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"The worst of the three"

I'm not new to the rct franchise. Believe me, this is definitely the worst of the three. The numbers are there for a reason! RCT 1, is the best. RCT 2, is the second best. RCT 3, is the worst.

First off, the only plus I give it is the new graphics. They are amazing compared to the first two games. The one problem with the graphics is the camera control. The camera makes it very hard to explore the environment. You may have a great range of views, but getting to the right one is extremely hard. The rotation is a hassle too. It requires pushing both mouse buttons. It's a lot harder compared to pressing enter. The one thing that REALLY annoys me is the path building interface. I've had the game for about 1 1/2 months. It still don't understand it. I think it's impossible to make a path without messing up at least three times. That's for an average path. Then there is trying to go up or down. I'm describing making a normal path near impossible, building up or down is impossible x2.

Riding the rides is good. But the speed is too exaggerated while riding as compared to just looking at it. The coaster building is okay. The only thing different is that you don't have to move you're mouse to choose straight and then build (same with any type of track). The normal rides I will say have gotten a ton better. They've added a lot more of them (chair-swings, sky wheels, sky slings, ect.). One thing though, go karts aren't as good as they used to be. We've all been on go karts and kept going on them over and over. Well that isn't well simulated in this version of RCT. The menus are also hard to navigate. This is what you have to do to start building a twister roller coaster: Click the rides button (sub menu appears). Click on the roller coasters button. Scroll through a million roller coasters four at time. The first game was MUCH simpler.

Glitches: Yes, there is a whole section dedicated to them in this review.
Some glitches are good. These include being able to build splash boats and twister roller coasters as high as the infinity without cheating. Some are not good, like randomly quiting your game when you haven't saved for a long time (it has happened too many times to me). Or having roller coasters randomly switch ratings with a merry-go-round. When that happens, you have to close your roller coaster, delete a piece of track, rebuild it, and then reopen it. If this doesn't sound annoying, I guarantee you will love this game. But it is annoying. Also, your guests can't die, something essential to the first two games. It's because of the stupid ESRB (the company the rates games e-C, E, T, M, or A-O) ratings. You used to be able to drown your guests, and if a guest was on a roller coaster when it crashed, they died. Now, the guests just swim laps in the water forever and they jump out of the roller coaster from 500 feet up. The scary part is, THEY SURVIVE IT! To RCT lover who loved the first games and is considering buying this one, I strongly suggest you keep the receipt. You may find that it was a waste of $40.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/03/04

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