• Cheat mode

    Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "baldur.ini" file in the game folder. Add the line "Debug Mode=1" under the "[Program Options]" heading. Begin game play and press [Ctrl] + [Space] to display the console window. Type one of the following case-sensitive codes, press [Enter], then press [Ctrl] + [Space] to close the console window and activate the corresponding cheat function.

    CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("<0-2950000>") Set experience points for selected character or group.
    CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys()Enable ingame key cheats.
    CLUAConsole:ExploreArea()Full map.
    CLUAConsole:AddGold("<number>")Set available gold.
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("<item name>")Spawn Item.
    CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("<monster name>")Spawn Monster.
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("<item name>",<number>)Spawn Multiple Items.
    CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("<location number>")Teleport to indicated location.

    Contributed By: Jelly Soup.

Easter Eggs

  • Drizzt appears!

    Make an Elf character named Drizzt. Later on, when you meet Drizzt, if your reputation is below 12, Drizzt will comment on how you have stolen his name and will challenge you.

    Contributed By: Jelly Soup.

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    In order to activate cheat mode, edit the baldur.ini file by adding the line Debug Mode=1 under the [Program Options] heading and saving the file. Then during gameplay press Ctrl+Space to display the console and enter any of the codes listed below (NOTE: To deactivate cheat mode, just delete the Debug Mode=1 line):

    CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys()Enable in-game key cheats
    CLUAConsole:ExploreArea()Full map
    CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("[0-2950000]")Set experience points for selected character or group
    CLUAConsole:AddGold("[number]")Set gold amount
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("[item name]")Spawn item
    CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("[monster name]")Spawn monster
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("[item name]",[number])Spawn multiple item
    CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("[location number]")Teleport to location

    Contributed By: Starky27.

  • Cheat Keys Activation and Codes

    If you tried the cheat keys on this page and found out that they dont work, then here is why...

    Be warned, this procedure involves modifying a game file... It is rather simple but follow the instructions carefully.

    1. Open your Baldurs Gate 2 Directory
    2. Copy and make a backup of the file ''baldur.ini''
    3. Edit the origional file ''baldur.ini'' with notepad
    4. In this file you will see a ''[Program Options]'' heading.
    5. Enter a new line under the heading and type or cpy in ''Debug Mode=1''
    6. Start up the game and while playing press [Ctrl] + [Space] at the same time. This will bring up a console where you can type stuff into.
    7. In the console that should now be visible, type ''CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys()'' (without the '''').
    8. Now the cheat keys should work properly. and you can enter other commands such as ''CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP(''xxxx'')'' Where xxxx is the ammount of experience you wish to give the current selected characters. And also a handy one is ''CLUAConsole:AddGold(''<Ammount of gold you want>'')''.

    Im not sure if you need the '''' inside the brackets after AddGold( but just try it with and without and one of them should work.

    If you make a mistake, restore the backup version of your baldur.ini file and it will all be better again :))

    Ctrl-QAdds the creature the cursor is over to your party.
    Ctrl+TAdvance the time by 1 hour
    CLUAConsole:CreateCreature(''wmart1'')Bonus Merchant #1
    CLUAConsole:CreateCreature(''wmart2'')Bonus Merchant #2
    CTRL+FChange Selected Charecters Facing Direction
    CTRL+U(HOLD), then ICharecter Conversations
    Ctrl-4(5?)Displays some traps, and related things in blue. Haven't quite figured it out.
    Ctrl-MDisplays the item code names for the items selected character has equipped. Example: quick01-SW2Hxxx(xxxbeing a number) if you have a 2 handed sword equipped in quick weapon slot 1.
    CTRL+GFind out Area Number
    CTRL+DFramerate Info
    Ctrl + Shift + 8Get all 18 for Stats
    Ctrl-RHeals selected character/s
    Ctrl-YKills any creature the mouse is on. Note that doing this on bosses/such may stop the game from advancing.
    CTRL+XMouse Position
    CTRL+APlay a Combat Sequence
    CTRL+LPlay an animation
    Ctrl-KRemoves selected character from party. You can remove the main character and he will never come back.
    Ctrl-Jselected characters to cursor position(or nearest place if cursor location is not accessible)
    CTRL+SSet A Combat Sequence
    CTRL+ISet An Animation
    CTRL+BSet Charecter Speed
    Ctrl-CShows a short movie clip of a circus. Press Ctrl-C to stop it.
    Ctrl-6 or 7The selected character's appearance on the playing field is changed. Nothing else changes. Attacks, HP, etc. stay the same. I have had them walk around as dragons, or shoot arrows as birds.

