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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Karzon

    Version: Final | Updated: 09/19/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Aura: Fate of the Ages Walkthrough
    Version Final (September 19th, 2004)
    By Karzon (See contact section)
    1 - Introduction
      1.1 - Copyright
      1.2 - Hints
      1.3 - Version History
      1.4 - Other Noteworthy Adventures
    2 - Walkthrough
      2.1 - Ademika
          2.1.1 - Charging the Charger
          2.1.2 - Obtaining the Navigational Map
          2.1.3 - Pentagonal Wall Device
          2.1.4 - Opening the Door
          2.1.5 - Programming the Map
      2.2 - Dragast
          2.2.1 - Bridge Puzzle
          2.2.2 - Main Hall Tile Puzzle
          2.2.3 - Cell Door Lock
          2.2.4 - Main Hall Tile Puzzle 2
          2.2.5 - Totem Puzzle
          2.2.6 - Second Bridge Puzzle
          2.2.7 - Fixing the Mill
          2.2.8 - Activating the Lift
          2.2.9 - Pillar Puzzle
      2.3 - Na-Tiexu
          2.3.1 - Tuning Forks Puzzle
          2.3.2 - Mood Figure Puzzle
          2.3.3 - Making Stardust
          2.3.4 - Drum Puzzle
          2.3.5 - Glowing Fang Puzzle
          2.3.6 - Obtaining the Bell
          2.3.7 - Obtaining the Second Tetrahedron
      2.4 - Final Area
    3 - Everything Else
      3.1 - Thanks
      3.2 - Contact
    =1 - Introduction=
    Hello and welcome to this walkthrough for the PC adventure game Aura: Fate
    of the Ages.
    It's a fun game, if short, and a devoid of any real intelligible story.
    This walkthrough is designed to explain how to solve the puzzles, in
    addition to giving the actual answers.  This way you don't have to spoil
    more of the game than necessary when you're stuck (which, of course, is the
    whole point of this document).  Although only the more significant
    puzzles (ok, and a few insignificant ones) are listed in the index, the
    walkthrough does cover everything needed to finish the game.  You should be
    able to press ctrl+f in most text viewers/web browsers to search for what
    you're looking for.
    You can obtain the latest version on http://www.gamefaqs.com
    This document should be viewed in a fixed width font.  If you're not sure
    how to do this, grab the program I used to make it, metapad.
    Go to options -> settings -> view, and select a fixed width font like Lucida
    Console, Courier New, or Andale Mono.
    Specifically, I wrote it in 11 point Andale Mono, and committed the word
    wrap to 12 point Andale Mono at 800x600 to give it a width of 77 characters
    per row.  Not that it matters.
    1.1 - Copyright
    This walkthrough is copyright 2004 by Karzon under international copyright
    law.  You may print out a copy for personal use or reproduce UNMODIFIED on
    websites, but may not sell, alter, or physically publish in any way.
    As said above, you can obtain the newest version of this document from
    1.2 - Hints
    You can use the escape key to skip FMV animations - moving up stairs and
    elevators, conversations, etc.  There are a few that you'll see over and
    over and probably want to skip.
    Some of the areas are quite dark, and have clues that can be difficult to
    see.  If possible, turn up the brightness or gamma of your monitor or video
    card.  There's no setting like that in the game, unfortunately.
    Many of the puzzles have the clues needed to solve them in a separate
    location.  If there's something to fiddle with that doesn't make any
    apparant sense, it's probably not supposed to yet.
    There aren't many NPCs, but you often have to go back and talk to them after
    doing something else.
    Always check your notebook!
    1.3 - Version History
    1   - (July/2/04) Complete Walkthrough
    1.1 - (July/5/04) Formatting, New email address, fixed the Dragast bridge
          image link.
    1.2 - (July/19/04) Lots of minor improvements, and a full image solution for
          the second Dragast Bridge (courtesy of Eser Güven!)
    1.3 - (August/4/04) More minor errors, improved tuning fork instructions
    Final - (September/19/04) New section. There's a patch!  Get it here:
    The final version.
    1.4 - Other Noteworthy Adventures
    Seeing as how the adventure game genre has been in a catatonic state for
    several years, there's a lot of people who aren't familiar with it at all.
    I've gotten a few emails from people asking if there are other games I can
    recommend, so that's what I'm doing.  Of course, if you mean *really*
    similar, the basic game-type that Aura is based on is the Myst series.  Just
    do keep in mind that those are very difficult, based mainly on exploration
    and obscure puzzles with clues hidden in the environment, and most either
    love or despise them.
    I'm actually a huge fan of adventure games, but I usually play them for
    story and/or humor.  Aura, which is puzzle-based and has little of either,
    was a bit of an exception for me.  I tend to get stuck in adventure games at
    every possible moment, which is why I wrote a walkthrough.  So actually the
    following games should also be fun with the use of a walkthrough, as long as
    it's the type that doesn't spoil the story or laughs.
    These are roughly in order from most to least favorite, but I loved them all
    - more than Aura, in fact.  Also, it's worth noting that most of these are
    older games, some of which can be very difficult to run on modern computers.
    It's been so long since I've played some of them I can't really be of help
    with that.  I also noted which ones were first person and had a similar
    interface to Aura.
    For story:
    The Longest Journey
    Eve Burst Error (Menu-based, 98% reading, a completely brilliant murder
    Sanitarium (Subtly creepy.  Bizarre.)
    Snatcher (Sega CD, similar to Eve Burst Error, supposedly runs on emulators:
              KEGA, AGES, or GENS.  Don't ask me, I played it on my console.)
    The Journeyman Project 3 (Easy, 1st person.  To get the sound to work
        correctly I had to run DXDIAG [already on your computer somewhere, do a
        search], go to the sound tab, and turn acceleration down to "none" and
        exit the program - make sure you change it back when you're done with
        the game)
    Discworld Noir (A little less than the others, but I still liked it)
    For laughs:
    (Any adventure or interactive fiction game made by Legend Entertainment
    except Mission Critical.  Particularly the interactive fiction [text
    adventure] ones: Eric the Unready and Spellcasting 101, 201, and 301)
    Simon the Sorcerer 1-2
    Zork: Grand Inquisitor (1st person, strangely the only Zork I really loved)
    Discworld 1-2 (These *need* use of a walkthrough, believe me)
    A couple of action-adventure hybrids (both recommended for their stories):
    Star Control 2 (A hybrid of many genres that everyone should try.  See this
         website for a modernization project with support from the author:
    Outcast (Third person, voxel graphics)
    Realms of the Haunting (Old first person shooter/adventure.)
    You should also look at just about any adventure games by Sierra or Lucas
    Arts.  Pretty much all of the famous classics of the genre are made by them,
    though I actually liked the games I listed above by name even more.
