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    FAQ/Walkthrough by subhuman2k

    Version: 0.721 | Updated: 12/24/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Copyright 2004 Jack Nicoll
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    By Jack Nicoll A.K.A Subhuman2k
    *Written in Courier New, so it may not look correct in other fonts*
    VERSION 0.1
    0.1 3/10/04
    Started Typing!
    0.7 3/10/04
    All sections except the walk-thru complete!
    0.701 5/10/04
    Started Walk-thru
    0.72 6/10/04
    Finished Stage 1, 20% of walkthrough done!
    0.721 7/10/04
    Just patched up to ver. 1.2, new stuff means more typing :-(
    0.721 24/12/04
    Sorry aobut the time , with no real additions, loads of school stuff has meant
    I havent really done much on the FAQ. I will have this finished, and it'll 
    be good eventually :-P.
    I'm hoping to get all the levels done by end of January. This is along time
    but I'm lazy, sue me.
    Been ill for a few days, so I havent been able to finish this as soon as I
    4."BAD GUYS"
    1. INTRO
    Welcome to my first guide! I felt that Gish deserved a guide, as it could you
     use one badly in some areas. So I decided to write this! But onwards to the
     game. "Gish" is a basically a physics based platformer. It has 34 levels (and
     few secret ones on top of that!) and a great multiplaeyer mode. It also has a
     "collection" mode in which you have to collect all the amber within a time 
    limit. All of this combines into a great game and it's only  20.00 USD! (about
     £11-£12 for us Brits) 
    See http://chroniclogic.com/ for more details!
    If you can't find what you need help for in here, or you would like to
     contribute to the FAQ (You will be given credit) you can email me at:
    This guide be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
     and private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
     publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
     web site(except ones stated below) or as a part of any public display is
     strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Sites this guide can be seen on:
    http://www.gamefaqs.com (Always most recent on here)
    If found on any other site contact the email above.
    If you would like this FAQ on your site, email me and I will add you to the 
    Gish, being a  physics-based engine, has some pretty cool things your little
     blob of tar can do, which may seem uselsss on there own, but once you see how
     you can combine them and use them , you will see how usefull they are.
    All Controls can be changed in the Options.
    *Default* controls are as follows:
    Up, Down, Left, Right - No brainer, Moves Gish around. 
    UP & DOWN are very essential for jumps (see general tips)
    A - Makes Gish sticky
    Used for climing walls and ceilings, just hold it and then push the direction
     key in the driection you want to go/climb. 
    Can also be used to carry objects such as enemies or bricks. This is dun by
     sticking on to an object then just moving, the object should just get pulled
     along with you.
    S - Makes Gish Slippy
    Used for squeezing through small gaps, or getting through tight gaps.
    More on this technique in the general tips.
    D - Makes Gish Heavy & Solid
    Used for breaking through certain walls, and to squash enemies.
    Will also stop you from getting crushed.
    SPACE - Makes Gish Jump
    This doesn't do much unless u get the jumping technique right, see GENERAL TIPS
     for more details.
    Basically all of this is covered in the Gish Manual (as of ver. 1.2)
    ALOT of people seem to have a problem with the jumping in Gish. this is due to
     the fact it is a physics based engine, you need to put a bit of effort into
    Firstly hold DOWN down and u will see Gish gets pushed down slighty, push 
    SPACE as he is down and then hold up, then as you reach the top of the jump 
    let go of UP and then hold DOWN until u splat into the ground, then push SPACE
     as you let go of DOWN and push UP, and continure until u reach the height you
     need, it sounds complicated, but it will become second nature once u get
    Watch out, sometimes you can land so fast you will take damage, if you think 
    this is going to happen, hold HEAVY just before u land so u take the fall with
    Technique combinations
    You can combine different techniques to get more techniques. There are some
     which are more useful than others.
    Very useful, down hills it lets you get huge speeds. Also, if you are in a
     thin tube, holding Heavy once you are travelling down will make u speed up.
