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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Murphigius

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 11/17/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          :MMMMMaX.  ;SXXXXXX7S2Sa8WMMB                            
                        MMMZ.   rSXiZ0SXXXXXXXZZB@MMM@@MMa                         
                     .MMB     ,0aX7aaSXXXXX7SBM@S    rZM80MM0                      
                    MMXi   S0@8S7rSSSXXXXXrZMW         ,MZSaBM8                    
                  0MSXZWB@8aSXrr72SXXXX772WM.    .,...  ,Ma2Sa@M                   
                :M0WMZ:iSMZ;iirXSSXXX722Z8.           .  8BS2S2WM                  
               iMZB       .80008SXX77Sa8S :Xa2SXr.        @S22S2Ma                 
               M22    :XBMW27r7XXSa8BB00W@MM@WBBW@MMMMMWZ.WS222SaM@                
              M;0 .ZMMW8880@MMMMMM@W88ZZZZ80MMMMMMM@WB080Za22222S2MM               
             iM:BWW0BMMM@S;                       .:;a@MMMM0a2S22S2M               
             @872BM8a                                     iBMMMBZ2SMS              
             MX7M                                              SW8SZM              
             Mr7@                                                WS2M              
             Mr78,iMi    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8                 Z0S2M              
             MXX2M0BMM   MZ22222222222222aaaZ0MM      7         MaS8M              
             ZM2Sa2S28MMM0aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaWM: ZMMMMM@7.    MSSWa              
              MaSS8SS2SSS2aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa8@M@8aaaZB@MMMM7@SSM.  MMMM        
               MM2SaZSS222SSS2Zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa2XXaaSS@a     ;MMM0MM,  
                8MaXaaSSS222SSS2aZaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaZaSSSaZSSZM     Ma  0 2BMM 
                 2M8S2Z2SSS22SSSXXS2aZZZaaaaaaaaaaaaaaZ2SSSSaZSS2Mi    MM  88XZ22M 
                  iMMZS2ZaSZBMMMMMM@@WWB000B08ZZaaaa2SXSSSSZaSS2MB     M0XZ2XSaa0M 
                    .MMZS2Za     .,::::S8BB0@MMMMMMMB8aSSSZ2SSZMM       MM00BWMM@  
                      ,MMBaB2                        iaZZaSSSaM.         ,ZM8Z:    
                         8MMMMMW2,                   ,Z2XXS2SBB                    
                ;@MMMM0      WMMMMMMMMMMMW8a22a0MMMM@82SSZZ2SM,                    
               SMrX   8M         MSXS2aZ80BWWWBB0ZaaaZaZa22SSM      SMMMMa         
               iM277  .,BZ              ri7SZS:.   : i7S;i  i,     Z,     M@       
                 7 0MMMMMZMi  MMMMMMMMMMM;7;  MMMMMMMB;X2MMMMMM  MMMMMM28aaWM      
                 .MM0Zi .MMSZ     8M.   ,r7SMMZi,.  BMMrXr  M     0MM  ;7Xa20M     
                XMM   aMM7M M8    iMM rSSXrrMM :7S2X.M2722r8M     @WM XXaZaSSMr    
                MM       0M;ZMM   MMM iXSX7:MMMS:    .iS2277M      XM WWM;MXSM7    
                MM         XS7BM  MMM7:7SXX:i7MMMMMMMX.X22X MMMMMMMMM @B  MX2M     
              M MM M  MSrW7 M@aBM  MM SXSX77i. :  ,iMMW.XSr M  MM MMM    XBSWM     
              MiMMMM   BMMMM22WMB8:MM 0XXXXrMM ;XSSr MMa80iMMX     MM  B.Ma@M      
              0SMMM      iM     2..MM , .:Si@MM :7SX 7M  X MMS,MMrZMM  MZ8M8       
                 BMMM77MMMM. X0WW2MMMMMMMM7.MMMMM  .7MM ;:  MM 0M; MM@rM a         
                  M,      .,r,        .,;X2X7rr;.    :rXi              ,i7WMS      
     X80@MMMMMMMWaa; iZ82772ZZaa222aa222222222SrrXXX77777SSXa8Z8a2aaaaa22S2Z@M;    
    ++ GISH ++
    :Version 0.3
    :November 17, 2004
    :By Murphigius
    --LEGAL INFORMATION------------------------------------------------------------
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    personal, private use. It may be placed on other websites as long as the 
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    --THE BASICS-------------------------------------------------------------------
    Welcome to the so-very-strange but so-very-fun world of Gish. Gish is a ball 
    of tar. A being made entirely of tar. A tar creature. All tar, with yellow 
    eyes, and fangs. The story behind the game is that Gish is walking (or rolling)
    with his girlfriend Brea in the park, and some crazy thing pops out of the 
    ground and grabs Brea, dragging her into the sewers. Which just happen to be a 
    huge labyrinth filled with puzzles and monsters and booby traps. Joy. Life 
    isn't easy when you're a 12 pound ball of tar.
