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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DTran

    Version: 0.90 | Updated: 02/03/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to
                       continue that counts."
                                   - Winston Churchill
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       """"""                                                               """
            U   N   I   T   E   D         O   F   F   E   N   S   I   V   E
                               Call of Duty: United Offensive
                           Version: 0.90 (Last Updated: 02/03/05)
                                   Written By: Legomondo
                                  Game System: Windows/PC
    Hi my peoples!  Welcome back to a second dosing of Call of Duty!  Titled United
    Offensive, this one improves graphics, gameplay, and adds new weapons, not to
    mention a load of multiplayer features for the people looking for
    replayability.  Also, this time, you're really "not alone", something that I
    found severely disappointing during the British missions in the original.  So,
    load the discs into your CD drive, install, and get ready to be immersed into a
    land where your survival depends on the success of your squad.
    If you have any questions that you want to email me, you can do so at:
    Legomondo [at] yahoo [dot] com.  If you're wondering why I spelt out the @ and
    ., it's because I get a lot of spam mail due to my guides, which I'm guessing
    is due to lots of spam bots.  So, instead of depriving you all a way to
    contact me, this will [hopefully] stop a new wave.  PLEASE include the title
    of the game in the subject.  And while I appreciate contributions, such as
    alternate walkthroughs, I may or may not post them.  Also, I may or may not
    respond for a very, very long time.
                                                   - Legomondo
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             [0]   -=-=-         [ Table of Contents ]         -=-=-   [0]
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      1.  Version History
      2.  Game Basics
         2.1  Controls
         2.2  Basics
         2.3  Advanced Basics
      3.  Weapons & Items
         3.1  American Weapons
         3.2  British Weapons
         3.3  Russian Weapons
         3.4  German Weapons
         3.5  Items
      4.  Walkthrough
         4.1  United States 101st Airborne
         4.2  British Special Air Service
         4.3  Russian Infantry
      5.  Multiplayer
         5.1  Game Modes
         5.2  Vehicles & Weapons
         5.3  Maps
      6.  Cheats & Secrets
      7.  Miscelleneous
      8.  Legal Information
      9.  Credits
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             [1]   -=-=-          [ Version History ]          -=-=-   [1]
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    10/14/04 - 0.90: This FAQ, as you can see from the version number, is about 90%
      completed.  All sections are basically done, except I am missing the final
      mission for the Russian Campaign.  Also, the "Miscelleneous" and
      "Multiplayer" sections haven't been fully formatted.  Rather, they're just
      notes I've been making of the game at times.  Other than that, enjoy.  And
      please don't email me on how to beat the last mission before I post it up.
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             [2]   -=-=-            [ Game Basics ]            -=-=-   [2]
            '+.+'                                                     '+.+'
    In case your game didn't come with, or you lost, the instruction booklet, read
    on to find out some of the basics of the game.
      -=[ Single Player ]=-                           -=[ Multiplayer ]=-
        Forward        = W                              Vote Yes       = F1
        Backpedal      = S                              Vote No        = F2
        Move Left      = A                              Chat           = T
        Move Right     = D                              Team Chat      = Y
        Lean Left      = Q                              Commands       = V
        Lean Right     = E                              Screenshot     = F12
        Use            = F                              Map            = G
        Stand/Jump     = Spacebar                       Smoke Grenades = 5
        Sprint         = ALT                            Satchel Charge = 6
        Crouch         = C                              Binoculars     = 7
        Reload         = R
        Prone          = CTRL
        Quick Save     = F5
        Quick Load     = F9
        Fire Weapon    = Left Mouse Button
        Hand Attack    = SHIFT
        Aim Down Sight = Right Mouse Button
        1st Weapon     = 1
        2nd Weapon     = 2
        Sidearm        = 3
        Grenades       = 4
    Learn the basics of the game and strategies to help keep you alive.  You never
    know when this information might come in handy.  Then again, these should be
    no-brainers.  Most of these come from the manual, mainly the more well-written
    ones.  The others are ones I added as I played through the game.  Some of them
    apply to multiplayer, or are written for multiplayer, as well.
      -=[ Nobody Makes It Alone ]=-
    Success in Call of Duty relies on a well-coordinated and cooperative squad.
    Your squadmates help fight the enemy by providing covering fire and helping to
    eliminate threats.  Above all, listen to your squad leader!  Do exactly what
    he says and you'll stay alive.
      -=[ Use Cover ]=-
    The soldier who runs into the thick of battle guns a-blazing often winds up
    dead.  Although you'll often be called upon to make split-second decisions, a
    levelheaded and patient warrior is the one who returns home to his family.
    Remember that a deadly threat could be looming behind any corner, wall, window
    or rock.  Stay alert, move deliberately and don't try anything stupid.
      -=[ Stay Mobile ]=-
    Think you found a good spot for cover?  That may change in a matter of
    seconds.  Although pausing to regroup, assess threats, reload weapons or
    replenish health is always necessary, don't stay in one location for too
    long.  You never know when the enemy may discover you and compromise what you
    thought was a safe location.  If you hear artillery or mortar fire in the
    distance, by all means stay mobile.  You may not survive if a stray shell
    lands near you.
      -=[ Be Thorough ]=-
    Clear buildings and combat areas with a meticulous and thorough search.
    Enemies may lie in silenc, waiting for you or your squad to let your guard
      -=[ Reloading ]=-
    Always reload your weapon after a firefight.  This enables you to be as
    prepared as possible for the next engagement you face.  Another enemy could be
    just around the corner, and entering a conflict witih low or no ammunition in
    your weapon could cost you your life.
      -=[ Leaning ]=-
    The ability to lean around corners and obstacles is essential to your
    survival.  Leaning minimizes your exposure in potentially dangerous situations
    and allows you to look into rooms, around corners and otherwise peek from
    behind cover to survey the situation, check for hidden enemies and even fire
    at them.  You can still be seen and even shot while leaning, so exercise
      -=[ Stance ]=-
    Be mindful of your stance at all times.  Soldiers that walk tall on the
    battlefield often find themselves coming home in a box.  Crouching and lying
    prone keeps your profile low, making your harder to see, and more importantly,
    harder to shoot.
      -=[ Sprinting ]=-
    The ability to sprint for short distances is a new feature in Call of Duty:
    United Offensive.  Like leaning and crouching, sprint is more useful for
    minimizing your exposure to enemy fire.  Use spring to move rapidly from cover
    point to cover point.  While sprinting, you will be unable to fire your weapon.
                                    Advanced Basics
      -=[ "Here comes Peter Cottontail..." ]=-
    "...hopping along the bunny trail..."  This might sound stupid, but it's
    EFFECTIVE!  It's so effective that they banned it in multiplayer.  Hopping
    along in single player though makes you harder to hit.  Duh!  What kind of
    idiot would bounce their sights.  No!  Most idiots just sweep side to side.
    So hop bunny!  Hop!!
      -=[ Pinball Grenades ]=-
    This technique is also effective for clearing out rooms without exposing
    yourself.  Throw a grenade against the wall and watch it bounce back at an
    angle away from you.  Learn it, use it, master it!
      -=[ Lead ]=-
    Only used for mobile targets, this is especially crucial when sniping.  The
    farther the target is, the more you'll have to lead.  Simple logic tells us
    that if you fire at where the target is while he's running, you'll hit that
    place where he USED to be.  Bullets don't travel faster than the speed of
    lot.  You'll need to aim ahead, the distance depending on how far the target
    is and at what angle he's moving at.
      -=[ Stances ]=-
    In this game, crouching and prone positions become very, very important.  They
    make for a smaller profile, but at the same time, reduce mobility and speed.
    To choose the proper profile, consider these factors: COVER, MOBILITY, and
    Cover is very important, but depending on the height of it, you must choose
    between crouching and prone.  Even if the cover is just right for crouching,
    meaning your sights are over it, it may still be better if you're in prone.
    Instead of exposing the crucial, upper portion of your body, you can lean
    while in prone and reveal only a smidge.
    Mobility is also a factor.  Obviously the more straight you stand, the faster
    you'll run.  Mobility in close range fighting such as SMGs is very crucial.
    Stand still and you'll end up full of bullet holes while you try and have your
    crosshairs following the enemy's every move.  Instead, strafe with him.
    Typical cases are both players strafing left or right, so that you make a
    circle.  Confuse the enemy by strafing in the same direction he will.  This
    throws his crosshairs off while you know exactly where he'll be.  Mobility is
    also good in case someone attacks you from behind.  You can quickly run and
    Finally, sway.  This pertains mostly to sniping, but it's also for aiming down
    the sights.  You'll notice that the "Stand" and "Crouch" stances have more
    sway, especially when using a scope.  However, in "Prone", there is little or
    no sway at all.  It's not advisable that you "Stand" while sniping, especially
    since you make for such a large target.
      -=[ "Cooking Off" Grenades ]=-
    You now have the ability to pull the pin and hold a grenade for as long as you
    want in order to "cook off" the charge.  This is useful if you want to have
    more precision in your grenade throws.  In the Single Player missions, it also
    reduces the ability for an enemy to pick up the grenade and throw it back at
    To cook off grenades, press the "Fire" button, then press the "Aim Down the
    Sight" button for as long as you want to hold the grenade in your hand.  Your
    crosshair pulses for each second you hold it.  When you want to throw the
    grenade, release the fire button.  The grenade will fly for as long as it has
    left on its fuse and explode.
    Using this method, you can achieve all sorts of effects.  Throw them with a
    delayed fuse to eliminate the chance of finding cover or launch them into the
    air, having them explode right in front of the enemy's face.
            .+*+.                                                     .+*+.
             [3]   -=-=-          [ Weapons & Items ]          -=-=-   [3]
            '+.+'                                                     '+.+'
    Here, learn about the weapons and items you'll be utilizing in your fight
    against the Nazi Party.  Know the weapons well and you may live to fight
    another day.
                                   American Weapons
    [ M1A1 Carbine ]
     Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 15
     Damage : Moderate           Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : 240
    The M1A1 Carbine is a good starting weapon for the Americans.  However, since
    this is an expansion pack, which means you must've had the original Call of
    Duty, this rifle might be lacking.  Statistically, damage has been increased
    slightly, so take that into mind when choosing a weapon.
    [ M1 Garand ]
     Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 8
     Damage : High               Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : 240
    A good choice for an experienced rifleman, the M1 Garand gives you firepower,
    range, and accuracy all in one gun.  Its higher damage rate over the M1A1
    Carbine gives it an advantage, as does its long range.  The only drawback is
    that you cannot reload in a middle of a clip.
    [ Thompson ]
     Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : Fast           Magazine : 30
     Damage : High               Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : 360
    The Thompson is the only choice for a submachine gun for the Americans.
    However, it's an excellent gun, capable of downing an enemy with a few short
    bursts.  With its fast rate of fire and mobility, the Thompson should be your
    gun in close range fights.  The gun also has a semi-auto mode.
    [ Browning Automatic Rifle ]
     Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Fast           Magazine : 20
     Damage : High               Mobility     : Slow           Max Ammo : 300
    You won't play with the B.A.R. much, unless you happen to let a lot of you
    allies who are carrying one die.  Like the manual says, this guns is good for
    squad support, as in suppression fire.  It's recoil can throw off your aim a
    bit.  Using it while prone reduces it and increases your accuracy.
    [ Springfield ]
     Range  : Very Long          Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 5
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Medium         Max Ammo : 200
    Equipped with a 4x zoom scope, the rifle offers unbelievable range with deadly
    accuracy.  Skilled players should find this rifle extremeley useful,
    especially during multiplayer skirmishes.  The only drawback is its slow rate
    of fire.  A mishit could result in not only your location, but your quick
    [ Colt .45 ]
     Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 7
     Damage : Moderate           Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : 56
    Standard issue pistol for the Americans.  Does moderate damage, but not enough
    to consider using as a real weapon.  Use it when your primary weapon runs out
    of ammo or for a quick weapon when engaging lots of enemies.
    [ M2 Fragmentation Grenade ]
     Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 0
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : 10
    Grenades are very effective anti-personnel devices.  They are usuable in any
    situation.  Throw them over a wall, in a window, or behind an obstacle to
    flush the enemy out.  Its blast has a wide radius, thus, sending enemies
    running for cover.  Just becareful of your aim and staying away, or you might
    find yourself to be the one laying on the ground.
    [ Browning .30 Caliber M1919A6 Deployable Light Machine Gun ]
     Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Very Fast      Magazine : 75
     Damage : High               Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : ??
    The new deployable machine guns are an awesome weapon to behold.  Deploy with
    the "Aim Down the Sight" mode and blast away.  The American machine gun
    delivers accurate rounds while maintaining little noise.  Useful in any
    defensive situation.
    [ 2.36-in Rocket Launcher, M1A1 "Bazooka" ]
     Range  : short              Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 1
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Slow           Max Ammo : 3
    The new anti-tank weapon for the Americans is superb for all around fighting.
    While they are mainly used to take out tanks or blow up fortified positions,
    they are also useful against infantry.  The Bazooka also has crosshairs when
    you aim down the sight, allowing for a somewhat improved accuracy.
    [ Satchel Charge ]
     Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 0
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : 1
    Satchel Charges are new to this game, but they are very useful indeed.  These
    goodies have a much shorter range when thrown, but pack a very powerful punch,
    strong enough to even damage or destroy tanks.  Their bigger blast radius also
    makes them good against swarms of infantry, but make sure to get out of the
    area or you'll go boom too.
    [ Smoke Grenades ]
     Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 0
     Damage : N/A                Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : 3
    Like the Satchel Charges, Smoke Grenades are Multiplayer items only.  However,
    they don't do any damage.  Rather, they release a cloud of smoke that's
    impossible to see through, which can be a hinder, or a help.  Try to avoid
    using these over an over in close quarters.
                                    Russian Weapons
    [ Mosin-Nagant ]
     Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 5
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Medium         Max Ammo : 150
    The standard issue rifle for any Russian soldier.  Unlike the American rifles,
    this is a bolt action rifle, best suited for long range warfare.  It's highly
    accurate and very powerful.
    [ PPSh ]
     Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : Very Fast      Magazine : 71
     Damage : Moderate           Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : 355
    The main advantage of this submachine gun is its humongous clip.  Since the
    ammo is pistol ammo, damage is relatively low.  However, with its high rate of
    fire, the gun can easily put enough bullets to kill any man as fast as a
    single shot with the Mosin-Nagant.
    [ Tokarev SVT-40 ]
     Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 10
     Damage : High               Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : ??