    There's also tons of legally free adventure games including lots of amateur
    ones that are still being made:
    Many are made with this program, so you might want to check the links on the
    site for more of them:
    Two sites with walkthroughs for them:
    There's also tons of free interactive fiction (text adventure) games still
    being made.
    The first link has a lot of general information and tutorials (and more
    links), the second holds reviews of noteworthy games in the genre and where
    to get them.
    Some of the ones I'd recommend first:
    Adam Cadre's: 9:05, Photopia, Shrapnel
    Ian Finley's: The Exhibition, Babel
    Of those, play 9:05 first.  It's practically meant for beginners, and is
    only about 15 minutes long - you're SUPPOSED to rush through it the first
    time, without paying too much attention to anything.  You can find all of
    those on the second link above.
    There.  That's enough to keep you busy for years.  As you can tell, I'm
    obsessive.  Of course, I don't take responsibility if you buy something you
    don't like (or can't get it to work correctly), so do your own research
    =2 - Walkthrough=
    2.1 - Ademika
    Just to make sure absolutely certain you have the patch, here's the link
    Go into the house and move left.  Take a look at the book, and the letter in
    it.  This will add a bunch of pages to your notebook, giving you a basic
    outline of most of the puzzles you have to do in this area.  Your notebook
    is at the far right of your inventory, which is opened by right clicking.
    Move towards the globe at the corner of the large desk.  This is basically
    the solution to another puzzle we'll soon get to.  Click the light on the
    left side, then the top of the globe.  Take careful notes on what happens.
    Or don't - I'll give you the solution (and the explanation of it) if you
    need it when we get to that puzzle.  You can always come back then.
    Move a step towards the door (not the entrance, the other one), and then the
    look at the shelf along the wall.  Grab the charger.  Note that after you
    take a step away, you can no longer look the shelf again.  You don't need
    to.  Sometimes the game does this so you don't think there's still something
    you're missing in a close-up area.  Nice.
    Walk around to the other side of the room, to a smaller desk along the wall.
    Look at the box on the right, and open it to get three gems, three stencils,
    and a generator.  Most of the game isn't this dependant on inventory
    objects, but the first area is.
    Look at the scale at the center of the desk you're still at.  Get the
    lighter, to the left of the bowl, and the thermometer, on the right.  You
    can play with the scale, but it's not useful for anything.
    You now have everything you need to activate the machinery on the larger
    table in the center of the room.  If you want to do it yourself, don't read
    ahead yet.
    2.1.1 - Charging the Charger
    Check your notebook.  Work from left to right.  There are four parts to this
    machinery, not three!
    Items needed:
    lighter, charger
    Go to the left of the desk (towards the entrance of this room), and use the
    lighter in the large container (next to the globe).  It's easy to miss that
    machine altogether.
    Now stand in front of the machinery.  Look at the left part, and click the
    dial (which looks mysteriously like the danger symbol for radiation) twice.
    You should see the tube leading to the next machine chugging away.  If it's
    not, click the symbol again until it is.
    Look at the middle device, and place the thermometer on the right.  Now move
    the slider in the middle of the machine to the fourth position (second from
    the right - not quite full on the thermometer).
    At the far right machinery, put the charger in the top of the machine, and
    push down the three piston-like devices on the right of the machine.
    If you did all this correctly, the charger should light up.  Take it.
    Time for some fresh air.  Go outside, and turn right.  Several steps ahead
    of you, you should come to a large machine.  As before, if you want to mess
    with it yourself, do so now.
    2.1.2 - Obtaining the Navigational Map
    Check your notebook.  Pay very close attention to the globe in the house.
    There are eight different things each of which can be set to three settings.
    Some of the colors look more like blue, and others more like purple, but
    they are actually the same.
    Objects needed:
    There's 8 things that can be fiddled with, as shown here:
    1          2
      5      6
      7      8
    3          4
    1, 2, 3, and 4 are pedestals covered by domes which can be opened by
    clicking on them.  Note that each has a symbol on the bottom that
    corresponds to one of the orbiting planets on the globe in the house (I
    didn't, at first).
    Also, you can only rotate 5, 6, 7, and 8 from the center area.  Which in
    turn can only be entered from the front, near the entrance.
    Let's start with 2 and 6.  2 has a Saturn-like planet on the bottom of it
    (which is easier to see from a distance).  The Saturn-like planet on the
    globe in the house was normally green, and glowed blue.
    Switch 2 so that the green orb is facing you.  Switch 6 so the "blue" (yes,
    it looks purple) is facing outwards, towards number 2.
    8 and 4 represent the large planet on the orb (blue, glows red).  Switch 4
    to blue and 8 to red.
    3 and 7 are the small planet (yellow, glows green).  Switch 3 to yellow and
    7 to green.
    1 and 5 are the medium planet (red, glows yellow).  Switch 1 to red and 5 to
    Once everything is set correctly, the machine will activate and you'll
    obtain the navigational map automatically.
    Facing away from the machine, go forward a couple of steps and turn right.
    Follow the lights across some bridges.  If you want, turn right, and you'll
    see an area with a bell above it.  Go there and click on the three
    cylinders.  Each makes a different symbol, and is near another symbol on the
    column behind it.  Another hint.  Now continue along the path where you were
    You'll come to an area with three sets of stone steps each leading to a
    gazebo of sorts.  This is so simple, I didn't list it as a puzzle, so if you
    want to play around, do so now.  There's also a glowing device nearby to
    your left, and some large machinery to your right.  Go up the left set of
    steps first.  Click the red device to open the door, and go through it.
    Click the symbol (which is identical to one of your stencils) to rotate it
    until you see an animation of a nearby tower charging.  Don't rotate the
    device any more.
    Repeat this process with the other two machines (you'll have to climb a
    ladder to get to the middle one) and you'll see an animation of the charged
    machinery moving around.
    There's one other thing that has changed, and it's less obvious.  Click on
    the glowing machine I mentioned earlier (between the first staircase and the
    path out).  Click the top of the device to open it, and then grab the
    zodiac triangle.  If you hadn't charged the towers first, it wouldn't open
    all the way.  Odd.
    After you've written down anything else you find important (hint, notebook,
    hint), go back into the house.
    Go into the side room with the spiral staircase inside.  Look at the device
    on the wall by the door you came through for another puzzle.
    2.1.3 - Pentagonal Wall Device
    You're trying to raise all five of the orbs.  Each one, when clicked, raises
    a different combination of them.
    Objects needed:
    Just click all of them.  It should raise a machine.
    And this new machine is another puzzle...
    2.1.4 - Opening the Door
    Use what you learned outside with the three gazebos.  As usual, the notebook
    gives a useful clue.
    Objects needed: Generator, stencils, gems.
    After powering the machine, you have to put the gems in the front, and the
    stencils in the slots above them (each next to a grayish "clip" along the
    top brass bar running horizontally near the top of the machine).  But how do
    you know which goes where?
