Review by odino

"Seal of Average"

The story is ok, but could be a lot better as well. Often there are predictable events and the horrible dubbing does not help either. What is nice that the story fits into real historic events but only mentions them in conversations. By making choices during the game you end up with a different ending. This can mean very little or very much depending on what you do. These are usually obvious but I challenge you to find all variations without a guide

Gameplay: 6/10

It's hard at times, unless you take your time and play through it slow paced. Quests are usually hidden too well and enemies are very annoying. It can be extremely frustrating to fight foes if they keep running away, dodge, or just won't die. Healing is another bad skill some enemies posses but it's not as bad as the others. The game is also slow in telling the story, combined with the horrible sound acting it is painful to watch the cutscenes. Item creation/refining is hard, maybe too hard for the average game to play around with.

Graphics: 8/10

The locations are neat. Often the caves are too similar and the layout is not random like Diablo which is a real downer. Item randomization is not enough to make replaying worthwhile. The cities are full of people to interact with and overall one can't complain about the detailed environment GMX has created.

Sound: 6/10

The score is great, classical Chinese music combined great with the setting. However, the same songs are repeated all the time and get repetitive. The voice actors are the worst any game has ever seen and the sound effects are pretty lame as well. I would even prefer the original Mandarin voices to this, or just read the text only. Hopefully the creators have taken notice from the gamers remarks and improve on this in the future games. OST 8/10 - SFX 4/10.

Overall: 7/10

Not bad but gets boring very quickly. Loved the first few chapters but once it gets into slaying after slaying after slaying I became jaded and wanted to get the game over with soon. I would usually give it a 6 but then I did have a lot of fun at the start.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/28/06

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