    Can be used as a sort of tackle, as any enemies in the way of you going at 
    speed while HEAVY won't stand much chance.(more on this in ENEMIES section)
    This may seem like it will cancel itself out, but it needed for THROWING, see 
    THROWING below.
    It is possbile to throw rocks and the small enemies, this is done by using
     STICKY to get the object onto the top of Gish (or maybe slighty to one side 
    or the other to launch it in a direction) then going SLIPPY while still STICKY,
     and the object(s) shoudl just sink into to Gish. While they are sunk, push 
    HEAVY while lettign go of STICKY and SLIPPY, the expansion of Gish should 
    force the object into the air, or onto a higher platform, this is sometimes 
    neeeded to push certain switches...
    Fast Climbing
    You can climb up walls quicker by tapping STICKY rapidly, 
    A few platforms or other thigns are held by eiether a metal chain or a rope.
     If you jump up and down on the suspend object, and maybe land HEAVY as well,
     the rope will eventually snap.
    You can use this to you advantage or disadvantage in situations. 
    Underwater affects the physics slighty, but it is still possible to do most 
    normal thigns, such as break thru walls, carry bricks etc. To go down, hold 
    HEAVY to stay at the same level, you need to be normal but hold DOWN. Anything
     else, you just rise, unless your holding more than one brick, then you will
     sink as well.
    Spikes may look impassable, but you can actually stay on there for 2-3 seconds
    before your life is totally sapped away.
    3. ITEMS
    There are a few items in Gish, they are as follows:
    Small Amber - Small coin looking thing. Gives you 50 points
    Medium Amber - Medium coin looking thing. Gives you 100 points
    Large Amber - Large coin looking thing. Rare, but give you a nice 1000 points.
    Tarballs - look like a mini Gish with no eyes, restores 10 health.
    Extra Lives - Small Gish image, gives you an extra life. Very rare.
    Bricks - These can be solid, moveable, or breakable. They can also be slick, 
    which slighty variate in colour and will not let you stick to. Breakable bricks
     are normally a slighty different colour. Moveable ones sink in water but float
     in lava.
    Switches - These can be flick switches, or button switches. Flick switches can
     be mvoed by pushing them one way or the other, they can also be moved back to
     their orginal position if you wish. Buttom switches can be pressure-switches,
     or just one time push buttons. Pressure switches require an enemy or brick on
     top of them to stay on. A few even require extra weight to work.
    Ropes - See GENERAL TIPS for the rope section.
    Boulders & Blocks - Boulders can vary in size, and the larger ones can kill
     you if they get on top of you. Blocks are like big bricks, and again, can
     crush you, crushing can be avoided by holding HEAVY. A few walls can only be 
    broken open by boulders.
    4. "BAD GUYS"
    Throughout the game, you will meet 2 kinds of enemy.(not including bosses that
     is) On each Stage they will look slightly differnt, but are still the same.
     They two kinds are:
    Small, blob things, can be squashed or pushed off edges into lava, spikes etc.
     Weak on their own or in small numbers, but alot of them, or in a confined 
    space, they become very formidable.
    My favourite method is just charging into them while SLICK & HEAVY and driving
     them back until they hit a wall or get crushed and die.
    "FAT HEADS":
    Monster-like things with large heads which you can land and stay on. In open 
    areas, these do not pose much of a threat, as they are slow. But backed into
     a wall or surrounded by them, it can get difficult. One hit takes 20 health,
     so you should be cautious. To defeat these, you need to snap it's head off, 
    this can be done by landing on them while HEAVY, or flying sideways into their
     general head area seems to do the trick. If backed into a wall, the best 
    method seems to be to let them get close, then get to head height and become 
    SLIPPY & STICKY, as they start to crush you into the wall, become HEAVY and 
    you should push their head enough for it to break.
    Dropping large platforms on them does the trick too :P.
    As far as i have seen, ALL enemies cannot walk on SLICK bricks without
     instantly dying.
