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    Silent Assassin Walkthrough by Millers C

    Version: Final | Updated: 05/05/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                            HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY
                        Silent Assassin FAQ/WALKTHROUGH
                    Final Version (First Started 10/04/2005)
                     By Millers C (millerscrossingfaqs@hotmail.com)
                  This document is copyright Millers C (2005-)
    | Table Of Contents                                                       |
                              1. Version History
                              2. Introduction
                              3. Disclaimer
                              4. Silent Assassin Ranking
                              5. Controls
                              6. Tips
                              7. Silent Assassin Walkthrough
                              8. FAQ
                              9. Thanks.
    | Version History                                                        |  
    Final Version: May 5th 2008
    You'll notice a couple more strategies have been added, notably for 
    Amendent XVI. Thanks to everyone who has contributed here, I hope that I
    have provided a useful FAQ and thank correspondants for their kind words.
    I don't feel I have a lot more to add to this FAQ now, so I have decided
    that this will be the final version provisionally but will keep an open
    mind should more info come to my attention.
    Version 0.50: October 21st 2006.
    I've come accross a few more strategies that I've added to the guide that
    you may notice, as well as a few spelling errors and minor amendments. 
    Aside from that, there is nothing more to speak of yet.
    Version 0.40: September 3rd 2006.
    Can we really be in the ninth month of this year? 2006 has flown by, I 
    can't really believe it! First update for two months, there isn't much
    to comment on. I've added some alternate strategies for A New Life; it
    seems everyone has a specialized method for completing it as I've recieved 
    5 or 6 e-mails with different strategies. There are a few more FAQs which
    have cropped up and you'll find a new strategy contributed for Amendment
    Version 0.30: July 10th 2006.
    I've added some speed walkthroughs for A New Life and Flatline, plus
    a few more extra strategies for missions plus some general maintenance.
    Feel free to contact me with any suggestions for alternate strategies and
    so forth if you wish.
    Version 0.20: June 22nd 2006.
    House of Cards walkthrough has been completed and added to the guide. There
    are also a few alternative strategies added and general amendments to the
    FAQ, and the disclaimer.
    Version 0.10: June 11th 2006.
    Well I'm missing just one level off of the silent assassin walkthrough -
    House Of Cards - once I've got an acceptable Strategy for that mission I'll
    have the walkthrough put on the guide ASAP. I hope you enjoy the work so 
    far, if you've any questions just give me an e-mail and I'll  do my best to 
    respond promptly.
    | Introduction                                                           | 
    Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for the newly released PS2 version of
    Hitman: Blood Money. You'll find in this walkthrough a step by step guide 
    of how to achieve the Silent Assassin rank on every level in the game, a 
    hard task if ever there was one. Before you begin, take time out to read 
    the  Silent Assassin ranking section which gives an overview of exactly 
    how you can achieve the ranking.
    Please note that this guide has been written using Expert difficulty mode.
    And no its not a typo; this document was begun in April 2005.
    | Disclaimer                                                             |
    Millers C's Hitman: Blood Money Silent Assassin walkthrough, all rights 
    reserved Including the right of reproduction for profit in part or in any 
    form  (2005-2006).
    This guide is for viewing purposes only. It is present on GameFAQs and
    the sites outlined below on the condition that it shall not by way of trade 
    or otherwise, be Published, sold, circulated or exhibited in any magazine, 
    shop or Web-site without my expressed written consent and approval.
    GameFAQs.com, supercheats.com and 1up.com are the only websited which may 
    use this guide currently; if you Would like this guide to appear on your 
    website, contact me at millerscrossingfaqs@hotmail.com. Any help, hints, 
    info or strategies you would like to submit, use that address also. Comments
    on my guide are also always welcome, but no spam please. Critics are always 
    acceptable, but please keep your E-Mails non abusive.
    'Hitman' is a trademark of IO Interactive and Eidos, all rights reserved. 
    Also, IO or Eidos do not authorize or approve this guide, and have no 
    association with myself or gamefaqs.com. I disclaim any copyright in the 
    Hitman trademark, or in the texts, dialogue, weapons or characters 
    mentioned within this guide.
    Thank you for reading this disclaimer.
    | Silent Assassin Ranking                                                |
    The silent assassin ranking has always been the pinnacle of achievement in
    the Hitman series, but to achieve it you need to fulfill certain criteria.
    In this section I will outline the do's and more often than not the don’ts
    which effect which ranking you get.
    The following information is for EXPERT difficulty level.
    In order to achieve the rank of silent assassin, you MUST:
    1) Only kill the targets in each mission; you can however kill regular
    guards or anyone else in an accident which includes pushing down a flight
    of stairs or over a balcony.
    2) Retrieve surveillance tapes if you have been caught on camera.
    3) Make sure there are no witnesses or this will compromise your rank.
    You will know when there is a witness as the notoriety meter will turn
    yellow when you are near certain people. In this case, restart or reload.
    NOTE: The notoriety meter will turn yellow during the game when it will
    not affect your ranking. For instance, an explosion will lead to your meter
    going yellow as will being searched by a guard. Its only an issue when 
    another character approaches you or challenges you (Not searched) and it 
    turns yellow, in this case it is a witness.
    Cheers to Rob Owens for reminding me about that.
    4) Make sure that no bodies are discovered, unless it is the direct 
    result of an accident.
    you CAN:
    1) Fire as many shots as you want in a mission, provided nobody hears the
    2) Use the fibre wire, syringe and accidents to eliminate your hits.
    3) leave behind your suit and escape in disguise.
    4) Let the notoriety meter go up to yellow, provided it is not because you
    have gotten a witness.
    You MUST NOT:
    1) Use unsilenced weapons to eliminate targets, otherwise this will mean
    you will score points for noise. You'll lose your ranking even if you
    achieve all zeros on everything else.
    You must achieve no points for noise and violence on the end of mission
    ranking screen. I've never once got Silent Assassin with points for
    violence or noise.
    There is also no time or save limit for achieving this rank.
    NOTE: This guide has been written with notes gathered as I have replayed 
    each level and achieved the Silent Assassin rank, so if you follow the 
    guide step by step you should be able to get Silent Assassin - these 
    requirements are to the best of my  knowledge but the exact criteria is 
    still a grey area for each difficulty mode.
    | Controls                                                               |
    Not everything is covered in the in game tutorial, you'll need to get
    the best out of the control system in order to get Silent Assassin.
    Select: Takes you to the briefing screen. From here you can access 
    detailed information about the mission and to recap on the briefing.
    Start: Pauses the game, allowing you to quit, Save or load a game and to
    access the options menu.
    D-Pad: Is used to zoom in when looking through a Sniper Rifle's scope,
    lets you scroll options on action menu.
    L3: Throws Knives.
    R3: Switches into first person mode.
    Left Analogue: Moves Agent 47. Push it forwards when standing in front of
    an open window to climb through.
    Right Analogue: Moves Camera.
    Triangle: Exit Button, drops body.
    Circle: Performs some actions on the action menu, including changing into
    disguises. Throws melee weapons, ie the knife, screwdriver and secaturs.
    Square: Takes you to the inventory screen if you hold it down. Keep it 
    held down to select a weapon, device or item and release to return to the 
    game. Pressing this button will unholster a selected firearm or weapon.
    X: Action button. When the action menu on the screen appears, scroll the
    options and select using this button.
    L1: Enters 'Stealth' or 'Sneak' mode. With this button held down, and you
    push the analogue stick 47 can sneak behind people without them being able
    to hear your footsteps. If you don't move the analogue stick to move in
    stealth mode, 47 will crouch allowing him to see through keyholes if
    positioned in front of a door.