    A new semi-auto rifle for the Russians, it delivers everything that the Garand
    does, with the added ability to reload in the middle of a clip.  However, its
    iron sights, or rather, the whole gun seems to take up a larger portion of the
    screen, making it difficult to see anything lower than the sights.
    [ Scoped Mosin-Nagant ]
     Range  : Very Long          Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 5
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Medium         Max Ammo : 150
    The basic Mosin-Nagant fitted with a scope used for sniping.  With the limited
    choice of weaponry for the Russians, this makes a good alternate for the
    regular Mosin-Nagant, unless used in close range combat where aiming down the
    sight is more of a hinder then a help.
    [ Degtyarev-Pekhotny 28 ]
     Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Very Fast      Magazine : ??
     Damage : High               Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : ??
    A deployable light machine gun used by the Russians, it has its pros and cons.
    A noticeable disadvantage is its lower magazine capacity.  With almost twenty
    rounds less than the American or German gun, reloading will happen more often.
    [ Tokarev TT-33 ]
     Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 7
     Damage : Moderate           Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : ??
    Like the British, the Russians now have their own distinct pistol for close
    quarter combat.  In the game, it looks a bit like the Colt .45 with a metallic
    appeal and packs about the same punch.
    [ RGD-33 Stick Grenade ]
     Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 0
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : 10
    Basically the same as the American Grenade. Just picture a very chunky German
    one and you've got the basics of it.  The only difference between this grenade
    and the others is that this one seems to have a bigger radius, yet be thrown
    shorter.  Nothing is perfect people!
    [ Satchel Charge ]
     Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 0
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : 1
    Satchel Charges are new to this game, but they are very useful indeed.  These
    goodies have a much shorter range when thrown, but pack a very powerful punch,
    strong enough to even damage or destroy tanks.  Their bigger blast radius also
    makes them good against swarms of infantry, but make sure to get out of the
    area or you'll go boom too.
    [ Smoke Grenades ]
     Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 0
     Damage : N/A                Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : 3
    Like the Satchel Charges, Smoke Grenades are Multiplayer items only.  However,
    they don't do any damage.  Rather, they release a cloud of smoke that's
    impossible to see through, which can be a hinder, or a help.  Try to avoid
    using these over an over in close quarters.
                                    British Weapons
    [ Lee-Enfield ]
     Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 10
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : ??
    The primary infantry weapon since the first World War for the British, the Lee-
    Enfield, like their Russian counterpart, is a bolt-action rifle.  Unlike other
    rifles however, this one operates on two 5-round stripper clips.  As such, you
    can only reload once you have fired five or more shots.
    [ Sten ]
     Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Fast           Magazine : 32
     Damage : Moderate           Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : ??
    The Sten is a terrific submachine gun used in close quarters fighting.  It
    Unlike other submachine guns, this ones gives you superior mobility while
    still maintaining accuracy.  Damge for United Offensive has been slightly
    [ Silenced Sten Mk IIs ]
     Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : Very Fast      Magazine : 32
     Damage : Moderate           Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : ??
    It's basically the same as the regular Sten, with the noticeable difference of
    a silencer attached to the end.  Sound is suppressed.  Statistically, the
    range is shorter, but its higher rate of fire balances it out.  Unfortunately,
    this weapon is not an option in multiplayer.
    [ Bren LMG ]
     Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Fast           Magazine : 30
     Damage : High               Mobility     : Slow           Max Ammo : 300
    Looking for supressing fire?  This gun should be your choice if you can't find
    a stationary one.  It delivers highly damaging rounds with superb accuracy,
    even when firing for long bursts.  The only drawback is its slow
    maneuverability and the need to reload.
    [ Springfield ]
     Range  : Very Long          Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 5
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Medium         Max Ammo : 200
    Equipped with a 4x zoom scope, the rifle offers unbelievable range with deadly
    accuracy.  Skilled players should find this rifle extremeley useful,
    especially during multiplayer skirmishes.  The only drawback is its slow rate
    of fire.  A mishit could result in not only your location, but your quick
    [ Webley Mk 4 ]
     Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 6
     Damage : High               Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : ??
    The Britains finally got their own pistol, or should I say revolver?  It's only
    a six shooter, and it takes painfully slow to reload, but the damage of the
    revolver is the highest of any of the side arms.
    [ MK1 Fragmentation Grenade ]
     Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 0
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : 10
    This grenade is just like all the others.  Chuck it and watch your enemies
    scramble about, easy pickings for a skilled riflemen.
    [ Satchel Charge ]
     Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 0
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : 1
    Satchel Charges are new to this game, but they are very useful indeed.  These
    goodies have a much shorter range when thrown, but pack a very powerful punch,
    strong enough to even damage or destroy tanks.  Their bigger blast radius also
    makes them good against swarms of infantry, but make sure to get out of the
    area or you'll go boom too.
    [ Smoke Grenades ]
     Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 0
     Damage : N/A                Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : 3
    Like the Satchel Charges, Smoke Grenades are Multiplayer items only.  However,
    they don't do any damage.  Rather, they release a cloud of smoke that's
    impossible to see through, which can be a hinder, or a help.  Try to avoid
    using these over an over in close quarters.
                                    German Weapons
    [ MP40 ]
     Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Fast           Magazine : 32
     Damage : Moderate           Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : 320
    This is an excellent weapon to pick up if you ever need a submachine gun.  It
    has a big enough clip to take out multiple enemies without the need to reload,
    and its recoil is almost non-existant.  You can hold the button and be
    guaranteed almost near perfect shots.
    [ MP44 ]
     Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Fast           Magazine : 30
     Damage : High               Mobility     : Medium         Max Ammo : 240
    The MP44 is all around weapon, capable of rifle-like abilities such as long
    range and accuracy while maintainig submachine capabilites such as automatic
    fire.  The MP44 is truly an assault rifle.
    [ Gewehr 43 ]
     Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 10
     Damage : High               Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : ??
    The Gewehr is basically like the Tokarev for the Russians, because,
    historically, they obtained some of the Russian rifles and liked them.  The
    Gewehr seems to take the longest time to reload out of all the semi-auto
    rifles, but that's just me.  Use it in place of the Kar98k if you like using
    rifles in close quarters.
    [ Kar98k ]
     Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 5
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Medium         Max Ammo : 150
    The standard issued rifle for the Germans, the Kar98k is another bolt action
    rifle, capable of delivering one hit kills.  It's very accurate, but it might
    become a liability at closer ranges.
    [ Scoped Kar98k ]
     Range  : Very Long          Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 5
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Medium         Max Ammo : 150
    Basically the same as the Kar98k.  Fitted with a 4x scope for precise
    [ FG42 ]
     Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Fast           Magazine : 20
     Damage : High               Mobility     : Medium         Max Ammo : 120
    Another excellent multi-purpose weapon for the Germans.  Not only can this be
    used as a submachine gun for suppressing fire, it also comes fitted with a
    scope for long range.  However, when using the gun and firing for long
    repeated use, the recoil tends to be a bit too much to maintain accuracy.
    [ Panzerfaust ]
     Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : One Shot       Magazine : 1
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Slow           Max Ammo : 0
    I've always wanted to know what Panzerfaust means, but I found out in the
    manual.  Meaning "Armored Fist", the Panzerfaust has the capability of turning
    a mere soldier into an effective tank-killer.  Although it has a short range
    and travels slow, the Panzerfaust can punch through enemy armor, turning it
    into a piece of smoldering metal.
    [ Machinegewehr 34 General-Purpose Machine Gun ]
     Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Very Fast      Magazine : 75
     Damage : High               Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : ??
    Like the American machine gun, this one carries 75 ammo in each magazine.
    Statistically, it's the same as the American one, just with a different skin.
    [ Luger ]
     Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 8
     Damage : Moderate           Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : 64
    As you know, Lugers were very prized by the Allies.  You might've read "Band
    of Brothers" and know that one guy accidentally shot himself with a Luger
    after acquiring it.  Then again, you might not.  The Luger pistol in this game
    is basically the same as the Colt .45 except it can carry one extra bullet in
    its clip.
    [ Stielhandgranate ]
     Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 0
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : 10
    Just like all the others.  They're called "Potato Mashers" too, just in case
    you wanted to know that tidbit.  Throw them and then duck for cover.  These
    grenades also have very good bounce to them, meaning they're good for throwing
    off walls.
    [ Raketenpanzerbuchse "Panzerschrek" ]
     Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 1
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Slow           Max Ammo : 3
    This weapon is similar to the American Bazooka, probably because the manual
    says that the Germans copied the design.  That's two things in this game
    they've copied so far.  The Panzerschrek is the exact same as the Bazooka, save
    the sights are a little different.  Panzerschrek = tank killer.  'Nuff said.
    [ Flammenwerfer 35 "Flamethrower" ]
     Range  : Very Short         Rate of Fire : High           Magazine : N/A
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Medium         Max Ammo : ??
    A weapon that is mainly impressive with the aesthetic aspect rather than an
    offensive aspect, the Flamethrower looks good in action, but performs rather
    poorly.  While the manual states that the damage it causes is high, the
    Flamethrower does little damage when used during multiplayer skirmishes.
    However, it does roast Germans quite nicely in single player.  Play around with
    it a bit, but don't use it unless you know that the enemy has little health.
    [ Satchel Charge ]
     Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 0
     Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : 1
    Satchel Charges are new to this game, but they are very useful indeed.  These
    goodies have a much shorter range when thrown, but pack a very powerful punch,
    strong enough to even damage or destroy tanks.  Their bigger blast radius also
    makes them good against swarms of infantry, but make sure to get out of the
    area or you'll go boom too.
    [ Smoke Grenades ]
     Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 0
     Damage : N/A                Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : 3
    Like the Satchel Charges, Smoke Grenades are Multiplayer items only.  However,
    they don't do any damage.  Rather, they release a cloud of smoke that's
    impossible to see through, which can be a hinder, or a help.  Try to avoid
    using these over an over in close quarters.
    Health Packs - They come in three flavors.  Small, medium, and large.  Small
     heals +10 health, mediums heals +25 health, and if you biggie size them, they
     heal +50 health.  Good stuff.  The +25 Health Packs are the most common of
     thed three, often being dropped by downed enemy soldiers.
    Documents - Enemy documents are sometimes mission objectives in this level.
     You can't use them, but you do pick them up with "F".
    Mounted Machine Guns - Mounted machine guns are scattered throughout some of
     the levels in the expansion.  In the expansion pack, the guns now have a bar
     above your health which indicate how long you can use the gun before
     overheating.  Like in the original, you should only use short burst fire to
     maintain accuracy, and ensure that the gun will never overheat.
            .+*+.                                                     .+*+.
             [4]   -=-=-            [ Walkthrough ]            -=-=-   [4]
            '+.+'                                                     '+.+'
    The section all of you are probably more interested in.  The walkthrough
    covers the "Hardened" difficulty setting, so some things may be different in
    your game.  Spoilers ARE included, so read at your own risk.
                             United States 101st Airborne
    Bastogne, Belgium 26 December 1944
       1) MISSION
         a. Repel anticipated enemy assault.
         b. Maintain current lines at all costs.
       2) EXECUTION
         a. Intent: 506th PIR will deploy jeep-borne recon patrols.  These patrols
            will assess the situation and return to Company HQ.
         b. During this period the line defenses will be reinforced:
            a) Foxholes will be fortified with lumber and sandbags
            b) 1 M2 .50 cal heavy machinegun will be deployed per platoon.
            c) Each squad will be allotted 2 m1919 a6 light machineguns will
               limited ammo.
            d) 60 mm mortars will be deployed to the rear of the line.
            e) Limited anti tank capability in the form of M9 bazookas will be
       3) SITUATION
         a. Enemy units are expected to renew their attack in full force.  Our
            lines are weakened due to yesterday's aerial and artillery attacks.
         b. Enemy Forces:
            a) 76th Volksgrenadier Division (expected)
            b) 2nd SS Panzer Division (Expected)
         c. Friendly Forces:
            a) Dog Company 506th PIR
            b) Easy Company 506th PIR
            c) Fox Company 506th PIR
       4) WEATHER
         a. Clear, cold.  Visibility 5000 m.
       5) TERRAIN
         a. Prepared positions, heavily forested area.
         b. The line faces an open field.  Approximately 100m deep clear field of
    Mission 1.1: Bois Jacques
    Mission Objectives:
    - Follow squad on patrol.
    - Get to the jeep.
    - Get back to Company HQ.
    - Follow Pvt. Anderson to your foxhole.
    - Hold the line (right).
    - Hold the line (left).
    - Follow Moody to the next foxhole.
    - Kill the two MG42 gunners [2 remaining].
    - Cover Sgt. Moody.
    - Follow Sgt. Moody to the right flank.
    - Get to a foxhole, grab bazooka, destroy incoming German tanks.
    - Hold the line at all costs.
    Like Sgt. Moody says, this is the last point on patrol, then it's time for some
    hot chow!  Of course, since this IS a game, you know something is up.  Follow
    your squad until someone yells "Kraut patrol!".  Firing should commence, which
    is your cue to hide behind the pile of logs like a baby.  Seriously, do it.
    You'll save yourself 18 Garand bullets and your precious health.  Precious is
    the keyword there.
    While your squad is bravely standing their ground, you should hear a familiar
    rumble.  As the tanks start coming in, your squad will order a retreat.  Now's
    a good time to sprint, since you don't want to expose yourself any longer than
    necessary.  If you read my FAQ for the original Call of Duty, you'll notice
    that I like to save my allies.  Notice that one ally stays behind and gets
    wiped out.  Run back towards the jeep and pick up the two Health Packs on there
    if need be.  BOOM!  There goes the other jeep with your buddies.
    Now here's a bit of some rail shooting.  You're on the machine gun on the jeep,
    so use it to hose the Germans running out in front of you.  More than likely,
    you'll score a few direct hits, maybe kill a couple of them, but certainly not
    all.  A tank comes rolling in as Sgt. Moody guns the jeep.  You might take some
    slight damage, which I guess is fine.  Swivel the gun back towards the front
    and keep it steady.  Your aim should be just above the log on its side, so you
    can mow the Germans in a line as Sgt. Moody swings by.  No damage should be
    taken at this part.
    Again, swivel around till you're facing the front.  You'll soon end up in a
    little valley where some Germans with two tanks are pouring down the other
    side.  Try and spray your fire around and at least injure some of them, long
    enough for them to stop firing at you.  Damage seems to be inevitable at this
    point.  Down the jeep goes until it knocks off a German motor car.  Swivel the
    gun SOUTH.  You should have a nice shot of a bunch of Germans on a lorry.  Kill
    them all.  As soon as Sgt. Moody mentions to take out the Germans to the left,
    swing your gun around and do so.  They'll be hidden behind another lorry at
    first, but when the jeep pulls into line, mow them down.  Then, swivel the gun
    left and try to take out all the Germans near the buildings.  Pvt. Ender will
    be of some help here.
