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"Indeed an assassins simulator"

Hitman is a long running series based on stealth action. Player assumes a role of a bald and brutal assassin named 47. He is the best assassin in the world (and also the most expensive). Hitman has four installments named Hitman: Codename 47, Silent Assassin, Contracts and at last Blood Money. Every sequel of this series brings you on 47's bloody journey. This is my review about the fourth installment blood money (as a side note English is not my native language so there are several grammatical errors to be ignored).


Graphics are amazing and well detailed, but by todays standard it looks a little bit lacking but still very nice. Environment looks impressive and colorful. But one thing about the graphics is that characters animations are very few. And you see about a dozen or so animations in every level again and again. It feels little annoying. Another thing is that rag doll physics sometime feel unrealistic and little buggy (or glitching). Otherwise every thing is just about right.



Even more impressive than previous installment. On every level ICA (International Contract Agency) give you mission to kill a person (refers as a target) and it is your duty to accomplish it. At the end of the mission you earned cash (like in Codename 47 but it was dropped in SA and Contracts) depending on how much quick and silent you are. You can spend this cash to make you upcoming missions easier. Options available in previous game are make a comeback here along with several new stuff. You can sneak, drag or take clothes form dead or unconscious bodies, stun an enemy with a syringe, conceal weapons, hide a sniper rifle in a briefcase to avoid detection etc like in previous games. New are the options to customize your standard weapons. Standard weapons include sliver ballers as standard pistol, SMG tactical as standard sub-machine gun, M4 as assault rife, SPAS 12 as standard shotgun, and at last the WA2000 as a standard sniper/battle rifle. Other options are accident your target, hide bodies in boxes or even hide yourself (Mr. 47), human shield any NPC (non-playable characters), distract enemies by switching off lights or by throwing coins, bribe to avoid detection in the next level, buy Intel for the next mission, close combat is also making a debut here. You can stun enemy not only with syringe but also with a well-placed punch or a head butt, you can also jump on several obstacles, snatch weapons form guards, throw knives or other small arms and several other things for good reasons. Civilians are not like scary sheep anymore! They pick up weapons from dead guards and try to take you out. It gives you more challenge if you like to run and gun. One thing I notice is that targets are no longer stay in one place or at most move from one place to another all the time. (Remind yourself Mr. Wulf if you play Hitman: Contracts). They like to walk a lot than before. This allows you to kill them in several ways. Levels are very huge and all of them are of different variety. You can't feel that you are completing another task in same environment. Also all levels are not just huge but also beautifully designed and well detailed. I think IO-INTRACTIVE and EIDOS spent a month or so to create just one level. Every thing is exceptional except the AI (Artificial Intelligence). They are very intelligent when you silently advance in the level but are there intelligence is gone when you start running and gunning. It seems that they don't like to take cover and try to take you out regardless of their own safety. Just fire a gunshot in a room and stay there behind its door, and suddenly massive amount of guards start entering in your room and it's pretty easy to head shot every one as they enter. “Half Life” which release about a decade before blood money has much smarter AI.



Sound is nice. Guns sounds like guns and every weapon in the game has its distinct sound. Diana and 47's voice acting is excellent other sounds good. Except some yells of dying enemies is little stupid. Music is also excellent like in all Hitman games.



Controls are even more simple and easy to learn then previous games. In previous games, if you want to open a door and a dead body is lying beside it, then dragging it instead of opening the door happen quite frequently. But this can't happen to me in Blood Money.



Story is simple. Diana assigns missions and gives little bit of information about the target(s) and level. Also there is a kind of story link between missions. Not a deep story and I and several other players don't care about in-game story. It someone wants a story why searching it in video games try other stuff (novels, story books, films etc).


Replay value:

Replay value is top notch! There are dozens of way to kill just one target. You can snipe, poison, accident, explosion, use either a pistol or fiber wire up close to kill target(s). All options can be done in several ways and you can still be able to gain the best rating in the game “SILENT ASSASSIN”. Also another thing is that if you prefer action on sneaking then just grab the heavily customized M4 assault rifle with a 100 rounds drum magazine (Alas they dropped the good ol' M60 and M134) switch to “first person mode” and kill every thing that moves, and it gives the same challenge as getting SA rating. If you like sniping, then pick WA2000 sniper rifle and put a silencer on it, look for a cool sniping spot (there is at least one in almost every level like a ferries wheel or a tree house) and head shot everyone (it also gives you a special rating named “RUSSIAN HARE”) and LOL as you see them running like crazy and wonder about “Who the heck is shooting them”. Several levels and each and every one of them is totally different from each other (except for animations) can keep you busy for months. And don't forget the secret ZOMBIE MODE!


Final conclusion:

All in all it is a classic stealth game and a great combination of stealth and action. You can also add little bit of horror if you like (There is a secret Zombie mode in it). It urges you to play other games in the series and make you excited about upcoming Hitman 5.

Rent it or play on your friend's computer if you like video games but you must buy it if you like stealth games or a fan of Hitman games because this sequel is THE BEST in the entire series. If there is no copyright in your country (like in my country) then buying it isn't expensive. I buy it with three other games, which costs me about $0.35.


Animations are few: -1

AI is dumb: -1

Enemies' yells are sometime stupid: -0.5

I give it 7.5 but gamefaqs can't accept scoring in point so:

Final Score: 7/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/26/10

Game Release: Hitman: Blood Money (US, 05/30/06)

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