    L2: Enters the map screen. Follow on screen instructions for the map.
    R1: Attack. When holding a firearm, pressing this button lightly will
    fire one round. Fully depressing R1 will allow you to fire fully automatic
    if you are using a sub machine gun, machine gun or assault rifle.
    When using a melee weapon such as a knife, holding the button will raise 
    the weapon near the target and release to use. 
    When unarmed, this button becomes the close quarters combat button.
    Pressing it in front of an unarmed person will make 47 head butt his
    opponent. Pressing again will ensure 47 knocks them out with a punch or
    two. Doing this to an armed opponent will have 47 disarm them, and take
    the gun. Unfortunately, the weapon may go off in the struggle. When 
    approaching any person from behind, you will push them over by pressing R1.
    When they are positioned near a pitfall such as a ledge, bannister or
    on a staircase you will push them down and they will be killed - this
    counts as an accident and will not stop you getting the Silent Assassin 
    R2: Reloads selected weapon.
    | Tips                                                                   |
    Crosshair: It may seem obvious, but when the crosshair is red you are
    aiming at your target which includes using the syringe.
    Map: Use the map to help you maneuver through the game. You will also
    find useful information such as guard's quarters and enemy locations on
    the map. Unfortunately on the higher difficulties, the map is more
    restrictive. For instance on Expert mode, you can only see your targets
    and civilians on the map.
    Explore: Its all right explaining this in words, its better to see for
    yourself first, so when you unlock a new mission, give it a go, a dummy 
    run and familiarize yourself with the surroundings.
    Headshot: Always go for the headshot for an instant kill! Wounding an
    enemy will give them the chance to call for assistance and ruin your
    Camera: You WILL get caught on camera sooner or later; failure to capture
    the surveillance tapes will spoil your ranking. If you get caught 
    you will get an info bulletin in the game. I will tell you where
    each security office is on a level if you need to get the tape, but I will
    make it clear where the cameras are to help you evade them in the first 
    Upgrade: If you are planning on using a custom weapon, sometimes it is
    advised, you ought to have the best quality of sniper rifle or silverballer
    complete with the highest standard of silencer. Its therefore a good idea
    to play through the game before going for Silent Assassin ranking on some
    Peeking: You don't need to crouch and look through the keyhole to see what 
    is lying behind a door. If you stand either side of a door you can still
    open it using X and pan the camera to see through the other side.
    Reload: After using a firearm, make sure you reload in your own time. Your
    gun will not be automatically reloaded after you holster it.
    | Walkthrough                                                            |
    Welcome to the meat of the guide, the Silent Assassin walkthrough. A few
    points worth bearing in mind before you crack on, firstly this guide has
    been written on EXPERT difficulty level and every walkthrough has been
    guaranteed to gain Silent Assassin ranking as the guide has been written
    from notes used when achieving the rank. If you aren't getting the rank,
    look at the screen at the end of the mission to find out what you are
    doing wrong, and check it out in the silent assassin section of this 
    walkthrough if you like. I've also recommended potential trouble spots in 
    the game where it would be shrewd to use up one of your 3 saves.
    I'll let you know what equipment is required for the walkthrough of a 
    certain mission in the overview. Generally it is wise to always bring
    one silenced pistol with you as well as your standard equipment.
    I hope you enjoy the walkthrough.
    Overview: Its all about speed for the first few sections. If you encounter
    one of your targets early enough he can be eliminated without any fuss.
    Failure to do so will spoil what is the most effective way of completing
    the contract.
    A) Kill Don Fernando Delgado.
    B) Kill Manuel Delgado.
    C) Escape via Seaplane.
    Its very important to do the first few sections up until after you
    eliminate the first target very quickly.
    Turn around 180 degrees and follow the shotgun toting guard as he walks
    around the compound wall. Use your syringe sedative on him, hide him and
    the Shotgun in the nearby shrubs and change into his clothes. Now, return 
    to where you just started and head through the door with the guard 
    leaning near it. Head straight on and use the left double door.
    Go down the staircase and enter the door to the right, a look on your map
    will reveal one of your targets is in here if you were quick enough. There
    isn't usually anyone around so enter and kill him quickly with the 
    Poison syringe and hide his body in the case here.
    Go back up the staircase, passing the tour on your way. Once back in the
    main area, go to the right through the door leading to the Hacienda. 
    Run straight on and you will find an unlocked door to the right. Enter it.
    This is a good time to save the game.
    Take the first door on the right, turn through the alcove to the right and
    open the first door on the left but hide to the side as you open it.
    Watch the corridor for the VIP guard. If he has his back to you, run
    up behind him and syringe him and hide him in one of the unoccupied rooms
    on the right. Change into his clothes.
    Go to the second floor and head to the right on the landing. When both
    guards are looking away - one can be distracted by using a coin - pick the
    lock to the door on the right and enter. Your second target is in here.
    The method of killing is up to you; if he is standing by the balcony
    looking at the waterfall, push him out, otherwise use the fibre wire,
    syringe or silenced weapon. Once he's finished you can exit the hacienda
    through the main doors.
    This is also a good time to save the game.
    Head straight ahead to the wall and locate the double doors on the left.
    Pass through and turn to the right and follow the pathway around the side
    of the house and find the pathway that leads down to the hangar. On
    your way you may find the targets body if you pushed him out the window.
    At the bottom is a drug lab worker. You can ignore him by using L1 to sneak
    past. The guard further in the dock is a different matter. Sneak up behind
    him and push him into the water 'it was an accident, honest!' and head
    towards the seaplane to exit.
    Overview: There are lots of creative opportunities to kill the tenor on 
    this mission, but I used good old fashioned sniping (So don't forget the
    W2000!). There isn't really much choice on the method of eliminating the 
    ambassador; either you blow up the lighting or the chandelier - make sure
    you also have the remote detonator for the Mine. This is also one of the 
    shortest walkthroughs to get Silent Assassin.
    A) Kill Alvaro D'Alvade
    B) Kill Richard Delahunt
    C) Escape.
    Go up the steps and into the lobby and head left to the booth. Chat to
    the receptionist to receive the Mauser Pistol. Continue chatting to him
    until the worker in the blue overalls enters the bathroom. When he does,
    sedate him, change into his outfit and stash him in the conveniently 
    located box.
    Take the door to the other side of the booth down into the basement. Pass 
    through the door at the bottom and turn right. Pick the lock, follow the 
    stairs down and use the first door on the right. Climb these stairs and
    open the door here to get backstage. Follow the corridor to the right,
    passing by the bodyguard and enter the double doors on the right.
    Climb the large metal staircase to the top. You'll find a worker up here,
    who you should sedate to avoid a potential witness. Plant the mine on the
    lighting equipment here (To the left of the gap). Take out your custom
    sniper rifle and from the balcony at the top here, get a good shot of
    the tenor. When the executioner fires (Listen for the sound of thunder)
    shoot Alvaro once in the head and pack up your rifle. Quickly exit and 
    descend the stairs.
    The door just behind where the bodyguard was (And probably still is) 
    sitting earlier is a bathroom. Hide in there in the cubicle and when you 
    get the cinematic of the ambassador standing on the stage, detonate the 
    mine killing him in the process. From here you simply need to retrace your
    steps through the basement and back to the lobby to exit the mission.
    It is possible to kill Alvaro by playing the role of the executioner.