    There are two kinds of secret in Gish , secret AREAS and secret LEVELS, or
    "Warp Zones" as the game calls them. There are supposedly 4 secret levels ( 1
     for each Stage except Stage 5), although I can only seem to find 3 of these 
    ( No luck on Stage 4).
    (Thanks to King PeaShy for the secret level locations, I wouldnt never of 
    found them otherwise.)
    There are also multiple secret areas  in almost every level, you know when you
     have found one because you wil hear a woman whisper "seecret" or an old man
     saying "Don't tell noone y'hear!"( I think thats what he says :-S).
    I will indicate these on the Walkthrough as they come across, the problem is I
     have not found every secret area yet, so any contributions to ones i have 
    misssed would  be great! People who do will recieve credit where credit is due.
    (I will eventually add all secret areas in this section, I just have not got
     round to it yet ;-))
    There is only one (sort of) glitch I have found,
    If there is a one-up on a level, if you grab it, then die and redo the level,
    the 1-UP will reappear, so any level with a one-up, as long as you get it, you
    can't really loose a life on that level.
    6. BOSSES
    Aahhh, the classic end-of-stage boss. All the times I've lost lives over these
    Gish adopts the old-skool boss style, where only one method will kill them.
    The bosses are as follows(names I have just made up, anyone who knows the real
    names , email me and i will credit you)
    This should not cause too many problems, basically they are static and shoot
     Blob enemies out, touch them and they will bite and cause major damage.
     To Defeat them, just jump up high, and land on them while HEAVY, if fast 
    enough, they will be crushed and die.
    This guy can be a walkover or drive you crazy, You have to navigate through 
    a Path in almost pitch-black, he can sort of float through walls, and if he
    hit you he does medium damage , he is also invincible. The hey to this level 
    is speed, on any flat or down hill sections, become SLIPPY & HEAVY , this will 
    alos break down any bricks that stand in the way, then if you start to go 
    uphill, become STICKY, and rapidlly push it to help speed up. To defeat him, 
    you need to flick the flick switch at the end of the level to open the roof 
    and kill him, so you need to have a good lead by the time to reach the switch, 
    so you can jump up and pull it down, once it's pulled you do not have to do 
    anything. If he corners you into that wall, you dont really have a chance, 
    unless u can speed through, under his legs then try and manuever around him 
    to pull the switch, but your chance of doing that are slim.
    STAGE 3 BOSS:VISERENS I (From Gishgame.com's Q&A with Edmund McMillien):
    These bosses can drive you crazy, because you only get one chance to kill each
     of them, if you mess up, you have to start again. There are two of these, and
     both are invincible to anything you can do alone. They expell Blobs, and if 
    you are at ground level with them, they can cause big damage by touching you.
     their hunch-like backs though, cause no damage to you and you cna stand and 
    jump on them quite easily witohut worrying about taking damage. The only way 
    to defeat these, is to drop the large blocks from the roof, directly onto them,
    they will not just walk into the hole so that will not suffice. To get them 
    into postion, you need to stay on ground level, so that they walk over to you, 
    kepp moving to one edge until the boss nearest to you is over the rock, then 
    quickly jump onto his back (you can start to get the bounce going before so 
    that you cna get on their back quicker) and once you are sure they are over 
    the rock , start gaining height in your jump to reach the rock overhead, while 
    you are on their back or on the rock they will not move. Once you can touch 
    the rock overhead, use STICKY to grab the bottom of it. Now from here, you can 
    either use STICKY & HEAVY from the bottom to weight down the rock and 
    eventually break the ropes and pull it down, or my personal favourite method, 
    where you slowy use STICKY to ease your wayr ound the side of the rock and 
    onto the top. From ther u jus push HEAVY down and release once it's weighed 
    down as much as it can, so eventually you end up rocking it up an down enough 
    to break. This boss in my opinion, is the most annoying boss in the game, 
    you'll be glad when you've got rid of it.
    (thanks to Calyth for this info) UPDATE: You can also can kill them by getting
    them onto a bit of unsupported floor, and then landing on them HEAVY, from 
    as high as possible.