    Down the road, you should pass by some more Germans and an armored halftrack.
    Try and kill any people on the halftrack here, as it will follow behind you.
    When Sgt. Moody takes a wrong turn into some startled Germans, mow them down
    quickly.  When he starts backing up, turn around and take out the gunner on the
    halftrack before he rips you to shreds.  Once Sgt. Moody gets going again, take
    out any Germans running behind you.  As you may have noticed, Pvt. Ender has
    been hit.
    The rail part is over.  After a bumpy ride, you'll make it back to HQ where
    you'll have to hold the line until the weather clears for Allied bombing.
    Follow Pvt. Anderson out the back and pick up the M1 Garand ammo.  Note that it
    is extremely IMPORTANT to follow Pvt. Anderson.  Any straying off the path will
    get you a mortar, and it "ain't" no friendly one either.  A cool scripted event
    shows a Pvt. Matrin in a Captain's coat pulling a guy to safety.  After some
    heavy mortar fire, you'll end up in your foxhole where you'll stay and defend
    the line.
    The assault will mainly consist of some infantry, whether they run out, or
    they're driven out on a halftrack.  If you see masses of infantry grouped
    together, this would be a good time to get used to "cooking off" grenades.
    When halftracks do come, a good idea would be to throw a grenade near it to
    wipe out any soldiers that get off.  Then, use the M1 Garand to pick off the
    machine gunner at the top.  You should always be crouched in the foxhole, as
    standing up will expose you to too much fire.  After a couple of intense
    minutes, Sgt. Moody will redirect you to another foxhole.  Follow him.
    Eventually, he'll drop you off at another foxhole where you can use the new
    deployable light machine guns.  Deploy above the sandbag and get ready for the
    German attack.  Single infantry are your toughest enemies, as they will more
    than likely try to flank you.  If they do, it's pretty much game over.  Try and
    mow them down as fast as you can.  You have to be quick, yet slow enough to
    make sure your shots kill.  I've played this level over enough to know that
    even though they take a few hits from the gun, they'll still get back up.  When
    things start to heat up, switch to your grenades and throw them around with a
    delayed fuse.  Some might get in, but that's where the melee attacks come in.
    Just beat them in the head with the grenades and finish the rest off.
    Eventually, Moody will move you.
    Drop down to the new foxhole, use whatever Health Packs you need, and use the
    Springfield to pick off the two MG42 gunners in the distance.  Look for their
    fire and the glow their gun gives off.  Using the scope, pick them off.  Once
    they're dead, Sgt. Moody will proceed to throw an orange Smoke Grenade to
    signal the fighters.  Once the beautiful bombs drop, follow Sgt. Moody again.
    Fight your way up, and pick up some of the German weapons, their automatic ones
    preferably.  On your way down the hill, drop down into the foxhole and pick up
    a Bazooka.
    The last part of the mission invovles you destroying three German tanks.  Use
    your Bazooka and nail the German tank headed your way.  The turret shouldn't be
    facing you right now which means you'll have a free shot.  Two shots total
    should blow it.  Move onto the next foxhole to pick up more Bazooka ammo.
    Again, two shots, using cover, should destroy the tank.  The last shot only
    requires one.  Perhaps an ally successfully damaged it?  When it blows, some
    Sherman tanks start to move in and the mission is over.
    Bastogne, Belgium 12 January 1945
      1) MISSION
         a. Assault and disable enemy artillery battery
         b. Capture and secure main crossroads.
      2) EXECTION
         a. Intent: Three squads will be deployed on a night op.  The objectives
            are to remove major enemy threats and secure the crossroads in order to
            allow the main force unfettered advance on Foy.
            a) First and second squads assault the battery and farm house.
            b) Third squad will secure the crossroads.
            c) All squads are to reunite at the crossroads to ensure that the
               objective is maintained.
      3) SIUTATION
         a. Enemy units occupy much of the area between Allied lines and the town
            of Foy.  The main crossroad this side of Foy is under enemy control.  A
            small battery of Pak 43 guns has been established near a farmhouse
            north of this position.
         b. Enemy Forces:
            a) 76th Volksgrenadier Division (expected)
            b) 2nd SS Panzer Division (Expected)
         c. Friendly Forces
            a) First Squad
            b) Second Squad
            c) Third Squad
      4) WEATHER
         a. Fog, cold.  Visibility 1000 m.
      5) TERRAIN
         a. Entrenched positions near 2 story stone structure.  Little cover on
         b. Entrenched positions at crossroads.
         c. Forested areas on roadside embankments.
    Mission 1.2: Crossroads
    Mission Objectives:
    - Follow Sgt. Moody to the ridge.
    - Protect Sgt. Moody.
    - Clear the forest.
    - Follow Sgt. Moody and squad.
    - Assault the MG42 nest.
    - Clear courtyard.
    - Clear farm house.
    - Interrogate German officer.
    - Rescue the allied prisoners.
    - Get to the crossroads.
    - Clear the crossroads.
    - Ambush convoy.
    - Destroy tank.
    - Return back to crossroads.
    Listen to the plans for attack, including the fact about the missing patrol,
    then wait until they're done.  Once the talking stops, follow Sgt. Moody to the
    ridge.  Simple enough.
    Once you reach the ridge, an explosion will occur and someone will yell for a
    medic.  It seems that you have fallen into an ambush.  The first thing to do is
    to nail the MG42 gunner.  He's the biggest threat.  The rest of the Germans are
    easily handled by your allies.  Once you kill the gunner, continue to look
    periodically at his position, as a German will constantly run to take the
    former's place.  However, this doesn't mean that you can just focus soley on
    that position.  Sgt. Moody can and will still die if you don't provide covering
    fire for him.  Once he has made it safely back, clear out the rest of the
    Germans nearby.
    Continue to follow Sgt. Moody until you run up with Pvt. Goldberg from the lost
    patrol.  He'll inform you of enemy statistics and strength.  Keep on following
    Sgt. Moody until a flare illuminates the squad.  When it does, head into the
    trees to the right, until you can see a campfire with some Germans.  Stay
    behind one of the rocks and start chucking some M2 Frag Grenades.  Since the
    Germans are so huddled together, you should cause some significant damage, and
    soften them up before you and your squad move in.  Once the coast is clear,
    enter the house.
    Pick up the Stielhandgrantes off the floor and peer out the door.  Once you do,
    some Nazis will instantly spawn in the courtyard.  Fall back and look out the
    hole through the wall to kill quite a few Germans.  Chuck a few grenades if you
    wish.  Once most are dead, scoot out.  Probably one of the guns will explode,
    and once they do, some Germans pop out from the house to the west.  Kill the
    machine gunner and the other German, then clear out the courtyard.  Check under
    the tarp area for some health.  Regroup with your squad outside the house, then
    wait for Sgt. Moody to open the door.  A huge explosion will rock the side, so
    you only have to take out the couple of Germans in the room.  Once they're
    dead, head upstairs to interrogate a German officer.
    The German officer seems to be withholding information about the patrol.  After
    a "nudge" with the butt of the rifle, he'll tell you that they're out back.
    He'll be escorted in a short bit, but will break free and warn other Germans.
    Pick up his Luger when he's dead and head down.  Before you exit however, pick
    up the Health Packs in the adjacent rooms.  Outside, use some grenades to clear
    out the Germans behind the fence, then enter the barn to find the prisoners.
    Climb the ladder to find some health, grenades, and an MG34.
    Outside, kill the Germans and proceed up the ridge.  Follow Sgt. Moody until
    you hear the sound of gunfire in the distance.  That would be Sgt. Ramirez and
    his squad.  When you see the camp below you, instead of heading down, head left
    across the roads and into the trench.  It helps to chuck a few grenades down
    before and then clear it out, with a submachine gun.  Once you reach the
    trench, your squad soon follows.  Clear out the incoming Germans, then, when
    there's a lull in machine gun fire, run out and into the trench next to the
    small bunker in the middle.  Use a grenade with a delayed fuse and throw one in
    to eliminate the gunner.  Continually move up until the Germans stop coming.
    Once they stop, you're off to ambush a convoy.
    The best way to do this is to use grenades.  Wait until you see the headlights
    coming, then throw a delayed grenade a little in front of the convoy.  With any
    luck, the Germans on it will blow up.  Do this to clear out all three trucks.
    Once you do, a German tank comes in.  Pick up the Bazooka off the ground, but
    beware.  Take cover behind the rocks and peek out to shoot it.  Two shots are
    needed, but after the first hit, the tank will slowly move backwards.  You're
    going to need to move your position to hit it again.  Once it blows, the rest
    of the Germans should stop coming, so head back to the crossroads to finish the
    Foy, Belgium 12 January 1945
      1) MISSION
         a. Assault and secure the town of Foy.  Secure the road and bridge to
            allow allied forces access to Noville.
      2) EXECUTION
         a. Intent.  On 13 January 1945 at 1100 hours units from the 11th armored
            division will advance along the road supported in Infantry personnel
            from 506 PIR.  Dog, Fox, and Easy companies will assault from the tree
            line south west of Foy.  Once the infantry has cleared the structures
            and disabled all enemy antitank capability, 11th armored will advance
            and assist in securing the bridge.
      3) SITUATION
         a. Enemy forces are concentrating in the town of Foy, effectively blocking
            the main Highway to Noville.  Recon indicates an under strength
            battalion supported by armor and fixed anti-tank emplacements.
         b. Enemy forces:
            a) 76th Volksgrenadier Division, 3 weakened regiments
            b) Elements of 2nd SS Panzer Division
            c) Fixed Artillery (Flak 88) and 6cm mortar positions
         c. Friendly Forces
            a) Dog Company 506 PIR
            b) Easy Company 506 PIR
            c) Fox Company 506 PIR
            d) Elements of 11th Armored Division
      4) WEATHER:
         a. Overcast, cold.  Visibility 2000 m.
      5) TERRAIN
         a. Open field, snowy, little cover
         b. The town: 2-3 story stone structures
         c. Town surrounded on 3 sides by heavily forested high ground.
    Mission 1.3: Foy
    Mission Objectives:
    - Assault into town.
    - Kill the Spotter.
    - Take out the 88 [1 remaining].
    - Clear the houses.
    - Disable the Tiger Tank [1 remaining].
    - Gain control of the Church.
    - Eliminate Panzerschreks Units [7 remaining].
    - Regroup with Cpt. Foley at the edge of town.
    - Destroy the German anti tank vehicle.
    - Meet up with Cpt. Foley.
    The beginning is pretty intense, but it's all good.  After the short spiel by
    Cpt. Foley, you'll begin your assault on Foy.  Wow.. this is just like Band of
    Brothers.  There's an MG42 off to your right that you can man, but it's pretty
    useless from its position.  Follow your squad through a gap in the fence and
    take cover behind the building.  Eventually, after a lot of fire, you'll reach
    a shed where two Health Packs are on the ground.  Off to the right, the 11th
    Armored Division are taking heavy losses from some accurate artillery fire.
    Pick up the Springfield from the dead guy next to the shed as the guy talking
    about the spotter gets sniped.  Lean out from the left side of the shed and
    pick off the MG42 gunner from the upper window.  To the building right of him
    holds a German who is trying to shoot you.  Now, lean off to the right side and
    look into the roof of the building behind the one with the gunner.  You should
    see a German through the damaged roof who leans in and out, with some
    binoculars.  Guess what?  That's right.  There's our spotter.  Put a bullet
    through his head.
    Once he's dead, a mortar will blow up a fence next to the shed which will allow
    you to move up.  However, use your Springfield and take out another MG42 gunner
    in the same building the first one was in.  He'll be two windows down to your
    right.  Sprint up and prepare for some heavy fighting.  Use your Thompson to
    mow down the Germans and your grenades sparingly.  You can fail the mission for
    friendly fire.  Use the lean and crouch to avoid enemy fire while taking out
    the Germans.  Once you clear out all the Germans near the gun, an MG42 gunner
    will appear on the roof overhead.  Quickly run to the Flak 88 and send a shell
    into the roof to blow him up.  Once he's dead, proceed to plant a charge onto
    the gun and move back for it to blow.
    Follow Sgt. Moody and wait for him to kick the door open.  Inside will be two
    Germans.  Kill them and then pick up the Stielhandgranates from the table.
    These will be very useful.  Kill the Germans through the window in the building
    opposite from you.  If need be, there are some Health Packs upstairs.  Outside,
    run up behind the fence and take cover.  If you see a crack through the fence,
    more than likely, you can shoot through it.  Take advantage of this and use the
    M1 Garand or other rifle to pick off the Germans in the courtyard and the
    gunner on the roof.
    While the rest of the guys warn the armored division, use a grenade and throw
    it into one of the open windows.  Inside, it's more room clearing.  Use
    grenades if need be, but you should get by with your weapon.  When you have the
    chance to head for the second floor, do so.  Clear out a German if he's running
    down, then explore the rooms.  You should find health and a hole through the
    floor where you can snipe the Germans down below.  Drop down, pick up any
    health if needed, and wait for your squad to catch up.
    You're briefly outside before you enter another building.  Watch a cool
    scripted event in which a German knocks over a table for some improvised cover.
    Unfortunately for him, it knocks over a lamp which causes a fire, burning him.
    You'll still need to finish the job with a bullet though.  Outside, clear out
    the two Germans at the top floor, then throw a grenade through an open window
    to clear out a lot of Germans.  Inside, clear out the two Germans in the
    hallway, and then the one on the stairway above.  In the next room, take down
    the two Germans who come inside, then plant a charge on the back of the Tiger
    Tank and take cover.  When it blows, your next job is to take the Church.
    Sgt. Moody will open a new path for you with his foot.  Outside, an MG42 opens
    up from the tower of the church.  Fire a shot at the gunner to get a Sherman to
    send a shell through it.  Good stuff.  Next, use your grenades to clear out the
    courtyard.  Two should do, followed by some accurate fire.  Through the shed,
    you'll end up in front of the church.  Moody will again open the way up with
    his foot.  Use your gun to clear out all the Germans inside.  This part is very
    tricky.  Some Germans hide behind doorways, columns, or other places.  Also,
    when you actually step into the chapel, Germans from the balcony above will
    nail you.  Use slow cautious steps and aim up when taking these guys out.  Once
    all are dead, a German counterattack will begin.  Pick up some grenades and
    health from the adjacent room and make your way up.