  • Console Codes for Items

    1. Open your Baldurs Gate 2 Directory

    2. Copy and make a backup of the file ''baldur.ini''

    3. Edit the original file ''baldur.ini'' with notepad

    4. In this file you will see a ''[Program Options]'' heading.

    5. Enter a new line under the heading and type or copy in ''Debug Mode=1''

    6. Start up the game and while playing press [Ctrl] + [Space] at the same time. This will bring up a console where you can type stuff into.

    Enter the codes listed. The quantity can be changed by substituting X for a number 1 through 99.

    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("arow04",X)Gives Acid Arrows
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("arow01",X)Gives Arrow
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("arow02",X)Gives Arrow +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("arow03",X)Gives Arrow of Slaying
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("arow05",X)Gives Arrows of Biting
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("arow07",X)Gives Arrows of Dispelling
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("arow08",X)Gives Arrows of Fire
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("arow09",X)Gives Arrows of Ice
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bull01",X)Gives Bullets
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bull02",X)Gives Bullets +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bull03",X)Gives Bullets +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow15",X)Gives Tansheron's Bow +3
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck14",X)Gives the Adventurer's Robe
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("amul19",X)Gives the Amulet of Magic Resistance 5%
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("amul16",X)Gives the Amulet of Metaspell Infulence
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("amul21",X)Gives the Amulet of Power
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("amul14",X)Gives the Amulet of Protection +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("amul25",X)Gives the Amulet of Spell Warding
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun20",X)Gives the Ardutia's Fall +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("arow11",X)Gives the Arrows +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("arow10",X)Gives the Arrows of Piercing
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("ax1h10",X)Gives the Azure Edge
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("ax1h01",X)Gives the Battle Axe
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("ax1h02",X)Gives the Battle Axe +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("ax1h03",X)Gives the Battle Axe +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("ax1h13",X)Gives the Battle Axe +3 (Frostreaver)
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("ax1h12",X)Gives the Battle Axe +3 (Stonefire)
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bolt01",X)Gives the Bolt
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bolt02",X)Gives the Bolt +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bull06",X)Gives the Bolt +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bolt04",X)Gives the Bolt of Biting
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bolt03",X)Gives the Bolt of Lightning
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bolt05",X)Gives the Bolt of Polymorphing
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun23",X)Gives the Bone Club +2 (+3 against undead)
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("boot04",X)Gives the Boots of Avoidance
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("boot07",X)Gives the Boots of Elvenkind
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("boot11",X)Gives the Boots of Etherealness
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("boot05",X)Gives the Boots of Grounding
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("boot08",X)Gives the Boots of Phasing
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("boot01",X)Gives the Boots of Speed
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("boot02",X)Gives the Boots of Stealth
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("boot03",X)Gives the Boots of the North
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("brac04",X)Gives the Bracers of Archery
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("brac11",X)Gives the Bracers of Binding
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("brac16",X)Gives the Bracers of Blinding Strike
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("brac15",X)Gives the Bracers of Defense AC 3
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("brac14",X)Gives the Bracers of Defense AC 4
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("brac13",X)Gives the Bracers of Defense AC 5
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("brac03",X)Gives the Bracers of Defense AC 6
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("brac02",X)Gives the Bracers of Defense AC 7
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("brac01",X)Gives the Bracers of Defense AC 8
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan01",X)Gives the Chain Mail
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan02",X)Gives the Chain Mail +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan08",X)Gives the Chain Mail +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan03",X)Gives the Chain Mail +2 (Mail of the Dead)
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan09",X)Gives the Chain Mail +3 (Dark Mail)
