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"This game isn't great, but its not too bad either!"

Firstly: Chris Sawyer's Locomotion is hard to review. I write from the perspective of someone who has played both of the original Transport Tycoon games, and so this review may be invalid to people who are new to the games.

Secondly: I would like to state that many of the other reviews on GameFaq's for this game are mostly bias, either loving or hating this game. I hope to express both the good and the bad points about the game to decide for yourself.

I first discovered this game while in a games store on a shelf. I had no idea it was the ‘sequel' to Transport Tycoon, but I was killing time so I decided to pick it up. Nearly as soon as I looked at the back of the game cover I knew that the sequel I had been waiting for soooo long was finally out; I had been looking on the internet some weeks before, searching for Transport Tycoon 3, as TT2 wouldn't work on my computer. Before I actually got the game though, I read the reviews on GameFaq's. One guy said it was a terrible sequel, another said it was a great game, I knew I would have to decide for myself, and here's what I thought:

The first time I played this game I absolutely hated it. I was really ill, and I needed sleep and maybe that made me hate it, or maybe not. After about 2 hours I could hardly stay awake, and this game just seamed boring. It is completely different from TT2 and takes a lot of time and devotion to get to know it and like it. I did give it another go and started from the bottom, with simple level and tracks, pretending to be a beginner and learn all the playing techniques from scratch, picking up all the changes along the way. I like the game now!

People say they don't like this game, but to them I say this:
This game may not be great, but it is better then TT2!

Graphics: They aren't a great improvement over TT2's, and they look a bit dated. But they are more realistic then before, and there isn't anything wrong with it really. It's set in an advanced, 4-direction, set rotation view (where you have 4 set angles from which you can view the game world, and each unit/building has a different view from each angle.) It's basic and simple, and if building or trees are blocking your view, then you can just make them invisible. The only complaint I have, is that the underground building is very hard sometimes, as it doesn't give you any concept of depth or length, and underground tracks can get ‘stuck' behind roads or other rails etc.

Sound: AGH SHUT THAT MUSIC OFF! You get used to it in the end, but it isn't a great soundtrack, and you either love it or hate it.

Gameplay: The whole point of the game now is to take out the largest loan you can and spend it ALL on lengthy complicated tracks leading all over the map. If you have a coal mine right next to the power station, and a power station miles away, you get more credit if you connect it further, with lots of extendedly long trains with lots of carriages; maybe that's why there is basically no maximum length to trains. You can even have more then 1 train pushing the carriages. You have to spend money to make money is the aim of the game. The AI is very frustrating as it builds very fast and in huge scales. The computer players spend a lot of money to make it back, and if you are restrained with your building, they will quickly surpass you. They steal your cargo and passengers. Sometime you have multiple companies all having lots of trains all to the same industry, fighting for its cargo. The first time I played, the computer totally outsized me, until I started to copy their technique, and now I'm on top, hahaha. The set scenarios may seam slightly weird after playing the totally never-ending levels of TT2. But you come to realise that they aren't so bad after all, and that the only pointless goals are when you have the same map under the ‘Challenging' and ‘Expert' and on one of them you have to slightly better then the other; it seams pointless when it takes a lot of time to complete the harder levels, so some of the ‘Challenging' levels are a bit pointless. When it comes to the transport tracks and reads, the new system from RC2 works as well as you could expect. It's frustrating, but there isn't really a better way Chris could have made the transport features. If you come up with a better way, then write him yourself :P

Level Editor: When you play the set scenarios, you see the terrain being all bumpy and realistic. When you go into the level editor and generate your own landscape, they aren't realistic. The level editor can make anything you want it too really. But it takes a very long time to make good terrain. When you generate a slightly hilly terrain, for example, it comes in big squares of a unrealistic-looking landscape; nothing like the set scenarios. To get terrain as good as the set levels', you would have to take a very long time to shape the terrain exactly as you want it. Apart from that, there is nothing you can't that's in the game, it just takes time.

Overall: Its hard to rate this game, i would give it 6 out of 10 as a game, and 7 out of 10 for being a TT sequel. If you played TT2 or TT1 and liked them, get this game and take some time to learn it, and you will like it more. Trust me.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/29/04

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