    This boss never seemed to cause me alot of trouble, but I think i have just 
    been lucky, this guy again cannot be harmed by you, and can damage you at 
    close quarters with his claws for medium damage, touching him also harms you. 
    The way to defeat this guy is to jump up and down and hit the rocks above the 
    three pits hard enough to knock the large block down, and if u time it right, 
    land on the boss and crush him. Unlike the earlier boss, you get three 
    attempts to crush him, however, he is almsots as fast as you, so u have to be 
    ready. To help you, at the other end of the tunnel on a raised plaform are 
    three moveable bricks, these can be pushed infront of him so that he is slowed 
    down. Which gives you time to break those bricks.
    This boss is so simple, same setup as the first Viserens, but about 12 
    times easier. As soon as you can move, jump up onto the left(or right) 
    platform and once one of the Viserens is in the tight section underneath the 
    opening and closing door, push the button switch by going HEAVY, a dopr will 
    coem down and kill one of them, to take the other one out, jump acrossonto 
    the other side and go thorugh tht opening and shutting door (stay HEAVY to 
    avoid dying) and fall down to ground level to lure it over. then once itz 
    passed where the crusher is, climb the end wall and quickly get across to the 
    opening and shutting door, and down to the switch, then as the last one walks 
    through the crusher space, push the switch for it with HEAVY. This shouldn't 
    cause any problems. 
    Hera is an clone of Gish, with all the same techniques, although she will only
     use HEAVY and does not know how to jump. She will almsot always be HEAVY so 
    it is impossible to crush her. She will crush you though, so if she does get 
    on top of you, hold HEAVY to throw/stop her. To defeat her, you need to throw 
    her in the lava. To get down to the lava, you need to do two things. Firstly, 
    get to the right hand side of the raised platform and jump over to the wall 
    and throw that switch. that will allow access to the lower level, now Hera at 
    this time will probably be off the raised platform, just below the switch, get 
    onto the raised platform and Hera will follow underneath and fall down. now 
    move right so she goes as far right as she can, this to buy a bit of time so 
    that you can go to the bottom left corner. There are two moveable bricks 
    there. This is the tricky part- you need to get ooe of these onto the higher
     level. so move them quickly into a postion where u can throw one onto the 
    higher level. Now at this point Hera will be riught next to you trying to 
    crush you, so when she does, just before you actually get crushed, go HEAVY 
    so that she is sent flying back, giving you time to try and throw one up 
    again. EVENTUALLY you will get one up there, it doesnt matter which side. 
    Once one os up there, jump up there yourself and throw the brick onto the 
    raised plaform, now if you are on the right move to the left, and u will 
    see a gap and a small room-like thing in the top left corner. launch your 
    brick into there, and check it is sitting on the button switch there. Now go 
    back down to the bottom right and u will see a gap has opened up there into 
    the lava, now try and get Hera to fly into it, and once she has died in the 
    lava, go throguh the gap over to where Bera is caged up. And try to save her.
     The ending depends on it! :-P
    If you do manage to save her you will get the "Saved Girlfriend" Bonus at the 
    end of the level, which is an immense 10 points! You also get a different 
    ending, but I'll won't spoil that for you!
    Have any better ways? Email me on the address at the bottom.