    The gazebos, and their roofs.  After they were correctly aligned, each one
    had a certain stencil displayed in it, which can no longer be moved.  The
    left most one goes in the left most slot, etc.  And the the color of that
    gazebo's roof matches on of the gems, which goes under the stencil slot.
    Click the top of the machine and stick in the generator to power it.
    In the left slots, stick in the blue gem, and the stencil which looks like a
    half circle, teardrop, paisley, comma, etc.  It also has a dot in the middle
    but then so do the other two.  (Why?  The left gazebo had that symbol in it
    after being activated, and it had a blue roof.  This is why the usually
    black ink notebook colored the roof and gem.)
    In the middle slots, stick the red gem and the stencil that has a V at the
    top of it.
    On the right, put the green gem, and the stencil that looks kind of like a
    "J" or "T"
    Now, click the bars on the left or right of the machine to activate it.  If
    you've done it correctly, after the animation of it shooting at the door,
    the orb on the front of the door should change from black to green.  Also,
    you won't be able to activate the machine anymore, because you don't need
    Stand in front of the door, and look down and to your right.  There's a
    lever there.  Grab it.  Although you could go through the door now, there's
    no reason to yet.
    Go upstairs.
    This room is part (and only part) of another puzzle, a big one this time.
    2.1.5 - Programming the Map
    Hints: This puzzle requires items and machinery both inside and outside this
    room - everything left in this entire area, in fact!
    Items needed:
    Charged charger, lever, navigational map, zodiac triangle.
    See the slot in the center machine on the floor?  Place the charged-up
    charger in it.
    Go part way down the stairs and look at the device on the wall.
    There's three of these in the room you have to set.  Several of the symbols
    on this correspond to the ones you saw outside in the cylinders by the bell.
    However, the order you put them in doesn't.  You'll notice when you rotate
    the wheel, there's a little symbol at the bottom, which has with the shapes
    on the columns outside repeated in it.  It looks kind of like a golden X,
    and is normally underneath where the bottom "handle" of the wheel is.  A
    Rotate this wheel so that the symbol with the circle in it is at the bottom
    (this matches the "V" shape).  Yes, you have to put the corresponding
    symbols at the BOTTOM of the the wheel, not the top.
    Continuing around the room, rotate the next one so that the one that looks a
    bit like an arrow is pointing down (it's the only one without something cut
    out in the middle).  This matches the half circle shape.
    Rotate the final one so that the symbol with two rectangles cut out is at
    the bottom (it looks sort of like a castle).  This matches the ] shape.
    If done correctly, the machine in the middle of the room should move.  Go up
    to it, and put the navigational map in it, between the two extensions.
    We're still not done yet.  Go back outside.
    Turn right and go forward once, then turn left and go forward twice.  You'll
    be in an area with two machines.  Go to the right one first, and put the
    lever in it (look down).  Turn it to see an animation.  Grab the lever and
    take it with you to the other machine.  Put the lever in this one, and turn
    it.  Put the zodiac triangle in the center of the machine, and you'll see an
    animation of what happened to the navigation system upstairs.  The symbols
    that appeared upstairs were above the "S" symbol, so spin the zodiac
    triangle until one of the arrows is pointing at the S on it.  Write down the
    zodiac signs that the three arrows of the triangle are pointing at.
    Head upstairs, and look at the zodiac signs in front of the S.  Obviously,
    you have to rotate the rings to display the same symbols you just wrote
    They are:
    Pisces: Looks like )( with a horizontal line through it.
    Scorpio: Looks like an M with an arrow at the end)
    Cancer: Looks like a sideways "69"
    (The names aren't important, but if my descriptions don't make sense you can
    look them up on the internet.)
    Each time you move one, it also moves another.  I'm not sure if the starting
    positions are random are not, but here's the solution I used:
    Click the right side of the top row once.  Click the right of the middle row
    three times.
    There should be a long animation.  Get the now active navigational map.
    Go downstairs and through the large door.  Follow the tunnel to the ship
    (the "Theta Shell").  Enjoy the cheesy dialogue along the way.  ;)
    Put the activated navigational map in it (between two extensions like the
    ones in machine upstairs).  Pull the lever on the bottom right side to start
    That's all for Ademika!
    2.2 - Dragast
    Go into the nearby house, and talk to the person twice.  Go out, and forward
    until you come to the end of the bridge.  Look down and to your left at the
    bridge controls.
    2.2.1 - Bridge Puzzle
    Ask for help.
    Objects needed:
    If you mess with it, and then talk to the person in the house, he'll give
    you the clue needed to do it.
    Rotate all the dials to red.  Press in the greenish lever at the bottom of
    the screen.
    The knobs each have a line on them, and you have to press them in the order
    that would make that shape, starting at the bottom.  We're working on red,
    The answer is 2134.  This should light up one of the screens above.
    Now for the other two.
    Pull the lever at the bottom of the screen to unlock the dials.  Turn them
    all to blue.  Press the lever again, and then press them in the order 3412.
    Another screen should light up.
    Pull the lever again, and turn the dials to green.  Push the lever, and then
    the knobs in the order 1324.  The last screen should light up.
    Now, whenever you want to travel, just press one of the screens.  The one on
    the left leads to a cavern, the one in the middle is the one currently
    activated, and the one on the right leads to where we want to go.  Press it,
    and continue to the end of the bridge.
    Turn right, and go up the stairs.  There's a door to your left and right,
    but neither will currently open.  Continue along the path to the tram, and
    take it to see Armagast.
    As completely vague as the conversation was, it will open two doors to you,
    and add several pages to your notebook.
    Take the tram back, and then turn right to see a door at the end of a
    bridge.  Follow and open it.  Go forward several steps, and look at the flat
    surface in front of you.
    2.2.2 - Main Hall Tile Puzzle
    You're trying to arrange this to look like the decoration on the wall at the
    left (though it isn't necessary to look at it).  Click the middle tile to
    rotate all of them, and one of the outer tiles to freeze it in place.
    Objects needed:
    An exact solution isn't really necessary, so here's how to do it on your
    own:  Look at one of the outer tiles.  Rotate them all (click the middle
    tile) until it matches with the non-moving parts of this surface.  Click it
    to freeze it, and then rotate the other parts until the next tile matches up
    with the non-moving parts.  Now both of them are "in synch" with each other,
    so unfreeze the first tile.  Rotate them until the third tile is aligned,
    then freeze it and rotate the others until the first two are also lined up.
    Unfreeze it, and rotate them until the fourth is lined up.  Freeze it, and
    rotate the others until the others match.  You should now have all of the
    outer pieces in their correct positions, but the inner one might not be.  If
    so, click the first piece to freeze it, rotate the pieces once, click the
    second piece to freeze it instead, rotate them once, and so on around the
    board until all five are aligned.