    Pick up the Scoped Kar98k and climb the ladder to the top.  Pick up the Luger
    if you don't have a sidearm yet and then start chucking grenades down at the
    Germans below.  It might sounds wasteful, but it makes your job so much
    simpler.  Use the Kar98k when you've run out of grenades and to take out the
    MG42 gunner in the building.  Look for the Germans who carry the Panzerschreks
    only.  They come from the left and right, but a quick glimpse should be able to
    spot them.  Once they're dead, head back down.
    After a short march, the first Sherman will get blown up by a Tiger Tank when
    it stops at the foot of a bridge - and after all that hard work!  It's up to
    your squad to disable it.  Move forward and spring towards the broken motor car
    on the bridge.  Go to "Prone" and take advantage of the space between the car
    and the bridge.  The next part is tricky.  Scoot up when no more Germans are
    present, or at least when there's a break between reinforcements.  Crawl up
    until the tank blows up a part of the bridge.  Use this hole to nail the MG42
    gunner wiping out your squad.  Thankfully at this part, you receive unlimited
    reinforcements yourself.  Move up ever so slowly.  By now, another German has
    manned the MG42.  It's an endless cycle unless you manage to progress.  Let
    your squad catch up to you.  Your goal is to make it into a little ditch off
    the right side of the bridge, behind some sandbags.  Spring into it and then
    crawl forward.  At the end, spring towards the parked motor car and nail the
    second MG42 gunner behind a fence.
    Scoot up towards the tractor on the left and take cover behind it.  This next
    part is tough.  Spring towards the lorry and then hit "Prone".  Pick off any
    German heads you see in the trench to your left.  Then, once it's as clear as
    it can be, run across towards it and drop down.  It might help to switch to a
    SMG of sorts so you can kill the incoming Germans with much more ease.  Once
    all are dead, get out from the middle and spring past the tank.  Hopefully,
    you'll go fast enough to avoid damage.  Edge around to the right side of the
    shed and take out any Germans that run out.  Kill any Germans inside, then swap
    your weapon for a Panzerfaust.  Two shots against the Tiger Tank will put it
    out of commission.  Then, pick up your Thompson, or one of the German weapons,
    and regroup with Cpt. Foley.
    Noville, Belgium 15 January 1945
      1) MISSION
         a. Secure the town of Noville
      2) EXECUTION
         a. Intent: On January 15 1945 at 1130 hours 1st, 2nd, and 3rd squads will
            advance into Noville with support from 11th armored division.  The
            assault will proceed as follows:
            a) First squad: Secure main road up to the Chateau
            b) Second squad: Secure west side of town
            c) Third squad: Secure East side of town
            d) All squads rendezvous at chateau and establish a defensive
      3) SITUATION
         a. Noville is the last hurdle in securing the Bastogne-Houffalize highway;
            once it is secured 2 battalion can continue to consolidate their
            positions and gear up for the push into Germany.  Bad weather has made
            it difficult to discern what is happening on the ground, but forward
            recon reports very little enemy activity in the town itself.  We can
            assume that we will encounter remaining forces that retreated from Foy.
         b. Enemy Forces (expected)
            a) 76th Volksgrenadier Division (Remainder Under strength)
            b) Elements of 2nd SS Pazner Division (Panzer IV's, halftracks, and
               possibly Tigers)
         c. Friendly Forces
            a) M4 Shermans from 11th armored
            b) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd squads, 2 platoon 506 PIR
      4) WEATHER
         a. Clear, cold.  Blowing snow.  Limited Visibility 800-1000m.
      5) TERRAIN
         a. Light Urban, heavy battle damaged structures
         b. Town surrounded by forested rolling hills
    Mission 1.4: Noville
    Mission Objectives:
    - Clear Houses with Cpt. Foley and First Squad.
    - Rendezvous at the Chateau.
    - Clear Chateau.
    - Protect South Flank.
    - Protect North Flank.
    - Destroy incoming tank.
    - Protect Third Squad and Sgt. Moody.
    - Protect Sgt. Moody.
    - Defend Chateau.
    - Regroup with Cpt. Foley.
    You're on the back of of a Sherman, while Cpt. Foley explains your mission.  It
    seems 11th Armored Division only consists of three tanks.  Strange.. but they
    won't last long enough to be of any help.  Enter the house on the right with
    your squad and assist in the removal of the Germans.  Fighting will be intense.
    Move on to the back when you're done and go out the door to your right.  A
    German should pop out of one of the upper floors and shoot you from a window.
    Dislodge him with a bullet and, if you have any, throw grenades into the
    building.  Once you get near the building, a Sherman will send a shell,
    knocking some beams onto the ground and creating a makeshift ramp to the second
    floor.  There's no real need to go up, except to shoot a couple of Germans from
    Through the house, you'll encounter a short skirmish with some Germans
    entrenched behind furniture.  More will come from the outside.  A good thing to
    do is to hide behind the table on its side and peek out to kill the Germans.
    Move up and claim any goodies you might find.  Outside, check near the wall for
    a +50 Health Pack.  You can also see the battle raging from across the other
    street.  Inside the next house, clear out the three Germans near the stairs.
    However, some artillery fire will knock the roof down, blocking the next path.
    Go down the stairs and again, artillery fire will blow up your entrance.  Cpt.
    Foley orders a satchel charge to blow up the wall and Pvt. Anderson complies.
    Once the wall blows, kill the two Germans on the stairs in the next building.
    Go up and kill the German that comes running in.  Now that you're outside, you
    have a bit more freedom, but the narrow street also makes it easy for the
    German gunners.  By now, 11th Armored is one tank strong.  As you fight for
    every yard, the tank will move on up ahead, only to get destroyed by a
    Panzerschrek.  I like to run across the street, so I'm on the left side.  Make
    sure to clear every building, as a lot of Germans like to hide on the upper
    floors.  Once you get close, an MG42 opens up from the house.  Use the
    Springfield if you carried it over from the first level, or just run like heck.
    Run inside the house on the left before the street opens up to find two +50
    Health Packs.  From that position, snipe the gunner on the MG42 again and then
    use an automatic weapon and charge the Germans behind the sandbags.  Jump over
    them and rush to the wall.  Your squad should follow.
    This next part is a bit tricky.  Like the MG42 gunner in the window, there will
    constantly be a German running out of the house to take over the gun in the
    front porch.  Shoot him then rush the place with guns a blazin'.  Pick up the
    various goodies off the ground, including some grenades next to a mortar.  Pick
    up some health and then scoot along the wall.  Your next part is to clear the
    Chateau, but since the front door is blocked, climb the boxes next to the fence
    so you can get a clear view of the MG34 gunner.  Nail him with some rounds to
    silence him.  Run into that area, but beware that some Germans have probably
    respawned.  Pick up the MG34 in place of one of your weapons, as it will be
    coming in handy later.
    Inside the Chateau, pick up some health, then clear it, floor by floor.  The
    second floor holds lots of Germans, but it also holds weapons as well as
    health.  Pick up more ammo for the MG34 and then enter the room with a huge
    hole blown through the corner.  When you do, you'll be assigned to protect the
    southern flank.  Since you're already in clear view, set up your machine gun on
    the crate where you found some ammo for it.  This gives you a full range of
    motion to kill incoming Germans with, and boy, will they come.  Wait until they
    get close to the wall before opening fire, and it helps to fire in short
    bursts.  If Germans get into the house, your allies should be able to take care
    of them, but try not to let that happen.  When the wave stops, a German tank
    will come.
    Fall through the hole in the room and step outside.  You should see a
    Panzerschrek.  Pick it up and fire two shots at the tank to destroy it.  Once
    it blows, you can continue to protect the house from the north.  In the room
    best situated for it, you can pick up a Scoped Kar98k, but you don't have to
    use it.  There aren't a lot of Germans in this part, and soon, you'll be asked
    to cover Sgt. Moody and the rest of Third Squad.  Man the MG42 in the window
    when you yourself assaulted the house.  Third Squad will start coming in.
    After a minute or so, a halftrack carrying some Germans will come.  Nail them
    as they get off, then continue defending.  After a while, someone will yell
    "Sniper!" and a window in the house across from you will open.  Use your Scoped
    Kar98k or spray some fire into the window to eliminate the threat.  After you
    kill him, Sgt. Moody himself comes.  The only real threat to him are the two
    Germans trailing behind him.  Since he stops to cover himself with fire, they
    are able to melee him.  Use your sniper rifle and pick them off to save him.
    Another German tank should have come on the south side, so again, pick up a
    Panzerschrek and fire two shots to destroy it.  It should go without saying
    that you should look for some cover while you reload.  After you destroy the
    tank, another one may or may not appear.  If it does, go blow it up.  The rest
    of the mission follows suit.  More defending and blowing up German tanks.
    When the tanks start to appear more than one at a time, you know you're almost
    done.  Hold out for a little longer and some P-47s should come and blow them
    up.  Congratulations on a job well done!
                              British Special Air Service
    September 2, 1941
    Our target for today is an industrial complex inland from Kotterdam.  We're
    halted up again in this damn Yank rattletrap the RAF likes to call Fortress 1.
    Give me the good old Lancaster any day.  Although, I must say, these B-17s can
    take a hell of a beating and are armed with enough .50 caliber machine guns to
    repel the entire Luftwaffe.  I just hope we never have to put that to the test.
    I still dont see the wisdom of it.  Flying so high that we can barely see our
    targets (much so that we miss half the time) through enemy territory...IN broad
    dalight!  Sheer folly I say.  Even the fighters wont escort us much farther
    than Dover.  Jerry always has lots of ME-109s ready to greet us.  I am still
    amazed that after 22 missions, I am still in one piece.  A good bit of luck I
    say.  I hope it lasts...
    Mission 2.1: Bomber
    Mission Objectives:
    - Defend the Bomber.
    - Get to the Dorsal Turret, behind the Cockpit.
    - Man the Tail Gunner position.
    - Turn off the fuel to the No. 1 Engine.
    - Man the Tail Gun.
    - Get back to the Dorsal position.
    - Turn off the fuel to the No. 4 Engine.
    - Return to the Tail Gun.
    - Use the manual crank to open the Bomb Bay.
    - Extinguish the fire in the Aft Compartment.
    This mission is actually kind of hard, and there's nothing that spectacular
    about it.  In fact, it might become frustrating if you save your game when your
    plane is about to fall apart.  Anyways, head up to the dorsal turret like a
    good boy and wait.  You should go through some flak, but it's all good.  After
    a while, "B for Bertie" should go down.  what fun!  After a brief chat about
    girls and the like, some enemy fighters will come in.
    Now, there's no real walkthrough for this mission, since it's basically using
    your skill to nail enemy aircraft and destroy them.  However, you should follow
    your pilot's advice and switch to whatever gun he tells you to.  If he doesn't
    point out a specific one, the tail gun or dorsal turret is always good.  When
    aiming at an enemy aircraft, aim slightly ahead of it, especially as it gets
    closer.  Your score of enemy aircraft shot down will be displayed in the lower
    right hand corner of the screen, and you only get credit if your shot is the
    last one to blow it up.  Your allies to an excellent job in nailing the enemy
    aircraft as well, so even if you think you destroyed one, it might've been the
    work of the friendly AI.
    After shooting a bit, move to the tail gun like the pilot says to.  If you
    hadn't noticed before, the tail gunner is dead.  To me, these sights are
    extremely accurate.  Use them like you would the "Aim Down the Sight" mode of
    any rifle and line up the target with the tip of the line.  Of course, since
    the gun moves as the recoil kicks in, it'll jump around a bit but its fairly
    accurate.  You should be able to take out a lot of the fighters coming in.  The
    wave will eventually stop and your fighter escorts will leave.
    Eventually, either Engine 1 or 2 should blow.  I've actually seen the mission
    objectives change the engine number when I reloaded from a quicksave.  Hurry to
    the star on your map and turn it off.  Once you reach it, the engine blows and
    kills the guy sitting next to it.  Shut it off with "F".  Once you do, the
    Luftwaffe comes back so get back on the tail gun.  Hopefully, your whole plane
    should be yellow, with a smidge of red near the place where the engine blew.
    After "F for Freddie" goes down, you'll be asked to man the dorsal gun again.
    As you go by, you'll hear one of the side gunners wait for the fighter to line
    up with his sight but get shot.  It's unfortunate, but hey, this is war!  After
    a short bit, another engine will blow.  Go back down but this time, turn the
    knob on the other wall.  After you turn off, return to the tail gun as
    instructed.  Notice that there's only one friendly gunner left.  As you man the
    gun position, the pilot will call out targets.  Half of them can't be reached
    by your current position, so just keep manning the tail gun, destroying
    targets.  If there's a lull in the aircraft, you're welcome to switch to see if
    you can spot anymore.  Once you hear the order to open the bay doors, get off
    the gun and do so.  Watch the bombs fall, then head back towards the tail gun
    to extinguish the fire.  Before you can though, the bomber breaks up and you're
    thrown out of the craft.
    September 2, 1941
    I think we hit the target.  Unfortunately we couldn't hold the plane together
    long enough to confirm.  I wonder if any of the others survived.  A bloody
    Apparently I am still alive.  Luckily this was the one time I decided to wear
    my parachute.  It's dark now and I am not sure where I have landed...somewhere
    in Holland.  I will most likely be captured before morning.
    For me, as they say, the war is over...
    Mission 2.2: Train Bridge
    Mission Objectives:
    - Assist the Resistance.
    - Infiltrate the Farmhouse.
    - Take out the MG34 Gunners on the 2nd Floor [2 remaining].
    - Clear out the remaining enemies in the farmhouse.
    - Clear the enemies by barn.
    - Make Way to Bridge.
    - Pickup Explosives.
    - Plant Explosives on Bridge [4 remaining].
    - Rendezvous with Ingram and detonator.
    - Blow up bridge when train arrives.
    - Get to Truck in Barn.
    - Escape.
    The mission opens with you hanging from a tree.  Maybe your parachute?  Three
    German guards are on their patrol, and of course, one of them stops to take a
    potty break.  Heh heh.  Around this time, one of the Germans should yell
    something in German, maybe an alarm, and a firefight ensues between them and
    some British soldiers - or are they Dutch resistance fighters?  Once all three
    are dead, pick up their weapons and follow Major Ingram.  You do remember him,
    don't you?
    You'll presently arrive upon a group of Germans near a tunnel.  Your buddies
    can take care of them, but this is a good chance to familiarize yourself with
    German weaponry, in case for some odd reason, you haven't already.  Follow the
    men off the road and stop by the barn while Maj. Ingram tells you to assault
    the farmhouse.  The trick is to follow his orders and sneak up as close as you
    can.  Take cover behind the hen cages and fire upon the Germans standing
    outside.  Once you do, your buddies will join in and out pops some MG34
    gunners from the attic.