    Simply go backstage to the dressing rooms; you'll see a guard sitting on
    a chair. When he goes to the restroom, go into the left dressing room and
    hide in the closet. When the actor arrives, leap out and sedate him.
    Take his clothes and go back onto the stage when the bell is called.
    Stand to the right of the stage and when you hear the sound of thunder 
    during Tosca, you'll know this is the time to fire. Wait a while until
    the ambassador leaves and sneakily leave by a side door. If you run away
    right after firing, you'll blow your cover and your mission.
    Instead of carrying the hit out yourself, you can frame Alvaro's co star
    by switching the Mauser's. Do the same as above, but instead of sedating
    the actor, wait until he leaves the room for a moment or too. When he does,
    go over to the dressing table and pick up the replica and place the real 
    one down. Next, just hide in the closet again until rehearsals resume and
    sit back and watch!
    Overview: This is a very very easy mission to get Silent Assassin on, 
    primarily because several objectives are optional, and I think we'll elect 
    to give them a miss. Don't bother bringing any weapons, the Syringes are all
    47 needs for this job.
    A) Find CIA Agent
    B) Kill Carmine DeSalvo
    C) Protect the CIA Agent
    D) Escape.
    Take the winding path towards the clinic. On the left before a bend, there 
    is a small rest area where a future patient is having a cigarette,
    steadying his nerves. When he's not looking, crouch walk and steal his 
    invitation and enter the main doors of the clinic. Go to the reception and
    place your stolen invitation on the desk. Use the door to the right of the 
    desk and change into a patient's robes.
    Allow yourself to be frisked by the security guard who will then allow you
    to enter the clinic. Bear left and make your way to the staircase which 
    leads down into the basement of the clinic. The door is guarded, but you
    won't arouse his suspicions by entering. 
    Take the staircase to its end. The basement corridor is regularly patrolled
    by a guard. Wait until he is not looking in your direction, or is walking
    away from you before running down the corridor and turning right at the
    first opportunity. There is an orderly in the left room - if he's not here
    yet, position yourself near the door and wait for him to return here - who
    you should sedate. Take his uniform and the cell key he will surrender and
    drag him back to where you spied him from and put him in the dumpster.
    Now head to the staircase on the opposite side of the basement to enter
    the hospital wing. Locate the security office and take the keycard which
    is next to the donuts. Enter the cell block by unlocking the door, go
    downstairs and talk to Agent Smith. Use the sedative on him and leave.
    When you are back near the security office, don't return to the basement;
    instead use your newly acquired keycard to go through the metal fencing to
    enter the guard's quarters. If you've been caught on CCTV, use the coin to
    distract the guard and collect the tape; otherwise leave through the door
    here to return to the main compound.
    Its time to take out your primary target - the other two are optional, 
    and unnecessary - he's the gangster who is weightlifting. You can kill him
    by making it look like an accident. Simply head on over to the eastern wing
    of the ground floor to find the gym. Wait until he starts weightlifting.
    Just stand slightly behind him - he won't be suspicious - and when he
    puts the weight back, you'll get the option to crush his neck with the
    weight. Do so, after you are sure nobody can see you and then leave the
    clinic via the main doors.
    After all this time, the Agent will surely have been placed in the morgue
    by now. The morgue is the rectangular building right where you started the 
    mission. Head over there now; make sure the orderly is gone before you 
    revive the agent and then go to the door marked exit in the morgue to end
    this mission. 
    Flatline All Zeros Speed Walkthrough
    By Scythe.
    The first part requires precision timing and, the most important bit, 
    speed. As you start run up and to the left. Quick. Go up the banks and 
    when past them go slightly to your right, there’ll be a set of stairs up 
    to a balcony (it should be the furtherest one to the right at the front 
    of the building, you can also get to it by the main entrance). Towards 
    the top of the stairs there’ll be a guard patrolling so walk towards the 
    top to avoid attention. About halfway along the wall you’re now facing
    (covered in windows) there’ll be a door, pick the lock. If you’re fast 
    enough, around now you should get your first target cutscene. 
    Go straight ahead across the corridor and pick the lock of the door 
    opposite. You’ll now be outside again. Go to your right, up a small 
    flight of stairs, on the wall at the top on your right will be a 
    electricity box. Break it then sneak to your left till you’re between the 
    wall and the door. A few moments later the guard will exit, sneak into 
    the room he just vacated and to your right. Steal the videotape and the 
    access card. Now there’ll be a keycard door right ahead of you, open it, 
    run through and open the next one, you’ll be in the medical center foyer.
    Run to the open window in the opposite wall, leading into the room with 
    the observation window. THIS is where you find if you’ve been fast enough. 
    Climb through the window, sneak up on the guard sitting in the chair and 
    sedate him. Change clothes then drag him to up and to your right 
     to a container in the top right of the room. If you were fast enough you 
    should be able to do this without being seen, if not the guards 
    patrolling the cell will see you and you’ll get a red warning and be 
    If you’re successful go back to the desk where the guard you just sedated 
    was sitting and grab the cell key from the desk. Save now. Go to the cell 
    room and find the cell with the agent, get the photo of the target and 
    the subsidiary target information, inject the agent with serum and we’re 
    off again. Now with the medical centre uniform you can go anywhere 
    without real suspicion. You now have 3 targets, target one is on the first
    floor. Backtrack your steps to the room with where you stole the video 
    tape. Go through the door on the right into the hospital, in this corridor,
    next to the door you just exited from, is another door with stairs leading
    up, go up these stairs to the first floor.
    The targets room is in the upper left so get to the corridor and enter the
    room next to the targets room. Go onto the balcony and wait for the target
    to leave, sneak into his room and as you enter his room turn right, 
    you’ll have the option to 'sabotage gas', do so. Leave the way you came 
    and go to the ground floor again. Now to the next target. Exit stairwell 
    and go to the left through 2 sets of doors, the target will be in an open 
    plan room to your left. Walk into the room and walk around the wall into 
    a cul-de-sac in the room, wait for the target to leave. Check the map, 
    when there’s be a guard/doctor standing by the entrance facing diagonally 
    away from the doorway (just after the target leaves), sneak out and open 
    the globe in the center of the room, use your syringe to poison the wine, 
    close the globe then leave the room, Diagonally to your left is a gym, 
    enter into it and soon the last target will appear, wait for him to get on
    the bench-press machine.
    Stand at the top, by his head behind the machine and he’ll exercise a bit,
    when he’s done he’ll put the bar back on the machine, you’ll now get an 
    option to drop the bar on him, do so and he’s dead. Now time to run back 
    to where you left your suit, through the hospital, past the 'tape-guard', 
    down the 'keycard corridor' and to the medical centre. You can climb 
    through the window (unless you unlocked one of the doors while leaving 
    after speaking to the agent), get your suit (make sure there’s no 
    patrolling medics at the time), then leave. Go into the 'keycard tunnel' 
    and leave by the door you originally entered the building with. Go to the 
    starting point by the same path you took to get to the building (down the 
    steps through the garden) and walk into the morgue (I just strolled in 
    and the guard didn’t accost me, I didn’t retry this so I can’t verify 
    whether this happens every time), revive the agent and make your escape. 
    Summary: No major warnings, no witnesses, 2 accidents, 1 poisoning, 1 
    sedative and finished with suit. Nobody but the targets killed. 
    Unfortunately there isn't a huge choice on how to do this mission, both
    in entry and execution and its one of the easiest and shortest missions
    in the game to get silent assassin on.