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan15",X)Gives the Chain Mail +3 (Melodic Chain)
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan15",X)Gives the Chain Mail +3 (Melodic Chain)
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan16",X)Gives the Chain Mail +4 (Bladesinger Chain)
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan06",X)Gives the Chain Mail +4 (Drizzt's Mail)
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan10",X)Gives the Chain Mail +4 (Jester's Chains)
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan11",X)Gives the Chain Mail +5 (Crimson Chain)
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck03",X)Gives the Cloak of Displacement
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck23",X)Gives the Cloak of Elvenkind
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck26",X)Gives the Cloak of Mirrors
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck26",X)Gives the Cloak of Mirrors
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck06",X)Gives the Cloak of Non-Detection
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck01",X)Gives the Cloak of Protection +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck02",X)Gives the Cloak of Protection +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck24",X)Gives the Cloak of Reflection
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck24",X)Gives the Cloak of Reflection
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck27",X)Gives the Cloak of Sewers
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck27",X)Gives the Cloak of Sewers
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck25",X)Gives the Cloak of Stars
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck25",X)Gives the Cloak of Stars
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck20",X)Gives the Cloak of The Shield
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck04",X)Gives the Cloak of the Wolf
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun22",X)Gives the Club +2 (Gnasher)
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun22",X)Gives the Club +3 (Blackblood)
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow16",X)Gives the Composite Long Bow +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow01",X)Gives the Composite Longbow
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow02",X)Gives the Composite Longbow +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow13",X)Gives the Crossbow of Affliction
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow13",X)Gives the Crossbow of Affliction
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("dagg01",X)Gives the Dagger
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("dagg01",X)Gives the Dagger
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("dagg02",X)Gives the Dagger +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("dagg02",X)Gives the Dagger +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("dagg03",X)Gives the Dagger +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("dagg03",X)Gives the Dagger +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan12",X)Gives the Elven Chain Mail
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan13",X)Gives the Elven Chain Mail +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow12",X)Gives the Elven Court Bow +3
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan14",X)Gives the Elven Mail +2 (Sylvan Mail)
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun02",X)Gives the Flail
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun03",X)Gives the Flail +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun13",X)Gives the Flail +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun14",X)Gives the Flail of the Ages +3
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("brac19",X)Gives the Gauntlets of Crushing
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("brac07",X)Gives the Gauntlets of Dexterity
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("brac06",X)Gives the Gauntlets of Ogre Power
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("brac10",X)Gives the Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("brac09",X)Gives the Gauntlets of Weapons Skill
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow08",X)Gives the Giant Hair Crossbow +3
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow08",X)Gives the Giant Hair Crossbow +3
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("brac20",X)Gives the Gloves of Healing
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("brac18",X)Gives the Gloves of Missile Snaring
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("brac17",X)Gives the Gloves of Pickpocketing
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("amul17",X)Gives the Greenstone Amulet
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("ax1h08",X)Gives the Hangards Axe +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow10",X)Gives the Heartseeker +3
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow01",X)Gives the Heavy Crossbow
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow01",X)Gives the Heavy Crossbow
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow02",X)Gives the Heavy Crossbow +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow02",X)Gives the Heavy Crossbow +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow07",X)Gives the Heavy Crossbow +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow07",X)Gives the Heavy Crossbow +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow03",X)Gives the Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy +5