    Try and clear out the Germans outside the house before you peak around and
    nail one of the MG34 gunners, preferably the northern one.  Pick him off, then
    look into the windows and spot any Germans inside the house.  Move in, pick up
    their weapons.  Head into the small kitchen in the next room to find some
    health, as well as two +10 health tins on the table.  If you move around
    enough, you should hear a truck screech to a halt.  This is your cue to run
    out the eastern door and wait for the door opposite it to open.  Pop the two
    Germans, then pop the German on the steps to the attic when you reenter.
    Up the stairs, equip the MP40 and take out the Germans near the door.  Enter
    slowly, and pop the Germans manning the MG34.  There are two Germans behind
    the table, so clear them out as well.  Once you do, don't get near the
    northern gun as a German fires a Panzerfaust, blowing the wall away.  This is
    quite unfortunate, as a slew of Germans poor out from the barn.  Use the other
    MG34, but since the radius of fire is limited, it probably won't help but
    eliminate one or two Germans.  Take out the Germans using the accurate Kar98k,
    pick up the Stielhandgranates, and then head outside.
    Once outside, a German lorry will stop by.  Let your allies take care of it,
    then follow them into the woods.  You'll soon run into some Germans who run
    for cover.  Since the distance is a bit extreme, you might want to stick with
    the Kar98k, but the MP40 could still get the job done.  If your allies don't
    move forward and continually fire at what appears to be just a rock, throw a
    grenade behind it to flush out the German.  Move on up.
    After a short run up a hill, you'll emerge in a clearing where a nice bunch of
    German troops have dug in a bit.  Your allies will most likely take care of
    the German on the rock wall, so use your Kar98k to take out the two Germans in
    the sandbag to the right.  Then, use it to take out the MG34 gunner in the
    sandbag across the clearing.  Use the rocks as cover and use the MP40 to take
    out the reinforcing Germans.  Once all are dead, pick up their ammo, then
    follow the men at the mouth of the tunnel.
    Once you reach the end of the tunnel, it triggers a bunch of German soldiers
    to appear.  I suggest killing the German in the room that's directly northeast
    of you and using his room as a vantage point to take out the incoming German
    guards from the north.  Use the Kar98k if you've multiplayer experience and
    proficient at targeting moving targets to put most of the German soldiers down
    with one shot.  If not, use the MP40 and short bursts for better chances.  It
    will most likely take more than one shot to down them.  Take out the guard in
    the tower ahead, then, once all are dead, climb up it.  There might be another
    guard left inside.  Kill him if so, then take the Stielhandgranates and the
    health, if need be.
    Head down and continue north.  When you're told to throw a grenade in the
    bunker, do so to blow a bunch of Germans to smithereens.  Once all are dead,
    follow Maj. Ingram to the bridge.  He'll tell you to pick up the explosives
    from Van Dyke.  Find the glowing explosives next to his body, then proceed
    towards the bridge.  Drop down into the hole Maj. Ingram is standing over and
    take out the German guard in the right nook.  Climb down the next ladder and
    take out the German on this lower level.  Plant two of the explosives and
    climb back up the ladder.
    Head left and drop down the other ladder on this side.  Take out the German
    guard on the other walkway to your right and another German on the opposite of
    the wall if your allies haven't already.  Plant the last two explosives, then
    run up and meet with Maj. Ingram.  Since you did the dirty work, you have the
    honors of blowing up the bridge.  Do as Maj. Ingrams tells you and wait for
    his command.  When the time is right, use "F" to blow the train sky high.
    After the nice fireworks, start heading back.  You'll encounter more Germans
    at the mouth of the tunnel.  Use grenades if necessary, but the Kar98k and
    good cover should be proficient.  Take the detour into the woods.  This part
    is rather cool, the music and the type of stuff you do.  After a bit, Maj.
    Ingram will tell you lay down an ambush for the guards on your tail.  Go
    "Prone" and use the MP40 to take them out.  If they're clustered, use common
    sense and use a grenade.  After they're dead, move on.
    When you get to a cabin in the woods, prepare for another stand.  Use any
    grenades you have left and time them so they explode upon reaching the
    ground.  A whole mass of Germans will start coming down the hills.  Use the
    MP40 to finish off any survivors and continue your escape.  Inside the barn,
    wait for everyone else to get in, then get in from the back.  You're in for a
    bit of a short rail shooter, so use your MP40 to fend off the truck until you
    make good your escape.
    Ref. Maps.                1/50,000 Sheets 8/F3, 8/F5
    Sheet No. 20/14 NW                       12 July 1943
    TO: Major Ingram, Sgt. Doyle S.O.E.
    1.                                Objective
    a) In preparation for Operation Husky, you are to infiltrate and destroy the
    naval gun battery at Capo Murro di Porco (367909).  You will be assisted by a
    detachment from 2 troop, 1 S.A.S.
    2.                                  Enemy
    a) Fort heavily garrisoned, recommend a diversion to draw forces from within.
    b) Nearby town heavily garrisoned.  Intelligence reports possible presence of
    German armor.
    c) State of alertness: Low.
    3.                                  Outline
    a) By means of a captured civilian fishing vessel, approach the dock at
    b) Make your way to the Lighthouse,
    Eliminate spotters.
    c) Infiltrate fort and bunker complex.  Spike all 3 guns and plant timed
    charge in the main magazine.
    d) Ex-filtrate by means of the fishing boat.  H.M.S. Ulster Monarch will be
    standing by.
    Mission 2.3: Sicily 1
    Mission Objectives:
    - Stay concealed until the docks sentry is eliminated.
    - Eliminate the guards inside the dock house.
    - Storm the bunker and eliminate the rest of the guards.
    - Get in the back of the truck.
    - Engage the enemy at the lighthouse and get inside to plant your charges.
    - Plant the charges inside the lighthouse [3 remaining].
    - Regroup with Major Ingram outside the lighthouse.
    - Head to the top of the path.
    - Do not engage the enemy until the reinforcements have passed.
    - Get up onto the wall.
    - Find the radio rooms.
    - Disable the communications equipment [5 remaining].
    - Regroup with Major Ingram's squad.
    - Secure the underground garage.
    - Find the documents.
    - Get on the elevator.
    - Find the cliff gun emplacements.
    - Plant the charges on the guns [3 remaining].
    - Find the munitions magazine for the guns.
    - Plant the charges in the magazine.
    - Get back to the elevator.
    - Regroup in the garage.
    - Head out to the courtyard.
    - Get in the sidecar of the motorbike.
    Much like the "Ship" mission in the original Call of Duty, you're on a boat,
    this time, with members of the S.A.S.  These guys are probably the most
    helpful allies you'll ever encounter.  Not only are they proficient, but they
    can never die, unless they're scripted to.  With that in mind, try and stay
    behind them, unless it's necessary for you to lead the way, or they're waiting
    for a response from you.
    At the dock, one of the S.A.S. commandos will take out the sentry guard.  Jump
    out.  You have the Silenced Sten, which is a pretty nice gun.  This is the
    only chance you'll get to use it, so I suggest you maximize the potential as
    much as possible.  Head for the star on your map.  You'll spot an open door on
    the side in which to enter.  It's too bad you don't have any grenades at the
    moment, as this would be the best opportunity to use them.  Run in.  The first
    room leads to a radio room, which is where two guards are.  Standing behind
    the objects, use your Sten and one bullet to put a hole in the radio man.
    When his friend comes to investigate, bring him down.  Pick up the Kar98k real
    quick as you'll be doing some long range firing.
    Pick up the Luger near the S.A.S. commandos looking outside the windows and
    use the Kar98k to kill the guards moping around.  Once the first shot is fired
    (make it count!), fire is exchanged from both parties.  Use the Kar98k again
    to take out another guard that runs out and the one that appears in the
    bunker.  Once your allies have moved up, drop the Kar98k for the MP40 and
    catch up with them.  Before you get into the truck, check the bunker and the
    dead guards for some weapon ammo and a couple of Stielhandgranates.
    Once the truck stalls, follow the guys up on foot.  Since they have a head
    start, you'll hear gunfire erupting.  Run up and take cover.  Aim for the
    Germans outside first, then use the MP40 to take out the German guards near
    the light of the lighthouse.  There are some Germans in the windows, but your
    allies should be able to take care of them.  Run up to a rock directly outside
    the door to the lighthouse and use the MP40 to take out the two German guards
    inside.  Run up the steps and quickly up the ladder onto the next floor before
    the grenade a German throws explode.  Notice that this triggers a bunch of
    never ending Germans to run out of a bunker outside and engage your allies.
    Climb up the next ladder, look outside for a very nice view, and plane one of
    three charges, next to the ladder.  Look up the ladder and see if you can't
    spot a German standing over it.  If so, kill him.  If not, you might need to
    use a grenade to ensure your safety.  Climb up to pick up some MP44 ammo,
    grenades, and health, as well as to place the second charge.  Drop back down
    to the point where you had to climb up the ladder or explode and place the
    final charge.  Run back outside and meet up with Major Ingram, taking care of
    the remaining Germans outside.
    Do as Maj. Ingram says and run up the path left of the bunker entrance.  Once
    you reach the top, you'll rendezvous with the rest of the commandos and the
    lighthouse will explode.  Wait until the German reinforcements have passed you
    by, then climb up the wall.  Your new objective is to find the radio rooms.
    Pvt. Denny and Moditch are your support.  More than likely, if you fire out
    into the courtyard, an alarm is going to be raised so don't do so.  And don't
    let one of your squad mates do it either!  As soon as you run in, some Germans
    will round the corner.  Your allies can handle this threat quite well, but
    watch out as Pvt. Denny tends to use a lot of grenades.  Check the adjoining
    room next to the MG34 for a health pack.  Continue your search forward and
    spring across the walkway outside.  Inside, quickly dispatch of the German
    guards you've stumbled upon.  Make a thorough search right and take out the
    Germans guarding three radios.  Use your gun to decommission them.  Check the
    room south of the three to find some guards and the last radio.  Retrace your
    steps until you find the stairs leading down.  They'll be in plain view in you
    pretend to be sprinting across the walkway again.
    This path will lead you outside.  Find Major Ingram and follow him into the
    bunker.  Let your buddies do most of the firefight in this gunbattle, but you
    may be required to advance so they can too.  Speak with Major Ingram in the
    room overlooking the garage and he'll tell you about some documents.  THIS IS
    IMPORTANT!  It's important to speak to him or else the documents will never
    Take the steps down from the walkway and head for the door that the commandos
    are huddled around.  Take the supplies off the wall and follow the walkway.
    Take out any Germans you encounter.  Continue down the twisty walkway,
    battling the never ending Germans until you reach the room where the Germans
    are coming from.  Head inside and take out the lone German guard as well as
    the "Documents".  There are some Stielhandgranates in here as well.  Back out
    and then take the right path to the elevator.  Use "F" on the switch to lower
    yourselves down.
    When you're near the bottom, some Germans will run out into your view.  Kill
    them and proceed forward.  Through the tunnel to your right, peek out far
    enough to get a glimpse of the machine gunner without getting yourself
    killed.  Then, step back and use a well-timed grenade to wipe the whole mass
    of baddies out.  Step into the room, but once you emerge from the "tunnel"
    leading to the machine gun room, swivel 90 degrees left and take out the
    German who was hiding behind the wall.  Tricky.  Pick up the ammo and health,
    then man the now deserted machine gun emplacement.  Turn the barrel left,
    facing into the next room and mow down the Germans who appear.  Once the
    visible ones are dead, proceed onwards and kill the rest.  The next hallway
    leads to one of the guns, so proceed with caution.  There is an MG34 gunner in
    here, so a well placed and timed grenade will help greatly.  Once all are
    dead, plant the charges and take cover.
    You could either go west or east from that room, but since we like to follow
    the star, we'll go east first.  The walkway will lead you to the next gun and
    three Germans.  Dispose of them and plant the second charge.  Look under the
    walkway you used to enter the room for a +50 Health Pack.  Now backtrack and
    head for the western walkway.  Again, three Germans guard the western gun.
    Kill them and then blow up the gun.  Now this time, when you try to backtrack,
    two Germans will pop out of a doorway - don't be surprised!  Pick up their
    ammo and enter into the new opening.
    Down the steps, you'll see the opening of another room.  Take cover and let
    your allies go in there first to handle the threats.  Pick up the health
    inside and their ammo, then proceed down the hall.  As soon as you progress
    far enough, some Germans will spawn inside the munitions room.  They appear
    right next to the three spots the explosives need to be placed.  It might take
    a few tries and deaths, but the best trick is to throw some grenades into the
    three paths to blow the majority of Germans to their deaths.  Once all are
    dead, check the racks carefully for some health, Stielhandgranates, and some
    Panzerfausts.  Plant the three charges, then backtrack, using the new opening
    provided by a couple of Germans.  Up the elevator we go!
    Get off the elevator and take out the guard that's in the doorway of the
    bunker where you found the documents.  Head back inside to find a new open
    door with a health pack and an MP44 with most of its ammo gone.  Go back
    through the walkways, taking out the sporatic new Germans until you hear the
    familiar sound of a gun battle, back in the garage.  As soon as you enter, a
    German lorry will enter and a buttload of Germans will get out.  Toss a
    grenade, wait for the BANG, then start clearing them out.  Wait for the truck
    to explode and then start heading for the courtyard.  Wait until there is
    significantly less gunfire, as this battle could last forever with the never
    ending German reinforcements.
    Outside, clear out the Germans, then head for the motorbike and escape.
    Unfortunately, this is the end of your allies as they get blown to kingdom
    come when a Panzer fires a shot at them.  May they rest in peace...
    Ref. Maps.                1/50,000 Sheets 8/F3, 8/F5
    TOP SECRET   [Infiltration successful.]
                          [Light resistance at the dock]
    Sheet No. 20/14 NW                       12 July 1943
    TO: Major Ingram, Sgt. Doyle S.O.E.
    INTENTION       [Planted diversionary charges at the light house with some
                      successs.  Main compound relatively clear of enemy...]
    1.                                Objective
    a) In preparation for Operation Husky, you are to infiltrate and destroy the
    naval gun battery at Capo Murro di Porco (367909).  You will be assisted by a
    detachment from 2 troop, 1 S.A.S.
           [The enemy alertness was higher than expected.]
                     [Successfully spiked guns and planted charges.]
