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"Stunning graphics, better than first two in series!"

Introduction: The rollercoaster tycoon series is by far the most popular 'theme park style' game ever made. The first rollercoaster tycoon game featured people that scream at rides and make decisions to enter rides and carry their own amount of cash which was revolutionairy at the time. The newest addition to this series 'Rollercoaster Tycoon 3' has taken this to a whole new level. The second game in the series was only slightly improved from the first one and was more of an add-on than a whole new game. This game is almost completely enhanced in every aspect, the most noticable are the graphics.

Graphics: 7/10 The Graphics of the rollercoasters amd scenery is amazing. The relection of the water and the details of the attractions makes the game look stunning and rendered in 3d lets you able to view them from all angles. The newly added 'Coaster cam' is very clever and actually lets you view your rollercoaster in action. From the view of the rollercoaster you can also see the rest of your park and the background scenery of the area. The reason i only gave the graphics 7/10 was because the graphics of the people is quite poor and they look like characters from an old 3d pc game and are very 'blocky', also the background scenery is obvious that it is flat and lacks any design detail. Other than these few flaws the graphics make the game seem stunning, a huge difference from the first two in the series.

Sound/Music: 8/10 The game features many styles of music from gentle summer style music to rock style music which you can add to your rollercoaster. You can also hear the people scream as they travel down a steep drop on a rollercoaster or are on a frightening thrill ride which adds a sense of reality to the game. There is also a feature which lets you add your own music to the game, so as long as you have music on your computer the music choices are endless.

Gameplay: 9/10 The gameplay of the game is even better than the first two. The 'fun' factor of the first game is amazing and this game is made even better with little extras that would have annoyed you about the first game. Things like being able to select a button that automatically finishes off rides for you, the entrance of the queue path not attaching itself to the first path it meets and better shop management make this game feel more complete than the first two.

Replay Value: 10/10 The great thing about the rollercoaster tycoon series is that you don't really need to follow the story or complete the missions. You can just stay on the first level and keep adding rides and attractions until it is as good as any theme park in the world and with the added sandbox mode you can create theme parks with no money restrictions and with every ride and attraction in the game. When you have finished playing with the game in sandbox mode then you can enter the career mode which is much more challenging and longer than in the first games. There are many levels and each level has three challenges at different levels, also the challenges are more varied, on one level you must build a rollercoaster over a certain height and on another you must have a rollercoaster that makes over a certain amount a week, this all addding to the fun factor and replay value of the game.

Overall: 9/10 The game has been improved so much more than the first two that if you enjoyed them then this is a must have. This game is perfect for people who like any of the other tycoon games or like other rollercoaster titles e.g. 'Theme park' and is much better than all of them. The trouble with getting this game is the requirements are much higher than the first two in the series or any other tycoon game because of the increased graphics but anyone who has bought a computer within the last 2-3 years should be fine.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/13/04

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