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow03",X)Gives the Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy +5
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow14",X)Gives the Heavy Crossbow of Searing +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow14",X)Gives the Heavy Crossbow of Searing +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("amul20",X)Gives the Kaligun's Amulet of Magic Resistance 10%
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck12",X)Gives the Knave's Robe
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow04",X)Gives the Light Crossbow
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow04",X)Gives the Light Crossbow
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow05",X)Gives the Light Crossbow +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow05",X)Gives the Light Crossbow +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow09,X)Gives the Light Crossbow +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow09,X)Gives the Light Crossbow +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow06",X)Gives the Light Crossbow of Speed
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow06",X)Gives the Light Crossbow of Speed
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow03",X)Gives the Long Bow
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow04",X)Gives the Long Bow +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow17",X)Gives the Long Bow +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow07",X)Gives the Longbow of Marksmanship
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun01",X)Gives the Mace
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("arow05",X)Gives the Mace +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun21",X)Gives the Mace +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun12",X)Gives the Mace of Disruption +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck09",X)Gives the Mage Robe of Cold Resistance
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck11",X)Gives the Mage Robe of Electric Resistance
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck10",X)Gives the Mage Robe of Fire Resistance
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow13",X)Gives the Mana Bow +4
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun19",X)Gives the Mauler's Arm +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun06",X)Gives the Morning Star
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun07",X)Gives the Morning Star +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun15",X)Gives the Morning Star +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow10X)Gives the Necaradan's Crossbow +3
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xbow10X)Gives the Necaradan's Crossbow +3
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("amul24",X)Gives the Necklace of Form Stability
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("amul01",X)Gives the Necklace of Missiles
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("amul23",X)Gives the Periapt of Life Protection
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("amul22",X)Gives the Periapt of Proof Against Poison
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("ax1h09",X)Gives the Rifthome Axe +3
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow09",X)Gives the Ripper +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck29",X)Gives the Robe of the Apprenti
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck29",X)Gives the Robe of the Apprenti
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck17",X)Gives the Robe of the Evil Archmagi
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck15",X)Gives the Robe of the Good Archmagi
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck16",X)Gives the Robe of the Neutral Archmagi
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun10",X)Gives The Root of the Problem
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("amul15",X)Gives the Shield Amulet
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow05",X)Gives the Short Bow
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow06",X)Gives the Short Bow +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow18",X)Gives the Short Bow +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow19",X)Gives the Short Bow of Gesen
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun18",X)Gives the Skullcrusher +3
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun16",X)Gives The Sleeper +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan04",X)Gives the Splint Mail
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan05",X)Gives the Splint Mail +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan17",X)Gives the Splint Mail +2 (Ashen Scales)
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("chan18",X)Gives the Splint Mail +3 (Armor of Faith)
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow11",X)Gives the Strong Arm +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bull04",X)Gives the Sunstone Bullets +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("ax1h04",X)Gives the Throwing Axe
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("ax1h05",X)Gives the Throwing Axe +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("ax1h06",X)Gives the Throwing Axe +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("clck13",X)Gives the Traveller's Robe
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("bow14",X)Gives the Tuigan Bow +1
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("blun17",X)Gives the Wyvern's Tail +2
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem(''killsw01'')longsword +2 (''Varscona'')