    A) Kill Vinnie Sinistra
    B) Retrieve Microfilm
    C) Escape Suburb
    Head straight to the catering van parked near the driveway to Sinistra's 
    mansion. Wait until the caterer has left and stand at the rear. Watch the 
    FBI Agent who emerges from the side of the mansion. When he was resumed his
    patrol in the oppositte direction, use your syringe sedative on the donuts.
    Grab the box of donuts and Position 47 nearby the FBI surveillance truck,
    you'll get the option to 'leave donuts'. Do so and wait patiently while
    the agents come out and take the box inside and devour them. After a few 
    moments, they will be sleeping soundly. Enter the truck and quickly close 
    the doors. Relieve one of them of their outfit, ignore the weapons and 
    take the surveillance tape. You can now have freedom of access to Sinistra's
    Enter the mansion through the front doors. Make your way through the
    mansion into the backyard. Head over to the shed at the far end of the
    map. The pool cleaner may be hanging around here, either distract him
    with a coin or wait until he leaves. When no one is around, pick the lock
    and obtain the lighter fluid. Return to the pool and when no one is looking, 
    rig the barbecue (Use the coins to distract any potential witnesses here).
    The wife is most likely still inside the mansion, so for now we will focus
    on the target. Go back inside. Vinnie Sinstra will be in 3 places, the 
    living room, upstairs office or is moving between locations.
    If Vinnie is going upstairs, beat him to it and hide in his office (First
    door on the right). When he works on his computer, use your poison syringe
    on him and hide him in the back of the room. If however he's watching TV
    in the living room, Simply enter, wait near the closet in the back and drop 
    coins to lure him into the closet where you can fibre wire or poison 
    syringe him without the FBI minder ever noticing.
    If Vinnie is already in the office, it takes him such a short amount of
    time to finish what he is doing by the time you get there he will probably
    be already leaving, so try to perform the hit using one of the above
    As you were killing Vinne, you will probably have seen the screen of the 
    wife getting killed. If you haven't yet, patrol the pool area and wait
    for it. Once she is confirmed dead, wade into the pool and pocket the
    microfilm necklace. From here it is a short journey back to where you
    started to end the level.
    A New Life All Zeros Speed Walkthrough
    By Scythe.
    Run to the catering truck, wait until the catering man leaves and take the
    donuts. Cross the road and sneak into the open garage, sneak to the back 
    and pick the lock to get the ether. While in this 'safe' room' use a 
    sedative on the donuts. Now go to the van outside, towards the right at 
    the back door you’ll get an option to 'Leave donuts', do so and run to 
    the side of the truck. Wait for the agents to take the donuts, eat them 
    and pass out. Enter the truck, take the tape and change clothes. Now for 
    the microfilm. Run to the back garden  through the house. Once in the rear
    garden wait for the pool boy to leave the shed. There’s 2 ways to get the 
    microfilm, one is to drug the pool boy and seduce the wife but I prefer 
    the more entertaining way. Once the pool boy has left pick the lock and 
    enter the shed, towards the back in the middle there’s a bottle of lighter
     fluid, take it and then go to the barbeque (top right of them pool), you 
    get an option to 'Sabotage barbeque', do so then walk away to the steps 
    leading into the pool and walk into the pool. A few seconds later the 
    wife sadly has an 'accident' when starting the barbeque, watch the show 
    and when she eventually jumps into the end of the pool just stroll across 
    the pool and take the necklace. Now time for the target. Enter the house 
    by the glass doors and go upstairs. Halfway along the corridor there are 
    2 doors almost opposite each other, one leading into a study of sorts 
    with a computer directly ahead of you as you enter the door, the other 
    into the daughters bedroom. Enter the bedroom and wait for the agent to 
    leave, by the window you’ll have the option to put ether onto the 
    panties, do so (it’s not necessary but meh, do it to the dirty bastard 
    anyway and you may as well do something while waiting for the target). 
    Wait for a little while and eventually the target will come upstairs and 
    enter the room opposite you. Follow him in at a short distance then, when 
    he sits down at the computer, sneak up behind him and syringe him with 
    poison. You can then drag him into a little cul-de-sac in the back of the
    study. Leave the house by the main door, go back to the surveillance van,
    get your suit and leave to the exit.
    Summary: No major warnings, no witnesses, 1 accident, 1 poisoning, 1 
    sedative and finished with suit. Targets wife killed; this can be avoided 
    by the sedating pool boy when he hangs around near the garden shed and 
    seducing the wife but you still get silent assassin this way and it’s 
    more entertaining!
    Alternate Strategy
    Immediately head to the garbage truck on the other side of the level and 
    sedate the garbage man working on the side of the truck. Drag his body 
    around the back of the nearest house and change clothes. Go back towards 
    the tall hedge. Go over to the vet’s house and enter the room in the 
    garage. If the neighbour spots you, try again entering by the side and 
    crouching near the hedge. Get the ether and darts and climb back out and 
    make your way to the treehouse.
    Climb up and load the air rifle. Wait for the dog to go near the steps 
    and put him to sleep. Drop the rifle and go back around to the front of 
    the targets house. Go into the area with the dog, (you will get seen on 
    camera but we'll get the tape later) and go down the steps. Check your
    map in the basement to see if the guard down there is leaving. When he is 
    go inside, grab the lighter fluid and get to the top of the stairs. 
    Go out of the basement and run straight through the linens to the garage.
    Check your map and wait for the guard in the guard area to go outside 
    and the other guard to go back down stairs. When they door run back 
    across and go down the hall to the last room. There is a window in this 
    room. Climb out it and go left to the pipe on the wall. Climb a bit up 
    but not past the hedge so you can see the outside guard. Wait until he 
    goes back inside and then climb up and go into the babies’ room. Enter 
    the hallway and run to the targets rooms and hide behind that little 
    piece of wall.
    When he comes in fibre wire him and run out into the hallway and enter 
    the other room (make sure it's not the one with the patrolling guard.) 
    When the patrolling guard goes into the hallway go into the girls room 
    and pour the ether on the panties. Then go into the room with the covered 
    furniture. Wait for the guard to go back into the girls room and sniff 
    the panties, he will pass out. Go into the room and get his clothes, you 
    don't have to hide the body.
    Now go into the hallway and go down the stairs. The target's guard will 
    have found him by now and there will be extra guards around but that's 
    okay. Go outside and the wife should soon be entering the indoor pool. 
    Follow her and sedate her right as she steps into the pool and get the 
    film. IF you miss that opportunity, use the lighter fuel you found in the
    basement on the barbecue. Go out front and open the CCTV truck and drop
    a coin. Both guards will come outside so rush into the truck, close the 
    door, and steal the tape. Go back and get your suit and head for the exit.
    Thanks a bunch to Derek Elmy for coming up with that strategy.
    Sniping Strategy
    For yet another different method on executing Sinistra, try this one. If 
    you enter the FBI truck, preferably after sedating the two feds inside 
    with donuts, you can call Vinnie’s house using the phone in here. When he 
    goes to answer, you'll be able to see him through his sitting room window.
    Pick a sniper’s nest opposite in or around the vet’s house and take him 
    out with a W2000 slug to the cranium.
    Overview: Once the tedious tracking of the courier is completed, this 
    mission gets difficult to explain adequately as your targets move to 
    different places. Just remember to look at the map - whatever bar or 
    club your target is at you will always be able to access the same way 
    via an alley. Bring yourSilenced Silverballer with you for this hit.
    A) Kill Mark Puriyah, Jr.
    B) Kill Raymond Kulinsky.
    C) Kill Angelina Mason.
    D) Steal Briefcase (OPTIONAL).
    E) Protect Politician.
    F) Escape.