    You've got a couple of moves under your belt. Or tar, I suppose. You don't 
    really have a belt. First of all, you can cause yourself to become Sticky by 
    pressing 'A', letting you stick to walls, ceilings or whatever. By holding 
    the arrow keys, you can roll along the surface, and you can even get around 
    corners while Stickying (though it can be difficult). You can also use Sticky 
    to pick up blocks and pull things.
    Next, you've got Slippery, by pressing 'S'. This causes your whole body...
    ball, thing, to become slick, allowing you to squeeze into small openings. 
    That's about the only use of it, but it's used in many places. Also, if you go 
    Slippery and start to move, there's less friction, so you'll go very slowly or 
    not at all, but you'll be spinning good. By then tapping Sticky, the sudden 
    friction added to the speed of your spinning can launch you forward at a good 
    Then you've got Heavy, by pressing 'D'. This lets you, somehow, make yourself 
    heavier than normal. This lets you fall faster, sink in water, crush enemies, 
    break blocks, snap off things hanging from ropes or chains - lots of stuff. 
    Just remember that in all cases, the greater distance you fall from, the more 
    force you'll exert on whatever it is you're trying to crush. Heavy also has 
    the added bonus that it makes your body-thing stretch a bit upwards and be 
    solid, letting you reach a bit higher and letting you push things - for 
    example, if you Slippery into a crack between the floor and a moveable beam, 
    and then go Heavy in the crack, you'll push the beam out.
    Finally, you can jump, by pressing Space. Jumping works a bit differently in 
    Gish, though - you have to gain momentum. If you press space and up, you'll 
    jump a very small height. While you're falling, if you hold down, Gish will 
    compress a bit when he hits the ground. When he's the most compressed, if you 
    press space and up again, he'll jump higher. Continue this, and Gish can jump 
    really high. It works on any surface, too - if he hits the wall hard and gets 
    compressed, hitting space and the opposite direction will launch him off 
    pretty far.
    Those are the basic controls. Just remember that the arrow keys, as well as 
    controlling movement, let you control your path in the air as well. So if you 
    need just that little bit more to reach something, or a little more force to 
    break a block, hold the arrow keys in that direction - it's a small addition, 
    but often enough to make a big difference.
    The levels work fairly simply - do whatever you need to do to get to the end 
    of the level. You fail if you die - by letting your health meter at the get to 
    zero. This can happen from spikes, lava, enemies, or just really hard impacts. 
    You have a number of lives, and when the you run out of lives, it's game over. 
    You're given the option to continue, though, which starts you at the beginning 
    of the world you died on. Each level has a number of 'secrets' in them, which 
    are small hidden areas, hard to find or hard to get to, or both. Items in the 
    levels consist of amber, which are the basic point-giving collectibles. Small 
    ambers give you 50 points, medium give you 100, and large give you 1000. Then 
    there are tarballs, which restore 10 points of health each. You can also find 
    extra lives, which are self-explanatory (they look like little Gishes). Each 
    world has 7 stages - usually there are 5 normal levels, then stage 6 is a 
    boss, and stage 7 is a sort of bonus level where you always ride or use some 
    neat method of transportation. The exception to this is world 5, the last one, 
    on account of it having two bosses (stages 5 and 6) and no 7th bonus stage.
    So with the basics down, it's time for GISH!