    2.                                  Enemy
    a) Fort heavily garrisoned, recommend a diversion to draw forces from within.
    b) Nearby town heavily garrisoned.  Intelligence reports possible presence of
    German armor.                               [Garrison returned earlier than
    c) State of alertness: Low.              expected.  Bit of a tough fight out
                           the door.  We managed to acquire a motorcycle and a
    METHOD                kubelwagen.  Unfortunately, the S.A.S. lads took a direct
                       hit from a panzer...]
    3.                                  Outline
    a) By means of a captured civilian fishing vessel, approach the dock at
    b) Make your way to the Lighthouse,
    Eliminate spotters.
    c) Infiltrate fort and bunker complex.  Spike all 3 guns and plant timed
    charge in the main magazine.
    d) Ex-filtrate by means of the fishing boat.  H.M.S. Ulster Monarch will be
    standing by.
    Mission 2.4:
    Mission Objectives:
    - Get to the shore.
    - Follow Ingram.
    - Board the captured German PT boat.
    - Destroy all German PT Boats [2 remaining].
    The first part is a rail shooter, so it'll be hard to aim.  Like the other
    ones, you can "Crouch" and "Stand", but not go into "Prone".  You'll pass by a
    German lorry, which of course has some Germans in it.  Try and shoot its
    occupants before it comes behind you.  Another lorry will soon be on your tail
    as well as a motor car.  Eventually, one of the lorries will crash into a tree
    and the motor car will take a different path.  You'll pass by another lorry
    which will soon follow.  A bit later, it swerves to a stop.
    Soon after, you'll hit a roadblock.  Try and nail the machine gunner as you'll
    be going right by him.  After some turns through an alley, you'll end up with a
    lorry on your tail.  Once Maj. Ingram tries to lose them in the village, a
    motor car pulls up behind you.  Just hold the fire button down since you're in
    an alley and chances are, you'll get lucky and kill them.
    Down some steps, another lorry will pull in front of you.  Waste its occupants
    and then take care of another motor car behind you.  Soon after, another lorry
    appears.  This part is neat.  The truck runs into some chickens and you can see
    its blood.  Then, you'll go an alley to narrow for the truck to go through.
    When Maj. Ingram says: "We've got one on the left.", it might help to start
    firing slightly behind Maj. Ingram's back as you leave the corner.  With any
    luck, you'll hit the Germans who suddenly appear right behind you.
    Finally, you'll drive past a tank and both of you will crash.  Run down the
    alley as soon as you can and into the doorway.  Pick up the health and ammo,
    then go out the window when he kicks it open.  Fall down into the alley and
    run.  Periodically check behind you to see if any Germans are following.  Here
    in the slight clearing, you'll be ambushed by some Germans.  Take cover behind
    the pillars and chuck grenades down ahead.  If you can, try and get a grenade
    onto the balcony with the machine gunner.  Move up or the Germans will
    continually come.
    Head down the alley and take out the Germans running down.  As you move, a
    German lorry will appear ahead of you.  Try and nail the Germans standing on it
    in the head before the get off.  Shoot any feet you see under the truck, then
    run up to it as a grenade is thrown.  Shoot any Germans up here, but grenades
    will continually be thrown.  Once Maj. Ingram clears a path, follow him.
    Another German lorry will appear on the street above you.  After a few probable
    deaths, throw a grenade into its path to hopefully wound the Germans.  Then,
    take cover from rock to rock and make your way down.
    As you run down, a halftrack will appear on the road.  The machine gun fire is
    prety accurate, so watch out!  When Maj. Ingram talks about "Higgs", turn
    around for two Germans have appeared behind you.  When you reach the bottom of
    the inclines, again, turn around you.  Try and nail any Germans running down.
    Up ahead is a German bunker.  Head down and sneak off to the left and kill the
    Germans.  On the docks below, Pvt. Montgomery is fending off some Germans.  Go
    into the bunker.  Take out the German hiding behind the wall and the ones in
    the hall.  Clear out the bunks and the pillbox overlooking the sea.  Pick up
    some health and make your way to the docks.
    Of course, when you get near, a Panzerfaust is launched at the boat.  BOOM!
    There goes Higgs.  You can pick up his Bren LMG, or just head for the boat,
    since you won't be using small arms fire anymore.
    The PT Boat is fun.  Think of the anti-tank gun in the first game, and this is
    basically what it is.  The objective will continually change the amount of PT
    Boats you have to destroy.  The first two come from the south.  Focus on one
    target at a time and destroy them.  Hopefully, you'll suffer only scratches.
    Another two come in from your left.  Again, destroy them.  By now, four more
    have appeard.  Two come from behind while the last two come from the front.
    Destroy them and watch the three guns blow.
                                   Russian Infantry
    Cherkasskoye, July 4, 1943
    Dearest Natasha,
    They loaded us in the trains late last night.  The only thing the Commissars
    would tell us is that we were going to the front where we would serve our
    motherland with unfailing bravery...  pretty words.  Vassili says that the
    fascists are planning some major offensive at Kursk.  Sgt. Antonov believes it
    is their last desperate attempt to maintain a foothold.  Whatever happens, I
    don't expect it to be pleasant.  Most of the men are afraid as they have never
    seen combat.  The only ones who don't show fear are Vassili and Sgt. Antonov.
    They both served in Stalingrad, though they don't seem to like talking about
    it.  If we all stick close to them, we just may make it through alive.
    Mission 3.1: Trenches
    Mission Objectives:
    - Get into truck.
    - Get Ammo from Bunker.
    - Defend right flank.
    - Flush out left flank.
    - Follow Sgt. Antonov
    - Blow up 3 Elefant Tanks [3 remaining].
    - Meet up with Sgt. Antonov.
    - Head to Village.
    - Eliminate all Enemies in Village.
    - Defend Village.
    - Meet with Commissar.
    Ah.. the mission we've all seen from the CoD: UO movies from various websites.
    Start by heading for the right truck, as that's the only one that you'll be
    able to get on to.  Once in the truck, enjoy the ride and scenery.  Stukas will
    blow up trucks all around you, and when someone yells to get down, do so.  Use
    "Crouch" to stay out of harm's way.  Once you reach the trenches, the truck
    behind you will blow up, effectively creating no way out.  Follow the trenches,
    and pick up the Health Packs if you didn't listen.
    Inside the bunker, stand near the doorway and proceed until the game
    automatically triggers the guy to wish you luck and gives you 60 Mosin-Nagant
    ammo.  Out through the trenches and into the fight.  Pick up the Tokarev SVT40
    and more Mosin-Nagant ammo.  Choose whatever rifle you like.  After some heavy
    artillery fire, the Germans will move forward.  This part is too cool!  I
    prefer to use the Mosin-Nagant at long range, but as they start moving forward,
    switch to the Tokarev.  You're welcome to pick up a German weapon if one falls
    into the trench.  In the background, a Panzer will be shelling the area, but
    none of the shots should do any damage if you stay at the right.  Some Germans
    do come at angles, but the machine gunner should be able to take care of the
    majority of them.  Just make sure none get into the trench or some hand-to-hand
    will probably ensue.  After the scripted Stuka crashes inches from the trench,
    you'll be ordered to reinforce the left flank.
    Follow the men, while taking out any Germans in the trenches.  When you reach a
    sheltered place, clear the Germans from inside.  There is a PPSh in a corner
    near the door if you want it, as well as some health and ammo for the Tokarev.
    Outside, kill the German with a flamethrower and then move on up the trench.
    There should be a German that runs out through the trench with a flamethrower.
    Kill him and pick up his weapon if you want.  However, it only works at short
    range, so it may become a liability.  Get close to the mounted machine gun to
    trigger a German wave.  You can use the gun or not.  I've found it very
    difficult to use as it makes you a very easy target for the rifles.  Take cover
    and use your grenades sparingly.  When you've run out, flame them when they get
    into the trench or use your PPSh and have a party.  When they're all dead,
    follow Sgt. Antonov.
    You'll arrive back at the right flank.  This time, you'll be tasked to actually
    going out of the field and blowing up three Elefant tanks using charges.  Crazy
    stuff.  Follow the trench left and through some covering to emerge out in the
    field.  Follow your buddies and let them take the majority of the Germans.
    Head for the Elefant tank at the far left.  When you get to its front, plant
    the charges and run.  Be careful as some Germans will scale the wall to your
    left.  Run to the second tank and take out any Germans nearby.  Once you plant
    the charges on the second, some Germans will spawn at the edge of the field and
    try and shoot you.  The last Elefant is on a hill, surrounded by some Germans.
    Use your rifle to take them out, then move in and plant the charges.
    Once you've regrouped with Sgt. Antonov, you'll be ordered to retake a village.
    Proceed down the path but beware of Germans that run from the sides.  This will
    become apparent when one of your buddies says "Watch out for Germans coming
    over the hill!".  Take out the flame-wielding German to the right, then the
    rest.  When someone yells that he's pinned down, get ready for another fight.
    This time, they're all in the open, and a German foolishly uses his
    flamethrower at long range.  Take them down, then run into the mill when you're
    commanded to.  When the guy opens the door, head out.
    When you step out, you should immediately see some Germans rushing out from a
    building.  Take them down and enter the building.  I prefer to switch the PPSh
    for the MP40 if you haven't already.  Through the building will be another
    skirmish outside.  However, there's a German manning a machine gun outside.
    The best trick is to go into "Prone" and peek out.  You should see a bunch of
    Germans near each other.  Use something accurate like the MP40 and fire into
    the mass.  You should take out the gunner and a bunch of Germans.  Once you've
    cleared them out, a timer set at 2:00 starts counting down.
    There's that machine gun on the ground that you could use, but somehow, the
    Panzer seems to be able to nail you with a shell.  Instead, barricade yourself
    into that house you just cleared, lying in the hallway with the gun at the
    ready.  Shoot any Germans that rush inside.  This part isn't too hard.  When 2
    minutes is up, meet outside with the Commissar, making sure to kill any
    leftover Germans.
    Ponyri July 9, 1943
    Dearest Natasha,
    We have been redeployed to the north.  We are now temporarily attached to the
    6th Guards Army, and are headed for a town called Ponyri.  I hear the fighting
    has been fierce.  They are calling it the Stalingrad of Kursk.  The commissars
    seem to like shifting usd around like cattle; cattle being led to slaughter.
    I saw things at Cherkasskoye, things that I would soon like to forget.  It is
    now clear to me what has hardened Antonov's face into a permanent grimace.  I
    can only pray that my luck holds up.
    Mission 3.2: Ponyri
    Mission Objectives:
    - Take the rail station.
    - Flank to the left of the rails.
    - Eliminate German sniper in the tower.
    - Clear the rail station of German forces.
    - Clear the town of German resistance.
    - Enter the school from the west.
    - Eliminate the machinegun nest upstairs.
    - Regroup with your squad.
    - Protect Semashko while he plants charges on the tank.
    - Eliminate the machine gun emplacement.
    - Clear the way to the factory.
    - Enter the factory through the basement.
    - Eliminate all German resistance.
    - Get the panzerfaust and destroy the tank.
    - Regroup with your troops.
    Again, this mission opens with a talk from your commanding officer.  And
    what's the deal with three tanks helping you out?  Why not four, or five?
    Anyways, as soon as you can move, do so and follow the tanks northeast.  Use
    them for cover when the machine gun starts to open fire and when it comes to a
    stop, so should you.  One of the tanks will pleasantly blow up, so don't be
    near the first one.  Stay behind the second tank and use the Mosin-Nagant to
    take out the Germans behind the sandbags to the right.  Hopefully, the tanks
    will help you out here, but more than likely - not.  Your allies will run up
    behind a sandbag, but stay behind the tank until the lot of Germans on the
    right are gone.  Then, lean out to the left and repeat.  Once you eliminate
    the preliminary Germans, you'll be ordered to flank left and more Germans will
    Run up to the sandbags and behind the train.  A whole lot of Germans are
    massed in the building, so this would be a perfect opportunity to try some
    accurate grenade placement.  Time the grenades to explode soon after it lands
    and the whole squad moves a bit forward.  More German troops appear in the
    house so use another grenade to blow them up too.  Once you reach the
    platform, a German sniper will appear in the window northeast of the
    platform.  Use your Mosin-Nagant to pick him off, then pick up a SMG.
    At the platform, pick up the health, grenades, and enemy weapons, then turn
    your attention to the rail platform across from you.  Pick off any Germans you
    see and move forward, slowly.  Pick off all the guards.  You'll know you have
    when your squad starts moving up to clear out the station.  Inside the
    station, let the allies go in first.  They'll do a fine job of distracting the
    enemy for you to pick them off.  Check the first room you find for some
    health, then take cover before you enter the main waiting room.  Behind the
    wall, lean out and throw a grenade into the room.  Advance a bit, then chuck
    another to clear out the remaining Germans.  Once your squad starts to storm
    the upper floor, get into a "Crouch" position and look up onto the end of the
    stairs.  There should be another mass of Germans waiting for your squad, so
    give them a welcome from below.  Climb up and clear both rooms for some health
    and ammo.  Once they're dead, go back down.
    Some more Germans have appeared in the doorway to the north on the lower
    floor.  Don't rush down and be surprised.  Switch to the MP40 if you haven't
    had it out already and clear them out.  A grenade past the doorway works
    especially well.  Once they're all dead, the doors east will open.  Check the
    new rooms for some health and a Luger, if you wish, and then head out.
    You'll most likely walk out into a barrage of mortar or artillery fire.  Of
    course, this is the end of tank support for you.  Boo-hoo.  Take cover behind
    a rock and then use your Mosin-Nagant or Kar98k to pick off the Germans hiding
    behind the fence.  Once the first wave of defenders are dead, your squad moves
    up.  Take cover behind the tank that blew up across the river and fire at the
    Germans emerging from the house to your left.  Before you enter the house,
    throw a grenade at the Germans behind another fence.  Inside the house, pick
    up the +50 Health Pack.
    Regroup with your squad and battle your way east.  Use the rifle to pick off
    the German heads above the sandbags.  Once they're dead, a machine gun should
    open up from a school house.  Your new objective is to take it out.
    Follow your men through a short alley.  You should end up somewhere out of the
    radius of the machine gun.  Run up to the Russian standing next to some double
    doors and he will kick it open.  Let your allies run in.  The Germans have
    been waiting and will most likely cut down the first few.  Enter when all
    seems quiet.  A German should come out of a door so kill him.  Enter the
    southern room to find two Germans already dead, as well as two health packs.
    The reason is apparant as there's a Russian standing in the window.  Outside,
    you'll see some Germans battling some Russians.  You can't kill the Germans
    for some reason though.  Too far perhaps?