    Contributed By: mwells and RavenWhitemane.

  • Item Codes

    Edit the ''baldur.ini'' file in the game's folder using a text editor like notepad. Add the line ''Debug Mode=1'' under the ''[Program Options]'' heading. Begin game play and press Ctrl + Space to show the console window. Now input one of the case sensitive codes below then press ENTER then press Ctrl + Space to close the window. NOTE: Always backup this file before editing!

    scrl9gAbi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting scroll
    scrl9pAbsolute Immunity scroll
    arow04Acid Arrows
    clck14Adventurer's Robe
    scrl16Aganazzar's Scorcher scroll
    sw1h34Albruin +1
    amul19Amulet of Magic Resistance 5%
    amul16Amulet of Metaspell Influence
    amul21Amulet of Power
    amul14Amulet of Protection +1
    amul25Amulet of Spell Warding
    scrl2dAnimate Dead scroll
    plat06Ankheg Plate Mail
    sw1h27Arbane's Sword +2
    blun20Ardutia's Fall +1
    leat18Armor of the Viper +5
    scrl67Armor scroll
    arow02Arrow +1
    arow03Arrow of Slaying
    arow11Arrows +2
    arow05Arrows of Biting
    arow07Arrows of Dispelling
    arow08Arrows of Fire
    arow09Arrows of Ice
    arow10Arrows of Piercing
    dart05Asp's Nest
    ax1h10Azure Edge
    bag04Bag of Holding
    sw1h01Bastard Sword
    sw1h02Bastard Sword +1
    sw1h03Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters
    sw1h42Bastard Sword +2
    ax1h01Battle Axe
    ax1h02Battle Axe +1
    ax1h03Battle Axe +2
    ax1h13Battle Axe +3: Frostreaver
    ax1h12Battle Axe +3: Stonefire
    sw1h30Belm +2
    belt10Belt of Inertial Barrier
    scrl9xBlack Blade of Disaster scroll
    leat19Black Dragon Scale
    misc3eBlack Spider Figurine
    halb06Blackmist +4
    sw1h40Blade of Roses +3
    sw1h39Blade of Searing +2
    scrl71Blindness scroll
    scrl85Blur scroll
    bolt02Bolt +1
    bolt06Bolt +2
    bolt04Bolt of Biting
    bolt03Bolt of Lighting
    bolt05Bolt of Polymorphing
    dagg14Bone Blade +4
    blun23Bone Club +2, +3 vs Undead
    boot07Boots of Elvenkind
    boot11Boots of Etherealness
    boot05Boots of Grounding
    boot08Boots of Phasing
    boot01Boots of Speed
    boot02Boots of Stealth
    boot04Boots of the Avoidance
    boot03Boots of the North
    brac04Bracers of Archery
    brac11Bracers of Binding
    brac16Bracers of Blinding Strike
    brac16Bracers of Defense AC 3
    brac14Bracers of Defense AC 4
    brac13Bracers of Defense AC 5
    brac03Bracers of Defense AC 6
    brac02Bracers of Defense AC 7
    brac01Bracers of Defense AC 8
    scrl6uBreach scroll
    shld17Buckler +1
    bull02Bullet +1
    bull03Bullet +2
    scrl68Burning Hands scroll

    Contributed By: PsT.

  • Monster Codes

    Backup the baldur.ini file in Baldur's Gate 2 directory,then open it with Notepad.
    Under [Program Options] heading type Debug Mode=1 to enable cheats and save the file.During gameplay hit Ctrl+Space to open console,then type CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("creature name").This will create the correspondingly hostile monster.

    beheld01 Beholder Elder Orb
    golada01Adamantine Golem
    hldemiDemi Lich
    wolfgr01Greater Wolfwere
    dragredRed Dragon
    dragshadShadow Dragon

    Contributed By: mossgerila.


  • Area Codes

    Backup the baldur.ini file in Baldur's Gate 2 directory,then open it with Notepad.
    Under [Program Options] heading type Debug Mode=1 to enable cheats and save the file.During gameplay hit Ctrl+Space to open console,then type
    MoveToArea("area number goes here") and hit Enter.Those will teleport selected caracter(s) to correspondingly areas.

    AR0300 Docks District
    AR1201 Domain of the Red Dragon
    AR1900 Druid Grove
    AR1000 Government District
    AR0800 Graveyard District
    AR0411 Planar Sphere
    AR0400 Slums District
    AR2500 Suldanesselar
    AR0900 Temple District
    AR0516Astral Prison
    AR0801Bodhi's Dungeon
    AR0500Bridge District
    AR0020City Gates
    AR0202Cult of the Unseeing Eye
    AR1300De'Arnise Hold
    AR2402Exit from the Underdark
    AR2600Forest of Tethir
    AR0602Irenicus Dungeon
    AR2300Sahuagin City
    AR0305Shadow Thieves' Guild
    AR1404Temple Ruins
    AR2900The Nine Hells
    AR2700The Ultimate Cheater's Weapon Area
    AR2100The Underdark
    AR1100Umar Hills
    AR2200Ust Natha
    AR0700Waukeens Promenade

    Contributed By: mossgerila.


