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"This game has dissapointed me."

Rollercoaster Tycoon and Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, along with the countless expansion packs, have gotten me hooked onto this series. I have spent hours upon hours, attempting to master these games, only to get stuck. Then I would come back to this game, and beat it. The first 2 had that kind of power over a person. The third, unfortunately does not. Be a genius, construct multi-million dollar parks, impress your guests, and build amazing roller-coasters. All these concepts make a great game, good enough for countless hours of gameplay. Nothing was truly improved from RCT to RCT2, except for more thought-out levels of gameplay, and the addition of new rides, roller-coaster designer, and scenario editor. The idea of a third game made buy the game when it first came out, with the hopes that it would be the best one yet. Then came Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, which has completely crushed my hopes for this series.

The gameplay has stayed the same from the first two in the series, except you need more skill to fit all the rides and keep your "peeps" happy, as the parks have appeared somewhat smaller, and more condensed to me. The biggest improvement by far is the graphics. They went from incredibly simple, not even 3-dimensional, to 3-D. Instead of "guests", you have "peeps". These include children, and females now, upgrades from the all-adult-male guests in one, and two. Additions to this include sand-box mode: A no-holds bar, no money limit game, where you can do ANYTHING you want, no restrictions at all, except for height limits of course. Along with this game comes modes. Basically easy goals, to hard goals, to harder goals. Scenery looks more realistic also. But my favorite part of this game By Far is the ability to Ride your own coasters! You get to experience what your "peeps" will experience, which helps you decide whether or not to keep the coaster. You also get to create "peeps" which, for some reason doesn't work on mine, so I can't talk a lot about that. Another thing that I've enjoyed is the celebrity peeps. When one of these special peeps come along, you better make sure that your park is good enough to knock his socks off! This game is still as replayable than ever, with the same amount of fun staying in each and every level even after you beat the level.

Although their are a lot of positives on this game, their are also the bad, and the ugly. Among this is the Incredible lag, which can last for minutes, and has made me, and countless other gamers, frustrated. Also, for some reason or another, the peep creator won't open for me. The good thing is though, is that there are down-loadable patches to fix most of these problems. It also appears, that a lot of the roller-coasters have been taken out, and replaced with different ones. Also, most park maps have been considerably decreased, witch makes building roller-coasters much more difficult. This game has become the hardest of the three, with unhappy workers, unhappy guests, and skill levels, and pay levels for for your workers, sometimes make this game a pain. The cheats for this game are much more enjoyable than those for the first two(especially being able to drive a buggy.), and their expansion packs, so that's a plus!

Final Say:
Give this game a shot, you might enjoy more than I did, but if you don't, I warned you.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/10/06

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