    You can disrupt the courier's conversation with the guy at the bar by
    pushing 47 into them. The courier will then leave without having his
    irritating conversation. When he's left, have 47 stalk him through the
    mardi gras celebrations. Eventually, he'll stop to have a cigarette in 
    analleyway. Use this opportunity to sedate him, steal his costume and 
    briefcase and stash him in the dumpster conveniently provided.
    Masquerading as the courier, you can take his place at the assassins
    hideout. The hideout is located in the northwestern corner of the map.
    Go there and you will be allowed in without any real fuss. Ascend the
    spiral staircase and head into the office. You don't actually need to
    place the briefcase down, just wait until the yellow bird has entered 
    and then left before eliminating Puriyah, preferably with a silenced
    silverballer shot to the forehead. Quickly stash him in the freezer in 
    the corner and grab the walkie talkie from where Puriyah fell.
    Your targets will now be revealed on the map. The tricky part now is 
    wherethe shooter Kulinksy is. He's always on the second floor of one of 
    the three bars and restaurants on the map. The good thing is, infiltration 
    and execution of this hit is always the same because each bar has an 
    alleyway which you need to use to gain access. Locate the bar Kulinsky is 
    at, enter using the alleyway. If there are any workers in the alley you 
    should sedate them, steal their uniform and hide the body in a dumpster.
    Go inside and make your way to the second floor. Your target will either be
    loitering in his room here or be standing on the balcony. If you eliminate
    him outside you'll get witnesses. Wait until he has reentered his room and
    kill him with a silverballer shot to the back of the head. 
    Your final target is Angelina Mason. She moves around often too, usually
    between alleyways which is a convenient place to take her out. Again, find
    her on the map, wait until she is in an alleyway and kill her. You may be
    able to get away with this without hiding her body if you escape quickly.
    If she goes to the alley with the piano, you can kill her when she is
    standing near it with a carefully placed salvo from the silenced
    silverballer - the two guys at the cafe table will not be able to see her
    or hear the shots especially if you have the best kind of silencer on
    your silverballer. Its also advised to save just before you shoot her
    in case it backfires.
    When she is dead, make your exit.
    Overview: Once more this walkthrough has been written very much with speed 
    atits core; if you move at pace all characters we encounter early on should
    be in easy locations. I'm also abandoning the aphrodisiac method for Chad 
    Bingham Jr - the Jacuzzi accident is far more effective and satisfying - so
    remember to bring your silverballer with you.
    A) Kill Chad Bingham, Jr.
    B) Kill Lorne De Havilland
    C) Retrieve Videotape
    D) Escape.
    Run to the elevator, but make sure you run behind the red suited guard to
    avoid the only security camera you need to worry about in this level, and
    take it to the top floor.
    Immediately take the glass double doors to your left and turn left again 
    where you will see a staircase and door with RESTRICTED or something along 
    those lines written on a plaque. Position 47 to the left of the staircase 
    and door. Soon, a Guard will walk out - sneak in through the open door.
    Pass through the doors here until you reach the kitchen. Go to the far end
    where you will encounter an inebriated Santa Claus. Sedate him and steal 
    his costume and place him in either the cooler in the kitchen or the crate
    in the back room. Before you exit, poison one of the sausages on the 
    kitchen top and take it with you.
    Make your way to the bar and pass through the alcove at the end leading to
    the private party. Take the first door on the right hand side in this area
    and then turn left and use the door where this corridor leads. You'll see
    a man and a woman making out in the corridor. When you approach them, they
    will go their separate ways. Now, there is a black suited security guard 
    who regularly patrols this area. When you spot him, make sure he is heading
    in a south east patrol towards a set of doors in the south east corner. 
    When he enters this door, sneak behind him and sedate him and then allow 
    his body to slide down the staircase. 
    Take his clothes and enter the door at the bottom. Fire one silenced
    silverballer round at the glass bottomed Jacuzzi to take care of
    your first target, Chad Bingham Jr. Return up the stairs and reenter the
    private party. You'll see an elevator on your map in this area - with your
    new found disguise you are at liberty to go anywhere on the estate - and
    take it to the studio floor.
    Once here, locate the security office which is one of the first few doors
    up here and grab the videotape when nobody is looking. Then, look at the
    map and find out where De Haviland your second target is. Go to him and 
    drop the sausage near his dog (Precious?). When the dog has been disposed 
    of, kill De Haviland by either pushing him off his balcony, shooting,
    poison syringing or fibre wiring. If he's in the film studio you will need
    to wait until he is back in the penthouse before killing him.
    Surrender your firearms in the penthouse and return to the elevator you
    used to get here. Take it to the helipad. Follow the corridors and allow
    yourself to be frisked. When you've been given the all clear, make your
    exit in the chopper.
    Overview: This is a surprisingly dull mission, things only really start to
    get interesting in the final section where we get to take out 4 targets
    in quick sucession. Its also has some very frustrating opening sections
    which once out of the way, you can enjoy the mission.
    A) Kill Skip Muldoon.
    B) Kill the Gator Gang (6).
    C) Retrieve Pictures.
    D) Escape Via rescue boat.
    This first paragraph needs to be completed quickly.
    Sprint up the stairs facing and go right up the second set of steps. Pass
    by two sailors and go left. The first Gator gang member is walking towards
    you. Run up past him and drop a coin as you pass him. He should walk 
    towards the railing. When he does push him off. Be wary, he responds oddly
    sometimes and looks in all sorts of directions and also, in a few seconds
    another sailor comes by so if he doesn't go to the balcony the first time 
    you throw a coin, wait until the sailor passes and throw more coins and try
    again. If this proves too difficult, follow him to the engine room and
    take him out there (Push him into the engine, but beware the workers there).
    Go back towards the stairs and enter the doors. Go through the set of
    double doors facing and you'll see another gang member kissing a woman.
    Stand guard nearby. They will go into her room; a few seconds later she
    will leave and he follows about a minute after. Follow him outside to the
    deck. Be careful - there is sometimes a woman looking over the railing.
    If she's there, approach her and she'll leave. When you are sure nobody is
    around, push the gang member overboard.
    Go left and climb over the railings and jump to the next balcony. Just 
    around the corner is an area patrolled by a sailor. He'll either be here
    or the other side, but since he's the only one who moves around he's the 
    one we need to take out. If he's here, wait until he goes back inside and 
    run up behind him and sedate him and take his clothes. If he's not there, 
    wait for him.
    NOTE: From where you are standing, you can see the above gator's deck - one
    of the gator's does walk around there and if you have a shot, take him out.
    Go back inside and make your way back through the ship to the staircase 
    that leads to the dining area. Once inside the dining area, go through the 
    doors at the end. Pass through to the next dining area and look at the 
    single door in the top section guarded by a purser. Go inside, close the door 
    and pick the lock. Go in, and use the door on the other side of the room.
    Use this time to save the game.
    Quickly enter the first door on the right before you are spotted, sedate 
    the waiter and take his clothes. Hide him in the freezer. Now, poison the 
    cake and place your silverballer inside. Use the door here. If you didn't 
    snipe the gator earlier, now is your chance to kill him - he's usually 
    outside here.
    Go up the stairs and head toward's the cabin. Allow yourself to be frisked
    and go through the rooms into Skip's office. Place the cake on the desk.
    Retrieve your silverballer and - provided Skip can't see you, enter the left 
    hand door. Go through another door and retrieve the parcel from the safe. 
    Pick the lock on the other door.