    --WORLD 1 : THE SEWERS OF DROSS------------------------------------------------
    ++ 1-1 ++
    This is the tutorial level. The controls are listed at the bottom, and text at 
    the top walks you through. You should have no trouble with completing this 
    level. The secrets are more difficult, though. The first one is right at the 
    beginning - Sticky-climb up the left side of the drop you fall out of. This 
    might be difficult, since the first two of those blocks are real unStickyable 
    blocks. Keep trying to go up, though, since the three blocks above are fake, 
    and can be pulled out once you sticky them. Go in the opening that creates to 
    get the first secret. Having got that, go right and Slippery down the small 
    opening. Get the amber, knock down the block wall, and push down the switch to 
    open the door. Slippery down the tube, fall in the water, and Sticky up the 
    wall. You can Sticky to get the amber on the roof, too. Jump up the next wall 
    (or sticky up, or sticky the roof, whatever), and hit the switch to open the 
    door. Then jump and go Heavy over the three blocks blocking the tube to break 
    them, and Slippery down. Sticky up the wall to the right, and again Sticky to 
    the roof to get the amber. Go right and down the elevator. The second secret 
    is here, the bottom-right of the elevator shaft. The first block above the 
    elevator is not breakable, the two above that are. They're pretty hard to 
    break, though. The best way is probably to go right (but not past the sign, 
    that ends the level), down the ramp, and then Slippery up it. You won't be 
    able to make it up the ramp. Then press Sticky for a bit to launch yourself 
    forward, and Heavy when you come to the wall. After a few tries, you should be 
    able to break at least one block. The other one can be broken the same way, or 
    by Slipperying into the opening and then going Heavy. Either way, once both 
    blocks are broken you can go past and down to the second secret. Finally, go 
    left past the sign and complete the level.
    ++ 1-2 ++
    Now for this level, you're on your own. Go right and flick the switch by going 
    on top of it. Jump and Sticky to the roof to get the amber, then continue on 
    through the now-open door. Continue right, then Sticky up the passage, and go 
    Heavy in the water to get the amber. Now, you should see a boulder ahead. Do 
    NOT push it down. Instead, either Sticky to it and pull it backwards into the 
    water, or Sticky to the roof and squeeze over it. Heavy down the ramp to break 
    the wall, and then go into the hole the boulder would have fallen into. Go 
    Slippery at the bottom to get to the first secret, and Slippery down the other 
    side to get out - this has the added bonus of letting you skip part of the 
    level. In case you didn't get the secret, past the boulder-hole is a pipe to 
    Slippery down, which puts you on a small platform. Below, you will see a litte 
    eyeless fang-pig enemy, Heavy above it to crush and kill it. At the right side 
    of the room is a switch - either jump and Sticky on to the rightmost platform 
    and fall on the switch, or sticky to the underside of the switch and pull it 
    down. Either way, it opens the door and brings you right to the point where 
    you come out from the secret. Go right, and you'll see a large beam standing 
    up. The second secret is underneath it. You can get under by Stickying to the 
    top of the beam and pulling left at the start, but an easier way is to push 
    the beam right, and then Slipperying into the little crack near the top of the 
    beam, where it isn't flush with the bricks. When in there, go Heavy to push 
    the beam out of the way. Go down to get the second secret, and then back up. 
    Sticky up the wall, go right, and Slippery down the pipe to complete the level.
    ++ 1-3 ++
    First, go Slippery to get out of the pipe. As soon as you get out, go Heavy 
    and aim a bit to the left - at the bottom of the water are two breakable 
    blocks, which lead to the first secret. They're tough to break, so if you 
    don't the first time, Sticky up as high as you can go and try again. Odd how 
    there's no water falling into the secret, isn't it? Anyways, Sticky-climb back 
    out to the left, and back in the water, heavy under the barrier and continue 
    right. If you want to play it safe, Sticky the roof and climb across the 
    spikes. You can get the amber, though, by carefully inching into the water, 
    holding up, and floating across. At worst, the spikes should only graze you, 
    which isn't that much of a problem. Continue right, Sticky to the roof, and 
    climb up the left wall of the column to avoid the spikes. Keep Stickyed to the 
    roof, because there's more spikes to get over - just drop down before the 
    spikes on the roof. Slippery down the pipe to yet another spike pit. You can 
    easily jump across the hanging platform to get across, or you could jump and 
    Heavy on the platform to break the ropes, causing it to fall onto the spikes 
    so you can get the amber. Also, by going to the far left of the spikes, under 
    the first platform, you will find that they are fake spikes - get there by 
    Stickying around the left wall carefully, or snapping off the platform and 
    rolling off. Either way, Heavy through the spikes and the blocks to reach the 
    first secret Warp Zone. You should see a familiar-looking block...and what's 
    that shape in the background? It leads to the first Secret Level, which will 
    be covered in another section. Assuming you wish to continue the level, past 
    the first spike pit is a larger pit, with four hanging blocks, again, with 
    amber underneath. Either Sticky to the bottom of them or Heavy them down. The 
    second secret of the level is found at the far right of the pit, on the one
    brick not covered in spikes. Use the no-longer-hanging blocks or sticky down 
    the side to get there, which causes a block to fall from the roof over to the 
    right. Sticky up the hole where the block used to be to find the secret. From 
    there, go right, Heavy down and float up the other side of the water, and 
    complete the level.
