How to exit the room after we get the scorpion sword??????????

  1. I cant climb up the wall in the open doorway,,,after i get the scorpion sword........plz help.....

    User Info: abhishekphadke

    abhishekphadke - 7 years ago


  1. After you get scorpion sword there would be enemies coming for you(about 12) whack them which is simpler with scorpion sword.
    after that go to open doorway on right. on the stairs you would see a lever turn it it would release a new set of enemies. this are a bit beefy and takes time to whack. be careful. after you are done with them check for small rooms they came from. one of them contains a small box. go near it and hold right click and pull it outside. place the box over the pressure plate besides the stairs (opposite a column) and a door would open go through it deal with more enemies

    For more help ask me (but give more details) or you could refer walkthroughs on this site
    go to hints and cheats at the bottom of game page

    User Info: Sandulf29

    Sandulf29 - 6 years ago 0 0

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