    7. Walkthrough
    *This walkthrough isn't too detailed yet, it will get more and more detailed as
    soon as i get time to go over the levels more throughly*
    EASY 5 lives, on all lives lost, you start back on levle with 5 lives
    you unlock level select on winning 
    MEDIUM 5 lives, on all lives lost, you start again with 5 at start of stage
    you unlock hard mode
    HARD 5 lives, but no continues 
    you unlock a new vs. mode, more vs. levels, and turbo mode
    LUDICROUS no lives, no continues
    unknown(still to finish it)
    STAGE 1-1
    Right at the start, along the horizontal tunnel at the start, but before you 
    go down the tube, go left hard, and when u just start toi go vertical hold
     STICKY, and you should fly over the slick bricks and get to a bit u can hold 
    onto, and 3 bricks shoudl fall away, go down here to reach Secret Area No.1
    This level shouldn't cause any problems, but when you reach the lift, make 
    sure you get:
    When the lift reahces the bottom, one brick up form the floor on the right of 
    the lift, are two discoloured bricks, these can be broken. You will need to 
    get a run-up by going slighty left (be sure not to go too far otherwise the 
    level will end) and runnign and then holding HEAVY just before you hit it, 
    once it's broken, you will be able to go down to Secret Area No.2
    STAGE 1-2
    You will meet a few new things on this level, namely water, boulders, and 
    enemies(well , enemy). None cause to many problems, but when you reach the
     boulder, be sure not to knock, and use SLIPPY to go over the top, and then
     go down, use HEAVY to crash through the wall, and then go down into the hole 
    for the boulder for:
    If you are at the bottom of the small hole, hold SLIPPY, and push down to head 
    down a secret tube into Secret Area No.1, to get out, head out of another tube 
    on the right of the room
    If you didn't take the secret path, you will end up in a room with one blob, 
    he cna be killed by landing HEAVY on him , or bulldozing him into a side wall. 
    Use the flick switch to get to where you come out of Secret Area No. 1.
    Break the large stone blockcade by running into it HEAVY and it will fall. 
    Be sure not miss:
    Go to the right side of the (now fallen) stone, and you will see there is a  
    small gap between the stone and the floor, use SLIPPY to wedge yourself in 
    there, and then go HEAVY to push the rock over to the other side, this will 
    let you go down into Secret Area No.2
    Then just head right to end the level
    STAGE 1-3
    This level you will come across spikes, you can land on these but you will 
    loose your health quickly, before you go slippy down the tube, check:
    From the start, hold HEAVY while you go SLIPPY down the tube, and as you come
    out, just slighty go left, you shoudl go intop the water, and crash through
    two breakable bricks into Secret Area No.1
    When you come out of the water and head along the path, you will face some
    platforms on rope , now on the first platform you can either:
    a) Carry on this level
    b)Go to the first Secret Level
    Search with Ctrl+ F to choose e.g Ctrl+F, then type "
    b)Go to the first Secret Level" (sans-quotes)
    a) Carry on this level
    Go along the platforms, if you go fast, you won't even need to jump, be sure
    to stop at the last suspended platform to get:
    Fall off the last platform to the right to the right
    of the spikes, on a flat stone bit, this will cause a platform to fall from
    the roof just above you, back on the main path, use STICKY to crawl back up
    and jump up and use STICKY to get Secret Area No. 2
    Then continue down the path to the exit.
    b)Go to the first Secret Level
    to get to the secret level, use STICKY to crawl underthe platform and as far
    to the right as possible, from there, use HEAVY and land on the furthest 
    left-hand spikes, you should smash 2 of them and be able to stay there and
     incur no damage, now go left as far as u cna and use HEAVY to break through,
    down a tunnel, (hold HEAVY to land and not take damage) to a room with a ?
    mark  box, break this ? box, and jump into the square behind it, to warp to:
    Yes you heard me! The infamous underground mario level, Gishafied! 
    If you are any kind of gamer, you shouldn't need me to tell you where the
    secret bit of Mario 1-2 is, but to those who dont.(Shame on you :-P)
    If you want to continue on Gish, back on 1-4, just carry on thorugh the end
    tunnel, but if you want to cheat :-(, or you need to see a specific level,
    this is for you. 
    Jump onto the exit tube, and then use STICKY to pull yourself
    up the tube and round the bricks, then you will be almost above the level,
    carry on and you will be in the Mario Warp Room! there are three tubes.