    Actual solution (assuming the pieces don't start in random locations):
    I'll name the pieces like this:
    1   2
    3   4
    Click them in this order:
    This should show you an animation of a switch moving.
    Move to the room, and flip the switch next to the statue.  It'll give you an
    access to an underground passage.  Go down it, and follow it to the end.
    You'll be given a new task.
    2.2.3 - Cell Door Lock
    You're trying to swap the position of the circular and triangular pieces.
    Objects Needed:
    As with the last puzzle, it's easier to just mess around until you solve it
    than it is to explain it.  But this wouldn't be much of a walkthrough unless
    I explained it for any who become stuck.
    I'll write this with abbreviations.
    R = Right
    M = Middle
    L = Left
    U = Up/upper
    D = Down/bottom
    C = Circle piece
    T = Triangular Piece
    If I say RCR, I mean to move currently rightmost circular piece right one
    That might be a step or two off (if I say to move a piece and you're not
    quite positive of which, move the LAST piece in the newly listed direction),
    but once you get the basic idea you should be able to do it.
    When they're in position, press the yellow button at the top middle to open
    the lock.
    You'll have access to a new puzzle in the main hall now.
    2.2.4 - Main Hall Tile Puzzle 2
    This is exactly like the last one.  Read about it if you need help.
    Objects Required:
    Still none.
    The switch will move again.
    As before, go to the switch and flip it.  Nothing terribly interesting will
    happen, so flip it a second time.  The statue will tilt back.  Climb up it
    to a new area.
    Another dark area.  Move forward a bit and up a ladder.  Now look down and
    you can see a lit area.  Go forward into it.
    There's two things of interest here, not counting the exits.  At the table
    to the left, move the book and grab the puzzle pieces underneath.  On the
    right, take the mirror.
    If you wanted, you could climb the ladder at the end of the room and drive
    yourself crazy with the puzzle.  However, you're not supposed to be able to
    solve it yet.
    Exit this entire building, go down the stairs, and move the bridge to the
    center position.  Enter the guy's house, and hand him the puzzle pieces.
    You'll get a new page in your notebook, and possibly some amusement at the
    fact that he undoes the puzzle the moment the animation is over.  I guess
    the developer didn't want to render an extra version of this scene.
    Now, backtrack all the way back to the area we were just at. (Bridge in the
    right position, up the stairs, turn  left, enter the building, climb the
    statue.)  Go up the ladder at the end of the room.
    2.2.5 - Totem Puzzle
    Work backwards
    Objects required:
    Move to the right of the totem, and look to your left.  There's an empty
    spot where you should put the mirror.  Now move up to the totem.  There's
    five spinning portions (you can't see all five at once - you can look up or
    down), which you must match to the symbols in your notebook... in the
    mirror.  It's the reflection you have to match.
    If you're having trouble doing that (they're harder to see in the mirror),
    spin the totem so the correct symbols are on the FRONT of it, and then
    rotate each part three times so they'll end up on the back.
    The exact sequence is as follows:
    Rotate the top section three times.
    Rotate the second section twice.
    Rotate the far bottom section four times.
    This should... umm, do something impressive yet unexplainable, and move that
    switch in the main hall yet again.
    Go back to the main hall and flip the switch twice more.  How very multi-
    purpose that switch and statue are.  Continue through the gate, note the
    symbols on the wall (as usual, most of them weren't even visible for me
    unless I had my video card's gamma setting way up), and go up the ladder.
    Check the machine to the right for a really crazy puzzle.
    2.2.6 - Second Bridge Puzzle
    Hint: The symbols on the wall on the way up.  Make them from pairs.
    Objects needed: None
    This puzzle nearly made me tear my hair out - figuratively, anyway.  Solving
    it is easy enough, understanding it is NOT!
    You'll notice that there're spinners on it in a column.  And if you turn the
    wheel up top, it'll show you another column.  There's four columns
    altogether, each with four spinners, each with four symbols.  Each and every
    single one of those symbols makes a pair (represented on the wall on the way
    up) when combined with one of the other symbols, and not necessarily on the
    column you're currently looking at - you have to treat it as one continuous
    picture.  In other words, each of those 64 symbols is really only half a
    symbol, with a pair that makes one of the four pictures on the wall.  And
    that's just a basic description.  Yikes.
    Here's a diagram:
    A E I M
    B F J N
    C G K O
    D H L P
    Each of the letters represents one of the spinners.  In this example, A, B,
    C, and D are the ones visible when you first start the puzzle.  They're
    distinguishable because A (the top spinner) cannot be rotated.  There's no
    real beginning or end to the puzzle - left and right are merely subjective.
    Same with up and down, but I'll get to that in a minute.
    Now for how the symbols are paired.  The symbol on the bottom of A is paired
    with the top of B to make a symbol.  The bottom of B pairs with the top of
    C.  The bottom of C pairs with the top of D.  So what does the bottom of D
    pair with?  The top of A!  Yes, the top and bottom of this puzzle are
    considered to be contiguous.  The top of E pairs with the bottom of H, the
    top of I pairs with the bottom of L, and the top of M pairs with the bottom
    of P.
    And the left and right of the spinners also pair with their neighbors.  The
    left of A pairs with the right of M, the right of A pairs with the left of
    E, the right of E pairs with the left of I, and so on.
    Understand?  It's hard to put the actual solution into words, so I made a
    picture.  Yeah, there's an error (which is pointed out), it's only three of
    the columns, and it's my very first time using Photoshop, but it does get
    the point across better than these last few paragraphs.
    Here's the explanation picture:
    (I know it should say Dragast - but I don't want to upload it again.)
    A HUGE thanks to Eser Güven for making this picture of the full solution:
    Note that you'll have to click once more on the bottom right spinner (where
    the mouse cursor is visible) to actually solve it.
    So there you go.  Now there's a graphical description and solution.
    Hopefully I'll never have to look at or talk about the puzzle again.
    If done correctly , the platforms will raise, making a bridge.
    Go forward and grab the tetrahedron.  Now go outside, down the stairs, and
    move the bridge to the left position.  Go into the cavern.
    (NOTE:  If you want an extra conversation, go left at the branch, follow the
    path down to the bottom of the tunnel, and knock on the door.  For some
    reason it's not available if you do the next puzzle or two first.  Come back
    up when you're done.)
    Go forward to the end of the path, through a door, and up a ladder.  You'll
    come to a large machine.
    2.2.6 - Powering the elevator
    It's pictured in the notebook.
    Objects required:
    Go to the right side, and turn the dial.  Steam should come out of the
    Go to the front left of the machine, and pull the handle on the floor.  The
    outside will spin, and more steam will be released.
    Click the top of the machine, and spin that too.
    Go back to right side, and turn the knob once more.  Nothing will appear to
    happen, but it's important.  (The way I interpret this, the previous step
    was locking the machine, so that the steam can actually build up and power
    it, instead of being released.)
