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"Too short, bad graphics, but Donkey is in it!"

~ Introduction ~

Hello there, I assume you saw both Shrek movies if you are going to play this game? Anyway I did, this game follows the story of Shrek 2 a little bit. It's totally different from the console games. The Shrek 2 on PS2, GC or Xbox is a lot longer (this takes only 2 hours to beat) and has much more to do.

~ Game Play ~ 5/10

Not too special, just like every game based on a movie looks like. A platform one. You can run around with Shrek, Donkey, that giant cookie or Puss in Boots. All three of them can do an attack, double and triple, you can let them do a jump or a double jump. More moves aren't available, the only one that has an extra move is the cat, he can climb on pipes (mostly needed in the house of the faerie god mother). The main thing of the game is collecting coins so you can buy potions for freezing your enemies, let them love you, shrink them and so on. You can also do a little "sidequest" by trying to find all "wanted posters" and the clovers to extend your health bar. The battles are way to easy and boring. It's like this: Bandits run towards you, hit, hit, hit, hit hit, heal. Go a little further and you'll need to fight some more. There are only like 3 bosses in this game, the Puss in Boots, some weird castle guard and the faerie godmother herself.

~ Graphics and Sound ~ 6.5/10

You can select your texture quality in the main menu but it doesn't change the game a lot. most things are not good worked out and there are alot bugs in the graphics. The sound is ok but not too good either, luckily the speeches are from the original movie so you'll hear Eddie Murphee as Donkey and so on.

~ Play Time & Replay Value ~ 1/10

This is the worst part of the PC version of the game. It only takes 2 to 4 hours to beat the game and there is nothing else to do than collecting the clovers and the wanted posters.

~ Overall ~ 6/10


- Speeches
- The dialogues


- play time
- graphics
- bugs

Rent or buy, If you to beat this game, rent it you'll have time enough. If you want a better Shrek 2 game buy it for the consoles.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/07/04

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