Review by Hamster120

"What a dissipontment."

Graphics: These are terrible. The 3-D characters look even worse than the people in Roller coaster Tycoon and Roller coaster Tycoon 2, and I thought they were bad. The attempt to make a more realistic game has backfired and turned this into a game that looks like it came right out of a cartoon. One good thing is that the people who visit your park each look different. In the past games every visitor looked the same. The stage selection screen is also different but I still liked the one in Roller coaster Tycoon 2 better. The fireworks in the firework maker look better than I thought. The actually look like some of the fireworks we see today instead of being cartoon like or unrealistic.

Sound: Okay, I guess. Not to much to report here. Still the same type of silly music that has been in the past games. You can also play music during your firework shows to really wow your guests.

Control: Ah help! My cursor is flying everywhere across the screen! Also, you are supposed to zoom in by holding the mouse wheel, yet somehow it zooms in on its own and I am constantly fixing it. The camera view mode is also very choppy. This part of the game was obviously overlooked in its making and should have had a lot more effort put into it. This is a real shame because the other Roller coaster Tycoon games did not really have to much trouble with this factor of play.

Fun Factor: Well, I guess it is okay. I mean, it is an exact copy of the previous games with a few new rides. I was so disappointed about this game that it just took all the fun out of it. Sandbox mode is the real fun part of this game because you can make as big of a park as you want, with no restrictions. In conclusion, I guess I would have to say that you should only get this if you are a die-hard Roller coaster Tycoon fan. Otherwise, it's just not worth all the money.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/27/04

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