    Now go to the left of the machine, and flip the metal switch.  It'll rotate
    and point towards the elevator (there's another position for it, but the
    elevator won't work that way).
    Now go back down the ladder, and into the elevator at the side of the room.
    Pull the handle on the floor to come down to a small area.
    This is sort of a puzzle, but too simple for me to list in the table of
    contents. So there's your spoiler warning.
    Look to your right, and you'll see two knobs.  Go up to each and turn them
    once (they'll move clockwise).  Now go to the center generator-like machine,
    and press the lever turn it on and activate a waterwheel.  You just powered
    the mill that's visible below you.  You're done in here.  Exit via the
    elevator and the room it was in.
    This time, go forward and take the branch currently to your right.
    Keep going, past the large machine.  We'll get to that later, but you can
    take the lift up and look if you want.  Continue down the tunnel, ignoring
    the side room with the blacksmith in it for now.  You'll come to the lower
    part of the room with the generator and waterwheel.  Go towards the mill.
    Look down and to your left and move the handle.  (If you're able to spin the
    devices, you're too close.  If nothing happens when you move it, you haven't
    powered the generator yet.)  You should get a conversation and a new task.
    Go part way up the tunnel, turn right, and give the blacksmith the broken
    battery in the room.  Go to the shelves at the opposite end and grab a new
    Back down the tunnel, place the battery in one of the receptacles at the
    leftmost of the three devices.
    2.2.7 - Fixing the Mill
    This is where the spinning drums near the door come into play.
    Objects needed:
    None, as long as you've powered the machinery and put a new battery in.
    I'd swear they made those drums/cans near the door rotatable just so you'd
    mess with them and think you were supposed to do something with them.
    They're important, but you don't need to turn them.  If you did, change all
    of the movable ones back so that there's no red on them.  There are three
    that can't be turned, and these are the important ones.  I know it's a
    gamer's reflex to fiddle with everything you can, but you don't have to
    This puzzle is random, so I can't give an exact solution.  So here's how it
    You'll need to align the bottom of the three devices so that when you pull
    the handle (the one you pulled earlier, bottom left) and the top moves down,
    the batteries will fit into the empty slots.
    But wait!  There's more!  Regardless of what positions you have the
    batteries in, they'll each rotate several times.  See those drums/cans
    near the door?  Check them.  The one at the top left represents the left
    machine, the one in the middle represents the middle machine, and the one at
    the bottom right represents the right machine.
    Now, how red these are represents how many times the corresponding machine
    will turn when you flip the switch.  If it's one quarter red, it'll do a one
    quarter turn (that is, the battery will move one slot clockwise).  Use this
    to plan where you need to have the battery rotated to before you flip the
    switch.  Note that it's random and changes every time you flip the switch.
    However, it doesn't randomize after loading your game, so you can do it by
    trial and error like that if you really have trouble.  Save, try it, load,
    try again, etc.
    You'll see an animation of the at the top of the tunnel moving.  Go back up
    the tunnel, and stand in front of it.  Pull the lever on the lift by your
    feet to go up.  Click on the center of it a couple of times to open the
    large door outside.
    Go outside, take the bridge to the right section, go upstairs, and follow
    the path back to the tram (ignore the newly opened door for now).  Use the
    tetrahedron on Armagast, and you'll be given a new task: Activating the
    lift.  I'm using his terminology and calling it that, since we already
    activated an elevator.  ;)
    2.2.8 - Activating the Lift
    There's two machines.  One gives the "key" to the other.
    Objects required:
    None, but you can't get into this room until you have the tetrahedron.
    I found this to be another easy puzzle that still gave me a great sense of
    accomplishing something.  Go to the machine between Armagast and the door.
    There's sixteen different sliders, and a button in the middle.  Each of the
    sliders extends a different rod into the middle of the puzzle.  You're
    trying to find the matches.
    Play with the sliders all you want, but with the current setting, you can't
    match all of the symbols on the center screen.  Press the button in the
    middle, and it'll show some new ones.  They still don't completely match up
    with the rods you can extend, so press it a second time.  Ah.  Now play with
    the levers and find the matches.  Write down which switches are flipped, and
    go to the machine next to the lift.  Set the switches to the corresponding
    The left one should be in the 4th slot, the second in the second, the third
    in the third, and the fourth in the third, like this:
    - - - -
    - X - -
    - - X X
    X - - -
    This should power the lift.
    Hop on and you'll ride it up.  So what is there to do here?  Nothing.  I was
    stuck and actually had to ask for help.  ;)  Turn back towards the lift, and
    click the TOP of it.  Instead of going down, you'll ride up another floor.
    Place the tetrahedron in the receptacle, and it'll lower the pillars
    blocking your entry into the room below.  Go there now.
    So now what can you do in here?  Why, you STILL can't do anything.  Hahah.
    Go back down and whine at Armagast for help, then return.
    2.2.9 - Pillar Puzzle
    You'll now have a notebook page to help you, and should be able to do it.
    Objects Required:
    The outer ring represents the top level of the pillars.  The center of each
    section in the notebook page shows which symbol on the pillar should face
    OUTWARD.  Each symbol is unique, so it shouldn't be too hard.
    Actual solution:
    This assumes you haven't messed with the pillars yet.  I'm NOT going to try
    to describe all the symbols and where they go.  ("You know, the squiggly
    one.  Next to that other squiggly one.  With the pointy thing.")
    Looking at the pillar opposite you, rotate the top once and the middle
    Look to the right at the next one.  Rotate the top once, the middle once,
    and the bottom twice.
    Look to the right again at the last one.  Rotate the middle twice and the
    bottom twice.  The retracted pillars should move and have an electrical
    spasm when you've done this correctly.
    Go upstairs and grab the new and improved tetrahedron.  With a sphere
    Go outside, take the tram, and enter the large nearby door that you opened
    earlier.  Interesting, the door itself became the floor.  Click the lever to
    ride it down.
    Go forward a few times, down a ladder, and the forward again.  Look up, and
    click the "sphere within the tetrahedron" on the machine, followed by the
    I've combined a lot of objects in adventure games, but this is just weird.
    Now you've got a sphere inside a tetrahedron inside a bunch of gyroscopic-
    like concentric rings.  Is this really supposed to make sense?  Oh, that's
    right.  They're magic, and beyond the understanding of mere mortals.
    You're officially done in Dragast.  Go up the elevator, down the stairs,
    ride the bridge to the center position, and go back to the ship.  Pull the
    lever, and off you go.  If this does not work, you still need to combine
    the rings, sphere, and tetrahedron into a single object.  See above.
    2.3 - Na-Tiexu
    You're now in Na-Tiexu.  (Gesundheit!)  This is the last true area, but it
    is quite varied.  Go through the door, and you're already at a puzzle.