  • Importing ToB Equipment + Unlimited Black Balde of Disaster

    First after you have completed Shadows of Amn and have started on Throne of Bhaal or created a new ToB Character, save it and quit, then enter Shadows of Amn go to new Single Player Game and as soon as the screen goes black after it finishes loading start clicking towards the bottom-left, the HUD should flash briefly then go back, after the screen lights up you should be already standing with your armor and sword in hand. after a short delay Irenicus will appear and start his normal mumbo-jumbo, after which Imoen will come, if you did the glitch IN-correctly Imoen will walk to the door of the cage and fidget, this doesnt mean the glitch didnt work, just it worked in the wrong way. If that happens try again, when you have control of your character check your inventory, anything you had except bags of holding and other containers should be there, now if you want a semi-permenent black blade of disaster, go back to ToB and continue until you can buy it or cast it then save and re-import your character by following the steps above you should have a permenent black blade of disaster until some(one/thing) casts dispel magic on you!

    Contributed By: hacker16.

Easter Eggs

  • Drizzt Easter Egg

    Make an Elf character called Drizzt, later when you meet Drizzt and his party (after the underdark) if your reputation is below 12 Drizzt will comment on how you have stolen his name and he will challenge you.

    Contributed By: Aczy.

  • Rejik Hidesman Easter Egg

    In Shadows of Amn, there is an adventure at the Docks DIstrict within the city. The first time you enter the map, you will be confronted by a guard captain who tells you to keep your weapons at your sides because there have been killings. Once you finish this convo. Move along the map until you come to a huge arch. At one of the bases to this arch, there is a beggar, talk to him, and pay him 100 gold to tell you what he knows. He will then give you a hide. Move down to the little storefront area, and talk to the fat merchant. Ask him about the leather, and he will tell you it's elephant hide. Finish this convo, and to your right, within your screen, there will be a "harlot" named Rose I believe. Talk to her and get her to tell you what she knows. You will then move back to the merchant and tell him about Guile Berries. He will give you a couple things for the girl to smell. She will choose the Tanin. This is where the Easter Egg begins. Go to the tanner's shop. It is one of the houses on the right, below the storefront. When you enter, Rejik Hidesman will talk to you, tell him goodbye. The conversation will end, and you can move around. Move up to Hidesman, and position one character between Rejik and the corner of the stairs.(you can figure out the perfect spot ingame) then talk to him again. Confront him about the murders, expose him, and when the conversation ends, you will get 27500 experience. Pause immediately after the convo ends. If you do not get the XP, unpause and pause rapidly until it appears. You can now talk to him again and repeat the convo as many times as you want, and continue to acquire XP.

    Contributed By: Bonaduce.


  • Play a Custom Party Offline

    Under multiplayer, pregenerate up to six characters. Start a game online importing all these characters. This allows you to play with a custom party, but requires you to be online everytime you play. If you save the game and drag the save file from teh mpsave folder to the save folder you can use your custom party offline. Note that the first character imported counts as the main character.

    Contributed By: noob_of_destiny.

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal Cheats


  • Area Codes

    Open the console. Type in CLUAConsole:MoveToArea(''xxxxxx'') X is where the code goes.

    ar1201 red dragon's domain
    ar6000abazigal's enclave
    ar0516astral prison
    ar5505balthazar's throne room
    ar0801bodhi's dungeon
    ar0020city gates
    ar1300de'arnise keep
    ar1000government district
    ar0602irenicus dungeon
    ar6200mana forge
    ar0411planar sphere
    ar4500pocket plane
    ar2300sahuagin city
    ar6100sendai's enclave
    ar1400temple ruins
    ar2900the nine hells
    ar2700the ultimate cheater's weapon area
    ar1100umar hills
    ar3000watcher's keep
    ar5201yaga sura's cave

    Contributed By: irocksohard and mossgerila.

  • Cheat Mode

    Backup the file as Baldur.ini then open it up and under the Program Options heading type Debug Mode=1 Then when you are playing the game, hit Crtl + Space Bar to bring up the console. From there you can enter any of the cheats:

    Ctrl+1Change Armor
    Ctrl+6+7Change Character Model
    CLUAConsole:ExploreArea()Full Map
    Ctrl+YInstant Kill (whomever the cursor is pointing to)
    Ctrl+Shift+8Max Stats
    CLUAConsole:AddGold2950000Maximum Gold
    CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP2950000Maximum XP
    Ctrl+RRefill Health
    Ctrl+HSets surge number of person or creature under cursor
    Ctrl+JTeleport (to wherever the mouse is pointing)

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt and Kalesra.

