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"This game is like... a roller coaster ride...?"

Roller Coaster Tycoon is probably a game that many of you have played already, whether you're friend burned it for you or you downloaded it off Limewire. RCT was a very innovative game for it's time and helped create the "Tycoon game" genre. Many were disappointed by RCT2 so how does RCT3 stack up? Does the improved graphics engine help the games cause?

Gameplay: 18/25

The gameplay is almost completely unchanged from RCT and RCT2. This is both good and bad. It's because of the fact that the gameplay in RCT is great and shouldn't be changed. It's bad because you are essentially playing the same game from a few years ago.

Some things have changed since the old games however. There are, of course, many more attractions and roller coasters. In addition, there is a new campaign and mission objectives. One of the better changes in RCT3 is the sandbox mode. In this mode, you are given infinite money and all the land bought already and you are free to build whatever you want. You won't have to download a trainer and hack your way to sandbox mode anymore!

Another huge addition to RCT3 is the CoasterCam. The CoasterCam enables you to view your coasters as if you were riding in the front seat. Not only is it awesome to see your park from a first-person perspective, but it's just an awesome feeling to ride your own coaster as if it were real. This is a great addition to the game and one of the most satisfying experiences ever.

Graphics: 10/10

This game has almost had a full graphics revamp from RCT2 and it helps the overall experience greatly. Being able to zoom in and watch your guests walk through your park is amazing. Even though the people look like bootleg legos, the effect that the graphics are trying to portray is there. All of the coasters, attractions, and even the lighting effects are very good. Although this game does not take very good advantage of higher end machines, the ability for it to be played on lower end machines helps is cause.

Sound: 3/10

The only music that can be heard from this game is when you are fully zoomed out and then you can hear an ambient theme as you build your park. There is no other in game music in this game. The rides and attractions sound just like you think they would. The people in the game have very limited sound effects and just cheer whenever the get off a ride, sound like their sick, etc.

Value: 2/5

The campaign in this game is short lived and somewhat boring, if you even get far enough to finish the campaign. The fun is in the sandbox mode where you can build your dream park with infinite money. If your anything like me and want your park to take over the entire map and be as expansive as possible, then you might end up like me as well and end up not finishing.


Gameplay: 18/25
- Same RCT formula with some new tricks.
Graphics: 10/10 - Very well done and the focal point of the game.
Sound: 3/10 - Non-existant or lackluster tracks.
Value: 2/5 - Might get boring after a while.

Overall: 33/50 = 66% = D
Bottom Line:
It's great to ride your own coasters, but this game is too much like previous installments.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/18/06

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