    Now this is where the fun starts. The cake will kill Skip soon, so don't
    worry about him. On this deck are 3 more gator gang members and two 
    members of staff. You CAN kill staff members with accidents so try pushing 
    some off balconies or into doors from behind. All three targets go to 
    areas where you can kill them in private, so use whatever means nessesary
    to take them out. If you've saved the game recently, experiment but as long 
    as the staff members have been taken out of the picture, you're free to 
    eliminate the targets as you see fit.
    Once they have all been killed, leave by going back to where you started the 
    mission. Go to the engine room door, pick the lock and pass through the 
    engine room, the bunks and a small section of deck to exit in the boat.
    Overview: This is perhaps the easiest mission to get Silent Assassin on.
    Your first disguise is handed to you on a plate and you will only fail if
    you are unlucky with people finding bodies. Its also a mission that can be
    completed extremely quickly if you know what you are doing.
    A) Kill the groom.
    B) Kill Pappy LeBlanc.
    C) Ensure the safety of the bride.
    D) Escape.
    The first challenge here is to be patient enough to wait for your first
    disguise. Take the little walkway through the shacks and you will enter
    the grounds of the mansion. To your left is a drunken guest. Simply follow
    him into the shack and when he has lost consciousness, take his clothes
    and his invitation.
    Had along the grounds and enter using the double main doors. To the left
    of the staircase are the washrooms. Make sure you are alone and pick the
    lock to the door on the left. Open the door and stand so that you can see
    through the doorway but you are not standing in the doorway. A guard will
    walk past. When he is heading to the left of the door, knock him out with
    the sedative and drag his body into the utility cupboard right near the 
    spiral staircase. Change into his clothes.
    With this disguise, 47 is free to go where he pleases. Go back into
    the washroom and leave the way you entered it. Go straight opposite to the
    door that faces you along way down the corridor. Use the poison syringe on
    the cake and wait here until the groom enters and helps himself. He will 
    collapse and die near the door. When this happens, place him in the crate 
    in the back.
    NOTE: If by any chance you encounter the groom in the kitchen after he has
    eaten some of the cake, you can either kill him naturally or wait until
    he returns. Also, waiters and the priest frequent the kitchen but you would
    have to be very unlucky if one encounters the body or 47 trying to hide it.
    If it looks like this may be the case, if you walk in front of the groom
    and 'get his attention' he will not die straight away, but on his next
    visit to the kitchen. Its a good idea therefore to save before you start
    this kill.
    Next we focus all our attention on Pappy LeBlanc. Again, he will be in two
    locations - his bedroom or the graveyard. If he's in the bedroom, look
    at his room on the map and enter the back way. He will be facing you and
    will tell you off. Eventually though he will make to exit and when he has
    his back to you take him out.
    If you want to take him out at the graves, you can push him into his
    brother's open grave or kill him with the wire or syringe and hide him
    inside. With LeBlanc dead and possibly buried, leave the island the way
    you entered.
    Sniping Method
    NOTE: You will obviously need to bring the W2000 rifle with you; make sure
    it has a high class silencer.
    Basically, do the above up until just after you have murdered the groom and
    hidden his body. You need to return, wearing the gangmember's outfit, back
    to the washroom, through the door you picked the lock of earlier, turn right
    in the coridoor and enter the greenhouse (Grey area on your map).
    Go up the first spiral staircase on the right and out onto the roof; make
    sure that you are not seen doing this as you will more than likely blow 
    your cover. From here, you can get a clear shot of Leblanc as he stands 
    near to the grave. Put a bullet in LeBlanc's head as he kneels over the 
    grave; pack up your rifle and return back through the mansion to your boat 
    to exit.
    NOTE: From this sniping position, you can have a clear shot of the wedding
    pavillion and you can even snipe some of the guests who are shooting at
    alligators right at the beginning of the mission.
    Thanks to Robert Morris for that method.
    Overview: Despite the fact this is a large mission, and you have 3 
    targets, you are somewhat limited as to how you can take them out; it is 
    also a very easy one to get Silent Assassin on as well. You'll need to 
    bring your W2000 Sniper Rifle with you for this one, and try to ensure it 
    is installed with the best silencer available; the same goes for the 
    A) Kill Mohammed Bin Faisal Al Khalifa.
    B) Kill The Scientist.
    C) Kill Hendrik Schmudtz
    D) Steal the case of diamonds
    E) Escape
    Begin by strolling through the main enterance of the shamal casino and 
    head around the wall and into the lobby. Make your way over to the
    information desk and talk to the receptionist. When she has finished,
    pick up your keycard and head up the stairs to the elevators.
    Call the elevator on the left and enter it once it arrives. Climb the 
    hatch and arm 47 with the fibre wire. Your first target, the scientist 
    should be arriving by limo.  He should be walking through the lobby area
    about this time; he'll enter the elevator you are hiding out in.
    When the scientist enters, strangle him through the hatch and steal his
    keycard and then return to the elevator. The Scientist's briefcase contains
    the diamonds; leave it in the elevator and collect it later on.
    Once your elevator has reached the eighth floor, bear left from the
    elevators and find the scientist's room (801) on your map. Outside you
    will discover two bodyguards. Luring the from their post with the coin
    proves uselss. Instead, head back the way you came - make sure nobody is
    around - and activate the fire alarm. The alarm will kick in and the two
    bodyguards and a third who was inside the suite will run out in a panic.
    This is your chance to enter the scientist's room with your keycard.
    Locate the second door on your left to enter the bedroom. In here you'll
    notice the phone on the desk. You need to use it to redial the shiek who
    will have to go outside to answer the call, only he probably hasn't 
    arrived right now. You'll have to leave 47 in here for however long it
    takes for the shiek to arrive. When he does, you'll recieve a short
    split screen cutscene to show you. When this happens, track his movements
    until he has entered the lounge in the back area of the casino.
    Hopefully by now the fire alarm will have stopped, and a long enough
    amount of time has elapsed for the bodyguard's locations to have been 
    reset. Go to the bedroom door and look through the keyhole to see whether
    the bodyguard is there. If he is, redial the shiek, then go to the
    adjacent door in the bedroom to enter the bathroom. Use the door in here
    to return to the living room. Use your syringe sedative on the bodyguard
    and steal his clothes. Next go outside onto the balcony and unpack your
    Sniper Rifle.
    Watch the area down below in the centre of the casino. The Shiek will
    walk out here to answer his call; when he does shoot him in the head once.
    Make sure you have a clear shot; he's a moving target and missing him
    will cause him to run back inside. With two targets down, pack up your
    Sniper Rifle and go back inside.
    Your final target is Hendrik Schmudtz; there are three locations which are
    convenient to do this objective. Depending on how long you took to
    complete objectives one and two, he's either in the casino area, in his
    hotel room or moving between the locations. By far the easiest place to
    kill Schmudtz is in is hotel room. He'll go there eventually so be patient
    if you have to wait. Simply go to the 7th floor and find his room in the
    north east of the map (Watch the map to make sure he remains there), and
    shoot him with the silverballer as he leaves. Hide his body.
    If you encounter Schmudtz leaving or moving between these places, he'll
    use the right hand elevator. Wait for him on top of the elevator and
    strangle him. Finally, you can shoot him in the toilets near the bar; this
    is the least favoured method as it is difficult to hide his body in the
    stall and there is the potential for witnesses in there. But if you want a
    challenge, he'll go there eventually. Make sure you grab the diamonds case
    from the left hand elevator if you need to go downstairs.
    With your final target eliminated, you need to retrieve the case of 
    diamonds in the elevator where you killed the scientist. With this in
    hand, exit using the doors to the left of the slot machines in the casino
    and go to the limo to leave.
