Review by PoPPiP

Reviewed: 06/13/06

After completing this awesome game, there was only one thing on my mind... When's the next sequel coming out?

Hitman: Blood Money is Agent 47's fourth adventure, and having never played any of them before, I am now most definitely a fan of the series. Hitman boasts a very unique blend of stealth and action that is just a blast to play, and really does make you feel like you're this unstoppable Hitman. If you've ever wanted to be like "Leon: The Professional," you'll just absolutely love this game.

Gameplay 8/10
With about a dozen missions in all, the greatest aspect of Hitman is that each mission can be completed in countless ways. Although you will always be given the same objectives, the manner that you complete them is entirely up to you. Combined with the very open environments, each mission offers a lot of replayability.

For the most part, the core gameplay feature in the game Agent 47's ability to disguise himself in just about every outfit available. Eliminate a cop, and you can then take his clothes and get past security undetected. Just remember to hide the dead body or at least not be seen at the scene of the crime. It's just great fun to figure out the best ways of reaching the target, and doing all of it without ever leaving any witnesses.

To make things easier, you always have access to a map of the entire mission with everything shown in real time. The map is essential for telling you where the guards are located, which direction they're looking in, and the locations of key objectives.

Probably the only negative side to the game is that the AI behavior can be a bit strange at times. You will sometimes alert the enemy from what seems like perfectly secure locations, and this can get frustrating at times. Still, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Graphics & Sound 8/10
The graphics and sound are both better than average. Many of the environments are quite good, and there was never any lag on my system. The ingame cut-scenes do a fantastic job of conveying the exciting story, and the voice acting is good all-around.

Final Verdict 8/10
All in all, Hitman:Blood Money is a very solid stealth action game that I thoroughly enjoyed. The game is not without its share of problems however, as the game seems to have some stability issues with many people, mid game saves are deleted every time you restart the game (I believe this is intended, but is definitely annoying), questionable AI, and the game could be longer. Still, even though it isn't perfect, the game is just too much fun to be missed.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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