    SAVE YOUR GAME!  If you have trouble with this next puzzle, it's nice to be
    able to go back.
    2.3.1 - Tuning Forks Puzzle
    Hint: When you first enter the room, turn left, take a step towards the
    mirror, and look down for an addition to your notebook which helps
    Due to some freak accident, on my first time through the game, I solved this
    without even realizing it was a puzzle - I just happened to stick all the
    forks in the right places.  Alas, I cannot tell you how to do the same.
    However, there's another walkthrough that does tell you how:
    (I'm telling you now, because if you fiddle with the forks first, it's
    hard to tell which is which.)
    This is another puzzle I'll have to explain how to do, and let you finish
    There's four mirrors around the outside, each with a corresponding machine
    on the table.  How do you know which goes with which?  Touch the orb above a
    machine, and it'll make a noise.  Find the mirror that makes the same one.
    Now, look underneath the mirror and you'll find four pipes and a "wave"
    shape.  Write them down.  For example:
    | ||
    | |
    (The smaller pipes represent a higher pitched sound.  Ie, the second from
    the left in the diagram above is the highest pitch, while the far left is
    the lowest pitch.  Each pipe represents a tuning fork as shown
    Now, if you look at the corresponding machine on the table, you'll see it
    also has a wave on it - starting at the top (where it really isn't
    visible at all) and moving clockwise until it is thickest at the left.  This
    wave corresponds to the one on the mirror, and the pitch of each tuning
    4   2  (these numbers match the diagram above)
    Now, each tuning fork makes a different sound.  When you pick it up, you can
    strike it up a tube at the whichever edge of the screen is closest to the
    middle of the table.  The forks are color coded, so you can't put them in
    the wrong machine.
    [I've heard of a problem where the tuning forks and machines did not play
    any sounds.  TitaniumX writes,  "I did manage to fix it though. I changed
    the settings in my Creative speaker setup from 5.1 to a 4 speaker setup,
    then I changed the windows audio to Quadrophonic Speakers. I have 2 Altec
    speakers with a subwoofer and headphones in the aux."]
    You're trying to place them in the order mentioned at the bottom of the
    mirror above.  Ie, where the wave is smallest on the table, place the tuning
    fork whose sound is represented by where the wave is smallest on the mirror.
    The pictures above show which pipe represents which tuning fork and where it
    For this example, the lowest tone fork would go in the top slot (represented
    by the longest pipe in the above diagram, and put where the wave is smallest
    on both the mirror and the machine), the highest pitched tuning fork would
    go in the right slot (the next smallest portion of the wave), the second to
    lowest pitched tuning fork would go in the bottom slot, and the second
    highest pitched tuning fork would go in the left slot of the machine.  Of
    course, some of the forks are already placed and cannot be moved, to make it
    easier.  Since every machine uses the same pitched tuning forks, it makes it
    a lot easier to figure it out.
    Note that one of the machines is trying to trick you: If you look at the
    mirror, you'll notice that the wave goes from right to left.  In that
    instance, the fork represented from the far right pipe on the mirror would
    go in the top slot of the machine, the second from the right in the right
    slot, the third from the right in the bottom slot, and the far left in the
    left slot.  Reverse order of the others:
    1234 (mirror)
    1   3  (table)
    If you're tone deaf, you'll have to ask someone else to help you with it.
    After you've got them all in place, press the button at the center of the
    table, between the machines.  If done correctly, there will be an animation
    of the mirrors lighting up and displaying different scenes.  If not, move
    them around, and try again.  The two trickiest ones are the machine with the
    reverse wave on the corresponding mirror, and the one that has you place
    three tuning forks instead of just two.
    Once more, the walkthrough with the exact solution is:
    So what do you do now?  Well, there's a button at the bottom of each tuning
    fork machine.  This will cause a light above one of the mirrors.  Now, the
    door on the other end of the room will lead to the place pictured on the lit
    mirror.  This is all one big teleportation device, basically.
    For now, activate the far left mirror, and step through the door.
    You'll be in an icy area.  Keep going forward, up the ladder to the
    building.  Inside, talk to the astrologer to your left (you have to move to
    the other side of his desk first).  You'll be given another goofy task, this
    time of getting the grain of life.  I'm pretty sure the conversation is
    necessary to do so, since it's mentioned before you get the grain.  Leave
    the area, and enter the second area.
    This is the spirit world.  It's the one of only two given a clear name. Go
    forward four times to an intersection, take the furthest right, and then
    look down and left to see a leaf.  Pick it up.  It's another easily missed
    item, and rather silly that the area you need it in has plenty of leaves,
    none of which you can pick up.
    Now, turn left a bit, and move forward several times (this path is opposite
    and slightly right of your starting location in the world, if you got mixed
    up).  Go up the ladder and talk to the person on your left.  New task:
    Gather mood figures.
    Go down the ladder, and look at the Easter Island type statue on the right.
    Grab the smaller figure that it is holding.  (You couldn't do this until you
    were told to.)
    Continue out of this enclosed area, and you'll run into the second.  Grab
    it, and continue along the path you were facing before you turned towards
    the statue.  Follow it to another statue, and grab the figure. This area has
    several pedestals, a pool, and an even larger statue (without a mood
    figure).  Remember it.  Turn around, and continue out.  On your left is the
    entrance to the spirit world, which has another figure nearby.  Facing the
    main intersection again, go left and get the figure.  Continue through a
    hole in the stone wall, and get another figure to your left.  There's a cave
    here - don't go inside yet, but remember it.  There's a large sloping path
    that leads up to the final figure.  After getting them all, go back to the
    old woman, and talk to her again.  Get the grail behind her.
    Remember the area with the stone pedestals and the pool?  It's to your left
    as you leave.  Go to the end of the area and put the grail in the large
    deity statue's hands.  Look in the pool.
    2.3.2 - Mood Figure Puzzle
    Look down.
    Objects required:
    The seven mood figures, of course.
    See the vine that starts near the guardian deity (by the tree)?  Follow it.
    It leads to the pedestals, one after another.  You have to the mood figures
    on them, following the vine, and in the order mentioned in the pool.  You
    can check the pool again whenever you need to.  It's easier to just look at
    it again than try to understand a description of which figure is which, so
    I'll leave to you.
    Note that a couple of figures are somewhat similar:  There's one with an
    open mouth that's round, another is wider.  And the two with relatively
    neutral faces have very different eyebrows.
    After they're all placed, there will be an animation of the spirit entering
    the grail.
    Get the spirit filled grail, and continue back to the old woman.  She'll
    tell you to see her assistant.  Turn away from her, and follow the path.
    You'll have to turn right and go up another little ladder in other to get
    close enough to talk to her.  After the conversation, get the flower manna
    from the bottom shelf, and go to the cave I mentioned earlier (from the
    entrance to the spirit world, go left).