    ++ 1-4 ++
    When the level starts, you should see the door close behind you. Interestingly 
    enough, by holding slippery, down and left when the level starts, you can make 
    it on to the other side of the door before it closes. Then going left and 
    breaking some blocks, you can fall through the first, second and third worlds 
    (seeing the enemies and walls change as you go) and get warped instantly to 
    level 4-3. Neat shortcut. If you plan to acctually play the level, go right 
    until you see a bit of a drop. Nearing it, you should hear some breaking 
    blocks and see the little '10's announcing their points. Out of that area 
    walks an enemy, one of the bigger zombie-voodoo-doll-teddy-bears. Jump above 
    it and go Heavy to snap its neck off. Go left into the area it came from and 
    down to find the first secret, as well as an extra life. Go right into the 
    elevator to get back up. Back in the main room, Jump up and Sticky to the 
    ceiling to get the amber at the very top, and when done, continue right. When 
    you go into the corridor, the block at the bottom will shoot you up - get the 
    healing tarballs and Sticky to the left wall. Continue on to the roof and over 
    the spikes to a small pit with two eyeless pigs. Jump and crush them both, and 
    jump and Sticky to the ceiling to get the amber. To the right you'll see a 
    block and a switch - Sticky the block and pull it onto the switch, or go Heavy 
    or jump off the block to push it. However you do it, once the block is on the 
    switch it holds the door open. Continue right for some fun - you should see a 
    block with a V-shape underneath it, and a small block at the end. Go heavy 
    anywhere on the platform to break the block, and then Sticky and hold on as 
    the large block swings around and throws you into the next passageway. Neato. 
    The second secret is in the right wall, though, at the notch in the bricks. The
    easiest way to get it is to Sticky to the ceiling before setting the block 
    swinging, going around, getting the secret, Stickying to the ceiling to get 
    back, and then swinging on the block. If the block swings first, though, or if 
    you swing without getting the secret, it is possible to Sticky around the edge 
    of the block onto the other side - just be careful, and hold the arrow keys in 
    the direction you want to go. Alternatively, going down, you can go Slippery 
    and squeeze through the left side of the block. To the left of that is a small 
    passage with moving blocks - just fall down, but make sure you time it so you 
    aren't squished. At the end, go heavy, because you're falling right onto a 
    pig. There are three more pigs to the right, and four tarballs to the left if 
    you need them. There's some amber on the ceiling - you know the drill, Sticky 
    to get it. To the right, you should see a large beam with rope attached - go 
    up to the top-right and push the switch there to winch the beam open. Then go 
    right and break the two sets of blocks to complete the level.
    ++ 1-5 ++
    To start the level, go right - after a bit, a beam in the ceiling falls open 
    and four eyeless pigs drop out - jump and Heavy to crush them. Sticky to the 
    fallen beam and climb up into the roof - not a secret, but there is a bunch of 
    amber up there. Go right and down the ramp into a large room. Fall to the 
    floor and go left, breaking through the wall. Kill the pig in the room, and 
    press the switch. Then go all the way to the right, through the now-open door, 
    and press the other switch. This causes the large block to the winched up. 