    Head back and regroup with your squad.  Through the walls, kill any Germans
    you see.  Pick up some health off the desk, and enter into the eastern room.
    Your allies are taking cover behind some desks, and a German is probably
    relentlessly firing an MP44.  Hopefully, you can get in a quick shot before he
    notices you.  However, since a lot of Germans are past him, chuck a grenade
    for quick disposal.  Some Germans may still be lurking, so beware.  Once
    they're all dead, enter the room and notice that the rest of your squad are
    sneaking outside.
    Go up the stairs.  As you do, you'll overhear some Germans talking to each
    other.  Kill the German that runs across the hall if you can.  If your
    reflexes were too slow, then enter the room to the left and kill him then.
    Pick up the health pack and move into the northern room.  In front you, you'll
    see the machine gunner.  Kill him, then backtrack into the room before and
    fall down the hole.  The entrace, now exit, is a simple matter of running
    forward.  Run up to your squad and you will now be tasked of protecting
    Pvt. Semashko will run past a broken fence to your right.  Follow him.  As you
    run, two Germans will come up from behind a fence.  Gun them down.
    Eventually, he'll enter a building and you will both end up behind the
    Panzer.  Throw some grenades into the German midst to distract them while he
    plants the charges.  Then run back to your squad and wait for the tank to
    blow.  Once you get back, you will again be tasked with protecting Boris.
    Follow him through the buildings.  When it looks like you've reached a dead
    end, get ready for the German to stand in the doorway.  Inside, stand on the
    crates on the lower floor so that you'll be elevated enough to shoot the
    Germans on the second floor.  Pick up their ammo and health, then enter the
    next room to find two Germans manning the machine gun.  Eliminate them, then
    use the machine gun to fend off the Germans while Pvt. Semashko plants the
    charges.  When it blows, regroup with your squad.
    Presently, another German squad are firing it out with yours.  Chuck some
    grenades if you have any to spare and finish off with some well placed
    gunfire.  Once they're dead, check their positions for health and ammo, then
    follow your comrades to the factory.  At the factory, there will basically be
    gunfire exchange from the Germans and the Russians.  The Germans occupy the
    factory, as you can tell from the fire coming from the windows.  Your main
    goal right now is to flank right and mow down the Germans behind the barbed
    wire before you're dead.  Once they are gone, throw a grenade down the ramp to
    the door where some Germans are emerging.
    Head down into the basement with two Russians.  Pick off the health on the
    crate, but watch out as two Germans come running down the steps.  Run up the
    steps, then pop the German who appears in the window above the door.  If not,
    he's a pretty good shot, so you can bet your health will drop a bit, as well
    as a grenade.  Pick up the two health packs on the table and move into the
    next room.  Take cover as soon as you enter and use the MP40 or MP44 to rid
    the Germans in this room.  Check the fenced off area in here for +50 Health
    Pack and a PPSh.  Yummy.  Enter the southern room.
    Head up the steps and into the first open door you see.  As you emerge into
    the hallway, recognize the room in which you shot the sniper.  Follow the hall
    to that room, then take the other door.  As you head for the steps, be
    prepared for another German running down.  Clear up the Germans, then pick up
    the health on the crate.  Head into the hall, then throw a grenade into the
    doorway on your right, if you have any.  If not, slowly ease until you can see
    one German soldier at a time.
    Once they're dead, follow the hallway until you reach the catwalk where the
    Germans were firing out from the windows.  As you run across the walkway, some
    Germans will appear on the other end.  Pick them off.  Again, once you near
    the end, the door in front will open and out pop two more Germans.  Check
    their room for two health packs.  Go down the steps and prepare for the
    hardest part yet.
    Partway down the stairs, one of the walls will blow open and you'll be
    reunited with your allies.  However, a big ol' bad tank comes from the other
    side with a full compliment of soldiers.  These soldiers never stop coming,
    and the panzerfaust needed to bring the beast down is laying near the
    Germans.  You'll have to use a SMG, no doubt about it, to even make a clear
    path to the gun.  The PPSh works nicely, and you can pick one up from one of
    your dead allies.  Just try not to lose health picking one up.  Take cover
    behind a crate, then run towards the Panzerfausts.  Grenades are a HUGE asset
    in this part.  If you have any left, use them or lose them.  Cover yourself
    with SMG fire.  It helps if you use it in bursts, especially for the PPSh, as
    spray and pray will get you killed.  Once you reach the box, hit "Prone" and
    pick up the Panzerfaust.  If there are any Germans nearby, that can hit you,
    fire the Panzerfaust near them so the explosion will kill them.  Then, pick up
    another and fire into the tank, hopefully taking out more Germans as they
    reinforce the position.  Rinse and repeat.  Well done indeed.
    Prokhorovka July 12, 1943
    Dearest Natasha,
    Again I have been moved.  This time I have been separated from my friends.
    There has been a huge German armored offensive at Prokhorovka.  So far we have
    been able to blunt the attacks, but the enemy has bloodied our noses on more
    than one occasion.  There has been a shortage of tank crew members so they have
    been combing the Infantry ranks for those who have served with distinction.  I
    am not sure that a transfer to the 5th Guards Tank Army could be considered a
    reward for good service.  I only hope that I can rejoin my comrades soon.
    Mission 3.3: Kursk
    Mission Objectives:
    - Proceed to the town of Prokhorovka.
    - Destroy the PAK guns [2 remaining].
    - Eliminate the German resistance across the stream.
    - Destroy the German tanks in the farm area.
    - Eliminate all German infantry in the farm area.
    - Eliminate all German resistance in your path.
    - Destroy all German tanks at the crossroad.
    - Destroy all German tanks in the clearing.
    - Eliminate the German roadblock.
    - Destroy all remaining German armor.
    Ah!  This is what you've been playing for.  You have been playing to reach
    another tank level!  As in the first Call of Duty, controls are pretty much
    similar, save for one fact.  There is no machine gun.  No more automatic fire
    when infantry appears.  Darn!
    Now, as the mission starts, follow your comrades.  Around a bend, you'll
    finally reach the bridge, where you'll encounter two enemy PAK guns.  The guns
    [as they're kind of hard to see] are behind the two sandbag walls on either
    side of the bridge.  They're really no threat, as even your allies can take
    them out for you.  Destroy them and the surrounding stuff, including the
    German soldiers.  Psht.  Like small arms fire _could_ hurt a tank.  As a side
    note, you can destroy pretty much any building you see, unlike the original
    version.  Do so when you see one.  You may never know if enemy soldiers are
    hiding inside.
    Continue on the path.  Your allies will stop and wait for you if you explore
    or lag behind.  As you drive along the stream, the music will suddenly
    change.  Cool, eh?  And of course, some Panzers [which are white], start
    rolling out.  Three appear on the left side of town.  Your allies will come to
    engage them.  More will appear to the east.  Be careful.  As I said, there are
    enemy soldiers in the buildings with Panzershreks.  You'll notice them by the
    bright orange dot that streams by.  There are two in this area which are
    pretty accurate.  Take time to destroy them as they are part of your objective
    as well.  There's about four tanks to the east and another two farther back.
    Eliminate them all and continue to follow the path.
    Head down the left since the path is blocked.  In the open area, another PAK
    gun and Panzer are waiting for you.  Dispose of them, then head northeast.
    Eventually, you'll encounter more German tanks - three to be exact.  These
    seem to take a few more shots, so watch out.  As you round the bend, you will
    again be asked to eliminate the incoming German tanks.  There are a total of
    five here, so do your job and move on.
    As you drive towards the house, it should start to fire Panzershrek shells at
    it.  Fire two shots in it to completely demolish it.  As you round the corner,
    you should see some allied tanks on the ridge to your left.  At about this
    time, you should also receive the message to eliminate the roadblock.  No,
    they don't help you.  The first tank is a German Elefant tank, a tank killer.
    Lucky for you, your allies are significantly stronger and the tank is
    significantly weaker.  Once that's dead, prepare for the ginormous tank battle
    As soon as you reach the town, four more allied tanks spawn and so does a ton
    of German armor.  Now, it's just you mingling in with the tanks trading fire.
    A true sense of tank battle indeed.  Awesome stuff.  There seem to be Tigers
    as well as Panzers, and Elefants.  A lot of the Panzers drive around.  The
    Tigers are more in the back area, and the Elefants are on a hill overlooking
    the city.  There are three Elefants.  Save them for last.  Once you and your
    allies destroy the preliminary group, a last wave of German tanks arrive from
    the west.  There are significantly fewer of them, so your task should be easy.
    Kharkov, August 22, 1943
    Dear Natasha,
    We've finally reached Kharkov.  Thankfully, the 5th Guards Tank Army was
    reinforced and I was able to rejoin my comrades on the ground.  We have been
    attached to a large force that has amassed on the edge of the city.  Today we
    reclaim Kharkov for Mother Russia.  We are to move quickly as possible and
    capture the central train station so that our comrades may arrive and reinforce
    the strike force. Vassili and Sgt. Antonov have a grim look on their faces that
    is very unnerving; perhaps they know something I dont.
    Mission 3.4: Kharkov Outskirts
    Mission Objectives:
    - Assault the Town.
    - Meet with Sgt. Antonov.
    - Take out Anti-Tank Positions [3 remaining].
    - Advance with Tanks.
    - Assist Antonov with clearing out the buildings.
    - Clear out the rest of the building.
    - Take out the Tiger Tank.
    The opening reminds me a bit of Stalingrad from the first game - except its
    much easier.  And, this time, we have _FOUR_ tanks!  Yay!  Begin by running
    forward and for cover.  You're armed with a semi-auto rifle now, so don't
    expect one hit kills, though you can fight in closer quarters with this.  Take
    cover behind walls and when you have the shot, kill the machine gunners in the
    windows.  Progress forward enough to get the tanks to move down the street and
    clear out the building.
    As you head for the tank column, you should see a bunch of your guys running
    into machine gun fire.  Their screams get annoying after a time, so you best
    help them out.  Pick up a SMG from your dead allies or a dead German.
    Peek around the corner until you can see the machine gunner inside a partially
    destroyed building.  There should be a fire behind him, which helps illuminate
    him.  Fire a couple of rounds until he's dead.  As soon as you try to move up,
    the tank that was in the opening blows up.  Anti-tank guns abound!  Head for
    Sgt. Antonov for some new orders.  Be careful of the Germans across the street
    on the roofs though.  They'll continually respawn, so just try to avoid them.
    Take out another machine gunner in the building and meet up with your comrades.
    Pick up the two health packs outside first.  For the safety of your tanks,
    you'll be directed to spot the enemy anti-tank positions.  Follow the men up
    the stairs until you reach the room overlooking the streets.  Take out the
    Germans atop the building, then, quickly look at the gun through the binoculars
    until the red reticule appears over it.  Press the fire button to relay the
    coordinates.  It helps if your aim a bit above the gun itself.
    Through the hole in the wall, shoot the German behind you now.  Enter the new
    opening and take care of a couple more Germans inside.  Drop down, head right
    and through the holes in the wall until you hear someone say: "We need to get
    to the third floor!".  Kill any Germans above you and then move up.  Look out
    the right most window or else you'll be a target for a machine gunner in the
    window.  Down below is the second gun.  You can actually kill the two Germans
    manning the gun, but you'll still need to use an artillery strike to destroy
    Back down on the ground, one of your allies should kick the door open.  Wait a
    bit, then sprint outside.  If helps to have a SMG equipped so you can gun
    anyone down as you're running for cover.  Allied tanks should be moving up the
    street to your left, but you're going to want to take cover from both the
    northern and western sides as there are Germans in the windows.  Before looking
    out onto the street below to take out the Elefant tank, pick up the two health
    packs on the ground.  Then, use your binoculars to finish off the last defense.
    Drop down and out the opening in the wall.  Outside, advance with the tanks
    until some enemy fire starts to open up.  Throw a grenade into the rubble on
    your right to take out a bunch of enemy troops.  As you progress, one of your
    tanks should blow up.  Move a bit more and another one will blow up.
    Apparantly, there's a Tiger in the middle of the street.  Head right from the
    lead blown up tank and you should find a box with some Panzerfausts.  Swap one
    of your weapons, then peek out and shoot.  Two shots should do the trick.
    Progres forward and wait for the tanks to blow up a wall to move on.
    Inside, use a more accurate bolt-action rifle to nail the Germans standing
    about.  Pick up any ammo needed and move on.  As you round the corner, a flame-
    throwing German will appear.  This is actually a pretty good defensive spot for
    the Germans.  Two criss-crossing machine guns are ready to cut you down.
    Thankfully, the radius of their guns are limited.  Peek around the corner and
    nail the first machine gunner.  Kill the two Germans behind the rubble with it.
    This next part is a matter of patience and ducking.  Look through any openings
    you can find and kill all the enemies in the western part of this area.  There
    are several MG34 gunners, as well as snipers.  Lean in and out to safely take
    care of them.  Head south with your squad to rid the buildings of enemy
    Equipping a SMG is obvious.  Follow your squad until you can see a German
    behind a table.  Kill him and apparantly Sgt. Antonov's part in room clearing
    is over.  He'll send you and a few more to finish the job.  Follow your
    comrades.  Two Germans should run into the room when you reach a room with an
    MG42 on a window.  Past him, another MG42 should open up.  Head for that room
    and kill him to clear out this portion of the building.  Remember the room
    where the MG42 was!  Backtrack to your squad.  Follow your squad as they clear
    out the rest of the building.  Take out the Germans behind the table and then
    move into the next area.  Eventually, you'll reach enter some rooms overlooking
    a small area, in a circular structure.  This area is where the final push into
    Kharkov takes place.  Be ready!
    Take out all the enemies that you can see, then start heading left around the
    courtyard, while still staying on the current floor.  Try not to fall down.
    Follor the open doorways until you see a smoke filled hallway.  Past that is a
    courtyard where a massive amount of Germans start pouring out of the woodworks.
    Pick up the Health Packs on the ground and keep the position of the
    Panzerfausts in your mind.  There are some SVT-40s lying against the wall.
    Pick them up and swap it with your Mosin-Nagant.  Close quarters fighting
    renders it obsolete.
    In the "room" with the Panzerfausts, drop down onto the lower level.  You'll
    see another box of Panzerfausts and more SVT-40 ammo.  Enter the room east of
    that and pick up some Stielhandgranates on the floor.  Head west, walk up the
    ramp, and pick up the two Health Packs and MP40s if need be.  In the words of
    Sgt. Antonov: "Keep firing!  Don't get your ass shot off!"  Drop back down and
    head south from the room with the Panzerfausts.  There's an MG34 gunner behind
    the bathtub, so take care of him first.  Then, chuck a few grenades out into
    the courtyard.
