability and 1 shot kills
    motherland (race) (level number)Level select
    addlevel (level number)Level selecting
    leafittome (value)Lumber
    greedisgood (value)Lumber and Gold
    samelevelMake heroes level as sames as the strongest enemy heroes or creeps.
    onehundredplusMakes the building of Night Elves move faster.
    strengthandhonorPlay after dying in campaign mode
    TenthLevelTaurenChieftainPlay the "Power of the Horde" song
    whoisjohngaltQuick research
    =Re-enters the last cheat code you typed.
    sharpandshinyResearch all upgrades
    DaylightSavings (Insert Hour)Reset the time to the hour specificed (without a number, this toggle the day/night cycle on/off)
    "maxfps(x)" where x is numbersets the frames per second into the set number
    WarpTenSpeeds up the construction of buildings and units
    synergyTurn off Tech-Tree
    itvexesmeTurn off Victory
    pointbreakUnits need no farms
    iseedeadpeopleView entire map


  • Secert Level - Chapter 3 of the Blood Elf campign

    In Chapter 3 of the Blood Elf campign
    In your travels thrugh the dunguns you will encounter a large battle in the south center area of the map, if you go south of this battle and through the iron gate on the left you will see three sheep, click the platforms in front of them in this order: TOP THEN BOTTEM THEN MIDDLE, the iron get to the north will then open, pick up the question mark then beat the level normally to unlock the bonus mission called The Crossing.
    For beating The Crossing completely, you'll gain access to a Pandaren Brewmaster in Chapter Four: The Search for Illidan.

    Contributed By: Mewt64.

Easter Eggs

  • Iron Chef Parody

    In game, click on one of your Troll Witch Doctor units many times. Eventually after many clicks, voices and sounds will start to be heard being very similar to the television show Iron Chef.

    Contributed By: Dao.

  • Wirt's other leg

    In the last mission of the Alliance campaign - Chapter 6 (Lord of Outland) - you can slay Diablo's The Butcher (an abomination) who drops an item called "wirt's other leg". This is a reference to Blizzard's own Diablo 2 item "Wirt's leg" which in turn is a reference to the boy Wirt from Diablo. The item itself is useless in The Frozen Throne.

    Contributed By: odino.


  • Find the Penguin King!

    To find the Penguin King you must first start mission 4 for the Scourge/undead. In The begining you will notice there is a fork in the road to your left. Take the most bottom path. After you have started going down the most bottom path continue to go to the left until you reach a tunnel ( which really isn't a tunnel because you can't go through it ). On the other side of the tunnel is the Penguin King. To get to the Penguin King go up till you are at the edge of the cliff that blocks you from the king. Then start trailing down the opposite side of which you came up the cliff to get to a patch trees. Make your way through the trees. Once you reach a certain point in the patch of trees the gates Leading to the Penguin King open and the Penguin King lays down a Ring of protection+4 for all of your hard work. Make your way into the area to grab the Item. ( Note: you could just put in the ''iseedeadpeople'' cheat with no quotes so you could see exactly where the King is )

    Contributed By: pet phantom.

  • Secret Area: Tomes of Ancient

    On the second level of the Night Elf campaign there is a secret area containing two tomes of intelligence and one tome of strength along with two mana runes. Just kill all the Makrura's in the top left hand corner of the map. Then to get the tomes use Maiev's blink ability to get on top of the wall at the northernmost part of the base. ''Secret Area Tomes of Ancients Discovered'' will flash up on the screen. Now just grab the tomes.

    Contributed By: Conkermon.

  • Secret Areas in Night Elf Chapter 4

    In the Night Elf Chapter 4 (Wrath of the Betrayer), there are 4 secret areas that Maiev could go into using her blink ability.

    The first one is below your base, just north east of the southernmost Naga base. It has a statue that looks like a keeper of the grove hero. The message ''Secret Area Found'' will show up if you correctly found it. The second one is at the center of the map. It has a large gate that can be destroyed, and you will battle an infernal there. This is also the only secret area where you can go to without using the blink ability. The third is a garden just east of the area where you finish the mission. It has a critter named ''Grank the Rat'' that cannot be destroyed. The last one is at the southwestern most part of the map. It has a level 1 pandaren at a platform with the message ''Pandaren drinking area'' appearing if you are at the correct place. The pandaren will leave, leaving behind a treasure box.

    Contributed By: Number 25.

  • Secret Island

    This secret island is in Chapter 1: Rise Of The Naga in the Sentinel Campaign.

    To find this secret island you have to go near the coast where the burning boats are and note the patch of land across the water. You then use Maiev's Blink skill to teleport her over to this island where you will engage with one of Illidan's Naga. Destroy the Naga (Using you Fan of Knives makes it a lot easier) and you will earn a Rune of Mana and a Tome of Strength.

    Contributed By: TehSpecialVet0rz.

  • Secret Shop

    Undead Mission 1

    On the left side of the topmost town on Arthas' side of the map there is an opening in the trees big enough for one person. It's hidden by the branches and leaves. Through the path you'll find a shop that takes the form of a villiage boy named Timmy who sells Ice Shards to summon Ice Revenants.

    Contributed By: JJ912.

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