    Sticky to the block as it raises, and go into the corridor to the right at the 
    top to find the first secret. You can also reach the secret just by jumping 
    from the platform in the room. In this room, there are also two breakable 
    blocks in the floor, just to the right of that platform - Heavy to break 
    through them. No secret there, though, just a shortcut to the next room, 
    instead of winching up the block, as well as a bunch of amber. Dropping down, 
    there are two voodoo bears - make sure you don't get caught between them, as 
    that's an easy way to die very quickly. Heavy as you fall down and try to take 
    one out before you land, then jump and snap the head off the other one. On the 
    right wall, there's a notch in the bricks - go behind that for the second 
    secret. Then go right and past the beams - it doesn't matter if you knock them 
    over. Go left and kill the pig, up and right to the button. Pressing the 
    button causes most of the bricks below those beams to go away, making the 
    beams fall down and clearing the path. There are a lot more breakable bricks 
    on the right side, and a suspicious-looking large block at the left, but I 
    haven't been able to find anything involving them - if you have, give me an 
    e-mail and I'll add it in. Anyways, Heavy down the water, go right, and float 
    up the other side. You can get the amber in the pit with the spikes by 
    Stickying to either side. You'll then come to a 'T' shape, made up of beams 
    and blocks. There is a secret on the right side of that, but it's not very 
    easy to get to. The most reliable way is to jump straight at the three blocks 
    while Heavy - you should break through, and the top beam should fall behind 
    you. However, if you're persistent enough, you can usually work your way into 
    a crack and go Heavy with enough force that it shoots the top beam out enough 
    for you to get under it - that's difficult, though, and can take a long time. 
    In any case, Sticky up the beam or the wall and go right to complete the level.
    ++ 1-6 ++
    This boss is faily simple - it consists of three brown immobile blob-like 
    things. They have two ways to hurt you - if you come too close they can bite, 
    and they can also spew out a whole bunch of the little eyeless pigs. The pigs 
    die automatically after a bit though, and aren't that much trouble. Just jump 
    and go Heavy over the first blob - the lowest one, in the middle - and from 
    there jump to the right side and crush that one, too. Then, Sticky to the 
    right wall - not only are there a bunch of healing tarballs near the roof, 
    but it also lets you position yourself easily above the last blob with no fear 
    of pig attacks. Of course, you can crush the retards in whatever order you 
    want, but that's probably the easiest. Kill everything, and move on to the 
    next level.
    ++ 1-7 ++
    This is the first of the bonus-like 'Method of Transportation' levels. For 
    this level, it's a mine cart. To start off, give the cart a push by moving 
    next to the left side of it and going heavy - as soon as it starts moving, 
    jump on top and Sticky to hold on for the ride. There are two strings of three 
    small ambers that you will just run into, and then some you have to jump for. 
    After that, there will be more ambers you'll just normally run into, and 
    you'll break through three walls. Right after the third, jump - there's an 
    extra life just below it. You'll often not get high enough off the mine cart, 
    so if you really want the life, an easier way is to jump off the cart after 
    the second wall and jump down the rest of the way - that way, you'll have the 
    momentum to jump high enough to get the extra life. There's some more amber 
    the rest of the way down, and then the cart will come to a stop. In front, 
    you'll see a strange box-like structure. Sticky to the inside of it, and it'll 
    start to fall, swinging around and over to the other side, where an arm will 
    swing out and a platform will appear. It's quite neat. However, dropping down 
    into the water below and going all the way to the left, you'll see a small 
    area in the wall - go there and Sticky up to find the secret of this level. 
    Go through the passageway left to complete the level and move on to the next 
    --WORLD 2: THE FORLORN HOLLOW--------------------------------------------------
    ++ 2-1 ++
    First off, break through the two blocks to the right to enter into a large 
    room. Quite a few eyeless pigs will fall - easier to ignore them, but if you 
    wish, wait for them to hit the ground and then squish them for a few points. 