    Inside, place the flower manna on the center of the ground, on a flat stone.
    Now look up and click the roots.  Hmmm.
    Go back to the assistant and talk to her again.
    She forgot?  I think she's
    been breathing too much poisonous smoke herself.  Get the jar of poisonous
    smoke from the top shelf, and continue back to the cave.  Place it next to
    the flower manna pot, and then click it to uncork it.  Go outside, and up
    the slope to the area *above* the cave.  Click on the sapling to shake it.
    Back in the cave, grab the grain of life.  It's on the ground to your left,
    near two rocks.
    We're done in the spirit world.
    Go back to the astrologer (first machine).  Show him the grain of life.
    It's time for some fascinatingly wacky machinery again.  Look to your left,
    and get the two dragon statues from the table.  Now go to the shelf next to
    the "door" on the far end of the room (you'll never get to open it, but it's
    there).  Get the "pot with plants" and a new notebook page from the bottom
    shelf, and a vial with liquid from the top right.  Go to the machine next to
    the astrologer.
    There's two vials in place, so put the third where it's missing (top right).
    Put the pot with plants on the bottom of the contraption, and the grain of
    life in the middle.  Click the vials to make them pour over it.  Get the
    grain of life without the shell.  Go to the other machine, which looks like
    a tub filled with stained glass.
    Put the dragon statues in the missing slots, and the grain of life in the
    bottom middle of the device.
    Show the astrologer your new charged grain of life.  Go upstairs.
    2.3.3 - Making Stardust
    The machine on the wall and the notebook page are both important.  Three of
    the orbs only go in fixed slots.
    Objects needed:
    Charged grain of life.
    Check out the machine the wall, then go outside through the door.
    Look at the machine.  Place the grain of life in the yellow receptacle at
    the top of it.
    Find the three orbs that only go in fixed slots.  The top left orb only goes
    in the top slot, the bottom left orb only goes in the bottom left slot, and
    the top right orb only goes in the top left slot.
    Now, the notebook and wall machine tell you what you need to know to figure
    out the rest - if you understand it.
    Now, the orb you put in the top slot (which has two triangles and a line on
    it) was paired with another one in the notebook.  The other one was divided
    into three sections, kind of like (-| ) and they're all filled in.  There
    was another symbol on that line of the notebook, which looked like a
    barbell.  When you pressed the corresponding button on the wall machine, the
    arrow moved one space and then back.  This means that the two orbs pictured
    on that line - the triangles one and the (-| ) one need to be one space away
    from each other.  The top left slot is already full, so put the (-| ) orb
    (second from the top, on the right) in the top right slot.
    Next pair: The orb in the bottom left slot matches with one like this ((-))
    and the triangle symbol.  The triangle symbol moved the arrow three spaces,
    so put the ((-)) orb (second from the top, on the left) three spaces from
    the bottom left.  There's only one possible location that it'll fit, as the
    other one is already full: The slot on the right.
    Next pair.  The orb at top left matches with the * symbol, and the other orb
    that looks like (-| ) with the sections unfilled.  The * symbol on the wall
    machine moved the arrow four spaces, so place the (-| ) orb (second from the
    bottom, on the right) four spaces away from the top left slot.  Rather, in
    the bottom right slot.
    There's two orbs left, and it's impossible to tell which is which.  But
    there's only two possibilities, so you can do it by trial and error.  The
    remaining orb on the left goes in the left slot, and the remaining orb on
    the right goes in the bottom slot.  Press the button in the middle of the
    machine.  If everything's placed correctly, you'll get a long animation and
    the yellow receptacle will reappear at the top of the machine.  Grab it -
    it's now full of stardust.
    Now that you've processed the grain of life into stardust, shouldn't you be
    able to make Wonderbread out of it?  I guess not.
    You're done in this area, so leave.  Set the machine to the third setting
    and go through the door.
    You'll be in a strange outdoor area apparently known as the magical world.
    Go forward, and you'll be at a three way intersection.  (If you go right,
    you'll be stabbed to death by obnoxious wannabe amazons.  You won't have to
    reload your game or anything, so if you want see this, feel free.)  Go left,
    and follow the path to another intersection.  You'll have the option to go
    left into a cave.  Follow it to the end, and then look to your left.  Take
    the stick on the ground.
    Go back out of the cave, and to your left.  You'll see a pillar of stones.
    Use the stick on them.  Go back into the cave, and you'll be able to go
    further into it.  Use the leaf you picked up in the spirit world on the
    Go out again, and to your left again.  There's another passage over here -
    instead of going to the left to the pillar, go right to a thorny bush.  Use
    the water on it.  Climb up, and move the contraption to make a sort of
    portable dam.  Go back into the cave yet again, and you'll be able to pass
    where the water was since you blocked the flow.
    [NOTE: JulieH33 ran into a bug where this passage didn't appear - there was
    just a blank screen.  After reloading an older game and blocking the water
    again, the passage appeared normally.  So try loading an older game if you
    run into this problem.  It may have been fixed in the patch mentioned
    Go forward a bit.
    If you try to go further or ring the gong, the women will get you again.
    This is a very neat mini-puzzle.  No, the drums aren't important yet.  See
    if you can solve it!
    So what do you do?  Grab the four teleportation crystals from the bottom of
    the pedestal in front of you.  Place them in the "hands" at the four corners
    of the area.  Now the device is active, and will create a teleportation
    field when you click the button at the top of the pedestal.  So, ring the
    gong and they'll run towards you.  While they're doing that, click the
    device to teleport them to who knows where.
    Hee hee.
    Now the drums are important.
    2.3.4 - Drum Puzzle
    You have to get rid of the spearwomen first (see above), and check the area
    they were guarding.  Colors are important.
    Objects required:
    See the crystal in the area the spearwomen were guarding?  It has four
    different sides, each with a different colored stone underneath (these
    represent the drums by the teleporter).  They each have four circles that
    can be clicked, making a specific noise.  Thankfully they all make the SAME
    Go to the drums and click each one.  Some of them make that same noise as
    the crystal.  Write down the position of the ones that do, and their color.
    Now go to the crystal and switch on the circles which represent the drums
    which make the same noise.
    If you made a chart of which drums made the same noise as the crystal, it
    would look like this (O being the correct noise, X being a different noise):
    x  o  o  x
    x  o  x  o
    o  x  x  x
    o  x  x  x
    B  G  Y  R
    l  r  e  e
    u  e  l  d
    e  e  l
       n  o
    So, go to the part of the crystal that has the blue stone underneath it, and
    switch on (so that there's a symbol visible in them) the bottom two circles.
    Go to the green section and press the top two.  Go to the yellow section and
    press the top one.  Go to the red section and press the second from the top.
    When done correctly, you'll get the symbol of the magical world.
