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"One of my favourite games."

Agent 47 is back! This game is just amazing. One of the best stealth/action game to be made. I know it's quite late to review it in 2009 but it shows that it hasn't lost its charm.

Graphics :-
For a 2006 game, they are just amazing. The models look very nice, the lightning is great and so are the animations. 47 moves fluidly around levels. The buildings and the textures on them look very impressive and manage to beat even games of 2008/2009. The anti-aliasing is also done very nicely. The icing on the cake is that it does not require a super-computer to play it on max! Just perfect!

Sound :-
Amazing again. The voices of Diana, 47 and other people are just perfect. Explosions sound well and the choice of music is beautiful. The music changes with the situation. I must mention that the title screen melody is just amazing and I love it. The guns sound real. The sound is also perfect in this game.

Gameplay :-
This game is huge. Even if it has a handful of levels, it makes it up by providing variety. There are nearly 20 to 25 ways to carry out each assssination. The levels are huge with so many interactions and possibilities that you will be baffled. The disguise system is just like the old games but in this one, you will have to take back your suit before leaving or you will have to pay a fine of $5000 to the agency (An expensive suit he wears!). The new money system is nice. The money you get after a mission depends on your rating. The highest rating is Silent Assassin and will net you the most money. You can spend the money on upgrading your main weapons (Silverballer pistol, the SMG Tactical, SP12 Shotgun, M4 Assualt Rifle, W2000 Sniper Rifle and some misc. stuff like painkillers, lockpicks and bullet proof vests.) or bribing people to reduce your notoriety. You can only take three weapons with you on a mission (a pistol, a SMG and a rifle). You can collect all the other weapons that you find on missions and they will be added to your arsenal and then you can take them on missions with you just like your default weapons but the difference is that you can't upgrade this collectible weapons. The fibre wire is still Agent 47's trade-mark weapon (along with the Silverballer) and it works just like the previous games. The sedative and poision syringes are also present and they also work the same way as in the previous games but the sedatives now have a long-term effect period, netting you much more time to finish a mission before the guard from whom you stole the disguise from gets up! Another new addition to the series is the Newspapers. Everytime you finish a mission, you will see a Newspaper with all the details of your mission. This is an interesting addition to the game. Along with the article on your assassination, there are other articles too, some of which are very funny. Long story short, this is an awesome game!

Overall :-
A great game which will make you think and will always keep you on the edge of your seat. Go play it if you haven't yet.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/22/09

Game Release: Hitman: Blood Money (US, 05/30/06)

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