    Eventually, the wall will blow up and a Tiger Tank will appear.  I'm not sure
    if you have to run out into the courtyard and back, because that's what I've
    done.  Wait five minutes and if it doesn't come out, I guess you've won
    yourself a trip out in the open.  Since you have some Panzerfausts, use them.
    Don't be afraid to use them against infantry either.  They are very potent
    against them.  Sneak around to the south room again, and use the window to aim
    at the Tiger Tank.  Two shots should kill it.  Once it's destroyed, use the
    PPSh and grenades to clean out the courtyard.  You'll need to physically move
    up and into the courtyard before some Russian allies start coming out of the
            .+*+.                                                     .+*+.
             [5]   -=-=-            [ Multiplayer ]            -=-=-   [5]
            '+.+'                                                     '+.+'
    Tired of predictable enemy AI?  Looking for some real challenges?  Well,
    multiplayer is the place to go, with online communities and mods to make the
    game much more!
                                       Game Modes
    This section list all the available types of modes available for game play.
    The expansion pack includes all stock maps and modes from Call of Duty while
    integrating the new features into them.  As such, old maps have new twists.
    "In this timed, team-oriented mode, each team must locate and capture a
    randomly placed radio.  A team can capture the radio by standing near it for a
    short duration when no enemies are around.  The controlling team gains 45
    points for every 45 seconds it holds the radio.  If the attacking team
    destroys the radio, it gains the number of points that are left on the
    reinforcement timer.  If the radio is destroyed or control is lost, a new,
    neutral radio will spawn in a different location to be captured again.
    Players spawn in 45 second intervals."
                                   Behind Enemy Lines
    "A very small team of Allied soldiers is outnumbered an surrounded by Axis
    soldiers behind enemy lines.  Allied players gain points by staying alive and
    by killing as many Axis players as possible.  Any Axis player who kills an
    Allied player respawns as an Allied player for a chance to score even more
    "In this timed, round-based, team-oriented mode, one team must locate and
    retrieve crucial documents from the enemy and return the documents to its safe
    zone (represented as a blue box on the compass).  The defending team must hold
    the enemy off until the time runs out.  The attacking team gains points for
    successfully retrieving the documents.  The defending team gains points for
    keeping the documents safe for the duration of the round.  Either team can win
    by simply eliminating all enemies on the map."
    "It's 'every man for himeself.'  Points are awarded for kills, and the first
    player to either reach the score limit (set by the server administrator) or
    have the most points when time runs out is the victor."
      -=[ Scoring ]=-
    Killing an enemy: +1 point
    Killing yourself: -1 point
                                    Team Deathmatch
    "Similar to deathmatch mode but with all players divided into two teams.
    Points are awarded for kills.  The team with the most points at the end of the
    time limit wins but the first team to reach the score limit can claim early
      -=[ Scoring ]=-
    Killing an enemy: +1 point
    Killing yourself: -1 point
    Team killing [TK]: -1 point
                                    Search & Destroy
    "In this time, round-based, team-oriented mode, a team must destroy one of
    several objectives on the map while the other team strives to defend the
    objectives.  The attacking team wins points for successfully destroying
    objectives.  The defending team wins points for keeping all objectives intact
    for the duration of the round.  Either team can win by simply eliminating all
    enemies on the map."
    "Two teams clash with one another in an attempt to capture 5 to 7 separate
    zones on a map.  Zones are represented by flags, and players must stand next to
    a flag for a period of time to aise their side's flag and lay claim to the
    zone.  The first team to capture all zones (and thereby dominate the
    battlefield) wins the round.  Points are awarded for raising flags and killing
    enemy players."
      -=[ Scoring ]=-
    Killing an enemy: +1 point
    Killing yourself: -1 point
    Team Killing [TK]: -1 point
    Capturing a zone: +3 points
                                   Capture the Flag
    "In this team-oriented mode, each team must locate the enemy base, steal the
    enemy flag and bring it back to their own base to capture it.  Points are
    awarded for stealing, capturing, defending and returning the flag, as well as
    for killing other players.  Teams score points for successful captures, and the
    first team to score the point limit, or score more captures during the alloted
    time, wins.  To successfully capture an enemy flag, your team flag needs to be
    present at your base."
                                     Base Assault
    "In this team-oriented mode, each team must locate and destroy three enemy
    bases on the map.  To destroy a base, teams must assautl the base installations
    with heavy weapons (e.g., tank shells, bazookas, satchel charges, artillery
    strikes) and destroy the base's perimeter defenses.  Once the defenses are
    down, infantry must infiltrate the base and plant charges.  Once the charges
    detonate, the base is destroyed and the enemy loses use of it as a spawn point.
    Each team must defend their bases against assaults, while striking out against
    enemy bases.  Defending infantrymen can defuse charges planted in their base."
                                  Vehicles & Weapons
      -=[ American Maps ]=-
      -=[ British Maps ]=-
      -=[ Russian Maps ]=-
            .+*+.                                                     .+*+.
             [6]   -=-=-          [ Cheats & Secrets ]         -=-=-   [6]
            '+.+'                                                     '+.+'
    This was taken straight off the "Codes & Secrets" page at GameFAQs at
      -=[ Console Cheats ]=-
    Create a shortcut to the "CoDUOSP.exe" file located in the Call Of Duty
    program files. Right click on the shortcut and go to properties. Go to where
    it says "Target" and add the following onto the end of the existing link:
    "+set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0"
    So the link should now say something like:
    "C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\CoDUOSP.exe" +set thereisacow 1337 +set
    developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0
    Next go into the game and bring down the console by pressing the "~" key, then
    enter the codes below for the desired effect.
    NOTE: The cheats will only work on a RESUME GAME. If you wish to use them on a
      new game, start the game, save it, then quit the game and reload it and the
      cheats should work.
    [ CHEAT ]                |[ EFFECT ]
    weapon 32                | Allows rifles to be fired in Automatic Mode. Hold
                                 down shoot.
    toggle r_showLeafLights	 | Displays lines where the light comes through the
    toggle r_showtricounts   | Displays numbers on each texture.
    toggle r_showportals     | Displays where you can access via blue lines.
    noclip                   | Enables walk through walls.
    notarget                 | Enemies don't shoot at you.
    cmdlist                  | Gives a list of all commands in the game.
    give <item>	         | Gives indicated item.
    gfxinfo                  | Gives information about the game graphics.
    give all                 | Gives the player all weapons in the game.
    god                      | Invincibility.
    map <name>               | Loads the map you want.
    toggle r_lockpvs         | Makes random textures turn invisible.
    toggle r_lightmap	 | Makes the ground and other stationary textures
    kill                     | Makes the player commit suicide.
    toggle cg_drawgun        | Makes the players arm and gun invisible which
                                 boosts the frame rate.
    toggle cg_thirdperson    | Puts the camera at a third person perspective. You
                                 are always invisible however.
    toggle r_measureOverdraw | Puts the game in multicolours (rather laggy).
    toggle r_showtris        | Puts the game in wire frame.
    give health              | Refills the players health meter.
    give ammo                | Refills the players weapon ammo levels.
    toggle cg_draw2d         | Removes all on screen information making the game
                                 look like a movie.
    toggle r_fastsky         | Removes the sky which can brighten or darken the
                                 terrain depending on the map.
    map_restart              | Restart current level.
    toggle g_entinfo         | Shows scripts over important soldiers and objects.
    jumptonode <number>      | Teleports you to a specific node on the map.
            .+*+.                                                     .+*+.
             [7]   -=-=-            [ Miscellenous ]           -=-=-   [7]
            '+.+'                                                     '+.+'
      -=[ American Campaign ]=-
    Battle of Bastogne
    On December 19, 1944, General McAuliffe was ordered to take his 101st Airborne
    Infantry Division and "Hold Bastogne".  Against overwhelming odds, and facing
    one of the coldest winters in years, the men of the 101st Airborne Division,
    along with other airborne and armored units, held the line at Bastogne.  On
    Decemmber 26th after eight days of intense bombing and incessant artillery
    barrages, the siege was broken when elements of the Patton's Third Army broke
    through, relieving the encircled troops.  By the end of the battle at Bastogne,
    the 101st airborne had suffered casualties of 105 officers and 1,536 enlisted
    men.  After the breakout from Bastogne, the 101st moved on to the Moder river
    sector, through German ultimately reaching Hitler's private mountain retreat:
    Eagles Nest".
    Bois Jacques
    Head Quarters 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
    Subject: After Action Report and critique for Action in Bastogne Sector
    24 December 1944 (NOTE: CENTERED)
    Following a heavy barrage, this line was attacked by enemy forces from north of
    Bois Jacques.  The enemy attacked in force with armor and panzer grenadiers
    along the entire battalion front.  Friendly jeep recon units, who trapped in
    advancing German forces, escaped to the battalion lines and provided valuable
    information on the composition of the enemy units.  The attack was repelled
    with the assistance of friendly armor.  Remainder of enemy units retreated
    towards Foy.
    Head Quarters 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
    Subject: After Action Report and critique for Action in Bastogne Sector
    12 January 1945 (centered)
    In a planned night operation, Sergeants Moody and Jones successfully attacked a
    battery of German 8.8 cm cannons operating at a nearby farmhouse.  At the
    farmhouse, they freed captured troopers who were reported MIA.  Meanwhile,
    third squad led by Sgt. Ramirez secured the crossroads on the Bastogne-Foy
    road.  This was critical in facilitating the upcoming assault on Foy.  First
    and second squads then assisted Sgt. Remirez and thwarted any attempts by the
    enemy to reinforce ensuring that the objective remained in our hands.
    Head Quarters 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
    Subject: After Action Report and critique for Action in Bastogne Sector
    13 January 1945
    Dog, Easy, and Fox companies, as well as elements from 11th armored division,
    assaulted and captured the town of Foy creating a clear path to Noville.  There
    was a large enemy presence including well directed mortar and Artillery fire
    resulting in the loss of some armor.  Sgt. Moody and his squad neutralized an
    88 as well as a Tiger that was blocking the Shermans' advance.  After the town
    was under our control, the Germans launched a counterattack from across the
    river.  Troopers were dispatched to flush out the remaining entrenched Germans
    set up in a nearby barn.
    Head Quarters 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
    Subject: After Action Report and critique for Action in Bastogne Sector
    15 January 1945
    Airborne troopers led by Capt. Foley -in conjunction with 11th armored
    divisionentered the town of Noville on 13 January, 1945.  Initially there was
    light resistance, but about halfway through the clearing operation, friendly
    forces were bombarded by pre-sighted enemy artillery.  After our forces had
    secured the town, the Germans launched a counter-offensive.  This was
    successfully held at bay by the remaining infantry in the chateau, until such
    time as P-47's could assist.  Remaining German forces retreated north.
      -=[ British Campaign ]=-
    British Special Operations Synopsis
    In July of 1940, following the German occupation of France, Winston Churchill
    proposed the formation of the Special Operations Executive or "SOE".  These
    highly trained agents were inserted into occupied areas where they were to
    assist local resistance groups and promote acts of sabotage.  By the war's end,
    the SOE employed around 14,000 people of whom 3,100 were active agents.  The
    year 1941 saw the creation of another elite unit: The Speical Air Service.  The
    "SAS" conducted daring guerrilla raids, destroying high value targets including
    supply depots, trains, and airfields.  These operations were so successful and
    damaging to the German war effort that Hitler himself decreed that all SAS
    troops were "very dangerous men, to be ruthlessly exterminated".
    No. 90 Squadron R.A.F. Bomber Command Polebrook Field
    September 8, 1941
    On September 2, 1941, No. 90 squadron flight "B" flew an unescorted strategic
    bombing mission over eastern Holland.  They encountered strong Luftwaffe
    resistance as well as heavy flak.  This resulted in the loss of at least 5 of
    the Fortress I aircraft.  With the exception of "A" for Andy, all crew members
    perished.  Gunner James Doyle successfully bailed out over ocupied Holland and
    was later retrieved by SOE and local Resistance operatives.  As a result of
    this latest failed mission, all daytime raids using Fortress I aircraft will be
    discontinued and are subject to review.
    SOE Section: Holland Weekly Report.  Sept. 9, 1941
    Mission Summary
    On September 2, 1941, while on a sabotage mission in Holland, we rescued a down
    RAF gunner.  Rather than waiting in safety until we could return, he insisted
    on joining our group.  Although we came under fire numerous times, we succeeded
    in destroying our objective.  This Gunner, named James Doyle, showed a natural
    ability with firearms and explosives and an innate sense of calm under
    pressure.  I recommend he be transferred to Guildford for induction into S.O.E.
    training.  I feel that his potential is being wasted in his current service.
    SO2: Adriatic Region Weekly Report.  July 20, 1943
    Mission Summary Page 1
    On July 12, 1943, we infiltrated and sabotaged a battery of German 16 inch
    Naval guns on the southeastern tip of Sicily.  Insertion was by means of a
    captured civilian fishing craft.  We successfully removed the beach sentry as
    well as the detail at light house (where we planted charges as a diversionary
    tactic).  Enemy troop strength in the nearby town was greatly underestimated.
    These troops attacked the fort en masse, making escape difficult.  We escaped
    in some captured German vehicles.  En route to the coast the Kubelwagen
    carrying the SAS troops sustained a direct hit from a panzer, killing all
    aboard in his current service.
    SO2: Adriatic Region Weekly Report.  July 20, 1943
    Mission Summary Page 2
    July 12, 1943, continued...
    Doyle and I managed to escape the fate of the SAS troops.  Resistance from
    enemy forces denied us our original escape route to the boat.  We were forced
    to enter the nearby town to evade capture.  Eventually, we were forced to
    continue on foot.  As we made our way to the beach, our escape boat was
    destroyed, killing the driver.  We captured an idle PT boat.  Shortly after our
    escape, a number of German assault boats appeared on the scene.  After
    dispatching the enemy boats, we were able to confirm the total destruction of
    the target and return to the HMS Ulster Monarch.
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    not be reproduced in any way for the sole purpose of profit and without my
    consent.  You may however, have a printed version of this, unaltered for home
    use.  This FAQ is only allowed on
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    and should not be posted anywhere else without my permission.  If you see this
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             [9]   -=-=-               [ Credits ]             -=-=-   [9]
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    - CJayC for hosting my FAQs and for a great website where the gaming community
      can get involved.
    - My friend Peter for introducing me to the original Call of Duty.
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