    One on the left goes to 4-1
    One in the middle will go to 3-1
    One on the right will take you to 2-1
    STAGE 1-4
    At the start you will meet your first fathead, since you are above him, you
    shouldn't have a problem. Go down to where the enemy came out of to get:
    Go left, from where the enemy came through, you may need to break a wall down
     but you will still reach Secret Area No. 1
    There is a 1-UP here, but there is a glitch, they don't disapeer if you re-do
    the level, so if you die on this level , you can always grab this when you
    try again
    There is a also a pressure sensitive switch on this level as well, push the
    brick onto it to keep the door open as you pass through. At the end you will
    meet a swing, you need to break the block holding it up, then use STICKY to
    hold on until you fly into the tunnel and exit. But you may want to get:
    In the swing room, jump for the far right wall, and halway through there is a 
    knook in the wall, enter this to find Secret Area No.2 
    STAGE 1-5
    This level you meet your first puzzle, (even if it is easy ;-)). You will end
    up eventually in a large room, with a  chain tied to a  huge block, to move
     this you will need to press the button switch next to it. But it is blocked
     by a door, so head left and hit the switch there to open the door.
    As the block starts to move, grab onto it with STICKY so you can reach:
    Ride the block until it stops, now jump over to the platform on the right to
    reach Secret Area No.1
    Now go through the space the block just covered, and on that platform, head 
    into the knook on the right to enter:
    There is a hidden path where the knook is, go through into Secret Area No.2
    Once you have defeated the two fat heads, go left and you will see some 
    stacked blocks, you can either knock these down with HEAVY, or head above them
    until you reach a button switch, will will knock them down.
    Now head through the water, until you reach another stack on blocks where you
    can find:
    Thanks to Tobias "Dopefish" Lundmark for this one :-).
    "At the stacked blocks forming a T you should use sticky and force yourself 
    thru at the top by the three small ones. After you got thru, make sure you got
    at leastone block attached to you and then you should try and bounch it off 
    and fire itdirectly at the wall and it will break.
    *SECRET AREA 3*  
    The end is just up from the Secret Area.
    STAGE 1-6(BOSS)
    This should not cause too many problems, basically they are static and shoot
     Blob enemies out, touch them and they will bite and cause major damage.
     To Defeat them, just jump up high, and land on them while HEAVY, if fast 
    enough, they will be crushed and die.
    STAGE 1-7
    Every Stage ends with a vehicle-based level, on this it is a mine cart-type
    thing, not to much to get stuck with, there is a a 1UP you should try to 
    get halfway down. Once your reach the bottom, go into the metal "basket" 
    and stick to it, you should swing round and itll stop over the exit, but 
    be sure to get:
    Fall out of the basket and you will land in some shallow water, go along this
    water to end up in a small divided part, get STICKY and crawl up the wall on
    the left to get Secret Area No.1
    If you have a pad so that one of your mates can have the keyboard and you can 
    have the controller, multiplayer is great, if you have to share a keyboard, it 
    can get a bit difficult, but still playable. There are 5 different types of 
    multiplayer with 3 variations of each (You get more variations if you complete
    the game)
    The Game types are as follows:
    You wrestle each other to the ground , first person to touch the ground looses.
     Simple enough.
    American Football, you can score touchdowns (running off the edge ) or Field 
    Goals.(Over the bar). Person with the best score after 2 minutes wins.
    Greed: Catch the coins, whoever has the most at the end wins. I think this 
    sucks in my opinion.
    Pitfight: It sounds cool and it is. Basic one on one fight to the death. This 
    is my personal fav.
    Dragster: Race to to the end of the tunnel. Fun , but it soon gets repetitive.
    (Bonus) Collection Mode Vs.: You unlock this when you complete the game on
    hard mode, it is basically Collection Mode(see below) but with two levels, and
    two players, both in there own area.
    Collection Mode is almost a sort of mini-game, where you have to get all the 
    amber pieces in the time limit. There are 23 collection levels of varying 
    Playroom is a sort of trainer level, it contains all main aspects of the game 
    in ti, and u cna just get a feel for things in there.
    Thankyou for reading my first guide, any questions or contributions(you will 
    be credited), send them to :
    Make sure you include "Gish FAQ" in the title or something along the lines of
     that. I WILL NOT send you copies of gish or anything, I think the price is 
    cheap, and if your too cheap to buy that then you shouldnt be playing games.
     Copyright 2004 Jack Nicoll
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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