    The odd platforms here tilt, but not easily and not much, so you should have 
    no trouble Stickying and jumping up them as needed. At the top-left of this 
    room, there is a small passage that leads to some amber, and another amber-
    containing alcove at top-centre. Once done in the first room, go right until 
    you see a large beam blocking the passage. Jump at it, Sticky near the top, 
    and pull backwards - the beam should fall backwards rather than frowards, 
    letting you reach the first secret. Also, if you Heavy down towards the centre 
    of the secret area, you can break the middle block, opening up a passage you 
    can Slippery down to another secret level. Assuming you choose to continue on 
    with the level, another beam awaits toppling to the right - there is a lot of 
    amber underneath it, but I have not been able to find how to get under there, 
    and it's not a real secret anyways. Continue to the right over the beam to 
    reach a crate-rope bridge. Underneath it, in the body of water, two blocks in 
    the middle can be broken by either Heavying onto them, or breaking the bridge 
    and letting a crate break them. Fall down into the hole there to reach the 
    second secret, and marvel at the amazing gravity-defying water. Go to the 
    right, break through the blocks, and get on the elevator when it comes. Ride 
    up, then get off left and break through some more blocks. Now, you'll be 
    treated to watching a zombie-bear try to walk towards you and fall to its 
    death. Congratulations, retard. Anyways, you can go down and get the amber, 
    but don't Slippery and fall down - it just leads to way back near the 
    beginning. Instead, by Stickying and trying to climb the right wall, you can 
    get out. If necessary, use the Slippery-Sticky speed boost to get back up. 
    Continue left, go down and get some more amber, and get out the same way. 
    Crush the piggy, and continue left through the passage to complete the level.
    ++ 2-2 ++
    To start, go right, and watch out for the two eyeless pigs that come out of 
    the recess in the right wall - easily squashed. After a room with some amber 
    at the top, another pig and a voodoo teddy come at you. Also easily taken 
    care of if you know they're there, and the bear often squishes the piggy 
    against the wall, doing the work for you. Ha. The room to the right contains 
    some more amber at the top, if you're so inclined. Now, you'll see a thin 
    floor with a gap underneath, and a huge block above. Hmm. Break the three 
    blocks in the roof holding the big block there (it's not hard, you could blow 
    on the things and they'd crumble), and it'll fall and smash the floor open. 
    Watch though, get trapped under it and it may hurt - be near the side and go 
    Slippery if needed. Now, the first secret for the level is above, in the shaft 
    where the big block fell from. Jump and Sticky your way up - it's a bit tricky 
    to get on there without falling down, but be persistent and you'll make it. 
    Continue down through the water and right, Heavying to sink, and make your way 
    to a hanging platform. Under the body of water beneath, you should see a row 
    of three breakable blocks and a crate underneath it - the blocks do not break 
    easily though. One way is to go Heavy on the platform and cause it to break, 
    fall and smash the blocks - if part of the platform goes in the hole, though, 
    the crate will not float up. A more reliable way is to Sticky on to the bottom 
    of the platform, get some momentum by alternating Heavy and not (only about 2 
    times, more can make it break), and let go Heavy holding down - this should 
    be enough to at least break one block, and repeating it the crate will float 
    out, letting you go down and get the secret. In either case, head upwards 
    after, getting the amber on the sides if you wish, jumping and Stickying on 
    the platforms on the way. At the top, head right and Heavy to swing the beam 
    down, Stickying to it if you so please to grab the amber on the way. Next is 
    a somewhat tricky part with moving blocks, get on the first to go up the shaft 
    to start. Up there, get the amber on the right, and press close to the left 
    wall when the top block moves over. When it goes back, Sticky to the side of 
    the shaft and wait for it to pass overtop. Then quickly go past and get in the 
    groove in the floor. When the block is past again, this time dart to the 
    groove in the ceiling, Stickying to stay there. Wait for the other block to 
    pass and dart to the right, and Slippery down the tube to finish the level.
    ++ 2-3 ++
    To start, go right and down under the water. On the other side, an eyeless pig 
    will drop down - easiest to let it sink and just pass by, it's not very likely 
    it'll hurt you. Another piggy will be waiting for you on dry land, easily 
    squashed. Head through the passage at the top-left to find the switch you need 
    to hit, but there's two more pigs lying in ambush - squish them both. Hit the 
    switch, get the amber, and head back down to the now-open trap door. Go under 
    there and continue on right through the water. At the bottom, you'll see a 
    block - Sticky to it and float it up. Another piggy is there waiting for you - 
    try to dodge him and let him fall past you, but that can be hard with Sticky 
    on. If he gets stuck, let him and the block drop, and Heavy near the top. Your 
    sinking should give you just enough momentum to squish him. In any case, get 
    the block up to the top and on the switch in the floor to hold the door open. 
