How to transfer saved game data?

  1. How do i transfer saved game data for my parks from one computer to another?

    User Info: snorkmaiden24

    snorkmaiden24 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I'm not sure what some of these do, but I'm pretty sure about some of them.
    These paths are on Windows Vista. They might be different depending on your OS.

    All Custom Data: C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\RCT3
    Campaigns: C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\RCT3\Campaigns
    Coasters: C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\RCT3\Coasters
    Fireworks Shows: C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\RCT3\Fireworks
    Sandbox Parks: C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\RCT3\Parks
    Peeps: C:\Users\Thomas\Documents\RCT3\Peeps
    Custom Scenarios: C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\RCT3\Scenarios
    Structures: C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\RCT3\Structures

    Replace "YOUR NAME" with whatever your user name is on your computer, and then copy all of these files into the correct places onto a portable storage device. Then connect that to your second computer and install the game. After that, copy all of these files into the correct folders and you're good.

    User Info: Biendeo

    Biendeo - 7 years ago 1 0

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