    Ok, so it's really a crystal puzzle, but it made more sense to list it this
    way so people who were stuck near the drums could find this spot in the
    Leave.  There's the other side of the crystal meadow leads right to the
    beginning of this entire area.  Set the machine to the forth setting, and
    enter the door.
    You'll be in an underground cavern.  Take the first left into a room.  On
    the left side, get the magical pyramid from the table (looks like an
    obelisk, not a pyramid).  On the right side, there's a bowl with a yellow
    glowing fang you should also take.
    Go out of the room the way you came, and continue left down the path.  Along
    the path, the glowing fangs are being used as lamps.  Take them as you
    follow it.  First pink, then green, then red, and finally blue.  At the end,
    you'll find a puzzle.  NOTE:  Do not try to go behind this pedestal before
    you solve it.  The game may crash.  Thanks to Gretchen Williams for this.
    2.3.5 - Glowing Fang Puzzle
    Hints: Check this entire underground area very carefully.
    Objects Required:
    Five fantastic phosphorescent fangs
    The solution to this is in the room where you obtained the yellow fang and
    magical pyramid.  Still stuck?
    There's a paining next to the door that you can't open yet.  It shows five
    colors, which match where you have to place the fangs.
    In clockwise order, starting at the top right, pink, green, red, blue, and
    This will trigger some flower manna into the nearby cave.
    Enter the cave, go down and to the left, and get the teddy bear.  Go back
    into the room near the start of this area (where the pyramid was), and put
    it in the basket with a pillow (on the left, past the table).  Leave the
    room and come back for a conversation.  Go through the door and follow the
    path, going left when it branches.
    Talk to the kids. Umm.. no one cares about the poor orphaned children, they
    just care about the bird.  The kids and the Umang are all insane.
    2.3.6 - Obtaining the Bell
    Everything you need is in this area, except for the pyramid (which you
    should already have).  You can access an item from more than one place.
    Objects required:
    Magical pyramid, and others you'll get during the puzzle
    Well, it's actually possible to get the bell now, if you use an item on it
    (it's a bug, not sure if it was fixed in the patch).  But this IS a puzzle
    based adventure game, so I assume you want to do puzzles.
    Exit this outdoor area, and continue straight along the path.  You should be
    in an area with a green river.  Look at the blue crystals to the left, and
    place the mystical pyramid in next to them (at the bottom of the closeup
    screen, in a small recess).  Grab a crystal (on the left side of the
    cluster), and take the mystical pyramid with you too.
    Go to the top of the green sludge river, and use the pyramid as a dam to
    stop the flow into the lower section.  You can now cross - so please do.
    Continue down into a small enclosure, where there's a another blue crystal
    structure near some weird circular plants.  Put your blue crystal in it, and
    then grab a magical branch underneath it.  Go back out of this area.  Look
    at the top section of the river, and then move along the river towards the
    area where you put the pyramid.  Take it again.  This will lower the river,
    so you can reach a stone slab in the top section of the river on this side
    of it (where there's more blue crystals and purple tentacles above).  Put
    the magical flower in it, and then replace the pyramid again.  Remove it yet
    again, and then grab the magic dust where you put the magical branch.  Put
    the pyramid in one last time, and cross the river to the other side.
    Go back to where the kids are, and use the magic dust on the patch of
    Uhh... that sounds like the flowers are singing, not the bird.  Whatever
    Get the bell at the end of this area, and leave.
    Back in the tuning fork room, you'll notice that the orbs above all four
    mirrors are glowing.  This is because you have all four artifacts: The grail
    with spirit, the symbol of the magical world, the bell, and the stardust.
    Go through the door once more, and it'll take you to a new area this time.
    2.3.7 - Obtaining the Second Tetrahedron
    Think symbolism.
    Objects required:
    Grail with spirit, bell, symbol of the magical world, stardust.  Of course,
    you couldn't even get here without them.
    Look at the pictures around the outside of the room.  Each one is opposite a
    basket for you to place one of the four artifacts.  They're pictures of a
    tree in different states.  What does that make you think of?
    Seasons.  One of the pictures is of a tree with no leaves on it at all -
    winter.  Which was the winter world?  The snowy world with the astronomer.
    You got the stardust there, so put it in that picture's basket.
    Working clockwise around the room from there:
    Spring: The world with the kids (youth, new life, making plants grow, etc).
    Place the bell in that basket.
    Summer: The spirit world.  It was the spitting image of summer.  Place the
    grail with spirit in that basket.
    Fall/Autumn: The magical world.  There were a lot of sagging plants without
    leaves, or losing leaves, but it wasn't really cold yet.  Place the symbol
    of the magical world in the last basket.
    When done correctly, the tetrahedron should appear.
    You have to move to the end of the room opposite your starting location to
    grab it.  Place the rings within the receptacle that appeared to combine it
    with them, too.  Now turn around and leave.  Go through the other door to
    your ship and pull the lever.
    2.4 - Final Area
    Ok, this is too small to be considered much of anything, but I couldn't put
    it under the Na-Tiexu part of the walkthrough either.
    Go forward, and look at the device to the left.  Click on it twice.  Go
    across the bridge.
    Enjoy the ending.  It's as irrelevant as the rest of the story, but it does
    have a nice plot twist relating to a character and one of the items in your
    =3 - Everything Else=
    3.1 - Thanks
    -CjayC, for creating Gamefaqs
    -Eser Güven, for the great bridge solution graphic
    -Jstain Jstain for an error with the cell door puzzle
    -Rick Page for pointing out an error in my directions.
    -Mahoutsukai, for helping me a couple of times when I was stuck with stupid
    -JulieH33, Gretchen Williams, and TitaniumX for solutions to specific bugs
    -The Adventure Company for publishing this game (but NOT for closing their
     forums!:( )
    -Streko-graphics for designing it
    3.2 - Contact
    Before you contact me, make sure you have the patch:
    If the game doesn't work correctly, I probably don't know how to fix it.
    If the patch doesn't work, I probably don't know how to fix it.
    Contact technical support at:
    (There may also be a newer version of the patch somewhere on the site in the
    As for actually emailing me...
    Read the walkthrough first.  If you ask me how to do something before
    looking, I'll delete the email.  If you forward ANYTHING to me, I'll delete
    the email.  If there's any attachments, I'll delete the email.  If you're
    advertising anything, I'll delete the email.  If you whine and complain,
    I'll delete the email.  I'm sure you get the idea.
    Also, you can use ctrl+f in most text viewers (and web browsers) to search
    for what you're looking for.
    If you're still stuck, you might want to look at this other walkthrough
    which came out recently:
    Unfortunately, I no longer have the game installed and probably won't be
    able to help you anymore.  However, if you've read everything above and
    really need to contact me, you can do so at:
    karzonskyefyre (at) yahoo (dot) com
    If possible, please put "Aura" in the subject of the email, so I know
    you're not trying to sell me viagra or something equally obnoxious.
    -End of File-

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