    Make sure you remember the block - if you just dash past, you hit the switch 
    and then get under the door right when it's closing again - ouch. Getting the 
    block up on land can be difficult, but be patient and go slow - going fast 
    gives you enough momentum that the block flies off your Stickyness into the 
    water. And that isn't fun to watch. However you manage, get the block onto the 
    switch and continue through the now-open door. Yet another piggy awaits you 
    before the drop, but let him fall into the water first and you can easily 
    squish him at your leisure. Now, even though it's in plain sight, the group of 
    amber underwater behind all the spikes is considered a secret. You have to be 
    careful to get it though. Approach the entrance slowly and hold Heavy to slide 
    underneath the spikes - release heavy before you hit the ramp on the other 
    side, though, because going Heavy makes you a bit taller. Sneak past those 
    first spikes, and then float up and get the first secret. Go Heavy again as 
    soon as you get it to avoid the other spikes. Now, getting back through can be 
    a bit of a difficulty, since as Heavy, you can't quite fit through. You'll 
    have to go near the top spikes, and Heavy down to just before the entrance, 
    then release Heavy and let your momentum carry you through. Slippery may help 
    if you're having difficulty. Once you're back out, keep heading downwards and 
    right. There's a lot more spikes here with amber near them. If you wish, float 
    up to get the amber and go Heavy to float back down, but it's pretty risky and 
    it's not much amber, so unless you're trying to get all the amber then ignore 
    them. Yet another diving pig awaits, and its a bit narrower this time so you 
    may get hurt a bit. Even still, best to let it fall to the bottom and ignore 
    it, what with all the spikes around. Continue right to finish the level.
    ++ 2-4 ++
    To start, head left and Slippery down the pipe. You'll find a zombie bear 
    waiting for you, just jump and Heavy to snap his head off. There's not much 
    room to build speed, so you might just end up stuck on his head - easy enough, 
    alternate jumping and Heavy and move very slightly to the sides to kill him. 
    Grab the crate down there and Sticky-pull it into the switch on the right 
    side, then go up and to the left to find another crate for the other switch. 
    Across from the doors, the wall is breakable - go in there to get the first 
    secret. Continue on past the doors and Slippery down the pipe. Get the amber 
    on the roof, and then take the crate and put it on the leftmost switch. This 
    causes another crate to pop up - take that one and put it on the right switch
    to open the first door. Now, drag the first crate over past the now-open door 
    and stick it on the switch in the little alcove on the left. This lifts the 
    big block up top, so Sticky-climb up the column and head left. Now, you'll 
    come to a room with a metal elevator-like thing. Watch out, because a whole 
    bunch of piggies come out of the walls at you. Six, to be exact. In swarms, 
    the things can be overwhelming, but just be careful and stay out of the pit if 
    you need to. If you can, squish 'em all in a row for some nice combo points. 
    Theres some amber in the bottom-left corner, too. When that's taken care of, 
    jump onto the elevator - Sticky if you want. It'll start rising, and on the 
    way you'll grab some nice healing tarballs. Yummy. At the top, get off and 
    jump on top of the elevator. Go to the top-left corner to get the second 
    secret, and a 1-up! Woo-hoo! Go back down to the elevator and right. Now get 
    on the small elevator, and it'll shoot you upwards into a room with five of 
    the little piggies to kill. Jump a bit as soon as you get up there and you 
    should be able to kill the four on the floor without too much difficulty. The 
    last lone pig then shouldn't be hard to squash as well. Head to the little 
    alcove in the top-left corner of this room and Sticky-climb upwards through 
    the wall to get the third secret. Then, head right and Slippery down the pipe 
    to beat the level.
    ++ 2-5 ++
    To start, head right and jump on the spinning platform. Head up onto the 
    elevators and climb the room using the elevators and hanging platforms, 
    getting the amber along the way if you so desire. Sticky helps a lot here. 
    Eventually you should make you way to the top left, past the three small 
    spinning platforms, to continue. Sticky-climb the left wall, and hug it. You 
    should see a voodoo teddy run at you, and fall to his death. WAY TO GO! 