  • Dragon Codes

    open the console and type in CLUAConsole:CreateCreature(''xxxxxx'')x is where the code should be entered

    dragblacblack dragon
    dragbrownbrown dragon
    dragpurplepurple dragon
    dragredred dragon
    dragshadshadow dragon
    dragsilvsilver dragon

    Contributed By: irocksohard.

  • Item Codes

    open the console and type in CLUA:ConsoleCreateItem(''xxxxxx'')x is where the code goes

    arow04acid arrow
    chan19alyserfund chain mail
    ax1h15axe of the unyeilding (improved)
    ax1h01battle axe
    belt11belt of fire giant strength
    secret05big metal unit
    leat19black dragon scale
    plat20blue dragon plate
    boot01boots of speed
    brac17bracers of dexterity
    sw2h19carsomyr +6
    clck23cloak of elven kind
    clck20cloak of the shield
    dagg04dagger of longtooth
    dagg22dagger of the star
    shld31darksteel shield
    plat21endiku's full plate
    blun30flail of ages+5
    plat23full plate+2
    helm33gold horned helm
    brac19guantlets of crushing
    xbow01heavy crossbow
    helm06helm of charm immunity
    helm04helm of defense
    helm32helm of the rock
    leat01leather armor
    leat23leathor of thorns
    bolt03lightning bolt
    blun12mace of the undead
    sw1h69magical scimater
    chan03mail of the dead
    sw2h21pison blade
    plat18red dragon plate
    ring46ring of anti venom
    clck15robe of the good magi
    rods03rod of ressurection
    plat22shurupakks's plate mail
    helm17skull of death
    shld01small shield
    leat04studded leather armor
    sw1h51stunning katana
    killsw01super powerful sword
    sw2h18sword of grief
    helm30thieves hood
    book03tome of constitution
    book05tome of dexterity
    book06tome of intelligence
    book04tome of strength
    sw2h01two handed sword
    sper07unicorn spear
    hamm01war hammer
    helm34wong fie ioun stone

    Contributed By: irocksohard.

  • The Ultimate Cheater's Weapon

    Create yourself a "killsw01" from the console. It has the graphics and story for Long Sword +2: Varscona, but when you equip it, you get the following bonuses:

    * -35 AC bonus
    * Counts as a +10 weapon
    * THAC0: +50
    * Damage: 1d10+1000, +1500 fire, +1500 magic, +1500 cold, +1000 piercing, +1000 slashing, and an additional 1000 of undisclosed damage
    * 8 attacks per turn (if you get more proficiencies, you'll get a max of 10 attacks per turn)
    * 100% magic resistance
    * Immunity to: charm, panic, sleep, slow, stun, fatigue, hold, confusion, feeblemindedness, web, and some others
    * There are no race, class, or alignment restrictions on it, so everyone can use it

    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("killsw01",X)will give you a sword that looks like a long sword +2

    Contributed By: spimmy.


  • Multiple holy symbols

    Once a cleric in your party has acquired a holy symbol, kick him out of your party. Then, ask him to rejoin you. A message will appear in the dialogue box saying that the cleric has been awarded with a symbol of his faith by his god. Regardless of whether or not the cleric already has a holy symbol, another symbol will be spawned into his inventory.

    Contributed By: Kalesra.

  • Never-ending Improved Haste

    Have someone in your party cast Energy Blades. Once they have the energy blades, kill them and then revive them. They should still have the Improved Haste status granted to them when they cast Energy Blades.

    Now go and pick up their items. In the stack of equipment you should find the Energy Blades. Do not equip them again, instead place them in a bag of holding. As long as you have the energy blades, Improved Haste will never wear off.

    Contributed By: Immortal GJK.

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