    Basically, you need to follow a similar route to the one above. First, kill
    the scientist in the left hand elevator; take his briefcase and keycard	and
    go to the seventh floor (Make sure you leave the Diamonds briefcase in the
    Other elevator). Wait for Schmudtz up here and fibre wire him when
    he leaves his room; Put his corpse in his room and steal the DNA Briefcase
    and his suit.
    Go back to the elevator where you killed the scientist and take it to the
    eighth floor; pull the alarm near his room and enter when the guards have
    scarpered. Go inside and redial the shiek. Now, with the alarm still ringing
    the guards will not have returned to their posts so go back down to the 
    lobby QUICKLY using the left hand elevator (Where you stashed the diamonds
    briefcase) and make sure you still have the DNA Briefcase with you.
    Sprint down to the casino and walk nonchalantly up to the bodyguards who
    will frisk you - you shouldn't have any weapons on you - and use the door
    in the back of the lounge. Dump the briefcase, walk past the employee and
    sprint up the stairs. You should meet the Shiek. Fibre Wire or Poison him
    and hide his body (You can use coins to stop him walking away if you wish)
    and then return back to the other elevator where you left the diamonds
    briefcase and with that in hand grab your suit from Schmudtz's room and any
    weapons you may have left here and exit the level.
    Cheers the Brent Spillner for that walkthrough!
    Masquerade Strategy
    For this method, you need to eliminate Schmudtz first. Grab his briefcase, 
    keycard and clothes. Deliver the briefcase to the shiek when he arrives and 
    After a long, long wait, he'll receive a phone call from the scientist. When 
    he does, just follow him upstairs. Make sure the guard doesn't see you walking 
    through the door: if he does, though, you can always step back outside 
    immediately, then wait until he turns his back to you. You can then kill 
    the Sheik on the roof. Don't worry: he won't be suspicious even if he sees 
    you, so you can simply run towards him and strangle him. Next, walk back 
    downstairs, pick up the diamonds briefcase, and leave. You can now snipe the 
    scientist from the Afrikaaner's room, when he's in the bedroom. Then you can 
    complete the mission.
    Cheers Robert Lijklema for that strategy.
    Overview: There are four targets here in a large level, but its actually 
    quite easy once you are acquainted with the general area. Since you'll be in
    a gunfight with one of your targets and its necessary on another, bring
    the silverballer, preferably loaded with Magnum Rounds and silenced to its
    full capacity.
    A) Kill Anthony Martinez
    B) Kill Vaana Ketlyn
    C) Kill Maynard John
    D) Kill Eve
    E) Retrieve Information
    F) Escape.
    There is only one route for access here, through the main lobby doors.
    Ignore the camera and ask the desk clerk to 'look for your briefcase'.
    When he has left the lobby, enter the door to the right of the desk and
    descend the stairs. At the bottom open the door to the parking garage.
    There is a guard who patrols this area. When you spot him moving to the 
    left of the door you just opened, sneak towards his direction and hide
    beside the limo. When he has resumed his patrol, he will leave the area.
    Now, the lower section of the garage is patrolled by another guard.
    You need to make it to the door on the left of the lower section of the 
    garage just behind the guest who is vomiting. When the guard has moved
    away from you, enter the door here after picking the lock and take the
    stairs down.
    I've been informed that the second guard in the office will come outside
    near to where you begin this mission to smoke a cigar; if you want to
    try this then stay outside for about 3 minutes and you can sedate him and
    steal his costume.
    Thanks to a fellow whose alias was space khfage for that one.
    Make sure you save the game; this next section is potentially tricky and
    lets face it nobody wants to go through that stealth tedium in the garage
    again if you are spotted.
    Its time to get your first disguise. To the right of this door there is a
    guard on regular patrols. When you spot him, catch him off guard and sedate
    him. Take his clothes and hide him in the nearby dumpster. Now, head to 
    the left of the staircase you used to get here and right again to make 
    your way to the party.
    Approach the bar to speak to Maynard John. Follow him. Once you have begun
    the challenge, simply shoot him with the silenced silverballers (You
    can use the weapons he offers you since the room is soundproofed if you
    prefer). Relieve him of the storage key, unlock the door and look at the
    map. See the elevator in the far corner of the basement? Head on over there.
    Once inside the elevator, press the button to take it to the garage. As it
    is ascending, climb the hatch and stay here. And Wait. And wait some more 
    until you see a split screen cutscene where Anthony Martinez obtains the
    briefcase. He'll make his way to the main elevator, take it to the garage
    and then he'll use this elevator to meet his mistress Vaana Ketlyn, your
    second target.
    From the hatch, fibre wire Anthony when the lift doors are safely shut and
    change into his outfit. Grab the briefcase and locate Vaana on the map.
    When you find her, approach her. Sometimes you'll get a short cutscene.
    Otherwise, she'll lead you to her private room which is just before the
    bar where you earlier encountered Maynard John.
    In Vaana's room, position yourself in front of the throne facing away from
    it. When she enters she will look behind her just before she reaches you.
    When she does this, shoot her in the face, leave behind the briefcase and
    return to the elevator where you killed Anthony. Take the elevator to the
    garage and now take the adjacent elevator to the top floor party.
    Disguised as Martinez you are free to explore this floor. Go right from the
    elevator, past the guard into the restricted area. Enter the door on the
    right hand side. In this large office press action on the laptop on the
    desk to complete another objective. This room is also where your final
    target goes to take a break, so hide in the closet for now.
    When she finally enters, she will probably walk towards the closet - when
    she does, shoot her dead with the silverballers. Return to the elevator
    and go back to the parking garage. Now, instead of exiting, turn left and
    leave via the parking garage entrance. You need to recover the tape from
    the security checkpoint. Its also a good idea to have the insurance of a 
    recently saved game in case you are spotted. The best way to recover the
    tape is to crouch inside and hope or wait until nobody is looking -
    remember, you can distract guards using coins.
    With the tape secured, make your exit.
    Instead of facing off Vaana in her room, you can cause a rather nasty
    accident at her pyrotechnics show. Follow the walkthrough as stated above,
    and when you acquire your first guard's outfit just after heading down to
    the basement party, make your way backstage to the area just behind where
    Vaana is usually performing. Just beside the door here is a device - stand
    next to it and you will be prompted to 'rig pyrotechnics'. Do this, and with 
    your current disguise - you are free to roam - enter the door and watch 
    Vaana's rather gruesome demise. From here, finish the mission normally.
    Overview: The final mission is also a pain to get SA as some of the guards 
    are seemingly psychic and there are surveillance cameras galore. It took a 
    lot of practice and patience to get this rank, but if you follow the general 
    criteria you should do okay. Don't bother to bring any special weapons with 
    you this time.
    A) Kill Daniel Morris.
    B) Kill Mark Parchezzi III
    C) Escape.
    Ignore the tour group and the metal detectors and head straight for the 
    toilet. You may have your notoriety meter hit yellow - sometimes the marine
    guarding the toilet gets suspicious, but not often. Once inside,
    immediately close the door. If you were fast enough the staff member will
    still be in here. You need to knock this guy out by pushing him over
    from behind. Its difficult, but once you do it he should bash his skull on 
    the sink or door and get knocked out cold. Hide him behind the door and 
    take his clothing.
    NOTE: There is a certain amount of luck required in knocking this guy out
    without anyone getting suspicious, so keep trying as we need the two
    syringe sedatives for later on. 
    Use the door opposite the toilet and take the first door on the right.
