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"Blood Money is paid in full"

Hitman Blood Money is by far the best Hitman to date. It sets you an environment and it's up to you to decide how to finish your mission. There are plenty of ways to complete your missions from doing it completely unseen to running in with guns blazing.

The graphics are fantastic. Lighting is great, textures are great, and character models are great. Although it seems that everybody in this game has the perfect body. Guys are ripped and girls are sculpted to perfection. Not a bad thing, just a little un-realistic. Guns look amazing and blood effects are quite nice.

The sound is fantastic. Music really sets the mood and the gunshots are great. The only problem is that the voice acting could use a little work. The dialogue is either really cheesy or just not very good. And the matching of the sound could use a little work.

This is where the game kind of suffers. The camera can be a little hard to handle some times but is overall okay. The control of Agent 47 is fair but the menu setup for the PC is a bit annoying at times. Its not really BAD, but just kind of annoying.

Storyline is distant but is still there. If you really get into reading then the storyline is fair. But overall is just lacking.

Replay Value
The many different ways to play this game really give it great replay value. You could do numerous missions in different ways. But overall the game is fairly short. A good player good finish this game in a few hours.

This game is a great game. Great graphics, great gameplay, and is a fairly simple game to pick up and learn. The only problems are the controls are a little off, and it being such a short game, its hard to tell you to go out and buy it. You could easily rent this game and beat it before it needs to be returned. I bought this game and have no regrets in the choice, its all up to you if you are ready to drop the cash on it. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/08/06

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