    Retard. Continue up into a room with hanging crates. In the floor on the 
    right, you should see a slight V-shaped discolouration - smashy time. Jump and  
    Heavy on top of them to break them, and go down and right for the first 
    secret. Now climb up the crates, or Sticky-climb the left wall and roof, it's 
    really up to you. At the top, you'll meet another zombie bear, unless of 
    course you saw him while you were jumping to break the blocks, in which case 
    he will have already fallen off and died. In any case, just hang back and let 
    him walk off the edge and kill himself. He seems to want to ever so much. From 
    there, head right and Slippery down the pipes. There'll be two forks - take 
    the right one both times to get all the amber on the way, though taking the 
    left fork still gets you there. Slide all the way to the bottom to finish the 
    level, and it's on to the boss.
    ++ 2-6 ++
    This boss is also pretty easy. First off, he's a ghost. You can't do 
    anything to him - at least not directly. So don't waste your time trying to 
    crush him, just speed right down the corridor as fast as you can. The ghost is 
    relatively slow, so you should be able to outdistance him without too much 
    trouble. The walls can be broken through easily. For a bit of a boost, hold 
    heavy when going down ramps, and for places where you have to sticky-climb up, 
    jump a bit first - getting stuck to the ground can slow you down. Even still, 
    it's not the end of the world if you do get caught; you'll get hurt a bit, but 
    it's easy to get ahead of him again. You'll come to a more open room when you 
    pass an actual door that opens - then, jump and sticky to the left wall. Climb 
    the wall and go right across the ceiling, so you can fall from the top on the 
    switch that needs to be pressed. You can also jump on top of the switch, but 
    by stickying across the ceiling you keep moving, just out of reach of the 
    ghost. However you do it, once the switch is hit the roof opens up, letting 
    sunlight in, killing the ghost. Um, again, I suppose. On to the next level.
    ++ 2-7 ++
    The Method of Transportation for this world is a small cable car. Push it off 
    the edge (not hard, it's barely balanced as is) and sticky to it, then hold on 
    for the ride. You'll notice a fork in the path of the car after about three 
    chains. To take the right fork, just put your weight on the right side of the 
    car. Pull right, maybe go heavy for a bit if needed. Just make sure you don't 
    fall off the car. The right fork leads to a large amber, right in the path of 
    the car. The left fork holds a better prize, an extra life, but is much harder 
    to get. The life hangs lower than the car, so you have to hang off the side or 
    bottom of the car to get it. With the car jerking around so much, staying 
    stuck is next to impossible. By making sure you do get the life every try, you 
    don't have to worry about getting a game over, but getting the life and 
    completing the level is a feat. Your best bet is to sticky and roll on to the 
    right side of the car, hanging down from there - the bottom is much too hard 
    to get to without falling into the lava. Hopefully you'll be able to dangle 
    and grab the life, and pull back up before you're shaken off. Whichever path 
    you took, the car will come to a stop near the bottom right, where you can 
    jump off onto ground and complete the level. On to the next world!
    --WORLD 3 : THE 7 PLANES OF HEHENNA--------------------------------------------
    To be continued...
    0.0 : 31/07/04 : Started typing
    0.3 : 17/11/04 : Original submission
    ++ CREDIT ++
    : Thanks to everyone on the GameFAQs Gish board, for I shamelessly and 
      mercilessly stole everything you guys said. Thumbs up.
    : I'll also give some general credit to the other guides and walkthroughs for 
      Gish, since in a number of places I use those to figure out how to do 
      something - so naturally some strategies may be the same. I also took the 
      boss names from calyth's Boss FAQ. Also thumbs up.
    : Thanks to Jonathan Mathews Software and their excellent program, ASCII 
      Generator, for the neat little Gish ASCII art at the top. That's at least 
      one thumb up, and quite possibly one and a half.
    : Finally, thanks to Chronic Logic and Edmund McMillen for such a great, 
      fun, weird game. It's as of now the only game I've liked enough to want to 
      write a guide about it. Eight thumbs up. You deserve 'em.
    ++ FINAL WORDS ++
    : Thanks for reading my first walkthrough, hope it was helpful. Yeah, it gets 
      a bit in-depth in places for pretty simple parts, but hey, maybe someone got 
      stuck there for a reason you couldn't see. Better safe than sorry. Any 
      suggestions, feedback, tips I missed, spelling errors, useful additions, 
      flames, or death threats should be directed to murphigius@hotmail.com. 
      Credit will of course be given to anyone who wishes to add information to 
      the guide. I may give credit for death threats, too.
    : Fin.
    ++ (c) Copyright 2004 Chris Murphy ++

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