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"Simply put....WoW!!!"

Ok Ok first off the game is not perfect, there is still a few bugs and some camera issues that make the game from being perfect but since this game has so much packed into it, you can forgive some of its probelms (which are minor).

Gameplay: 10/10

The game simply has all the fundamentals that make a game so much fun...
The fact that you can create and use your own imagination and style to create a kick ass theme park is simply fun and addictive. They give you so many different kinds of coasters and scenary affects that each individual can create their own personal and unique park. You can spend hours on this game just because you want to create that amazing coaster that you got in mind...
Also they included a Sandbox mode where you can build a theme park with no restrictions at all so heheh enjoy! Another thing there is a bit of micro management to deal with, it is not hard at all though because Atari has done a great job with it, just simply adjust some money here, upgrade a janitor there its nothing hard.

Sound: 10/10

The sound is great, you hear everything from people puking on the paths after riding a nauseating ride to hearing the rolling thunder of a huge wooden coaster.
You can hear people scream as they ride the rides and you can hear the sounds of fireworks (the fireworks are awesome). Also a really nice touch is that at each ride you can play a certain theme song that can go well with the theme of your coaster or if you rather hear your own music than you can upload them by putting them in your RCT3 music folder LoL its pretty funny to hear Snoop rapping at some little kids ride heheh.

Graphics: 10/10

Their GREAT!!! The graphics in this game is wonderful. The people have so many animations from screaming to puking to just laughing or hell even running around about to pee in their pants heheh. The scenary objects such as trees and building blocks are detailed and look good. The same is with the coasters they all have a realistic look to them. Especially when you look at them from a peeps view... Also the water looks so damn realistic I mean you can see it reflect nearby people and fireworks at night and its surroundings. It looks like the real thing. One thing to poin out though the peeps in the game are a bit cartoony, so if your like wanting it to look like people in the real life you might be disappointed but to me I like how they look because they fit in fit the game and the whole style of it.

Story: 1/10

Yeah its lame, there is virtually no story except that your trying to become the ultimate Tycoon, but the twist is that the levels that they give you are great, cool, and provide a bit of a challenge even to expert players. Also the levels can help give new players and even old fans new ideals to create their own theme park. Also who the hell wants a story for this kind of game??? Its good like it is...

Controls: 8/10

For the most part the controls are good and easy to use after a little bit of time of getting use to. You also have other camera options if you ever feel like you can't get the right angle. But you will need time to adjust and get use to the controls at first they may seem awkward and hard to use but after getting use to it it'll be as easy as pie..

Replayability: 10/10

You just have so many different kind of rides from rollercoasters to thrill rides to shops and even water rides. Also you have different themed scenary such as Western, Spooky, Sci-Fi, and so on... Plus you have a map editor that can scope your land from plains, to mountains your hell make your theme park on islands. Its got tons of replayability. Plus also you can ride the rides you build!!!

So basic outline is....

Great Gameplay
Great Graphics
Great Sound
A lot of Replayability

Some quirks with controls
A few minor bugs (they already got patches out to fix them)
Lack of story (personally I wouldnt want a story)

Buy/Rent: Just buy the damn thing its a good game for all ages and if you dont like it then well return it (I dont think you can rent PC games) its only $30 so just go buy it and have some fun...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/18/05

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