    Pass through another door and when the museum worker is not looking take
    the Kitchen Knife from the kitchen counter. Leave and Take the door to the
    left of the toilet where we sedated the worker. Enter the security office 
    on the left and grab the keycard from the table in the back. Return to the
    corridor and pass through the door to your left and then another door. In 
    this long corridor go through the only door on the right hand side and 
    climb the steps. A marine patrols this area. If he's not there when you 
    arrive, wait until he returns. Either way, creep up behind him and sedate 
    him and steal his clothes. Nobody else comes up here so nobody will find 
    his body.
    Return downstairs and back to the long corridor and use the keycard on the
    door at the end. Climb the stairs and use the door here. Use the door 
    opposite the stairs. There are three offices in the bottom of the map.
    You need to get into the second office. Pick the lock when the guards are 
    not looking and enter. Go next door - to the right - this is the
    vice president's office. If he's here, eliminate him with the fibre wire, 
    take his keycard to the west wing and stash him in the wooden box. If he's
    not around, he's walking the first lady's dog. If this is the case, wait 
    for him to return and get him then. When you leave, leave via the way you
    entered. Leaving by the Vice President's office door will leave the guard
    suspicious and your cover broken.
    Go to the second floor of the main building, using the staircase farthest
    away from the vice president's office. If you look at your map, you'll see
    a ladder in the section opposite to where you are currently. Go to the
    room with the ladder, evading the marine if he is in here and ignoring the
    carpenter's outfit, go through the window and climb down the ladder.
    Head over the rooftop and on towards the door with the keycard. Wait out
    here until a secret service agent - he does come out here eventually - 
    goes outside. When he does, sedate him and take his suit. Enter the
    West Wing using your keycard. Negotiate the office cubicles to find your
    way to the first floor. Go to the Oval Office and you'll see a cutscene
    with the famous Mark Parchezzi III. 
    There's no way you can expedite 47's rising from the explosion, so don't
    bother trying. Despite the notoriety meter showing yellow, nobody is 
    suspicious to your activities - yet. Follow Parchezzi through the offices
    and around the cubicles. He's going to the area where we sedated the secret
    service agent earlier so you know where you'll be heading. When you have 
    returned to the rooftop, charge at Parchezzi and knock him out with punches. 
    You can try and fibre wire or poison syringe him if you like but this is 
    awkward. Don't bother disarming him and using his 1911 on him - it will 
    effect your noise ranking. Instead, take out the Kitchen Knife we pocketed 
    a while ago and throw it into Parchezzi's head.
    Climb back up the ladder to the room with the Carpenter's outfit. Go
    accross the hallway and enter the other second floor room with a ladder.
    Go through the window - don't worry about the construction workers they 
    won't break your cover - and climb down the ladder. You'll find the walkway
    to the first floor on the roof here and the marine you left unconscious
    earlier. Put back on your museum staff outfit here and walk back through
    the corridor, museum and through the metal detectors to end the level and
    the game.
    Syringe Strategy
    I accept it is difficult to push over the staff member in the bathroom at
    the beginning of the game, however it is possible to use the syringe on him
    and still have one left over for later; what you can do is actually push
    the guard down the stairs on the roof (Accident) and you can do the same to
    his partner!!
    Thanks to Jostein Aasen for that bit of info.
    Alternate Strategy
    You can smuggle yourself a weapon into the building in this level rather 
    than using on site weapons for the confrontation with Parchezzi. Bring 
    your silverballers or silenced pistol (I prefer the silenced pistol as it 
    can be left behind), and at the very beggining go around to the other 
    side of the bus and wait for a woman to walk by. She sets her suitcase 
    down and moves over to have a smoke. Just stash your gun in the suitcase, 
    leave it be, and head inside. Go to the bathroom to wait for the museum 
    staffer to appear again, knock him out and take his suit. When you step 
    outside (careful no one sees the body through the door) head through the 
    left double doors then left again into the security station. While you 
    wait for the security guards to bring in the woman's suitcase, go ahead 
    and grab the video tape from the table. When the marine walks in, he’ll 
    set down the briefcase, and walk out. Pick up the briefcase, move over to 
    where neither guy at the desks can see you and retrieve the gun, and set 
    the case back down. Then you can proceed the rest of the level normally.
    Thanks to Sean Larue for that strategy!
    NOTE: There is also another additional strategy
    which involves throwing the silverballer or silenced mp5 over the
    compound wall at the beginning of the mission; with luck a guard will 
    pick it up and place it in the security office. Its risky, but it may be 
    worth a shot if you are stuck.
    Cheers to Matt Rowson for that little piece of info.
    Alternate Entry
    Instead of knocking out the museum guide or smuggling in a weapon via the
    tourist's briefcase, its possible to sedate one of the patrolling marines
    outside and steal his uniform. Outside at the beginning where you find
    the weapon crate, wait next to it for a while and one of the marines should
    come round the corner and walk towards you. When he turns around, you can
    take your chance and obviously this means you can smuggle in your silenced
    ballers through the metal detector and not bother grabbing other disguises
    you can proceed straight to the first hit.
    Thanks to Polkio for pointing that possibility out.
    For yet another way of doing this level, go behind the bus where the tourist
    with the briefcase goes to have a cigarette. When she does this, drop your
    gun near her. She'll run off and get a guard. When the guard goes to retrieve 
    the gun, you can sedate him giving you an easy disguise.
    Thanks for that one, Gareth Fletcher.
    | FAQ                                                                      |
    There are a lot of gripes that commonly feature on message boards and
    E-Mails pertaining to this game, in this section I will attempt to answer
    some of them. So before you E-Mail me, please read this section to see if
    your question is answered in here.
    1) Can I get Silent Assassin on Death of a Showman?
    A) No, you can't even get a ranking on that mission - besides, you are
    required to kill multiple guards and several targets with no silenced 
    2) Where are the bullet holes? My friend says...
    A) The bullet holes on bodies only appear in the XBOX version, I'm not sure
    what's going on with the PC version but they are not in the PS2 version.
    Don't ask me why.
    3) Does firing multiple shots affect my ranking?
    A) Nope. You can fire 1,000 rounds of ammo into nothing more than thin air,
    and provided it is silenced, you will find your ranking unaffected.
    4) How do you play the Requiem level?
    A) Simply toggle L3. Rotate it 360 degrees repeatedly for a fast revival.
    5) Can I kill regular guards and civilians and still get Silent Assassin?
    A) Directly, no, but you can kill as many as you want via accidents which
    includes pushing people down stairs, over balconies and into water.
    6) Any Push button codes released yet?
    A) For the PS2, none at the time of writing this but I wouldn't hold out
    much hope as Contracts didn't feature any.
    7) Do I have to have the top silencer for my weapons to get Silent Assassin?
    A) No, you should be fine with the regular silencer - its just the more
    silenced the better.
    8) Any tips for Requiem?
        - Use the priest as a human shield and pick off the bodyguards one
          by one.
        - Make sure you have your back to the wall when you try to reload
          with a human shield.
        - There is a crypt in the south containing a myriad of melee weapons.
        - Non playable characters cannot open the door to the crypt.
        - One bodyguard carries a stilleto
        - Cayne's wheelchair cannot go downstairs
        - Save the reporter until last!
    | Thanks                                                                |
    First, thanks to B, D and M for being there.
    Thanks to CJayC for posting this FAQ
    Cheers to Scythe for the speed all zeros walkthroughs,
    and everyone connected with the development of this fantastic game.
                   This document Copyright Millers C (2005-)

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